100 Best Online News, Information SOURCES

Based on selections made by John Kaminski

BRAINS do not grow AUTOMATICALLY. We must feed them the PROPER MIND FOOD! LIKE THE MEALS OFFERED AT RAT HAUS: http://www.ratical.org/

RAT HAUS offers Mental BROCCOLI and we must eat our broccoli, our leafy green ideas, we must attempt to GROW strong bones in smarts. We must 'supplement' our CONSCIOUSNESS and we do that THRU WEB RESEARCH! CHOWING DOWN ON THE GREAT RESEARCHERS and thinkers is how we ordinary folk get strong and healthy and then, can spot BLIGHT AND CORRUPTION before it strikes and thusly agitate and activate and demonstrate.

Trust me, kiddo, you need vitamins to raise a fist. You will handle the RECESSION and drive off the VULTURES hovering over capitalism, BETTER, thusly preserving the future of your loved ones in the future wasteland resulting from this perilous decade of citizen rape by galactic masters.

If you wanna be a lion, hang at the watering hole where the adult lions hang, the real wisemen of the tribe. LISTEN TO THE TRIBAL ELDERS: COUNTERPUNCH, LETTERS AND POLITICS, BACKGROUND BRIEFING, DEMOCRACY NOW.
There are many ways to get RUSSIAN NEWS that tells the truth American Media won't.  YOU TUBE offers R.T. Or FIND A CABLE CHANNEL that offers the 24/7 Russian NEWS IN ENGLISH feed. Or go to their website. You will admire, enjoy learn from RT. Russian News.

Stay away from hyenas, jackals, hedgehogs, skunks, cobras.. unless you want to make them into meat pies, then fine. But for a RELIABLE TRUE-NEWS DAILY GO TO RT on YOU TUBE, see it faster even. No delays. And visit ZEROHEDGE.COM. They are 2nd BEST!

  ALL mainstream news channels are hand fed by GOV FUNCTIONARIES who seem to believe that new laws, well intentioned, among them regulations on Wall Street like DODD FRANK ( *a FIDUCIARY LAW) might lead to socialism --- when new laws and upgrades are NEITHER.  It is patriotic to Go after OLIGARCH ABUSES! Hunt 'em down. That's what THE MELTDOWN WEBSITE is for, to identify every little crook and the cranny that  he hides in. That is the ticket.  If you are all smart and read the BERNIE SANDERS/ RALPH NADER view, the NOAM CHOMSKY VIEW, you can easily rally & make their abuses ILLEGAL! THE FIX INDEX SEZ HOW!  SCREAM or PICKET for the FIX. That's what a HUE AND CRY is for. Gandhi did more with less in India and unseated the Brit Colonizers! We just want to REFORM, not unseat!

 GOV CAN SHUT DOWN BLOGS that it DOES NOT LIKE, 73,000 of them to be precise! But only for having BOMB BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS. I know dozens of outrageously radical SITES that are up, have been up for decades and which NOBODY SHUTS DOWN. ALL OF MINE ARE A GREAT EXAMPLE! And below are 200 more that the ALT RIGHT DECLARES ARE SPILLING THE GOODS. This is the list pub in the WASH POST:

THE TRUTH IS AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE TODAY, Well, AT THE ABOVE 200 SITES. But start at the end with zero hedge. (wink)

The list of best journalists came from  Greg Szymanski who predicted the Wall Street Cheat tricks in 2006,  (http://www.luckinlove.com/alchemists.htm ) and Greg Palast, Mike Whitney (often seen on CounterPunch) great on financial issues (he saw it all coming from way back as well), speaking of which co-editors Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair  are top notch. COUNTERPUNCH FRONT LINE SOLDIERS for peace. Always go to COUNTERPUNCH FIRST.   TRUTH DIG ROCKS!!! Alan Farago's pieces on Florida. Robert Scheer is peerless.  NATURAL NEWS MIKE ADAMS is great. Jesse Ventura ..be still my heart. Salon E-zine's Glenn Greenwald is a fountain of ideas.  Chris Hedges and Robert Scheer founders of TRUTH DIG have radio shows and are seen everywhere on TV as guests.. Patrick Cockburn (Alex's cousin) is terrific as is Robert Fisk (both Middle East correspondents who know everyone and  everything). Amy Goodman does an amazing job day in and day out on TV nightly.  DEMOCRACY NOW..She does it along with co-host Juan Gonzalez. (Democracy Now is the show. Get it on PBS stations, also on radio, nationally. Then there's John Pilger of course, Christopher Booker Alex Jones -  he does more than journalism.  When you've got a good man who prints them all, he's the Henry Luce (LIFE MAG FOUNDER) of newage progressive journalists, and that's JEFF RENSE. at Rense.com

If you were to read every story from just the above writers or surf to every website mentioned in this post, we wouldn't hear from you for a week. However, if you were to scan all the sites mentioned here, and picked out stories that piqued your interest, something profound would happen. You would never trust what you read in your local newspaper or believe what you heard on COMMERCIAL, sponsor-bought TV ever again. You would start to share these ideas, foment RESOLUTION And that is exactly the point of this list. To create that change, to motivate you and your chums to create a living room group. CINDY SHEEHAN did it alone, how much easier in a group!

The World Wide Web is where the genuine information (without commercials, without paying, corporate sponsors,) is today. The mass media have deteriorated into a deceptive and delusional miasma of propaganda pitches designed not to tell the truth about current events, but to spin them in ways that will be profitable to the patricians who own the media outlets and pay for the deceptive advertising that ruin the health and the fortunes of ordinary citizens who are just trying to live their lives in a peaceful and orderly manner. Print and broadcast mass media are the agents of deception and delusion - no exceptions.


Below you will find a  list of the archives of the great RESEARCHERS & news columnists of our time, respected JOURNACTIVISTS. And then, there are the TEACHERS. RK MOORE is one of those. He uses the NEWS to teach from his historical acumen. HIS SITE  http://cyberjournal.org/ is a great place to start. You subscribe to his LIST and new articles come roughly twice a month as soon as they're written.

Ariana Huffington sold her great newspaper. SOLD OUT is what some say. SHERMAN SKOLNIK died but he had so many followers they continue his site, and his old research on the GLOBAL ELITE, the OLIGARCHS, the NWO is premium stuff, never duplicated is still up, and the researchers add new:

Then there are the BLOGGERS, there are hundreds --  http://www.jonathanfields.com/95-of-the-100-most-popular-blogs-do-this/

https://politicalcrumbs.wordpress.com/2011/07/02/dsk-the-imf-and-the-obscene-ironies-of-raping-poor-brown-skinned-people/WASHINGTON POST picked their favorites: THE OTHER BEST BLOGGER LIST.  They are researchers, editorialists,  follow the news and pre-digest it for you and give their opinion. All have the spirit of the teacher or they wouldn't be online doing this. The BRITS have a great ability to see the truth. Since the days of GB SHAW, there is an active community of progressive outsiders, journalists, newspapers, magazines so visit the TRUTH SEEKER SITE.  the SILVER BEAR CAFE is good.

Here I'd add The FOLKSY WISE http://www.buddylogan.com/

 http://www.newamericandream.net/  will lead you to valient researchers, activists who bust the phony stories the gov handed you wide open, the ones where they rewrote the ugliy, seamy truth of how they did things: assasination, (MFK, JFK, RFK, and many world leaders,) war, murder, profiteering, enslavement, sucking the gold from your teeth and holding you down while their rich, oligarch friends sucked too

Another good one is  Jean Hudon's EarthRainbowNetwork that presents everything that's not covered by the corporate media and keeps up-to-date too.  http://www.earthrainbownetwork.com/  Magnificent!

ALTERNET  is the best content-newsletter out there, like WSWS (http://www.wsws.org )  another superb one,  both closest to being all plain text and simple HTM so it doesn't jam a browser. I can't read Arianna Huff's newspaper, it it too cumbersome in the byte dept & won't load. Ditto Raylean, her jammed pages jam and freeze the browser. I have to reboot the PC. Too code-intensive. This ALTERNET one and WSWS one, both go down easy, are high content but low 'jam'. Many of us have older browsers, older Pc's and still run around on Windows 98SE. All the other websites and lists FREEZE, then JAM the browser so it's shredded & you crash out. Forgetabout FLASH PAGES. That won't even load -- so it jams nothing! OK GO SEE this week's issue of ALTERNET, always superb. And PRO REVOLUTION it is delivered FREE 3 x a week to your email news@prorev.com is how you reach Sam, the Publisher. He culls best stories from all these sites,

IPS is like that hot liberal leftist news service in the film SALVADOR that Belushi and Woods worked for. Very concerned with human rights, news stories that prove USA is acting like General Rios Mont or the Nazis.

Rolling Stone magazine, hands down has the best liberal news reporting on any political subject ...... Wall Street's Big Win by Matt Taibbi is great reading. Finance reform won't stop the high-risk gambling that wrecked the economy - he says. and Republicans aren't the only ones to blame.. Google Him.

Not everything on this archive is live links! But you can cut paste a link in the 'go box' and just go there, same end. You surf surf surf, learn learn learn.

But caveat emptor. A few are more journalist than activist & MAY BE on somebody's payroll. A few may toadie up to the gov or to corporations especially if you find them working for some newspaper that runs paid ads. The corporate mainstream media for the most part seem to be colluding in a criminal obstruction-of-justice coverup with corrupt government officials who have morphed the United States of America from a relatively functioning democratic republic into a private plunder preserve for the rich where ordinary people are regularly robbed of their hard-earned money and the privileged yet uneducated elite are free to trash the resources of the world's most gifted nation and sell them to the highest bidder.

With the help of corrupt judges and conscienceless politicians, America has become the scourge of the world as it loots country after country at the same time as it deprives its own citizens not only of their basic rights that were once protected by a functioning Constitution, but also of their security, their wealth, and their self-respect as scam after colonial wars, resource plucking, changing the monkey at will,  growing narcotics, doing the drug shipping, (selling to rich American kids of course, addicting them.) Running anti-guerillero wars to kill truth speakers in the third world, in general, hook you up with corporations you don't need,  products/ credit arrangements banking services and other felonious services and products ranging from microwaves to HMOS, medical care, stuff that  you don't really need and which don't work " are foisted on unsuspecting consumers and which take them down poverty road to bankruptcy homelessness, break up of the family and death.

The information contained on these websites will help you see things differently, and more accurately.

Kaminski says of this list "This is the fourth time I've compiled this list. Each time it has expanded and changed slightly. A few sites have dropped off. Many more have been added.This list as meant as a recommendation of where to find valid information not curdled by corporate contempt.

It is not meant to be a complete list, and apologies to all those great sites out there I haven't found yet. I always like getting recommendations and I understand that what I like might not be what you like.

Nevertheless, after a year of surfing every day, these are the sites I've found to be most valuable. I would sincerely urge you to check all of them out at your leisure and support them financially if you are able.

Everything recommended on this list is free (although with some, you can get add-ons that do cost money). I have taken pains not to include any sites of an overtly religious or spiritual nature, being a believer in the following statement: Anytime an adherent of one religion says anything at all about another religion, it is not to be taken seriously because the speaker can't help but be completely biased, and is therefore unreliable.

I have also excluded the categories of economics and the law, because not being an economist or a lawyer, I'm not sure when I'm being bamboozled by fancy rhetoric and references to documents with which I am unfamiliar.

5 Most Important Sites

THE OMNISCIENT VIEW is ONLINE JOURNAL. It sees all matters from on high, CONNECTS THE DOTS in clear, easy English. This PUBLISHER can't miss! And the OSCAR GOES TO:  http://www.rense.com
This site is very well organized. You can identify what articles are about,
you can back up and go forward with ease. You don't get lost

It is Tied in excellence with L DOT ORG
But they do try to make moving around their maze difficult. They hide entrances,
I think avoiding robot spiders searching their site for a way in. Play with it and find the PORTAL!


Best News Sources








Best 9/11 Timelines http://www.911pi.com/

Best Liberal Leftie Sites

Jon Rappoport at NOMOREFAKE NEWS.com

http://www.theantiterrorist.co .uk/
http://www.WantToKnow.info/911 information
http://www.wanttoknow.info/ufo cover-up10pg
http://www.wanttoknow.info/ufo cover-up
http://www.americanantigravity .com/documents/Joseph-Farrell- Interview.pdf
http://www.scientificexplorati on.org/jse.php
http://www.cohenufo.org/Maccab ee/default.htm
http://www.konsulting.com/pdf_ docs.htm
http://www.presidentialufo.com /
http://www.keyholepublishing.c om/
http://www.disclosureproject.o rg
http://www.ufoevidence.org/new site/files/COMETA_part1.pdf
http://www.ufoevidence.org/new site/files/COMETA_part2.pdf



Best Patriot Right Sites



Best Mainstream Right Sites


Best All-around Analytical Websites



Best Site Bought Off By The Israelis


Best Wild And Wooly Websites



Best Essays


Best International News Sites



Best Medical Sites
mercola and Gary Null and Physicians Newsletter.and NATURAL NEWS

Anita's Holistic Archive

Best education site
RK MOORE (I posted one of his articles on HOW WE GOT TO BE SLAVES )  http://www.masterjules.net/historyslave.htm


Best All-Purpose Publication


Best Bush Secrets  Reportage Sites



Best Election Sites TALION if it's still out there.


Best newsletters you can get only in e-mail form:
(sign up for all of them) THE BEST GURUS:
GlobalCirclenet <webmaster@globalcircle.net>
CCW <ccw@wolfenet.com>
MUTANEX Communications <mutanex@aloha.net>
Preventive Psychiatry eNewsletter <gkohls@cpinternet.com>

Best Talk Radio Shows http://www.kpfk.org/
KPFK-FM comes from L.A. and is great, espec Wedne/Thurs 11:30pm Calif. time to 5 am ONLINE too, and they archive the shows. kpfk.org is URL
DEMOCRACY NOW, AMY GOODMAN, google her. Subscribe to her feed.  Don't miss her radio show, listen on your PC DEMOCRACY NOW ORG


One of the best stories you can read off the bat is: questions questions org on THE GATEKEEPERS> Google it. They keep taking it off because it details how many popular left websites such as Common Dreams, The Nation, The Progressive, Z magazine, Alternet, and Tom Paine are rumored to be tainted by subterranean connections to the CIA. But it sure must be the kindly liberal spooks of which there are many. Remember, pure researchers went in by the drove. Only a few spy types exist in the Dulles (serving oligarchs,) Casey (gunning for commies) group. Could be that the extreme far left spots signs of middle ground in them and spreads that rumor saying that they write little about that FRAUDULENT 9/11 THING and won't even entertain the notion that the tragedies were generated by forces within the U.S. government, making these publications suspiciously useless in the mind of this Kaminski person. In the case of the NATION that's cuz they are very chi chi in NEW YORK.

WEB TECH: : To find out the location of an e-mail address by the suffix at the end, google up a list of country codes. Start reading and learn as much as you can. Our collective future depends on it.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the coast of Florida and usually goes berserk every time he watches TV news. Note: if any of these links died, please inform ANITA astrology@earthlink.net ---she is the POSTER of this article. And 7,000 others which are yours to republish, post...rewrite even.. PORTAL TO THE REALITY 101 SEMINAR. 



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