ON PLANET EARTH KILL PEOPLE!

THE TOP BIG MONEY INDUSTRIES are all DEATH INDUSTRIES. They’re owned and run by a power elite of a few families who control all politicians and governments. Even the nice, cute politicians work for them. If work means bought, paid for, salaried and following ORDERS.

ACCORDING TO TIME MAGAZINE, the  top death industries are:
1. Weapons/Arms, war toys the business of war.
2. Illegal Drugs (used by oligarchs' intelligence services to fund spies/ operatives off the books.)
3. Oil which mandates all war policy, sucks money out of a country, leaving people starving
4. PHARM (not eating right made you prey for pill pushers)
5 BANKING They figured out how to take your life savings via your house.

If I could add a HUGE industry or two to the list, I’d start with JUNK FOOD PROCESSORS and then HOSPITALS AND DOCTORS, insurance companies and casino banksters. All crooks, all killers.

Does knowing  this horrible reality do anything to make the world a safe and better place? YES. Because ONLY a death blow from one of these villains will turn outraged citizens into activists who will start to target the ties between Congress, politicians, lobbyists who SERVE those industries and also make a busload of money off the carnage.

There’s great hope that a lame duck who doesn’t NEED the 5 RICH FUNDERS above, BARACK OBAMA, will make their lobbyists illegal. Note that none of those first 3 industries does anything useful. They soil and poison the air with gasoline and are going to be replaced by hybrid cars if activists have anything to do with it. And the 4th industry, Pharm, charges 750$ for a life-saving pill, and everything they make has lethal sideffects worse than the malady it's used for. Spinach salad would have worked better on any malady than the ones you see on TV which have forty killer side effects to the one good effect.
OIL pollutes our air, chemicals our food, illogical toxins pollute our pharm and  ALL murder your mind! That petroleum infested AIR can kill you just as dead as bullets, arms, weapons. All these death industries are the worst things we can do to a planet and its people. The fourth biggest industry is OIL, very  entangled with the others. It is going places all over the world, killing innocent people and stealing their oil.

maimed villagers

They came for the OIL, they brought the guns, and what they took
away was our lives, leaving our parents and siblings in GRIEF!
AMERICA and the Two Bushes and Cheney and the Oligarchs
who run them did that to us. Obama continued the policy!

Make the connection between the number one industry in the world (WAR TOYS) and the fact that 4 out of 5 dollars in U.S. foreign aid is not spent abroad. It’s spent right here in the good ‘ol USA (sez Harper’s Index) ON WEAPONS THAT THE FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS MUST BUY. WE AID THEM BY SENDING THEM KILLING MACHINES? HUH?

In our books, — our gov account books, — it says ‘AID’ and we’re forcing them to have guns, rockets, crowd control and torture machinery. DID GOD DIE AND DID THE DEVIL TAKE OVER?

NOT ONLY is our GOV LYING to us bigtime but you and I are obviously in the wrong profession. You work in any of those three industries, you’re in the top biz in the world. YEAH RIGHT. Actually my brother has worked for arms companies, Hughes, TRW for decades. He’s an systems engineer for everything that spies, flies which the third world buys but he and his wife have never had the money to buy a house, they and their four kids still rent apartments! And my BRO is smart! SO go figure. Working for Satan doesn’t automatically give you a Cadillac. My beloved Aunt’s son, is he a COUSIN? Yeah, not a nephew –ok, he works for the biggest OIL corp in TEXAS. OK, he has a house! But he also believes in PEAK OIL theory  so they obviously #*% with his MIND, bigtime!

Our government, according to Great Writer/Mind Noam Chomsky (Get any of his books that you can, for a buck each, used, at ABEBOOKS.COM .  THE GOVERNMENT he sez is deep in all three INDUSTRIES.

Chomsky claims that the CIA outspends its annual budget 10x, and it raises that extra little spending money by importing drugs. That certainly explains the Bush (former head of the CIA) ‹‹ Noriega connection. INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES usually deal drugs to get cash for dirty tricks. OSS learned it from FRENCH INTELLIGENCE in NAM. They dealt heroin.

Big Givers Political contributions by the top 10 arms-exporting companies to the 1996 campaign, in millions of dollars:
Lockheed Martin…………….$2.35  MILLION
General Motors/Hughes……….$1.05
Northrop Grumman……………$0.86
General Electric……………$0.82
United Technologies…………$0.74
General Dynamics……………$0.62
McDonnell Douglas…………..
$0.51 Rockwell…………………..$0.41
SO CANDIDATES are elected by the war guys. SO they have to be pro-war, no?

A few members of the above list, have successfully lobbied the Pentagon (a tough sell), their pet legislators (an expensive buy) and the White House (jobs, jobs, jobs) into lifting that old ban of Jimmy Carter’s ….granted it was an “informal” ban on U.S. manufactureres’ selling sophisticated offensive weapons to Latin America. But it was ignored.

This set of facts is a gross simplification of an enlightening article in the aforementioned issue of Time. The article is called, “How Washington Works… Arms Deals: The inside story of how the Pentagon and big defense contractors got the President to open the way for weapons sales to Latin America”
April 14th  1997 TIME MAGAZINE. Get it at your library’s stacks. Xerox the article in the library if they don’t let you take this mag out.

Even if you don’t go look at this magazine, send this article to others. The pain and the FLINCH against the OLIGARCH, war-centered fascination must be seen for what it is. Politicians only concerned with fame and name, winning elections, doing anything the OLIGARCHS ask of them at any time, to attain their minor agenda.  The BUSH family should be tried for WAR CRIMES along with RUMMY, for lying about WMD in Iraq & the genocide of civilians also ABU GRAIB torture which was ordered by White House. But no politician will work against the OLIGARCHS and the politicians they ‘rode in on.’  What these politico thugs did was against the RULES of the GENEVA WAR TREATY. They can be prosecuted and jailed. This might be a great ACTIVISM ASSIGNMENT which  if you carried it OUT, would  topple Rummy (well it worked, he’s gone,) but now CHENEY and the two Bushes. CLICK on this URL here, you’ll see how vulnerable CheneyBush Pere et fils are right now.. to prosecution! And it might make other politicians more thoughtful about following oligarch agenda. To get legal remedy against the Oil, Arms and War Toys industries, drugs (as it is how they pay their illegal operatives,) is the real war the activist must wage. Expose the Wizard of Oz hiding behind the curtain, running things.

NOTE: Check out the BUSH/CHENEY/RUMMY group being liable for prosecution for breaking GENEVA TREATY, (above URL) then SAVE this article as an htm file or SEND it to your pals by email as an URL (seeing what URL is in top box on your browser right now. Capture it, send to EVERY single addie on your pal list who has a brain, even pro-war bozos.Next, you might want a list of the MEDIA’s email addies to also send it to.

THE FOURTH INDUSTRY IS PHARM. We do not need killer medicines. The body has no penicillin or streptomycin in it when it comes from the factory.  We can heal our bodies when ill simply by restoring acid/ alkaline PH, by backing off on eating ‘civilized food’ and eating total healthfoods with lots of raw, enzyme rich green salads, raw nuts, bread made of sprouted grains, not flour. (Bible Bread.) The medi industry totally rejects any concept of nature cures. Read the HOLISTIC CURE FOR EVERY MALADY website cover to cover, its REMEDIES & PREVENTATIVE methods. Know what your grandparents had, as our susceptibilities are genetic. Inherited. Prevent what THEY HAD happening to you.

Now, as for what’s killing the rest of the world, wartoys, politicians, pharm, hospital/medical industry, llegal drugs, smog/ cars and oil, credit/banking industries, quit em all! Become an activist. Go natural.  Vote with your wallet, don't shop the big corps. Shop local. Vote with your feet. Pedal your bike with your feet. Opt out of the Death industries. You can crash all of these corporations without hurting yourself or our world one bit. Those fat billionaires have enough money to live on for a few centuries. No death ripple through the American economy, the one you and I live in! The death ripple came when all those corps were ALIVE and WELL! Humanity was suffering and dying.


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