You may have diabetes right now and not know it. You can feel low blood sugar (does the word MUNCHIES resonate with you? The feeling of being STARVING hungry ring bells?) but you can't feel high BLOOD SUGAR unless you are very aware of a slight flash of heat flooding your cheeks and persisting after ingestion of sweets. Followed by LOW BLOOD SUGAR and the MUNCHIES then KETOSIS. And next morning, numb toes and hands.

A sure way to know if you have the BIG D HIGH, ADVANCED LEVEL is to analyze your body against this profile. Do you have a bit of a girthy middle? Do you wake during the night to realize your hands and feet are numb? Did you recently LOSE those HIGH INSULIN LOW BLOOD SUGAR frequent munchies you’ve had for years on end?? (THE MUNCHIES belong the consequence of an hour earlier's HIGH BLOOD SUGAR but KETOSIS or metal-mouth, fat burning DIET mouth is bad diabetes. ) If those conditions are present, you’ve got the BIG D even more advanced.

Ironically, Diabetes (HIGH blood sugar) starts with a lifetime of low blood sugar, i.e. the munchies. If you have had a lifetime of nibbling with mainly carbohydrate food choices, (also using those two super carbs, alcohol and sugar as food binge favorites), and if you noticed a strong craving for that sweet or that  margarita, that coke, that coffee and pie at four p.m., then it was always likely you would one day slide into phase two: no insulin, high blood sugar ergo full on  Diabetes!

The symptom of having the MUNCHIES indicates that a LOW blood sugar condition is in effect. There may be restless sleep due to blood sugar getting very low at night. A tsp.- sized piece of cheese or fennel soup, near beer sipped, from the pillow, will put you back into sleep so you can get a full eight. 

This hunger sensation is produced by your pancreas over-reacting to sugar and throwing off too much insulin which gives the munchies or low blood sugar. A jagged blood sugar is produced, up down, up down. Have you noted that a sugar meal produced great hunger an hour later? That's LOW blood sugar. If you have low blood sugar and continue to use sugars, that bad choice will definitely bring years on end of high insulin production until you RUN OUT OF INSULIN and have full onset diabetes. So curb sugar use NOW cuz the DIABETES end of this disease is a lifelong TIGHTROPE WALK over the chasm of death!

I’m not kidding, abrilliant man of my acquaintance who tried to manage his diabetes without insulin now has dead kidneys, transplanted new kidney, but is on anti-rejection shots which are a graveyard for the living; he has permanently numb feet and toe amputations. Worse cases than he have leg amputations and blindness.UPDATE: He just died.

So don’t even go there. A lifelong high-sugar diet is guaranteed to one day drain the pancreas of its own ability to make insulin. One day the insulin bank account is dry. The one perk or reward is illogical. The munchies stop abruptly. You no longer violently crave sweets. If you use them out of habit, you feel hot-cheeked and dizzy. For some, urination becomes frequent, feet become chilly in winter, numb in summer, eyesight starts to go, kidneys start to fail. Diabetes has arrived at your doorstep, the houseguest who will not be dislodged.

It is important you be sensitive to your body to feel that day when the munchies stop as you must immediately cease all sugar, alcohol, sweet fruit-- because high blood sugar is an absolute killer. If you suspect you have the big D, quitting sugar will buy you time and achieve relief especially if you create certain body-healing goals. I will list them.


HOW- ENTIRELY CUT OUT animal proteins or go low on them. They are FOODS with HIGH URIC ACID which stresses the kidneys. Think twice about steak, chicken, fish, meat based soup, organ meats, all animal flesh, all shellfish. Eat too much protein you get stress on kidneys, bad taste in mouth. Use the more low potassium vegetable proteins and plenty of whole grains. Latest research shows diabetics NEED carbs. 70-80% of your calories should be from unrefined carbs l0% from proteins l5% from fats. (TYPE 2 DIABETIC: If insulin insensitivity, hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is the problem, animal proteins may be consumed in moderation. If chronic hunger nags you, you're in the PRE-Type One or I might jokingly call it the “Type Zero” phase of LOW BLOOD SUGAR. The trick is to stop using sugars altogether and stretch the time between meals w. vegie/bean/fennel miso, TOFU broth, a hunger-staving light protein. Quit coffee and tea, diet sodas, other items which are diuretics and stress kidneys. FENNEL is a big munchie-remover.

For the diabetic, a high-protein diet causes hyper-acidity, toxic bowel and constipation and eventual destruction of kidney function. Diabetes destroys kidneys, so why do anything that puts a strain on them? Urine is uric acid, found only in meat, eggs, broths, coffee and tea.

In addition, the acidity of meat results in calcium excretion, resulting in osteoporosis. (Acidosis of blood leaches calcium). Beans, millet, quinoa, a South American Millet, sunflower/pumpkin seeds, Soaked peeled raw almonds, tahini and garbanzo combined as hummus, avocados, tofu, raw nuts and whole grain breads are proteins and can be combined into tasty burgers which can be carried to work. Avoid soy concentrate burgers from the store as these prolapse the colon. Make your own tofu burgers.

The problem with some vegetarian proteins is that they have high phytic acid, which inhibits assimilation of minerals, so as you switch over to them to take the place of FLESH, take mineral supplements. (Calcium citrate should be given with boron, magnesium, selenium, and trace minerals to prevent the Catch 22 of healthfooders, osteoporosis.

Whole grain/seed products can cause rickets from phytic acid causing calcium lacks. Phytic acid is destroyed if pulse /beans are soaked overnight, water thrown away. Or if GRAINS or seeds are sprouted (then the bread is made) or if dough is left to rise in yeast stage for 2 hours. Or if soy is fermented (as tempeh, miso or tofu).

IF kidneys are failing, a low potassium diet is necessary. Read up on this.


HOW:If you have morning edema, bags under, puff above lids of eyes, kidney action is already insufficent which means diabetes has progressed. Use distilled water all nite/between meals. Kidney herbs simmered into tea. (Buy box of corn silk, or Uva Ursi herb, found at HealthFood Store. Brew by letting the uva ursi or corn silk steep l5 minutes in water that had reached a simmer, then fire turned off. Leave jar of tea by bed, drink all night, every night.)

NEXT: consume less salt which traps water in body, prevents flushing action. Use Bragg's amino broth seasoning, or vegie salt instead of salt on food. All diabetics urinate more than normal people hence wash out needed minerals, weaken their bones and teeth. When diuretics like tea/coffee/ sodas are also used, potassium, magnesium are excreted causing heart arrhythmias, so supplant both minerals orally. Liquid potassium is best as pills don't dissolve easily. Or make juices on your 29$ Wal-mart juicer: carrot, celery, parsley, chard, spinach, stringbeans (curative for diabetics), beet and a piece of lemon are a good mixture. Supplement calcium by using CALCIUM CITRATE, with magnesium, plus trace minerals in sea mineral mixtures or alfalfa tablets, avail at HFS and many drug stores and compounding phramacies. Citrate doesn't make plague in veins.

HEALING GOAL #3-DIGESTION OF PROTEIN! There are definite culinary tricks that create better digestion of the protein consumed so that kidneys are stressed less. This is important for diabetics, many of whom end up in kidney failure on the erroneously prescribed all-protein diet.

HOW: If you have any burping after a meal, you are fermenting not digesting, a sign of big trouble. You might take digestive enzymes like ALL ZYME (Protease and Lipase) to be consumed when you eat animal proteins. (This and many other brands available at Healthfood store). Another way to get stomach acid is to eat a bitter dandelion leaf before your meal. Or an argula or cress salad. Bitters are known to cause digestive enzymes in tummy to secrete. That is part of the logic behind a good, dark green salad with meat, but the second is that alkaline salads balance acidic meats! Another trick is to smell your food cooking, which generally produces acid flow. If not, add onions and garlic to your hot olive oil, that'll do it!

HOW PART II. TO HAVE OPTIMUM digestion, DO NOT COMBINE proteins (in same meal)--with sugar, fruit, starches, milk, sodas or juices as these dilute stomach acid. Eat PROTEIN foods alone, COMBINE MEATS only with greens. Do not use aspirin at all. It burns stomach lining so it can no longer make acid. Don't use vinegar which burns stomach lining, hurting our ability to manufacture acid. USE RAW LEMON JUICE in your salad dressings! Avoid pickles, citric acid in soft drinks, pasteurized orange juice, canned 'cooked' juices, phony JAR hot sauce with vinegar. MAKE HOT SAUCE fresh, with tomato/cilantro/garlic/onion/jalapenos. Be sure to include STRINGBEAN JUICE daily. Make it on a real juicer. It's magic for the pancreas. Juicers are 29$ at Walmart I noted, when I was last there. 

HEALING GOAL #4-EXERCISE YOURSELF PLAQUE FREE! REDUCE BLOOD FAT AND INORGANIC MINERALS, which combine to make plaque in arteries. (ALSO, excess body fat and sedentary inactivity is found in almost ALL Type 2, INSULIN-insensitive diabetics and is a suspected CAUSE of the condition.) The numbness felt in fingers, hands, feet while you sleep is partly plaque related so plaque has to go!

HOW- LOW-fat diet, (except olive oil.) No salt, no city water. (full of inorganic minerals and trace metals.) USE foods high in natural OMEGA 3 oils found in fresh cold water caught fish (ALASKAN FISH ARE BEST FOR YOU! Go get some Omega Oil capsules or add flax seed oil to all dishes once they’re cooked. These oils lower blood cholesterol. Get EVENING PRIMROSE OIL as diabetics can't make gamolenic acid. (Google up The Use of Gamma-linolenic Acid in Diabetic Neuropathy, 1992 research, a new pproach to the management of diabetic neuropathy. EF4 (providing gamma-linolenic acid or gamolenic acid, GLA) has been shown to reverse existing diabetic neuropathy in trials. Diabetics have a reduced ability to convert dietary linoleic acid to GLA.” Evening Primrose oil should be on your self. Use GARLIC (one clove squeezed into every savory entree or as Kyolic capsules) as garlic reduces BLOOD TRIGLYCERIDES). Drink organic minerals in solution as raw celery/carrot juice, parsley stringbean etc. juice. These chelate or solubilize minerals. They flush out inorganic minerals which cause plaque in veins. TAKE POTASSIUM LIQUID daily for muscle strength. Take calcium in the citrate form because this doesn't leave plaque in arteries. For absorption of calcium (to prevent it ending up in your veins) always take VIT D as codliver oil, magnesium to 'enable' your calcium to be taken in. Use BORON, a trace mineral, also important for calcium absorption. Only a healthfood store would have as sophisticated a calcium formula as this. We need calcium (mineral) supplements when beans, seeds, tahini, nuts and whole grain breads which diet-aware people use, have phytic acid, which inhibits assimilation of minerals, as you start to use them to take the place of FLESH, take mineral supplements. (Calcium citrate should be given with D, boron, magnesium, selenium, and trace minerals. If you take bone meal type calciums, you'd have to add 1 tsp. raw lemon juice to break it down.

HEALING GOAL #5 INCREASE Body's ability to use our own natural INSULIN:

HOW-HIGH VITAMIN DIET, DAILY EXERCISE, HIGH FIBRE FOODS, LOW FAT, NO-SUGAR. MULTI-VITAMIN & HERB THERAPY including Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) Schisandra, licorice. Use freeze-dried animal source ADRENALS or liquid form. EAT SUN CHOKES (Jerusalem Artichokes) which have insulinease). Take 400-1000 mcg. Chromium piccolinate daily, eat broccoli and algae. Use Fenugreek either leaves cooked in sauces, stews, or brewed as a tea. In any form it reduces glucose level 15-18%. (Dr. Madar of Hebrew University) Buy seeds, grow it at home or buy fresh at Middle Eastern or Asian markets. Put it in every vegetable or protein dish.

HEALING GOAL #6-EAT REAL FOOD WHICH HAS HEALING PROPERTIES! Maintain high vitamin, nutrition to prevent Type 2 Diabetes which comes from denatured foods, empty calories, too much reliance on starches.

HOW- Get vitamins/minerals in both diet/and thru capsules.Low Carb diet. Read "ENTER THE ZONE by Dr. Barry Sears. Libraries have this best seller.


HOW-EXERCISE is excellent for diabetics as it disperses blood glucose, reducing need for insulin. If you feel that hot flush on your cheeks after you eat a carb, run to the Gym. Or, if you have a garden, you will never need a gym membership. Run for the shovel. Dig out the paths. Path soil is fallow and should be lifted onto beds. Paths get lower, beds get higher. Get the tree pruner, go outside and take those trees back a little. TREES always need taking back and you will be drenched in sweat immediately. 

Diabetics should take care to also reduce insulin taken on days they exercise. For type 1 diabetics, 8-12 minutes of exercise should be done after every meal. Exercise also causes you to SWEAT and will flush uric acid from body thru skin, lungs and breath. Exercise in sunlight if possible. You will sweat much more if there's sun. WINTERTIME? Sit in very hot tub of water with 2 cups apple cider vinegar in it. The acid makes you sweat more. Go to steam room. You will sweat out uric acid, saving kidneys work. Some feel that THIN diabetics should not exercise --that only fat ones may. Exercise clears the blood of glucose so thin or fat, do your level of exertion until the hot flash on cheeks passes.


HOW- It is an odd fact but true; fiber in the diet lowers blood-sugar. Beans, pulse like lentils, brown rice, millet, quinoa, all vegetables are high fiber. Add metamucil (unflavored) to raw juices. It's just psyllium seed husks, ground up. Very natural, not bad taste at all.

----------------------YOUR PERSONAL DAILY REGIMEN------------------

If Insulin dependent, daily sugar monitoring is required. This regimen immediately, on 1st day, DECREASES your insulin needs. Be aware of that! Many insulin addicts can totally reduce need for insulin on this regimen!

DURING NIGHT Distilled water, or UVA URSI or corn silk TEA (kidney flusher)

BEFORE BREAKFAST: HIGH CALCIUM TEA (raspberry leaves, alfalfa leaves) taken with liquid potassium. HFS sells it in the bottle.

Or, have fresh grapefruit juice (never pasteurized) as it's too acid. I only eat the grapefruit that fell to the ground as it is ripe. I see that in citrus, fruit can be on tree, looking ripe for two full years. Only second year fruit that falls is edible. Get your grapefruit trees now. Oranges not so good for diabetics, too sweet. Citrus Juice always raw---taken with the potassium supplement.

BREAKFAST- fresh raw goats milk, made into yogurt with genuine culture. Best brands are from healthfood store and have FOUR types of culture, not one. This is unlike supermarket yogurt. Real yogurt bleeds when cut, and whey leaks out. This is not true of 'fake' yogurt. Eat yogurt w.Papaya, fresh pear, pineapple, pomegranate, raspberries, strawberries. THESE are high organic sodium fruits, desireable to dissolve inorganic salt plaque in arteries. (To vary recipe, serve at times in a fruit shake). When you make protein drinks, don’t add powdered milk. Junk food. You can add tsp of Spirulina or blue green algae (delicious in drop form) and bee pollen. Add berries, cherries, citrus, grapefruit especially or guavas which are excellent for preventing strokes as they have bioflavenoid and build cell wall strength in arteries, capillaries. All can be used in protein drinks. THE PROTEIN is the yogurt. Watermelon is never mixed with milk. All melons are eaten alone but melons are a little sugary for a diabetic, so very occasionally, a small amount only. AVOID CAFFEINE. If you feel deprived, use Columbian steam/water processed de-caf. Flagellating the pancreas over years caused your malady so it’s time to quit.

Take your all day brain tonic caps like BRAIN POWER or "Mental Edge" (these have magic brain vitamins, ginseng, amino acids, dong quai, and stimulating herbs like gota cola and gingko that work directly on brain & do NOT work like caffeine on vagus nerve. CAFFEINE aggravates any pre-diabetic pancreas problem. You may have whole grain Bible bread (sprouted grain) toast with butter. Be sure to use bread from healthfood store, not super market. Use jam of the new fruit only variety, made with no sugar, sweetened with grape or apple concentrate. TAKE MULTI VIT PILL that has Vit E, Choline, a MEGA-B-Complex. +Sub-lingual B-12 with every meal. The very best B-12 is the very new Bioactive B12' currently available only from Enzymatic Therapy brand. Their 1,000 mcg. sublingual tablet is bioactive "methylcobalamin" (rather than non-bioactive cyanocobalamin, made partly of toxic cyanide.) Get Enzymatic online by googling. 30 tabs list for $6.95. Keep it sealed and refrigerated. IT IS ALIVE.

MID MORNING: SNACK ON HIGH CALCIUM RAW nuts/seeds (or almonds that are soaked several hours to enable the astringent peels to be slipped off.) Eat Dried, unsulphured fruits (soaked overnight first and stored in fridge with some lemon juice in the jar of water) but taken in small amts due to your pancreas sensitivity to any sweets. NUT BUTTERS are appetite soothing, rich, tasty in moderation, NO HYDROGENATED fats can be used in making them so study label. Use nut butters plus toasted sesame seeds in a cookie batter sweetened with sugar-free apple concentrate.

LUNCH: 3 high sodium VEGIES like Squash, Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage, okra, pumpkin with millet or brown rice, taken with olive oil. Cook Veal bones several hours to make calcium rich broth. Then, put vegetables in it, simmer a few minutes. Have high calcium sesame, miso, tahini, garbanzo in sandwich spread, with Dr. Bragg's amino seasoning. Eat salad with high sodium, high-Calcium watercress, celery and romaine.(no white head lettuce). If protein is included in meal take protease enzyme tablet. EAT SUN CHOKES (Jerusalem Artichokes) in your salads, as they have insulinease which restores body's ability to manufacture insulin.) Put Fennel (finocchio) in your salads and soups, as it calms the pancreas.

MID AFTERNOON TREAT- High calcium persimmon, peaches, pineapple, berries, all raw, never sugar-boiled/canned. (Calcium sooths nerves, relaxes) A low-sugar baked goodie with festive, social de-caf or herb tea. Use tupelo honey, fructose or white grape or apple concentrate (in frozen cardboard cylinder) or rice bran syrup from healthfood store or use genuine maple syrup INSTEAD of sugar in baked goods. These aren't as aggravating to pancreas as refined sugar. WRAP/FREEZE finished baked goods and only take one small serving a day, alone, without other food.

DINNER- A protein with salad. Use vegetarian-origin proteins half of the time so as not to stress kidneys with too much high uric-acid, animal protein. Tofu with mushrooms is an easy recipe to learn, ditto tofu burgers.

NIGHTIME make your diuretic tea, with distilled water, using corn silk or UVA URSI herb (a kidney flusher). One hour before bedtime use sleepy time tea, skullcap, valerian, passionflower to cause you to go to bed earlier. More tea taken during night deepens sleep.

BEFORE BREAKFAST-EXERCISE SESSION-HIGH CALCIUM TEA (raspberry leaves, alfalfa leaves) taken with liquid potassium. HFS sells it in the bottle. Or, have fresh orange and grapefruit juice (never pasteurized) as it's too acid, always raw---taken with the potassium as this strengthens the muscles, calcium supplements and a drop of orange-flavored Codliver oil. (Vit D helps absorption of calcium.)

DIET SUPPLEMENTS: Omega FISH- OILS, GARLIC, Fo-Ti, MULTI-VITAMIN & HERB THERAPY including Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) Schisandra, licorice, Sasparilla. Use freeze-dried ADRENALS and adrenal supporting herb mixtures, often sold as ADRENAL HERBS. EAT SUN CHOKES (Jerusalem Artichokes) in your salads, as they have insulinease which restores body's ability to manufacture insulin.) Put Fennel (finocchio) in your salads and soups, as it calms the pancreas. Use the trace Mineral Mineral CHROMIMUM piccolinate. Take Fenugreek leaves as tea or stewed with dinner. Use L-carnitine, L-Glutamine, freeze dried pancreas, buchu herb tea 2x a day, dandelion root tea, 2 goldenseal caps by mouth, uva ursi. Huckleberry helps with production of insulin. Use complex carbs in diet not refined. No niacin at all.

EXERCISE is excellent for diabetics as it disperses blood glucose reducing need for insulin. It also causes you to SWEAT and will flush uric acid from body thru skin, lungs and breath which helps kidneys. Exercise in sunlight. You will sweat. Go to steam room to also get rid of uric acids through skin.

THINGS YOUR DOCTOR NEVER TOLD YOU1. Anti-diabetic medications increase the risk of heart disease by 2 1/2 times. 2. Psychotropic drugs (that affect mental function) cause weight gain, 30 lbs per person, adding to likelihood of diabetes.

SIDEBAR:Hypoglycemia/diabetes is visible in the palm of the hand thru red dots on main lines of palm. They look like pin pricks or red sand granules in lines.

*Most of this is obtained from "Reversing Diabetes" by Dr. Julian Whitaker M.D.. Material on phytic acid from "Complete Food Handbook " by Doyle/Redding.


HUMMOUS- This is a middle eastern HI PROTEIN DISH like party dip, (I use it for that) which YOU will use as sandwich spread as it's thick like chicken salad. It's very satisfying and the highest food you could find in calcium due to sesame, hence it replaces HI-COL, MUCUS producing cheese & milk. All bean-based dishes sour in 4 days so we will freeze half of the finished product, making a lot at a time, defrosting 3 days worth at a time. My kids are crazy about it. Yours will be, too. HAVE ON HAND: One jar/Can TAHINI, (a kind of peanut butter only made w. sesame seeds, avail at fancy supermart, Israeli, Iranian, Arab grocery stores.) Dry raw garbanzo beans, onion, soy sauce, pckg untoasted sesame seeds, garlic, lemons, 1 sml. can chopped olives, cumin, curry powder, Cilantro, arugula, Chile-Sesame oil, (oriental section.) chopped sour Pickles optional.

METHOD-SOAK beans over night. Simmer in crock pot until soft. While beans cook, toast sesame seeds in iron skillet, stirring until they pop. Cool. Reserve most of liquid in beanpot for tomorrow's soup, leave 1/2 cup remaining liquid while you mash beans into a paste. Add 1 part tahini to 3 parts beans, mashing with finely chopped onions, lemon juice, soy sauce. Add toasted sesame seeds to the bean/tahini mix, add a few dashes of chile sesame oil, your spices, cumin, curry, lots of crushed fresh, pressed garlic, chopped pitted olives, chopped cilantro and lemon juice. Freeze what you can't eat in plastic, not foil, as there's acid in hummous and aluminum leaches out of foil. Later, hummous thaws good as new. Serve with tortilla chips (baked whole grain corn only, which you can make in the oven. Never buy commercial, fried) Or use in sandwiches w. pickle/ lettuce/tomato. Or make homemade whole wheat sesame cracker. Kids will eat hummos inside a sandwich but lettuce must be used to keep hummos from moistening the bread!

VEGETARIAN TOFU PATTIES: TOFU (soy curd) has natural plant hormones that supply body with the master hormone that prevents aging. INGRED: lb box of tofu, ½ cup almonds, can drained water chestnuts, minced carrot/celery, onion, garlic and bread crumbs.( 2 slices sprouted wheat bread/toasted and reduced to crumbs. Chop nuts. (previously soak almonds & then peel off skin). Open can creamed corn. Then, heat pan, pour in oil/butter, mince and fry (saute) shredded garlic, onion, celery, parsley or coriander, (cilantro) bell pepper, carrot, mushrooms. I shred vegies on large holes on grater, never the small! Add nuts, (almonds, water chestnuts also 1 lb tofu, Salt/pepper & vegie broth. Add spices: celery seed, thyme, oregano, sage, sea salt. Stir in a raw egg with creamed corn, stir into mixture. Shape this soggy mess into a croquette, dredge in brown flour/sesame seeds; fry this dredged patty in olive oil /butter both sides litely, The thing is so wet you're amazed you can dredge it, fry it, but it hardens up in the pan. After seconds of frying, transfer to baking dish, bake 20 min 325 deg. If you intend to serve immediately, not freeze, you can add goat cheese and tomato sauce last 5 min. If you freeze the patties, don’t add anything. OPTION: bake in MEATLOAF shape. Freeze or fridge 3/4 of slices. They’ll only be in fridge for a day or so as everyone will grab them off plate (covered with plastic,) for a quick hot tortilla taco or sandwich. You know the frozen ones are there. Before you go to work, make your sandwich. IT thaws by lunchtime!

VEGIE SANDWICH FILLING -(or party dip very similar to Vegie chicken livers.) PUREE or FOOD PROCESS: Ground sprouted Walnuts, pecans, pre-soaked lentils, cheddar cheese, garlic, soy sauce, lemon juice all blended together. NOTE: Pre-soak nuts in water, just overnight to sprout them a little, to inactivate phytic acid. This is partly why we soak and peel almonds before we eat them or before making vegie burger out of them. The other reason is that the skin is astringent so needs tossing. The lentils may have to be sprouted for a few days, changing water 3x a day.

SALAD - THE ULTIMATE VITALITY FOOD- Wash romaine, watercress, spinach, arugula, but small amts or no blanched, head lettuce. Get dirt out of crevices. Some soak it in vinegar water to kill small critters. 1 tbsp vinegar to a sink. Put in colander, shake pat dry. DRESSING- Olive oil, lemon juice, crushed garlic, oregano, dash Lea & Perrins Worchestshire sauce, a little dry mustard powder or dijon, small amt anchovy paste, (UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS) 2 tbsp crushed avocado and slices of onion, soy sauce for salt. Mix in large, wooden salad bowl, put greens on top. TOPPING- sunflower seeds, avocado slices, raisins, mushroom slices, hulled pumpkin seeds (only avail. at HFS), broccoli florets, jicama or sunchoke slices, diced green onions, fresh basil, cilantro or arugula herbs and a few raisins. SERVE with stacks of hot, corn tortillas brought to table in a basket wrapped in cloth napkin. Make 'tacos' of the salad. Grow a patch of lusty arugula in your garden. It is invulnerable, selfseeds each year. Your friends will rave about the flavor in your salads. Use high calcium raw spinach, too. Parrots require it for calcium deficient in all other salads!

TOFU EGG SALAD.- Mash l lb tofu with 1 tsp curry powder, 3 tbsp mayo, 2 tbsp healthfood store no preservative, home made pickles, 1 tsp toasted sesame seeds, 4-10 drops chile sesame oil, chopped celery/onion/olives. Spread on bread. You know how you can tell it's not egg salad? It tastes better.

MAKING SQUASH INTO MEAT- The Garden squash patch gives alotta cluck for the buck. It's a real bang to grow squash as they cooperate. There are recipes that turn squash into a savory meat-like dish.

ZUCH OR SUMMER SQUASH MEATBALLS- CROOKNECK GOLDEN SQUASH OR ZUCCHINIS. Slice into two, get the seed out (save it for next year's garden). Steam then ream the halves. By ream, I mean scoop out meat and throw skin away. Put parmesan, butter, bread crumbs, crushed blanched almonds that have been PEELED (boiling water 1 minute, then peel) into the mashed squash. Grate some cheddar or jack in, roll in more crumbs and fry lightly into a burger. 

ENCHILADA OPTION: Take finished zucchini “meat” and roll in flame-softened tortillas, put tomatillo sauce over it, (salsa verde) or red chile sauce, grate cheese on top and have enchiladas. Sauce completes the savory meat illusion. Melted cheese and black olives, cilantro decorate top.

(NOTE: TOMATILLOS are easy to grow. Get some very ripe ones at market, not green but yellow in color. Open these with knife, scoop out seed and dry seed on a napkin. When dry, put in envelope and identify it with label, Plant seeds next April.) To make sauce, simmer a dozen halved, peeled tomatillos, one jalapeno in small amt water. When slightly soft, mash. Saute onions, garlic, cook a half minute, add SIMMERED TOMATILLOS with some juice, mashing as you go, then add chopped cilantro and stop cooking. Serve on pork roast, use in enchiladas. 

BUTTERNUT SQUASH- Don't peel. Saute sliced raw pieces squash in olive oil, onions, garlic with the seeds and even the frizzy stuff in the center, with some jalapenos, in the fry pan. After browning, add water or broth, seasoning, thyme, water, 1 tsp soy sauce and tomato if desired, steam until soft enough to cut with a fork. Seeds are delicious but discard the shell, eat only the meat inside.

PUMPKIN SOUPSteam and ream the cut pumpkin. Peel then mash the flesh. Saute onions/garlic with black pepper corms and japapeno. REMOVE pepper corms and jalapeno. (Oil will only be flavored by them.) Drop mashed pumpkin meat into sauteeing onions and garlic, (olive oil). Add broth if you're anti-dairy or cream, milk, paremsan, and a tsp of soy sauce, or I've used oyster sauce, a soy type sauce and it works well. Add thyme, pepper, butter, fresh parsley, basil, or coriander, maybe some cayenne. You can put it thru a food processor to get it very smooth, but I don't bother.

LEMON MERINGUE FISH: Line pie dish w. 'crust' of mashed potatoes, fill with steamed ling cod fillets, cover with thick gravy made of fish pan juices, corn starch, raisins, honey, curry powder, lemon juice and its zest. Top w. more mashed potatoes, butter the top & bake.

HOME MADE PICKLES- Invest in an envelope of pickling spices, cardamon coriander seeds and black pepper dill leaves and such. You can freeze the bag between your pickle makings. Or re-use brine twice. Wash, dry, slice cucumbers, (English, Asian or plain but remove waxy skin if it’s on there! Or use unwaxed small warty Picklers.) Salt those slices lightly and let drain ten min in fridge which makes them lose their juice a little. Rinse salt off, pat dry on towel. Drop into jar of brine made with some vinegar and salt. Add fresh dill. DO NOT STERILIZE just put it in the fridge overnight! Eat first week. Other methods require cooking.

PINATAS (SWEETS)- Make 'Pinatas' and store in jar in fridge. Each colored paper cone is filled with ribbon-chopped dried cherries, (all from healthfood store, having no sulphur) apricots, peaches, raisins, home-blanched almonds, homemade peanut brittle, and dipped chocolates (red grape center) all made w. no sugar. Larger dried fruits like dates, figs R-stuffed w. nuts or homemade marzipan. (Grind dates, walnuts, home blanched (not purchased skinned) almonds, lemon juice & rind, coconut in blender, add almond extract, roll paste into balls, roll in coconut, put a pecan pc on top.) You will find these natural sugars just as pleasing as the phony stuff that melts the bones out of your body by tampering with your blood calcium levels and which causes high blood sugar flush on the face.

HOLISTIC CHOCOLATE - HEALTHY Chocolate Fudge "Cookie" Bars   20 medium sized dates. Take dates and slice them lengthwise then place them in a cup then cover with water, leave covered with water for 30-60 min. Drain water, then take dates and open them up and scrape interior fibrous stuff out. Place on plate and use a paring knife to mince up the dates. (Have a seat while doing this, It takes a while) You should then have date paste for mixing into chocolate mixture.

Chocolate Mixture: 1 tbsp butter 2 teaspoons vanilla, dash salt, 4 - 1 oz. baking squares unsweetened Bakers chocolate 1/3 cup half and half or cream, 1/2 cup Carnation (or similar) dry milk powder (if milk allergies, use ground up plain vanilla healthfood store cookies made into crumbs, cream cheese too. Get inventive! And if you do, get back to me with your tips. Coconut meat, food processed? Walnuts, blanched almonds? Pulverized? (soak almonds overnight or pour boiling water on, and do it immediately. You PEEL, grind into powder in a blender. Take one large skillet or pan and fill halfway or so with water and set on low heat while you place another smaller skillet into that one creating a double boiler. Place butter into skillet and then chocolate squares onto that and melt down, stirring not too often. Have all other ingredients ready to go so you can add them all together quickly. Stir in Half and half. Take from heat---then stir in vanilla ----then stir in dry milk powder---this takes time to stir it together into a pudding like-consistency. After this cools, Have an 8" by 8" buttered pan ready. You are now ready to mix your chocolate and your date paste together. Use a strong spoon, and use a mashing motion. This does take finger and wrist strength. But you want to mix these well together. Then mash mixture into the pan, sometimes the bottom of the spoon will work fine, sometimes you will need to use your fingers a little bit. Then cool mixture well. Cut into portions that give a one ounce dose of chocolate, freeze in plastic or foil. Because there is no sugar, you don't get that sugar headache. Just a lush HIGH from the many splendid natural alkaloids in the chocolate. If this makes your face flush with heat, get the tree pruner or shovel! Work it off. Or change the recipe. Back off on cookie crumb powder!

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