A single DJ named PIOLIN and his masterful Vendetta against the Matrix!

How much the observant activist or the wanna be D.J. can learn from reality! Take a good look at current events and see how the Revolution unfolds. An oppressive, suppressive STATE and brave activists fighting it for our rights. Today we learned that we don't need serious lawyers like Mahatma Gandhi or pious preachers, like Martin Luther King, to be able to effectively lead the New Revolution!

Yep, seems that a single FM station D.J in California, by the name of "PIOLIN" gave us the whole, LA ANTI IMMIGRATION LAW PICKET a MILLION KIDS WIDE!!!! (and some adults). The timing for this amazing event was eerie. Talk about synchronicity -- the weekend before the demonstration, V for VENDETTA had opened with its potent TALE of the ongoing battle by the Underground against THE MATRIX.

As if the kids who had seen the flick were being tested on its content, they saw the movie and showed up to demonstrate against the MATRIX! HOW? not by magic, now. A single Latino Disk Jockey for an FM station, (the ones that have no sponsors breathing down their necks as they have absolutely no commercial ads,)  invited his Latino Youth segment listeners to walk out of school on a cold, blowly, Monday morning and demonstate against THE MATRIX that was about to send them all scurrying into a giant underground as hunted FELONS!

YES, a SCROOGE LAW was being prepared in CONGRESS! Only it died that day as the VENDETTA put a zorro sword shot thru its heart! It was publically shamed, on every newscast in America and EUROPE!

If a DJ can START A VENDETTA, REVOLUTION against the EVIL MATRIX and its endless Scrooge laws, prison systems, taxes, licenses fees, low job pay, its lack of a subsidized college education for good students,  and in one day flat shoot an evil law down, -- that means that we have to get ACTIVIZED. (as in the word ACTIVIST!) That's why the FREE DISK JOCKEY. School is looking for KIDS with MOUTHS ON THEM! Kids with BRASS BALLS and with as much smarts as say, --a Michael Moore, an Al Franken, Jon Stewart and /or the other modern day activists we have like NOAM CHOMSKY, (FOR THE FULL LIST and their writings, PLUG IN HERE, at THE LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA, (*clickable URL.) our TRAINING SITE,) and get their books at your library so you can get mentally up to speed, be able to cite chapter and verse!

BUT WE OFFER a webpage with currently about 700 pages on FRUGAL LIVING, MAKING IT IN SHOW BIZ, HOW TO WRITE SCRIPTS, ACTIVISM, ISSUES. ALL of it is part of "RAP 101", STUDY the CONVERSATION 101 seminars. STUFF you can rap on while you play music that will make you MR. ENCYCLOPAEDIA! And not just any rap..  THE FREE DJ TRAINING SCHOOL has classes in ISSUE RELEVANCE, QUIPOLOGY, HUMOR, SMARTS,  SPOTTING CONTROVERY in issues, POLARIZATION 101, the dangers of it, and how to SQUELCH IT.

Gang, school is open, to a select few. Get on the ENTRY QUALIFICATION  LIST now by writing us back and proving that you have brains. Write starlady26@gmail and you will start getting your "BECOME A D.J. NOW" classes --free, with weekly "QUIPS ARE US" tutoring. And all the above classes, in your email!

Yes, each lesson comes with  ISSUES of note that week, then a dozen potential ANGLES for QUIPS on that issue. YOU WILL LEARN TO SPARKLE. And as if by magic, you will get one lesson a week, for life, or until you make it big! Which ever comes first!

We started our D.J. school just this week, as headlines brought us PIOLIN's MILLION MAN MARCH. Seems that being an FM radio DJ qualifies you to be the new, hip REVOLUTION-RAISING  ZORRO that the American people need. In this age of commercial radio, bought and sold by the powers that be, THE SMART YOUNG folks are plugged into FM stations. They aren't media whores. The potential for truth being spoken there, still exists.

So YOU as an FM DJ -- are the kind of valuable person whom today's youth needs to listen to, and will listen to. So we are premiering the WANNA BE A DJ page website with this article, this event. With these various URLS, on this page, (Suggest you send this entire page to yourself now by highlighting the http: at the top of this age, then doing CONTROL C, which copies it, and shooting it to yourself in an EMAIL. Cuz here and now, you are in the MAKE IT OR ELSE D.J. SCHOOL school if you wanna be!

WHO IS OUR STAFF? The daughter of one of America's BIGGEST DJ's ever, B.MITCHEL REED, (AN AUDIO FILE YOU CAN CLICK ON) who was the GRANDADDY OF F.M. RADIO. Google his name. Then the ex ole lady of BMR, and then, the man who taught the BEAMER, one of the great BEAMER's best friends, the MASTERJULES. And it is possible that on high, we even have the beloved spirit of  the BEAMER, himself. (no clickable URL for that one!)

After careful and judicious pondering, OUR FIRST ANNUAL SUNBEAM award (2006) goes to PIOLIN who had certainly done his activist homework (i.e. swim by night, let nobody know what the left hand is doing and WORK IN GROUPS!!!) manifested when he carefully hand-selected and persuaded another dozen FM DJ's to join him in putting the word out, so if you were listening to Mariachis, Salsa or Latino Rock last week, on ANY STATION in not only LA bug Georgia, Texas, you were getting primed to crash through the usual lard and bean STUPOR  into the rip-snorting, fighting activist VENDETTA ZONE!

The picket turned out to be the biggest single *demonstration  in L.A's history. (*LIVE LINK!) Many sources say it was a million, others a half million. But to think, it was led by some unknown moustacioed Zorro of a young man, practically a kid himself, "PIOLIN" ( PIO- LEEN) who got the OTHER LATINO DJ's in town to simultaneously launch a PICKET against BUSH's crummy new SCROOGE LAW. He asked the most seriously disenfranchised youth of  a POSH Babylon to stand up against the man and create that massive demonstration you saw on TV, SENDING the new "SEND A WETBACK BACK INTO THE DRINK" LAW back into its own drink!

As if showing up for work on time, a half million disciplined, Latino highschoolers mobilized, -- jamming streets, freeways, City Hall, and capturing the attention of world media as they screamed "BUSH WANTS TO MAKE us WETBACKS INTO FELONS and send us and our parents packing? GET REAL! After all we've been through? We refer to how You, the Man, took the western side of the country from us, 1836-1848. You  sent Americans to live in Texas, and when you got a quorum, stole it from us. You sent Fremont over the Rockies, to OUR CALIFORNIA, invaded, fought us,  totally illegal.

You murdered our genetic brothers -- the Indian. You took all our  land in Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada. This whole place was MEXICAN!  We were here. We had DIBS!

Today, we who have come from  Mexico have come to what is really our own, northernmost province to do slavework for you. We were good enough to clean your homes, care for your children, landscape your mansions, pick your grapes  and get seriously poisoned, we might add. Now, maybe your leaders figure that in the wake of shipping all your factories to Mexico -- the American jobless populace might have to learn to pick those grapes. 80% of your kids can't afford college, a massive work force for grape picking! We are a mere twelve million wetbacks. You are over THREE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE. A group like your kids could pick some serious grapes! True, you have other talents. Even without a college education, most of you speak ENGLISH PERFECTLY and can type in English, which we cannot. So not all your kids need to pick grapes. But tell me, can a short hoarde of twelve million slaves make your kids jobs/ lives impossible? I don't theenk so. Anyway, your own rulers are doing such a freaking good job, you shouldn't fear the wetback laborer! We are a hedge between you and that grapefield, chum. LEARN TO LOVE US!

The list of Disc Jockeys that started this whole revolution:

Eduardo Sotelo "El Piolin" and Marcela Luevanos / from KSCA La Nueva 101.9FM

Ricardo Sanchez El Mandril / KBUE FM

Hugo Cadelago y Gerardo Lorenz / KTNQ 1020AM

Omar Velasco / KLVE 107.5FM

Renan Almendarez Coello "El Cucuy" y Mayra Berenice / 97.7 La Raza

Pepe Garza / KBUE  105.1 FM

Humberto Luna, and Francisco Galvez Pacorro / KRCD  98.3 -103.9FM

Colo Barrera / 107.1 FM

Nestor Pato Rocha  107.1FM

GOOGLE THEM now, each single one of them. YEP! Your first assignment is google those stations and write them a thank you note. And see if they email you back. And if they do, let's create a COMMON EMAIL DATA BASE. I will do the secretarial work here at the DJ SCHOOL. SO that at any moment, you as a DJ can have the phones, faxes, emails of every other TOP FM DJ in AMERICA. That will make your job as a future PIOLIN easier.

C'mon write one of these guys an email. Hey, nobody said HOMEWORK wouldn't be required here. The nimbus or halo that appears over your head when you tune into the higher forces, sacrifice for them, work for them and support the other ANGELS who are doing good on corporeal earth right now, by praising them, acknowledging them, befriending them, joining them and GETTING THEIR EMAIL a HALO YOU WANT. Give at least an hour a day to your FUTURE CAREER, and to the homework!


CONGRATULATIONS TWELVE BRAVE MEN AND TWO WOMEN whom a Higher Force put in the FM industry. The rest of us could do well to read POLITICAL WEBSITES online, the very approachable, understandable grandaddy of which is here, THE STARTER KIT ACTIVIST's COMPLETE TRAINING WEBSITE! (click on this URL)