WHY IS AMERICA CRAZY? by Anita Sands Hernandez  astrology@earthlink.net
Formula for insanity. 
C = T x I Squared
Capitalism = Tension X Insanity x2

America is a nation of insane people. An Amazonian indian raised in the jungle has more chance of being normal than any of your relatives or descendants. We think that evolution is happening. It isn't unless we make trajectory corrections right now. As above, so below. Our atmosphere is getting hot, turgid and toxic. So are our brains.

Somewhere WE over tekked and OVERTHOUGHT the baby raising process. We designed steel forms with our brains that didn't suit the non-linear souls of the human. We dried milk into powdered formula, clogged their lymph with it, robotized child raising and the combo turned our kids into nervous robots, unfulfilled, craving phony sugar activities instead of real, unable to distinguish between real and artificial.

We did that when we sent infants, babies off to 8-4pm lock up, ----daycare. (NOTE: There is a fine line here. I'm talking about the babies that are not ready for all-day lockup. For a true latchkey child, daycare of some sort may help a tyke get a better start in life but lock up is only better than being latchkey! It isn't better than spending childhood at a mother's knee, running around pretty places with a loving HAND on baby's hand.

I don't mean locked in the house at granny's knee. Or the maid's knee. Most upper scale, big city children are raised so badly at home (TV watching moms, maids, geriatric relatives, strange caregivers or babysitters,) that by the time daycare comes around, it is remedial. Like putting a band-aid on leprosy. And these upper case babies have such sterile, self-absorbed Moms that maybe daycare is useful. But put a normal, loving mother who wants to be with her child next to a working mom paying off an SUV, sticking her kid in daycare so she can work......I'd rather have my grandkids raised by the mother at home.

The first five years are the key ones. That baby needs to be raised. He needs to have had a full life with his mother before he's ready to give her up and try the group. That readiness for daycare probably won't happen until age four or five. Only a very sensitive mother can slowly engineer happy separations twixt Mum and babe before that age.

Daycare babies in America, even under optimum circumstances, are turning out nuts. Kids start out with an even chance of being sane, at birth, if the mother wasn't emotional, hyped, throwing shit fits during the pregnancy. Even if she's angelically happy during those nine months,  post partum, the typical infancy turns the infant into hurt, fearful and paranoid.

The child of the working mother has infant separation anxiety early. Before they can handle alleviation of stress with clear thinking. WHy? Cuz mom stuck 'em with strange people in strange places when she went to work.

That spear thru the heart was exacerbated daily every time she got in the car to leave. I came back to USA from Mexico, Had four kids with me, all under 5 yrs of age. I decided to work, went to a daycare to sign up. The cost would have been more than any salary,more than my rent, twice the welfare check, but what really stopped me from throwing my four kids in daycare and getting a job was a single child on the far side of the daycare center room. HE was 3. He sat by the window repeating "Mommy", hundreds of times, slowly while looking out the window. I left and tossed my application in the trash on the way out.

My thing in life was to take zest in the simple things, gardening, pets, trips to the beach, lake, desert, orchard and at times the cheap midnight flight to Acapulco to stay in cheap posadas with lizards on the wall. We had a simple, gourmet life. I raised them being a BOTTOM FEEDER. Our life was cheap, but full. We played in parks, we fished the piers. We hondled fish off the million dollar yachts when they came into the Marina. The yacht set wanted to get those smelly fish they'd caught off the boat. Sammy Davis Jr.'s dad Wil would give away bags of freshly caught rock cod. We also caught a lot ourselves and our freezer was full. I taught my kids 'good,' but now that I look back on it, I realize that I forgot the most important thing

I forgot to teach them how to raise an infant. They don't remember seeing that part, you see. I forgot to tell my sons and daughters on the way out, 'oh hey, one last word of advice. When the babies come, whatever you do, don't be that typical working couple that sticks kids with nurse, granny, nanny or daycare. THE WIFE stays home. MOM stays in the house with the baby the first few years. Take Junior in the garden, take him fishing to the beach or to the market or park. Kids are wonderfully portable. But no supervised care at home or in facilities! EVER.

My Darling Son had never been given this one piece of advice. His infant daughter was 30 days old and he consented to his wife working. The infant was left with a great granny on his wife's side. The granny did something, or didn't, or the young mother came home from work griped and did it, baby got smacked in the head... anyway, the child is paralyzed for life, no speech, little brain activity. They had a second child. She's was a toddler, when I wrote this, nearing a year of age. I met her yesterday. She screams if her mother didn't carry her in arms, and put on the ground. Her mother could not use my bathroom as the child would scream if I held her in arms while Mom went behind the door into the bathroom. That mom works and has since the first child was born. Nurses care for the sick child most of the daylight hours and the baby is left with the nurses too, quite often so this second child has separation anxiety on some huge level. The child is deeply crazy.  WAS IT WORTH IT? What for? For a second salary? So they both drive huge, new vehicles? ARE THEY INSANE? What is more important? SOULS or CENTAVOS?

Kids of working parents grow up to be nuts, cut off, mistrustful, hostile, tense, never knowing joy in the simple things like full spectrum love with their parent and timeless activities in nature. IN my career as an astrologer, I see them grown up. They talk to me about all the details of their adult lives. These nutcases are  addicted to pleasure as a distraction, flicks, ipods, t.v. cable, spendaholic shopping, going deep into credit debt. . They're sex crazed and distract themselves with one crush after another. They dress up to go out and attract glances as if they could collect hot looks. To be admired and 'loved' is their imperative yet they cannot love. Their wacked nervous systems are restored to what we would consider normal joy in the simple things only with doses of  drugs and alcohol that paralyze momentarily. When that wears off, they're back to the restless prowl. And they feel entitled to all the above things. That feeling entitled to pleasure oneself (one dose after another) comes from emptiness within, boredom, trivial brains, collecting counterfeit coins.

MOTHERS, do not work! (unless at home near the cradle.) PLAY ---PLAY with the baby in nature ALL DAY. Teach your baby what play is,  timeless delight, laughter between two people as they experience a butterfly, a bird, a kitten, a breeze, a wind chime, a beach wave, a drive, spinning merry-go-rounds in the park, growing vegetables and fruits, fishing for dinner. Cooking that dinner. Washing dishes.

Prepare them for real life. The fun of it. Don't kill the spark with robot caregivers. Don't stick round, living pegs into square boxes.Don't stick your kids into the care of strangers for long periods. Don't be such a butterfly flitting around alone that you can't stay home without restlessness hitting. And if you must go out on adventures, take THEM!