This film is a message film. This film is a message....

Sam Goldwyn once warned his writers, 'wanna send a message? use Western Union." He didn't feel a message went undetected, and felt it would put off audiences. The same is true of people who want to put vegetarianism and mantras and yoga into screenplays. And I'm at the front of that list! You may think it's going to change the world, but it makes people laugh at your main characters. Now nobody recommends yoga and turnips more than I but I feel if you want to get lucky in HOLLYWOOD, don't use any of this unless you are writing WILL AND GRACE shows and anorexia is part of the plot.

The way to keep a serious theme flick that maybe has a message in it watchable? No matter how serious the theme, add humor, secondaries with quirks so audiences are entertained. Look at SILKWOOD. Mike Nichols. Some humor, rollicking moments need be there, too, which they can put in the TRAILERS, or people stay away in droves. Well, SILKWOOD had a message about an insidious nuclear corporation and it was still nominated BEST FILM OF THE YEAR. So I don't think you're totally right Mr. Goldwyn.

GIVE the movie a major star or two, who make it watchable even if it IS serious. Give it a man/woman star, in that film, Kurt Russell and Meryl..... filled the bill in Silkwood. Also add the ambiguous element of the two girls. Once you saw the film it wasn't ambiguous. Cher was GAY, in love with Karen, but humorous, wry, and not pressing her suit and Meryl didn't feel threatened by the crush cuz she liked CHer!

The Joan of Arcs of this world, the Christs of this world...need to be researched, found by writers like you but make it a thriller like Pelican Brief if you're going to do it. DANNY CASOLERO was one such real life character.. A reporter who stumbled on amazing nat'l secrets and was 'suicided' though he left notes to his family, if I am killed, it's for what I discovered.

Once in a waiting room I think it was, I met a girl shopping around a Casolero script. She was at Martin Sheen's production company.So was I, with an anti-deer hunting message script. I was surprised that anybody knew about that..What he stumbled upon was much bigger than just the PROMIS software...Click on that. Orlin Grabbe has a site that goes into it. I tried to but two people said I didn't interpret it right. Orlin was one of them. I have an article on my website with CIA peering into PC's and eyes bulging graphics? Read that one.

FAVE films of mine, -- to get back to subj. THE PACKAGE, with Tommy Lee Jones and Hackman. Really about the JFK hit. Boy that is a great film. The money man, one of the wealthiest men in USA (KLUGE) said to girl producer, if you want me to touch that theme, you gotta wrap it so it's a diff time, diff place, keep the facts the same, but make it different as I don't want to make it a JFK film. So they made it about a hit on a RUSKI premier. But same concept, they wanted to shoot the man who was about to let PEACE break out. He was the prexy on the verge of a SUMMIT. Same facts, same depiction of the military as not wanting peace to break out. How a patsy was rigged to be the Oswald, who knew nothing.

AIR AMERICA told us that there was poppy in Nam. But it was rollicking with Downey as a clown role. That helped it. Mel was semi clowny in that one. But the theme of CIA in Vietnam processing heroin to sell in USA was horrific.

CONSPIRACY THEORY had a lot of absolute funny stuff......I liked all these films and UNDER FIRE, and Ollie Stone's SALVADOR, I met the reporter who was pals with O. Stone and that movie was about HIM (SALVADOR) and his gonzo journalist trip to Salvador. A pothead guerilla reporter, little rat
face guy...James Woods played him. I loved "WALL STREET" as it says everything about corporations. Ollie Stone.

My outstanding fave is MISSING by Costa Gavras, nothing rollicking in it ever. Not a single second. Pure sheer suspense and terror. Great film. The book is the EDUCATION OF CHARLES HORMAN. Get it at for a buck, there are thousands in circ at these used book stores.

How these films failed to change America's view on 3rd world incursionism by the CIA beats me. Or maybe it did. EVERYONE I KNOW knows the truth, Especially those online.

REMO WILLIAMS, great film. Funny, very funny. So much humor that the main theme, which is that the pentagon is up to its armpits in secret ops in America, involving the war toy manufacturers, was almost hidden in laughs. Brilliant film. abebooks has the original novels by that author.

And what others would you recommend about the CIA doing nasty stuff? Executive Action, older film. About the CIA hit on JFK. Burt Lancaster. Not as entertaining but well done. Rent these. Now, start making lists of heroes as they show up in the news. Radical leftists who get shot up by their local police in so-called 'attempts to serve a warrent.' Keep your list up to date. Sooner or later you'll finish your research and you may find that the rights are purchasable from family survivors and you own a gem of a saleable piece.