The impulse to give emotional calories to a stranger isn’t fully built into humans’ genes/, DNA or thinking patterns today. The shrink who can lovingly commit to a patient and do ‘the bonding thing’ as Freud described it in his works, i.e. ‘being there’ for the patient, NEVER betraying, assuming the role of a benevolent father, or even a conditional love father... is absent in current day mental asylum docs it would appear. These overeducated overpaid stunt doubles can go home and do it with their Wiemeraner or Poodle but not with a needy human. Go figure.

Doctors must excuse themselves with ‘WHO really NEEDS old fashioned HEART TO HEART resuscitation when the PHARMACY COMPANIES are along for the ride?’ Shoot up the nutritionally deficient kid who really should have b-12 and long talks on nature walks with say, 20 milligrams of HALDOL and the brat can’t even pronounce the words ‘I think, I feel, I need.” He’s comatose. Do that daily over years, end of problem. Take the money and run, doc.

The lazy PhD’s 20th century Modus Operandi seems to be to medicate the bejeeezus out of the patients and not involve himself in ‘relationships.’ Take THE MONEY AND RUN.

And after all, how can I judge them? My eldest son will tell you, once in his life I wasn’t there for him by his standard and he has never forgiven me for it and won’t even talk to me or write me. SO BETRAYAL a.) must hurt if that kid has nursed that single betrayal for 20 years and B.) betrayal MUST BE SUPER ENDEMIC as it only takes ONE LITTLE betrayal for that kid to become a cut off sociopath. And get this: I was with that kid 20 long years before he could collect that single injustice, mount it, frame it and hang it on his wall to show to the world. HE hasn’t got a second so the word ‘collection’ doesn’t apply.

(ABOUT the so called betrayal. Three of his friends were about to beat up on him in our driveway. Right near front door. I stood there on porch waiting to see one of the little bastards makes a move on my boy Mike. NOW, MIKE WANTED ME TO come closer to them and start screaming full volume at them, (which I do really well ) & rout them out. I just watched like ‘hey Mike, you ARE going to punch one of them right? enfuriating  MIKE, to the quick. I’d have made a better Father than a mum I guess. YEARS later Mike would say ‘three against one, ma, and all three bigger than me!’ I said, babe look on the bright side; I was home, watching you, with you, standing there and you didn’t notice but my right hand was in a fist. AND THEY NEVER HIT YOU!

However, my feeling at the time was, this wasn’t a mom punch kids situation. He disagreed and I was blackballed from the HIS MOTHER club ad perpetuem. So a year later, similar thing. THREE kids punch the bejeezus out of 2nd son, Demian, trying to wrest away his precious primo skateboard, then when he’s on the ground, arms around the skate board, they jump up and down on his spine. So he comes home bloodied and undaunted. I say ‘where are the little punks’? In the car we go, he points them out. I stride up to the three, kick the main man in the shins saying “that’s for jumping up and down on my kid.” A female shinkick.No biggie, really

The Momma of this knee-kicked thief hears about it that afternoon, calls cops, reports me. Cops say 'come to station lady. I had to consult a lawyer to get out of that one.

Lawyer said deny you did it. Who will believe a kid. So I sent some other lady's kid to the booby hatch. Well, You can’t win them all as a parent BUT SHRINKS with a population of kids can win. TRY TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND A YEAR. And you know what? They might actually CURE a few if THEY TRIED HARDER. The time honored ‘getting the kid’s respect, by having sympathy, by listening to their litany of grievances, by inspiring transference with good advice by being a big brother.

Everyone of us was born crazy. We came in howling, throwing tantrums, weeping if the bottle came a second late, if mom didn’t come we thought she’d died and we’d die too, now. At very least we felt deeply betrayed for being left in the crib untended. SENSITIVE, WOUNDED, NUTS! 

But one day, an organized mind that tended us, loved us, indulged us our sensitivities, inspired transference—ultimately CURED us of being nutjobs. They are called MOTHERS. They are not paid. BUT THEY ARE COMMITTED. So as I did it for four nutjobs for 20 years, I EXPECT that some SHRINK who earns a bloody fortune could attempt to fill his job description for 5 hrs a day. NOT EIGHT. He can play Laurence Welk music the other 3 but 5 hrs could he not see his patient roster? Could he back off on SLEEPING POTIONS for them so they can have a feeling or thought? Izzat TOO MUCH TO ASK? I’d like to publicly say before some forum, ‘you guys earn 100 to 200 k a yr of our tax dollars supposedly healing our kids. EARN YOUR DAMN MONEY! MY KID IS NOT A CARROT! Do not lock him in a fridge for ten years until there’s mold on him. CURE HIM and release him, he had a six mos sentence for what he did, get the next sicko in the bed. YOU WILL NOT RUN OUT OF SICKOS. IF YOU HAVE SICKO INSUFFICIENCY FEARS so that you have to drape beds with bodies over there at the PATTON MENTAL ASYLUM, then YOU ARE THE INSECURE ONE! MEDICATE YOURSELF!

MY kid read Arthur Conan Doyle’s LOST WORLD cover to cover last week. He’s currently working on English books on Egyptology and archaeology. He wrote two thriller suspense plays the week before which are being produced for the HALLOWEEN play. He is a community activist and leader of the “PSYCH TECH WATCH GROUP” for which sin of reporting psych tech brutality they ordered more meds for him. He was moderator of the SUBSTANCE ABUSE meeting many times. YET they suddenly put him back on HEAVY drugs after he announced he was suing the STATE for the insane psych tech who took his PERMANENT USE OF HIS RIGHT ARM and shoulder AWAY FROM HIM.

Now here’s what worries me. My son looks like a dimpled TOM CRUISE with a Kirk Douglas chin—really handsome. Always smiling, looks you right in the eye, nicely confrontational but always with a wink and a smile...So if shrinks are mistreating HIM, ignoring him one day, sadistically jacking him around the next… imagine what they’re doing to the ones who don’t look like a vanilla bon bon. Kids who may look like the Virginia Tech shooter, with his flawed mouth and teeth, kids who may be ethnics or who are really vulnerable on many other superficial counts. 

Rest assured, THERE ARE SOME HEAVY INJUSTICES THERE! Patton Mental Hospital is BETRAYAL INC. and a tidal wave of medicated little angry, let down kiddies will one day be unleashed from our prisons and madhouses because shrinks take the money and run. “COMMIT kids without commitment? Send  shrinks guilty of THAT to MADHOUSES”. I want to carry that picket.