Beware of organizations or systems where a few men have wrested control of all the politicians, all the laws, all the banking practices and extract tax money from all the slaves at whim. They do not know what work is. They live off their rents. You, the worker, never get a chance to own a thing except a car and a bed. All the decisions about what you will pay for a pound of rice are made elsewhere. You are absolutely helpless. They get RICHER and the poor get poorer. I did everything I could to peek behind teh curtain and find out who the FED and THE IMF were. I covered it in    DEBT FOR DUMMIES.

I wanted to know more on these guys so recently I wrote to one of the biggest intellectuals in the world. A brain the size of MARS. He writes articles in newspapers about WALL STREET being the perpetrator of a planetary oligarch agenda. I wrote him "Don't you feel the real GUYS CONTROLLING IT ALL are  the IMF and that they run the FEDERAL RESERVE. (I know you say it's WALL STREET but I don't buy it. Wall Street is a lot of guys with desks and phones who hustle stock & bonds & make a million a year each. It's the clerks. We have to find the boss of the clerks. Wall Street is not the BIG GUY. The BIG GUY is the big guy!

The brain answered my email: "Thanks for your feedback, will consider it for a Readers Forum. What state are you in? I wrote him back that like any single mother of four,  non-college grad, entry-level workers, I was in a state of total desperation. My landlady had raised my rent an illegal 11% out of nowhere and there were no more Rent Control laws in my city to protect me. They had been mysteriously expunged from the codebook by the landlords and their lobbies. For years they'd made fun of the People's Republic of Santa Monica, one of the last bastions of rent control, and finally jeer by jeer, they knocked renters' laws off the law books! Geriatrics, prepare to move to the smoggy end of L.A.! Or worse, the Valley!

I told him that I lived in fear of endlessly spiralling prices at the super market. Apples and oranges were over a dollar a pound, closer to TWO. Rice had quadrupled in price. Foodstamps were gone, unless you wanted to clean freeways for the county so the county could fire the UNION earning, well paid freeway workers. That was the only way to qualify for welfare. EAT DIRT on freeways. Latch key kids,etc.

Where were the state laws that had previously protected single mothers? I raised four fatherless children with AFDC and food stamps, med-i-cal. Got 3 of my kids up and running, too. But what are mothers doing these days now that all that is gone?

And what are renters with children doing, those in low paying jobs, what do they do? It's a WAR out there. Landlords are so damn cagy. My landlady owns 12 houses. She snootily 'let me' move in, agreed to a reasonable rent of $1350 for two bedrooms, had me pay a huge, $1500 security deposit, and two months rent, so that the move cost me four thousand dollars, and she is now demanding a huge, huge rent increase. With the enormous rent she charges me, I never can save a nickle, get a smidge AHEAD. I don't have the money to move, yet she is ruthlessly upping my rent. Even though I paid the damn additional 11% rent she asked, (though it killed me to do so) she continued with the eviction.

Eviction means you must leave your HOME. MOVE. Well, I refused. I filled out papers, told court I paid the rent on time. And I made her take me to court  where she claimed that my original security deposit had really been twice as large, calling the two months rent security deposit so that she could keep it. And sure enough, she'd rewritten the lease and brought this new copy to the court. Her plan was to be able to KEEP the entire security deposit, so why not make it positively HUGE. Just so she could keep it! Then, she claimed that  some of my very first rent payments were not rent at all, but actually had been the security deposit, and she claimed that I owed her more rent! Luckily, I was able to pull out my cancelled checks which proved she was lying. Judge did not 'find for my giving her any rent,' He gave me a reasonable time to move. You cannot stay in a house if the owner does not want you. Even if you pay rent on time. In an apartment you can stay, but not a private house.  You are not given any special renters rights if it's a house with a garden.

The judge also placed a judgement against me for her legal fees and court costs. $2500! ALL people who fight landlords do so without any hope. There is no chance you can win. And guaranteed, there will be a huge cash judgement against you for court costs. Charles Dickens, my maternal Great Great grand uncles could have done a lot with those facts! Anyway a month after I moved, this witch she wrote me demanding another 5 1/2 k for damages to her property.  I wrote this Jabba the Hut back, "soak your flaming red head, liar. I'll pay you nothing." I went to court and won. Thankfully, I was in no danger as I really had no car (82 Honda doesn't count,) no wages to garnish. But the horrid part is that a judgement for such a huge sum is automatic in any state in the union if you ever fight a landlord of a house. The only way to fight a SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING landlord (bent on evicting you) is to NOT have a wage ! Yes, NO job, no salary which the monster can later garnish.  I ask, where are the state laws that protected renters once? GWTW. THEY ARE GONE!

This profiteering planet has us all by the ruby begonias and is squeezing awfully hard. I don't know if I can make it. My chronic heart disease has progressed, untreated. Three times I asked SSI to give me a stipend, a card to go see a doctor. They refused. My teeth haven't seen work in ten years and when they ache that means pus is infecting the heart valves below the jaw, and my valves are already in shreds. There's no Med-i-Cal or Med-I-care for me as  I have never worked a day in my life.

After three painful evictions from 3 rented homes, one with guns and marshals, my young son totally lost his mind. For a year I tried to get him a shrink. Called every charitable clinic. Lemme tell you, There are no free clinics or shrinks out there. You'll pay 75$ an hour, that's the biggest discount you can get. Well, untreated, he got worse and worse. I was saddled with a complete loony. I got him SSI. But no food stamps or food. For a few months, his 500$ Social Security check, meant our income  was way above what the WELFARE people consider poverty level. Then he lit a fire at his ex job and they locked him in jail and a state mental hospital. And Suddenly I was alone, unemployed, nearing sixty. I had food money from an old hobby, astrology and did it for a living. 25$ the hour. Lived off an occasional client. As my only job in life besides freelance astrology has been being a mother of four, and my husband lives in his homeland, a foreign country, I will never get Social Security. A husband's stipend or my own.

I suggested to the famous brilliant writer whose article I'd read, that there was a heartless NON-entitlement program going on in my state of desperation, or in my country of desperation to be more accurate. A PROFIT AGENDA out there, wreaked on humanity BY some masked man. He said it was Wall street, but I felt it was the IMF, oligarchs, transnationals and the BANKERS THAT use the PIPELINE of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM. I am talking not about Republicans or Democrats, but about the the highest, most wealthy internat'l bankers that designed a system that ignores the citizens of their own countries, whichever they are, and ignores the needs of people everywhere.

This beast, --- this Stepfather Bank --- this Werewolf of London seems to be fastened on one goal and one goal only: to gnaw, pilfer and plunder every human being in every city, state and country of the planet and to squeeze taxes out of its people, pirate booty! To plunder, to the highest degree and to do it uses banks corporations, insurance companies and the bought politicians, the legislators of all countries to collude at being PIRATES on the high seas, slashing throats and draining corpses, charging outrageous prices and fees so that none of us can drive, get an education or eat or buy a home to grow food on, then sending all that cash, that blood money and gristle HOME to the devouring spider at the center of the web: The IMF.

And what does the IMF do with that money? LEND it to countries to get huge interest, right? Yes, partially but what else? Is that all? What else? What is their real reason for lending --- what was it---28 or 45 billions just last month, to Russia? A county that is overrun with Moscow Mafia? A renegade KGB maybe. Or the two of them in cahoots. I hear that when the De beers syndicate said to top guy in russia,"have the KGB stop dealing diamonds, the Premier said 'they're too powerful. So De Beers sent a huge check and the military went after the KGB who was flooding the market with cheap, Ruski diamonds and it stopped. De Beers could stop it. The Cecil Rhodes descendants. One of the prime oligarch families of the planet. They write a check and their will is done. My single Russia story.

But the super rich are not lending to the poor. An African who needs to buy a sewing machine so she can become a seamstress will not find a place to do the microlending she needs. The IMF is out there loaning to dictators who steal, to the KGB who stole it all or to Brazil or Argentina who welch. Are the planetary overlords so greedy for new lenders that they are not using their brains when they pick loan recipients? Do they care so little for the funds they run the planet with that they will risk such a bundle of money on some pilferer? Don't they think about how life can be better for all of us? No, they only think in terms of profit agendas for themselves. And in a
tub of greedy men, the scent of money is so thick that none of them can spot a thief. The aroma of THIEVERY and dishonesty is 'all over them.' Their lust glands sweat that their cash bundle should increase 15% a year. That is the only agenda, the last vestige of reason they have. Swollen cash glands. The whole damn, OLIGARCH AGENDA in a nutshell. Some say the real reason they were nosing around Russia was that they wanted to get hold of ALL THE petroleum deposits IN RUSSIA (and this country is sitting on more oil than anyone in the world)… for the least, most devalued amount of rubles they can pay. Well, they got their wish, Russia fell, the oil rich Kazakhastan is theirs and they can send a pipe to the ocean as the Taliban is out of Afghanistan but oddly, OIL went mysteriously down to the lowest PER BARREL PRICE ever ---, as low as it's ever been right after they got their mitts on Russia, and then, within a year, it went sky- high, literally doubling, so they must have opened a vein somewhere in Georgia or Minsk and the gallons must be flowing. At first for very little profit, and when they had the faucet wired, doubling the price tag, and making positively HUGE profits. Well, I hope they go broke drowning in cheap gasoline they're getting a ransom for……. Them and the horse they rode in on.

I think, being a professional psychic interested in politics that I know a little about the planetary overlords and their secret cravings and plots. The IMF is really planning to GET its mitts on CHINA's 1.6 billion people as a client state, then after they've lent a few zillion and gotten a few trillion back from this new tax base, trained them to be an ANT HILL slaving 24 hrs a day to pay off China's (future) borrowings, doing hamster circles on a money pump, fed with a little inter-commie jealousy disguised as praise, "Oh look, Russia couldn't do this simple trick and you do it so well!"

And China being old hand pat to head 'good' people will beam and go in hamster circles even faster.

The IMF idea is that they lend l7 trillion to China and get 4.5 billion back a month good as gold. See, even if the IMF failed to get payback in Russia, it worked for them all the same. Just as some very neurotic, twisted people just LIVE to collect injustices they made bank off this theft. They got to devalue the ruble, make Russia a laughing stock, painting Ruskis as criminals to the last,stupid, frozen huns riddled by Moscow Mafiosos in cahoots with commissars, who together abscond with the country's money, so the American taxpayers can hate the hun all over again and poor starving peasants and freezing Russians can hate their own mafia and the New Oligarchs, the YELTSIN bunch, playing them off against some faction or other, blaming some faction scheduled by WORLD BANKERS to become unpopular..... so they can move in some NEW clean guy who really is the total flunkie of the world bankers.

After the ruble is devalued into DUST, they'll start rebuilding with discipline. Pharoah will have the guilty slaves carry these huge tax stones on their backs and build a pyramid and put a big all-seeing EYE on top. THE NEW ruble, lent them by the Federal Reserve, will have illuminati signs all over it, maybe....Not to worry. These noveau, shamed Russians will become a fairly cohesive tax base sooner or later. Perhaps they have to forget the years and years of Marxist training they had. I envy them THAT. Lucky bunch. I can barely spell transnational.

The Ruski Leninists will one day OVERCOME their weepy, alcoholic temperament and co-operate in making a trim, yar economy but certainly later than CHINA which is a muscular lean, fast, trim disciplined country, built by years of well oiled socialism, and ready to bust into capitalist flowering and the Imf/world bankers know it. China won't stumble like that ridiculous RUSSIA! The Chinese will preen that they outshone the OTHER marxists. In a generation of Chinese capitalism, those well trained Chinese MARXISTS will be toothless and Comrade just a fading memory.

RIGHT NOW there are so many Marxists in Russia (try every school kid older than 20!) that it's impossible for Capitalism to roll right in and be well received. There's an inherent FLINCH in the Russian at Gorby and Yeltsin for having lain down with us western dogs. A lot of Anger. And as food disappears and the snow settles and things get worse and those they believe to be consorting with the west are still in power, the Russians have someone to hate and blame. A lot of people are just addicted to anger, and growling. I know about that one. Listen to me rant.

But the IMF doesn't care about ranting critics. No problem to them. We're not even close to nipping at their gilded heels. And as for rulers who turn against them, the IMF/ CIA or M15 will just change the monkey when they want, get a fresh one with no scent of dog on him, and have him say 'we can make money here, each of us, let us cooperate with the IMF and pay taxes. And if one country is full of thieves and the cash never makes it into their central bank, or as in Russia's case, lasts a few days there, then vaporizes, the IMF will publicize it boldly, and let other countries see the Hell that follows for the thief. They will chuck China under the chin and say 'here nice capitalist, you be smarter than those Russian oafs. You be more industrious. You be the client state, trading partner of our American wetdreams. And china will blush and work hard as hell to show she's better than those stupid Russians. And who's the specialist in reverse psychology that got their knickers all twisted that way? The IMF. Standing for International Mind F@(*$(8s.

Poor Russia. They are going to be on the chopping block this next decade. The Russian MAFIA has to go. Their lovely people require them to stop this terror wave of stealing, and to feed on past winnings. How can the wonderful children of the East ever progress with this bunch of thieves sitting like highwaymen on every road? They steal the glue off the postage stamps. They're ridiculous. LAW AND ORDER has to be wheeled into that country. How is that going to happen?

Industrious China (even if she is about to be mega duped by the IMF) is the best thing that ever happened to Russia. China's ability TO USE capitalism to become strong may make the smart people in RUSSIA, the BUSINESSMEN, realize what the MAFIA is going to cost them: The faith of other businessmen in all the world. Everyone is afraid to do business with Russians. We've heard the terror tales.

But it's so ODD. The IMF wasn't afraid. Boldly, they went in and lent some huge sum, I think it was l7 trillion? 45 billion? Do I have any of those disparate numbers right? I remember the interest was supposed to be 4.5 million a month. Or was it 4.5 BILLION? Well, whatever it was, the IMF never got a single red cent. They screamed bloody murder, went ferociously PUBLIC with the whole thing. You know, the concept, MYSTERIOUS LEAK OUT OF RUSSIA's CENTRAL BANK! WHO DID IT? Who got the freshly printed rubles? Then the IMF came to the American Congress and said, "Help your starving bankers. Make a donation. We were hurt badly in Russia. Could you have your tax payers give us some payback? And from all this skullduggery, blood letting, lending, and business doing abroad, with NAFTA and GATT --- and with all that moving factories to dollar a day there any trickle down? Any Keynesian Milton Friedmanism theory out there? A droplet of iron rich, red nutrition for a single one of us? NO.

THE IMF is not in the business of trickle down. When we can no longer buy or run cars, fill them with gas, bank at their banks, where are they going to go for profits? That's my question. What a retrovirus THEY are! Them and AIDS, the only two critters that will kill the HOST. No wonder AIDS is around now. It's a perfect METAPHOR for the IMF. International MURDERING FIENDS. Witless wonders. Maybe they're addicted to caviar and all they want is a Lear Jet, croissant at the Ritz in Paris, Caviar at night and they simply don't care what happens to the rest of us. As long as there's ONE waiter left at the Ritz and one sturgeon somewhere able to lay some eggs, their universe works for them.

But accuse Wall Street of being the ones wheeling the pipelines around the planet? Fitting new countries with I.V's? Which suck, not feed? Nahhh. Wall Street's a bunch of naive clerks, number crunchers Selling peanuts to the hordes. The day nobody has the buck for a ticket to get into the ballpark, they will starve with the rest of us. Stop the planet. I want to get off!