Mother don't bring your children to America. This one will
live in legend. EVEN THE NAZIS didn't do such things
at the height of their evil and power. The New America.

ACTIVIST FAILURE #1 of all time: When Americans never uttered a murmur when the SHERIFF OF ZANESVILLE Killed four dozen rare, exotic animals at an Ohio Zoo Farm, I realized America deserved BUSH/CHENEY's Fake war of lies which killed millions of humans, including OUR G.I's. How could it be that not one protest showed up in the media about the Killer KLUTZ KOP and his ALLY, JACK HANNA (the Zoo Idiot from talk shows,).This pair of idiots running around free is WAAAAAY LESS SAFE for humanity THAN THE FOUR DOZEN INNOCENT ANIMALS that the two shot to death. LAWMEN as SAVAGE NAZIS? HEARTLESS CREEPS UNUSUAL? Or just a TYPICAL COP and a typical talk show guest, narcissist freak?

What in the HELL happened in ZANESVILLE OHIO?  THIS soulless, ugly "HUMAN BEING" SHERIFF LUTZ went CRAZY is what happened! World famous Zoo guy, Jack HANNA was just a few miles away in Columbus. The Sheriff of Zanesville could have called him. Jack's zoo would have picked up every animal! 17 RARE LIONS? A flock of 18 rare Bengal tigers? When there are 1500 left on the entire planet?  The reeling, sickened mind that must examine the Klutz behavior can only surmise that the SHERIFF somehow exploded into a case of cop rage.

In the movies, they kill tigers and lions
that are running free. I seen it! "

A Londoner who read my posts said "There are many aspects of Terry Thompson's death and the release of the animals that are suspicious. It is established that Lutz had a long campaign against Thompson; Thompson was a gregarious and kind hearted character, proven by his activities, his Harley specialist shop and that he loved animals. It would be out of character for him to often, as it was claimed, leave his animal cages open for them to escape.  My suspicion is that Lutz or his co-workers opened animal gates when Thompson was not about. On the night of the tragedy all the animal doors were opened - Thompson would not do that, because he knew that the cats and bears could injure people. In other words, what happened on the night of 19th October 2011 was typical of the American way, i.e., how government agents bring an end to - i.e. murder - someone who is a thorn in their side. Many instances in recent history illustrate this; the most notorious was WACO, and how, upon the authority of Clinton, the babies, children, women and men were burnt alive - and they fabricated all the evidence.    I think you are too good hearted in believing the authority's line. In my mind it was a premeditated act of murder of Thompson and the animals. "

This massacre is also similar to the one a few months ago where a California cop beat and killed a retarded schizophenic for no reason. Another officer in Oakland shot an unarmed, innocent  man dead in an Oakland subway a few months earlier, telling us 'I thought I was using my taser."

And in a way, the system killed the animal owner, Tommy Thompson, who was obviously a big hearted man. He fed 18 tigers and l7 lions real meat. Look how fat the tiger corpses are. Yet he had repeatedly been jailed, tried, imprisoned and persecuted by the governments, state and city. He had been put in prison for a year for guns, a constitutional right & divorced by his wife and was again in court up against SHERIFF KLUTZ to the point that I'm betting KLUTZ felt that his high position and dogmatic will was being OPPOSED by a Juvenile Delinquent. Klutz was locked into a private war. When the Animals' Owner, fatigued from the many court visits, levees and accusations and possible 'taking' and euthanizing of his animal charges by an emotionally dead court, just 'loosed them to freedom' which KLUTZ felt was some kind of final assault or a 'battle move.' It incited him to madness. Foaming angry, he put out a hit on the babies. KILLED THEM ALL.

We have to confront and engrave this example of COP JUSTICE gone wild. The trend must be stopped. The Sheriff of Zanesville let himself get drawn into a longterm private war with that animal owner, and when the man wasn't there to protect them, he'd suicided, the cop murdered four dozen innocent and valuable animals. What's insane is that this was a last victory in his sick mind. This is the typical behavior of a suppressive, violent bureaucrat who thinks that he has power and justifies being judge and executioner. There are two many Klutzes in power today. We must learn to detect them and report them before they kill a child (as in L.A. recently where a schizophrenic retarded boy was beaten to death).  We must go into battle with video cameras, to catch the violent killer Klutzes of this world on film.

READER INPUT: We have the technology right now to use tranquilizer darts accurately from about 60-70 yards, which is plenty far away for either a helicopter or on the ground to tranquilize them - And as for it being at night,  there are night goggles to wear, and flood lights to be used.

The murder of every 'so called dangerous animal' is a BS cover up for their negligence Molly - I mean, surely they didn't have to kill the CAMELS, or the Baboons, or GIRAFFES?  Those animals are not dangerous?!!? Come on?!?! It said on the news here they killed all  Of these animals - couldn't they have let the Camel live? Also, Tigers are almost extinct, there are not that many left, etc - why couldn't the Helicopters shoot a tranquilizer dart on them from above, and watched them for 3-5  minutes to see where they the animals went, and then picked them up when they fell  asleep?

COULDN'T THEY EVEN GIVE THE ANIMAL A CHANCE?? IT was NOT THE ANIMALS' FAULT!!    THEY DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO SAVE THEM!!!  Nope, just shoot to kill -just like how your government which you support does things. The American M.O is to just kill them, go to war, send troops, drones, blow up homes and civilians. I think whatever you do with a gun you can do with a taser gun - i.e.  sea lions could be more  dangerous than Camels or some of these animals - but we don't feel the need to go around shooting them here on the West Coast? I'm not going to go pet the animal, but there are other ways to deal with animals than to kill them.

I hope that we can achieve the technology which will expose the suicidal and homicidally nutty the nut who let the animals loose then kills himself. Why do suicidal people target everyone and in this case innocent animals as well ? Just open the door and step out if you can't adjust to not always getting your way. Why hurt other people ?

This is why I call for the elimination of the homicidally insane. At least from ARM CARRYING LAWMEN. Note the GOP Debate a few nights later where both Gov Romney and Gov Perry lost control and entered into an insane shrieking match which made viewers FLEE from the TVs. 

I'm betting the poor defunct zoo owner was locked into a screaming match with one of those officials in the courts. If it happened to be ME running an Animal park  and they  were SUING ME, he was going to court all the time to fight off a hopeless case, with a lawyer, costs, no meat for his babies either, all moola to lawyer (who you see has NOT made a statement,) and IF just say IF I wanted to off myself, I WOULD CALL DAVE HANNA who is at zoo a few miles away, and say Dave come get my flocks. I'd hang up. shoot myself neatly in a tub, for less clean up. i'd be so nice and neat.  MIND deranged thinks tiger and lion can live better in Zone 5 forest with snow? Then he was deranged that's bottom of this, not evil, just put upon.

EVERY PERSECUTING COURT should analyze the ability of a senior to TAKE that kind of pressure, before he gets into a court battle. because COURT KILLS a normal human, how much more a mentally unhinged person (a father going thru a custody battle for instance, or a SENIOR. How many of those react in shooting up the entire family. To 'clock' a person in a court battle would take the local social worker one meeting. Court of course erodes the mind as usually a legal problem can be about ten in court meetings.  Once and for all, the Public Defender should be called PUBLIC PRETENDER, they're good for nothing. Weak and stupid law school grads make up half, while it's true altruists do make up a small segment of PD's. As a senior with a 'cat beef, '  I watched a sequence of PD's doing absolutely nothing for innocent clients who were railroaded into huge 'classrooms' at thousand dollar cost, one class a week for a year.. One girl  who suffered this penalty was innocent  . A drunken neighbor grabbed her kid's KITTEN. She ran after it, ended up with a huge thousand buck cost for rehabilitation for something any of us would have done, repo'd the baby cat. I watched a judge REALLY GOING CRAZY on her to the point that she went into spontaneous abortion in court! Bled her way out, got on bus and lost the baby.


NOTE: Terry Thompson, owner of this 'ranch' loved bikes, cars, guns, helicopters and had done a yr in prison for guns. Google more on him and this ANIMAL GENOCIDE.


<==A SICK LEGAL SYSTEM PRESAGES A DYING NATION & that's what we got folks. If no activism from you guys.