My Senior internet gal pal does these little made-at-home websites (on her ancient PC running windows 98 ) for her spiritual, new age NEWSLETTER. (An ex nun, she runs a free prayer group) She chose some CLOUDS that she found on google, a background, for her webpage. She should have changed the title from GETTYCLOUDS666.GIF to MARYDUFFY_CLOUDS.GIF as HORRORS,  somehow GETTY IMAGES GOOGLED THE IMAGE AND FOUND her. They have a phone room of l00 kids who pretend to be lawyers so they can blackmail, scare and extort from people who use pretty pictures.  They have no legal rights whatsoever if you do not sign anything they send you.

It isn't hard for them to find hundreds of people a day who have a Getty Image. They just google around:
An article which tells you how they then extort money with threats.


GETTY is a well-known NET SCOUNDREL. So these brigands do a daily search on GETTYCLOUD666.gif and instantly, what shows up is a LOT OF folks who purloined GETTY's CLOUDS last night and then they  rake them over for moola. To find you, they conduct an easy, fast domain name ownership search and these Getty critters can reach every amateur night in Dixie web site designer who is using Getty stuff! AND if you're GETTY IMAGES INC, you put the gun of terror to their head and cock the trigger.

So GETTY wrote her that she was being billed a huge amount for her theft. They didn't say USEAGE they said THEFT.  And that is the way to scare a CATHOLIC NUN.  MARY DUFFY had a huge blood pressure attack and after a day of illness, shot them back an email. "Puhleeze, I just took the image off. So sorry!

The Getty agent, named Renata, answered back "Das is Gud but, you still owe us de money. Ve Vill sue you for dat sum. Vat do you own? Anyzhing? "NO, Sister Mary  wrote back. There was a silence. Hysterical, the little nun phoned them long distance and got the German who repeated the threats. Mary couldn't get a word in edgewise and collapsed in distress.

She took a big glass of communion wine and tried a more elaborate letter: Hi There --Remember me? I spoke with you regarding "Inadvertent Use of Getty Image - Cloud Photo as Background on Web Page." When we spoke, I informed you the use was an error and inadvertent and was removed the very same day we spoke on the telephone from the web page on my web site. You said that for PAST USE of said image, I still owed you Ten Thousand dollars?

I want to tell you that I am an unpropertied single SENIOR who except for being a medical missionary, has never had a real job in my life. I get no Social Security or pension and am permanently disabled and waaay below poverty level income. My total income per month is approximately $840.00 PER MONTH and therefore, I am unable to make any amount of payment.

No answer. Until a week later, a letter comes in the mail! THEY HAVE HER home ADDRESS! A letter from the William MCThistle Dunning & Kayrap Intellectual Property Law Firm saying pay up or see ya in court --" (I paraphrase a lot) She gets crazy, has an attack of Blood pressure, weeps, takes a whole lot more communion wine and then, this Sister of Jesus is barely able to write:

"I was stunned to receive ..." she crosses that out. :I telephoned your Getty Legal Compliance office and confirmed that I spoke with you regarding this case and left a message about how poor & unpropertied I was. You didn't call back so I thought...."

She crosses that out. "May I again remind you, I have no house, condo or car that you can attach and no wages to garnish being eighty years old. I want to remind you that the use of this Getty Image was totally inadvertent and I have no idea how it came to be used. I have dozens of photographs of clouds that are my own copyright. If I may say so, my cloud photos are far better than the inadvertent cloud used.

I understand and appreciate your defending your client's copyright. However, in this case - it was a total mistake and probably done by someone helping me with the web page since I have had two major back surgeries within 6 days, the second due to fracturing my back. In August 2010, I collapsed with double pneumonia and experienced total pulmonary failure while in the hospital - I now have been diagnosed with COPD and Emphysema from a totally toxic environment. I have been extremely ill for 2 1/2 years. I am in the process of moving. I would appreciate your understanding and compassion regarding my super low income and health and drop this case without further action or requiring payment.

Again, I do apologize for the inadvertent use of the copyrighted property of your representation of the photographic artist on Getty Images."

signed, Miss Mary Duffy CMSS ( Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries)Retired

OK, so now it's me, here, ANITA THE POSTER  now talking. I was real shocked but I didn't share her fear, I WANTED TO SHARE MY ANGER, so I told her that I personally WOULD have ADDED:

"And Renata darling? I welcome your taking me to court to sue me for damages. All the news services will run this one front page! Getty's picture will be in the dictionary under 'venal.' And hey, when you talk attaching my assets? I own a senior's three wheel Schwinn bike that isn't very cherry. Not a senior in LA has answered my Craigs list ad asking 40$ for it once they saw the photo. But Schwinn did write me saying they wanted some huge amount of money for my daring to publish a PHOTO of a Schwinn. I think it was the 40$ they objected to.  Peculiar how Getty Images shares a kind of teutonic nazi greedy streak with the Schwinn Camp Capo.

BTW my 9 cats need a meat meal 3x a day, if you want to pull food from our mouthes, it would hurt them first. If you aren't a catlover, screw you. You are *#&%)*# bastards and YOU KNOW IT. May GOD GIVE YOU WHAT YOU DESERVE. And Renata, one more thing? This is to you, sweetheart. THE UNIVERSE WILL PUNISH YOU FOR BEING a greedy, castrating, heartless sonovabitch Teutonic maiden who goes around terrorizing seniors. You are going to get back what you give out. The next time some guy slams you in your ugly mouth, know where this came from. Not a curse from me, a curse from GOD my immediate boss up in THOSE VERY clouds...