POLITICAL SPECTRUM AS A MANIFESTATION OF AGE - Right wing, Leftwing, it's an age thing.  Every communist, socialist, anti-war college kid seems to grow up to vote Republican by the time he has two homes paid off and has grandchildren. It's axiomatic. The left wing is young and apple green, pliable and sweet but they grow up to have materialist sensibilities and discard their youthful rashness and move away from anti-war demonstrations and compassionate communism perhaps resting for a moment in safer socialism but then they catch their breath and slide from the Democrat party into the GOP, oddly, when they're grandpa age, and they start voting the straight Republican right wing ticket. "I got mine, now lemme see YOU do it!" And they're hard as tree branches by that time. No free apples falling from them branches!

This is an odd kind of calcification process but it's one seen throughout nature. In school, Hillary was a real commie, so far to the left and so ardent that no one could believe that when she got into the White House, she'd fail in giving us national health coverage! What they didn't know was she was beginning to turn, to calcify, to become tractible and agreeable and REPUBLICAN just like her hubby who gutted the welfare system.

Well, I'm grandpa age and while I thought it would never happen to me, it has. I have been a lifelong Marxist. Thought KARL the planet's reigning genius, Finland Station by EdWilson the best book, I was an apologist for Mao but not Joe Stalin,  made excuses for Trotsky and Lenin saying they couldn't have known what a jerk Stalin was going to turn out to be. I picketed at war demonstrations in the sixties, I worked for CISPES and NISGUA in support of poor CIA victims Guatemala and El Salvador in the Liberation Theology 70's and 80's. For last 15 yrs I dined out on anti Bushism joking and jeering. I would have voted for Noam Chomsky, Mike Moore, Al Franken (who went from SNL to his own national radio show, on the now defunct AIR AMERICA (What a droll pun THAT name is as it was name of CIA's HEROIN AIRLINE!) to being a CONGRESSMAN.  So, naturally being a leftist, I was going to vote the straight democratic ticket if that's all the Left could come up with BUT.... here's what happened. Last week, I read "FIST OF GOD" by Brit author, Frederick Forsythe, a riveting novel about three intelligence services, US/UK, Israel doing their WMD detecting a little TOO well just before the Gulf war in Iraq.

Forsythe states unequivoacably that Saddam had nukes and just about everything else. When Forsythe says it, you tend to listen. He is  both connected and convincing. (Though he's an artist and the MOSSAD feeds him the standard line, so he may be hyperventilating over nothing,) however this is the ex Reuters reporter who wrote a string of hit novels that became fab flicks: Day of the Jackyl, (French Left Wing being Pro-Algerian independence, it was a colony.) Odessa File, (Nazis on the run. Schell and Voight star. The flick was changed; book is l00 x better than flick) The Fourth Protocol (Pierce Brosnan as atom bomb importing Ruski spy, albeit the perfect seeming Brit,) Dogs of War, where Chris Walken is a mercenary in an African nation. Forsythe obviously has  ties to higher ups in Mossad, CIA, M15 and has been downloaded into! Huge files of info from the best spies on the block. He has a meticulous way of delivering it to his reader, payload at a time like a very experienced stripper so that the suspense drives you nuts. I HAD FONE off the hook for three days straight!

The book made me see that BUSH SR, who is now in his second term, really believed there were serious weapons of mass destruction. Oh come on. Papa Bush  is running the nation from behind his son. Running the second Gulf war and DC both. The kid's a chimpanzee, CURIOUS GEORGE fershure. Bush pere has every right to be paranoid about nukes in Iraq. The novel makes clear that the brilliant Arabs, (architects, philosophers, surgeons a thousand years before we Cro Magnons in pelts left caves)  could produce fissionable uranium from easily available 'yellowcake ore' and never be caught in the process...Iraq's labs are 80 feet under sand where no AWAC can see them and that's just the roof, then three floors of labs below.Read the book. It's draining,it's entertaining. It's RELEVANT.

NOW, what Bush/Rice Rummie and Cheney aren't saying is that THE REASON U.S.  bothered to BUILD this massive Gulf War assault twice is that the BUSH GANG, ancestrally connected to the CIA, is assisting the UK /M15, BRITISH SHELL, in its oil hegemony over Arabia, which Brits traditionally have held in their first for more than a century.  The Brits owned Arabia /Africa sharing the region with France, from the time Q.Victoria built the Suez Canal with Disraeli's help. The Brits went in and colonized every nation around the Gulf -- Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Iran. The apex of this period was 1905, well after Victoria was gone. It continued thru WWI, the Lawrence of Arabia period, the 20's they were still there.

THAT GRIP wasn't initially about OIL; there was minimal need for that weird grease. It was about battleships parking on one's southern flank, one's need for a manageable colony with manageable rulers with friendly piers where you could tie up a troop ship or a trade ship. They were big on that. The Brit Crown was a tight little island that needed at all times to have colonies, a southern flank, an ample butt to sit down on. The French had same kind of need. Growing peanut oil in the Sahara until it dried up was just an added bonus if you fry food a lot but land lotsa land....and allies. A perch in times of war. A trade partner in times of peace.

The Brits also sent spies and agents and military men to run with every sheik in the region from Victoria's time to theLawrence of Arabia time, up until the birth of the nation of Israel when they got their royal butt kicked out. That feisty colony broke away with a bang. The Stern gang threw 'em out. BLEW 'em the #$(%& out, & turned the Brit colony of Palestine into modern day Israel.

By that time, U.S.A had seen the need for a post-war plan requiring the Halls of Tripoli yield up space for NATO bases. We told Brits and French, whose butts we'd just saved in WWII that we understood this 'share the Arab OIL equally thing and wen're we allies? So we came out of it with NATO space, hegemony with France and UK, and USA was very polite about deferring to them in all other matters in the region. Our think tanks always depended on theirs for their info feed. All three first world nations used the en situ Mossad to tell the 'West'  what's up. Reason: they have puhlenty of uncircumcised Arabic speaking spies in every country from Yemen to Libya sending 1 second bleeps from under their burnoose.

When it comes to spying, nobody does it better than the Mossad. One should  read FLIGHT FROM ENTEBBE or rent the movie, and read a few books on a half century of phenomenal MOSSAD exploits. They are legendary. CIA/ M15 and Le Bureau all defer to Jewish spypower. Now, DO YOU THINK JEWS trust USA/ UK/ French thinking? No. so don't you think MOSSAD exaggerates danger at times to keep their big blustery first world buddies huffing and puffing? Makes it a little sexier as the reporters today say?

And what with the Mossad's famous "I TOLD YOU SO.." (WTC 911) you can probably see how the Mossad has created a very paranoid UK/USA. The Jumpy Jew is now jumpy Brits & USA with the rich war toy manuf profiting from all the fear. Muslims are doing better biz for the west than the RUSKI! That profit feature always drove me into the arms of the socialist left. I got my knickers in a twist when I thought the war was FOR PROFIT instead of being a natural byproduct of it.

So last week, reading this novel, seeing what SADDAM was up to, who he really was, a peasant loonytunes trigger happy thug, it came down to - -- do I want a peacenik non-arsenal Kerry in the White House? There'd be no future. We stand a better chance of staying on top of WHO HAS THE BOMB with this paranoid Republican group of ex CIA spies being in the White House.  KERRY seems to have blind faith that the IRAQUIs and Syrians are not going to USE any nukes they have while the Mossad quietly bombs every nuclear reactor they see out there. And then there is this group that monitors nuclear bills of lading, Lawrence Livermore based. WOnder if they have a website? Make a note.

The installation of a paranoid group of politicos with ties to wartoy manufacturers is probably NOT A GOOD IDEA but I am convinced HILLARY has turned REPUBLICAN. Last election I saw that KERRY was worthless as a Sentinel. ALTHOUGH to his credit, he voted against every military purchases since the dawn of time,  is a socialist, leftist commie just like I've been for last half century and he hates profit. I hated profit for fifty years too. Hating profit gets one nowhere. LIFE is a form of profit. Spying on nuclear installations could be very profitable. Blowing them up and blowing up the Saddams of this world could be profitable.

So I'm quitting astrology to work for the elect Neil Bush and John Mc Cain. campaign. They committee offered me a small job so I won't be typing stars any more. I figure The Bush family deserves a third or is it fourth term cuz BUSH 41  sure was right about Saddam and WMD. Thank you Frederick Forsythe for making me come to my senses. Read the book.  Anita, April 1st, 2010