BLUNDERSTANDING is assuming what's going on in someone else's mind to be what you imagine it to be. An example of a BLUNDERSTANDING would be the guy who said yes to a date with Jeffrey Daumer. This cheesehead probably thought, "what a HANDSOME man. I can't believe he's asking me out! This date is going to be a solid l0! I'll invite him home and make him an amazing dinner"

Or MOMMY MANSON when she first heard her son plucking a guitar & beamed "Charlie, you really ought to go to HOLLYWOOD and become a rock star!"

My point is that most parents haven't done a full inventory on their kid's skull. Jeff Daumer's parents didn't. Mrs. Manson sure didn't. So they made assumptions. Convenient assumptions. They read the evidence wrong. They were on tilt so they just chose to see what they wanted to see.

WHY don't we parents investigate what's in our children's skulls maybe with a good Q&A session? Besides the fact that kids ARE ALLERGIC to prodding and questioning like they are about  mom's fashion choices and cod liver oil coming at them in a teaspoon. There is an unconscious AVERSION in the child to being invaded. There may also be a 'nonconfront' in the parent to something that possibly MIGHT be in there...the dark creatures that live in the dark unknown. So as parents, we prefer to live in denial. We assume things are OK. We are masters of BLUNDERSTANDING our kids. MOMS AND DADS INVENTED BLUNDERSTANDING!

Do you have any experience with this or any thoughts on this somewhat natural process? Well, just to make you hone your act a little, READ up about JEFF DAUMER's Mother  who never asked her son what he had in mind when he TOLD her he needed bleach bones and would laundry bleach do the job?

Listen, I raised four kids and I missed a lot of bases too. We parents today are legitimately spaced out. The causes are being a single parent, juggling a sweetheart with child raising, then rent stress, utility stress, job stress, tons of debt, our poor diet what with food doubling in costs this year, also for some there's a tremendous ignorance about diet, a lack of knowledge about what the power foods are and what they might cost. (HOW TO HAVE THE BEST DIET FOR NO MONEY, < CLICK THERE) .

With all the above stress, we single parents took to self-medicating with coffee and Energy drinks which jack up the YANG BRAIN at the expense of the quiet, all-knowing, YIN side of the brain where intuition, affectionate emotions and tender listening skills reside. We don't raise our children so much as we PHONE it in. Remote mommy. Hitting all her bases, immersed in BUSY-ness.

Those levels of speed and stress which are found in all the Capitalist nations today should not rest on the shoulders of a mother but they do!

POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: Not working outside the home, a cottage Industry for Mom, Yoga Classes, done from a library book so that she doesn't have to pay huge fees, drive somewhere or hire a babysitter.   QUITTING COFFEE, so she can get her psychic self back, her feminine self, her MATERNAL self. And last of all, PRAY TO THE INFINITE SOURCE for awareness. Seeing is above all.

BLEACH? FOR WHAT BONES? What are you doin' in the basement, Jeffrey???