METRO-RAIL CEOS ran LA's trains with TWO TRAINS ON ONE TRACK, POINTED AT EACH OTHER AND THEY HIRED A pedophiliac SEX OBSESSED DRIVER or ENGINEER with a coterie of admiring RAILROAD-crazed boys! The choo choo engineer liked to TEXT his little pals while he drove 250 people down the tracks at l00 miles an hour. The Boss required lover boy to stay alert & watch for stop signs. Which he didn't. No speed checks on them, no video cameras or monitors spying to see if they were paying attention and no 'stop buttons' when two trains were both on head-on trajectories. a LOT OF PEOPLE DIED, and a LOT OF LAWSUITS.  HOW DUMB was METRO-RAIL?

THE PERFIDY AND IDIOCY of their CEOS is trumped, however, by the BOZO Brass at LEHMAN Bros, BEAR STEARNS, AIG, WAMU, WACHOVIA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac --all of whom gave their CEO's and CFO's a 14 to upwards of 60 MILLION a year bonus annually. NOT out of profits but SO that there WERE NO PROFITS! Not only those derivatives they trickily wrapped up in plain brown paper bags and sold to European investors, (who lost their shirts,) but Banks operate on fractional lending... you deposit one dollar, law allows them to lend out $10 It takes one HELL of a bozo to lose not only the ten they lent out, but most of the original one buck deposited..... to the point of going bust and needing a government handout to survive.   Or not surviving at all dragging thousands of investors and employees and depositors down into the quicksand of recession.  That kind of stupidity does not deserve to be bailed out -- and if it is bailed out, it's sure to be repeated.

NOW the CORPORATIONS have fallen, like piles of dinosaur bones. At least the bodies on the train can SUE METRORAIL, victims can give their families a much needed LUMP OF CASH in the millions. I doubt those who lose their life savings in stock in LEHMANS or WACHOVIA or who lose their pension plan can get back their investments.

ALL these CORPS WERE RUN BY greedy IDIOTS asleep at the wheel. Dimwitted from HARVEY WEINSTEINING chicks nitely. To what ELSE can we attribute this DUMBED DOWN FACTOR? Microwaved and Transgenic food? Cell fones damaging the brain? Dirty, polluted water and air in big cities? Too much hotel sex circuses complete with peanuts and Vodka? Or amped up, REVVED UP CAPITALISM causing big, fat GREED MOLECULES to flood the bloodstream occluding the brain so they'd cut costs on safety factors?

JUST REMEMBER that a few years back, BUSH CHENEY were trying to sell us a big stock market pension INSTEAD of SOCIAL SECURITY! The gonifs were in cahoots with WALL STREET were gonna float all your PENSION SAVINGS to WALL STREET!

The horror is, we may lose Social Security when the Gov goes down, MEDICARE too, ALL FEDERAL funding to the states, even WELFARE and FOOD STAMPS may go and ALL PENSION PLANS DISAPPEAR so TRYING TO GET US to load up on STOCK MARKET pension plans and ditch SOCIAL SECURITY entirely which G.O.P has tried to implement has been shown up as a 'getoutofhere' dodge and a big G.O.P hustle. It was repeatedly an old cow on the auction block, a last ditch blood injection, --planned but abandoned --- when America shreiked and fumed. If they hate shrieking and fuming why couldn't they just have been honest, righteous and straight arrow from the gitgo? And run the Wall Street show honest and tight like a nun instead of a gangbang in a bordello?

        "A POME"
The populace is angry,
they're feeling harsh & spankey
The Street has stolen billions
indulged in Hanky Bernanke

Plotting oligarch lords
dumbed all the people down.
Looked great on drawing boards
'til the microbe spread around!

Idiocy in the toothpaste
moron-water's in the plumbing
there's stupid in the food we eat
transgenic and brain numbing.

Cell Phones turn our brain cells
to swiss cheese, babe, it's no RUMOR!
Talk too long to your beau belles
you get a huge brain tumor.

The contagion spread to wall Street,
Our president's sub zero.
We thought we elected John Wayne
We got a fiddlin' NERO.

Who can we turn to
when the world became a Hell?
Look into a mirror.
You know that person well.

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VISIT AN URL that describes in clear detail just how A TRILLION BUCKS of your TAX DOLLARS will become a SLUSH-FUND  that will be used to pay off a huge amount of debt that 99.9 percent of Americans had no hand in creating &will NOT profit from. Yet WE ARE bailing them  out so that the rich can get even richer (all over the world) AT OUR  TAXPAYER  EXPENSE.  You going into activism will rework the current landscape.