MSG poisoning, a warning MSG HEADACHES ARE REAL can impair

I WAS POISONED BY SOY SAUCE last night. WENT partially BLIND for a while,
saw stars --all the time this huge throbbing pain in my head. Not a stroke.
I've had this headache before if I use soy sauce but I carefully picked out
a soy sauce with no MSG on label, at Hong Kong market. OTHERS had msg !!
listed. I thought I was safe. Apparently soy sauce plain IS PURE MSG!

Now it could be the sulfites used to freeze fish. Though I've used this brand frozen
fish before. Last night, I made a soup, out of frozen fish fillets, the brand this
oriental market sells, they import it from China though it's caught in Alaska. l0 to a bag,
$1.59 an lb. I DID NOT WASH SULFITES OFF. I had broccoli also unwashed,
(sprays?) buckwheat soba noodles and put soy sauce in it, not much.
I'd have preferred more salt and i'm not a saltie. I went easy. And
there was a foil envelope of some japanese soup mix I couldn't tell
what it was, all writing was in Strange letters, not English. Not a tsp
of powder, little weeds and stuff.

After eating, a colossal headache strikes & lasts all night long and gets
worse hour by hour. Around midnight my eyesight goes. I lose vision in
center of field. A brilliant STAR had replaced the center of the field and
that BLINDNESS lasted an hour in the center but lasted on edge of sight
field for a few hours more til I slept, the lights around the edges were
like church windows, shattered panes of glass, exploding geometric shapes
moving as i moved my eyes, on periphery of my eyesight and terrific huge
pain, but i was afraid to take any pain killer --logic told me that expands
the capillaries in brain and if you're stroking, you do yourself more

After i went to sleep, i noted that the pain lasted all night long. i noted
it as i kept on waking up. today only if i shake my head, it's still in
temples a little. i wanna call health dept and tell 'em this soy sauce is
toxic. no msg content listed on label either. Korean from the print on
label. Except one additional little label in english.

Can't believe this happened. I did SUCH a careful search when i bought soy
sauce and all the diff brands of
soy sauce had msg in the recipe. This brand didn't. ONLY IT MUST have had
unless it's something the frozen fish fillets (also from chinese market,)
were washed in. SULFITES. right? They dip fish? I've still
got 8 fish left too. I will cook them american style fish n chips and scrub
'em down first.

I've never had problem with MSG in my life but I always figured, why go after any,
and carefully screened it out. only except for small amts of soy sauce.So time to
be aware.. See if your chinese food gives you a headache. Do you have soy sauce
in the house? Ever get the throbbing headache after eating the stuff? Sulfites do it worse
and Oriental soup powders do it worst of all.

 I JUST went online. Sulfites are mandated for frozen fish. Glad I've been rinsing
those frozen fillets, never thaw them IN the plastic.

This means i have to do some more testing to find out the answer. Eat the
fish, washed. I'm afraid to eat it unwashed. And ...test that soy sauce on
myself again. SCARED to do it. But I'll never do small envelopes of
oriental soup seasoning powders again.