THE WIT AND WISDOM OF DICK CHENEY - So --- what do you see in CHENEY's natal HOROSCOPE that would account for his killing a million civilians in IRAQ and l00k in Afghanistan? He has VIRGO RISING, as had BUSH PERE. Bush Pere as was his father before him, served oligarchs, took orders. Total Virgos. MERCURY is Dick's ruler and it is in AQUARIUS in the sixth house of serving. Aquarius rules GOVnm't. His ruler is square uranus lord of the sixth house of the JOB in TAURUS OF MONEY so that's all he's destined for--- a job in GOVM'T  with a lot of money.

 from :

 Sadalsuud * Fortuna Fortunarum, great fortune; astrology, occult,
 government, business, psychic, visionary, originality; personal charm;
 temperance; aviation 23? Aquarius 46 Fortunate NATURE of Saturn/ Mercury

 Deneb Algedi
 A Behenian Star ergo SUPER IMPORTANT.
 A wise leader; finding the joy inherent in sorrow ? and
 vice versa; glory and fame if death is avoided; betrayal, loss of position
 if associated with Sun or Moon 23 Aquarius 50 Fortunate Saturn/ Jupiter

 Sador - Glittering wings, figured by stars. Part of the Christian Cross.
 Words of command, gathering of wealth; a hidden god; love of water,
 swimming, the arts; communication with birds; aviation 24? Aquarius 50
 Fortunate Jupiter/ Saturn



How will I remember you ?
T'won't happen kiddoo.
but you will remember ME!
Bush pere et fils and the fabulous _Dick Cheney._

I stacked the cards against your will
and while you watched my magic hands, enrapt
behind your back, I pillaged, raped and killed
and oil rich exotic, foreign lands I tapped.

How will I remember you?
Son, I don't remember crap or flakes.
A boy who never got good grades
and had to go serve in Iraq. Your mistake!

The bored among you used our CIA drugs
I  got to lock you in a cell..
I did the country a favor.
I was the trashman from Hell.

Your penalty for not being interested in life,
In your city, your future or treating your parents well..
Jail seems ethical to me. I am your KARMA
I was the trashman from Hell.

Daughters when addicted became my whore.
The Bullies who loved guns joined my war
Came back in little, tiny pieces and I laugh!.
I only separated wheat from chaff!

I am a social Darwinist, Evolution's favorite tool.
I wean out the bad genes: the slime, kids that drool.
Garbage goes by the roadside, don'it?
An' Tha'ss where I left it! I deserve a bonus.

Eugenics Hitler only aspired to do, I pushed thru !
An entire generation of idiots passed through my thresher.
And the loaf we make in their wake
will be finer for it. White bread, true BLUE!

I was but the tool of my Maker.
Bow to every whim of Greed and be like I am.
Turn every opportunity to serve your nation
into a gun or bomb or plane and be like I am.

Pass into history as a WINNER in BACKWARDS LAND
where the EVIL FLOURISH and the KINDLY PERISH to the man!.


I would love some feedback on what you see in this chart that is so unlucky for America and you and me!