Most Americans subsist on an inadequate, even harmful diet. INADEQUATE in the sense of no real minerals and vitamins as it's all factory farmed food often GMO and hormone riddled, overly salted dead bodies, i.e. meat. And DANGEROUS as it's a diet of all acid reaction foods, not the salubrious alkaline reaction foods --- being primarily meat, bread and eggs. From this diet, they will get  heart disease, diabetes, cancer and, quite often, arthritis, wrongly considered to be one of the usual aspects of aging. However, in more "primitive" cultures (read: still in loving contact with nature) arthritis is a serious disease which is skillfully treated because it is deemed to be unnecessary suffering. It has been observed by some health practitioners that reactions to certain foods can cause the symptoms of arthritis to appear. These problem foods are high purine meats, especially organ meats and red meat, but also peanuts, (America's love affair with peanut butter) and nightshade plants like tomato, eggplant, potato, cabbage. Unnecessary foods when you realize carrots, greens are out there.

 When actor, James Coburn, began to suspect that food allergies were contributing to his severe, rheumatoid arthritis, he went on a program of isolating himself from all suspected dietary toxins, then he re-introduced suspected allergen foods slowly, watching for reactions. You can run the typical allergy test. (any book on allergy testing will explain what to do.)

The concept is that the foods we are allergic to will cause the negative bone response. In the case of RHEUMATOID arthritis, the body (shell shocked from all the protein you've eaten over your lifetime) thinks that meat is a foreign protein body and attacks it, and deploys a major allergic response to do so. The healing solution is, stop eating all foreign proteins. You are allergic to them. VEGAN proteins exist: Avocados, Nuts, Tofu, pulse.

Want to check? Allergy specialists test you with a needle prick then rub a suspected food into the scratch. Some scratched areas become inflamed. That's an allergic reaction for you. Stop eating that food!

I did more informal self-testing by eating a food that I haven't had in a while. In my case, potaoes, especially greened up ones, peanut butter, eggplant will give palpable joint pain the next day, so my favorite tasty foods have to be kept at a distance! On another level, pasta or baked goods gives stuffy sinuses that night, so I can't do those either.

There is another kind of arthritis provoked by acidosis. It's 'bone density loss' or osteoporosis. It's provoked by an acidic body. The body is always on watch against imbalance, always struggling to keep it's blood PH at 7.4 or mildly alkaline. If blood gets acidic, (say after a steak dinner with a Pepsi, and a lot of stomach acid to be super acidic,) the heart would instantly stop! When you do eat that meal, the body considers this an emergency, and very quickly steps in and takes all the calcium and other minerals it can from your bones, to stop the acidosis in its tracks. It does this day in and day out when you have pasteurized (triples the acidity) orange juices, (or unraw citrus which most commercial oranges are,) cooked tomato, or meat with all those stomach acids that are produced when you smell it cooking.

Meat is an especially acidic food all by itself, giving an acid reaction in the body. This is especially true of red meat. Then there's the citric and phosphoric acid in soda pop. Quit those foods and your bones will stop dissolving.And most important, quit Cokes. You can put a nail in a glass of coke, it'll dissolve overnight. Imagine what that's doing to that little layer of polished, smooth protection on the end of every bone, see above picture.

 To relieve the deep, grinding pain of arthritis, you’ll want to take: (NOT ALL AT THE SAME TIME but regularly!) SUPPLEMENTS: of calcium, (but not oyster shell as it's toxic) calcium citrate with magnesium, boron, other trace minerals taken with Vit D simultaneously, for absorption. Take pycogenol, glucosamine or glucosamine sulfate ,boron, magnesium, cod liver oil, other fish oils; apple cider vinegar (brush your teeth afterwards) evening primrose oil; kelp, selenium, nettles, hawthorn, prickly ash, niacinamide (important: never take one member of the B-complex family by itself as it will lead to a deficiency of the other B vitamins, if you take niacinamide, for instance, you MUST take a B-complex tablet as well…because rickets aren’t fun at all) methionine, vitamin E, vitamin C (deficiency of this vitamin is common, it’s needed for collagen synthesis) pantothenic acid.

THE EASY WAY. USE THAT JUICER. They're only 30$ at Walmart. Last time I looked. Throw organic vegies thru the machine, some pear or apple to sweeten, that's minerals for pennies, not l0$ a bottle like buying minerals at the healthfood store.

PAINKILLERS: skullcap, valerian. If pain is bad, a poppy bolux from the garden, brewed into tea without boiling. You'll dream in chinese! USE A CHI LAMP, heals the area.

TEETH HURT? Use Edgar Cayce Remedy PRICKLEY ASH extract on your toothbrush, rubbing into the gumline. Stops pain immediately. IPSAB is its name.

RUBS: Browallain, aloe, peppermint oil, comfrey, cayenne, onion, celery/ cabbage juice on or put into a poultice, wrap. DMSO (vets' shin rub) with garlic. And the magic of your loving family's massage and warm hands and good massage oils!

 MENTAL ATTITUDE: Loosen up. Letting go of rigid attitudes is nice.

AYUREVEDIC CURE: for joint pain, turmeric brought to a simmer in hot milk.

 NUTRIENTS: Boswillia (from India) bromelian (active enzyme in raw pineapple) eat it on empty stomach, Pycogenol , black cohosh , chaparral, garlic, sarsaparilla, desert willow, poke root, meadowsweet, colloidal silver, yucca leaves, Green Tea as your new daily beverage, High in anti-oxideants. No tea/coffee which can cause arthritis!

CHINESE HERBS: Dong qi, Gou Ji, Siberian Ginseng, Bone Mender, Xo Xian, Eucommia bark, Fo Ti, Disacus Root Mulberry Stem, Dodder Seed, Job's tears.

HERBS: a muleload of Alfalfa tablets, burdock, tea of celery seed, meadowsweet, Echinacea, rhus, phenyl-aid, devil's claw, yarrow, licorice, and get the active element in wild yam from a health food store, in capsules, DHEA.

 MENTAL ATTITUDE: Loosen up. Let go of rigid attitudes. So you’re always right who cares? You’re in pain because of your need to be right. Let it go.

THE PAIN-FREE WAY TO LIVE: DRINK MORE (filtered) WATER! Double your usual amount. Drink green tea. Eat the cartilage from chicken bones. Eat shark cartilage as capsules. Red or black cherries. DAILY in season. Eaten ALONE. Do not mix proteins with fruits. Fruit meals are a solo item. Salads combine with meat/ other proteins, but definitely try to get by without meat. Starches combine with veggies/salads. Efficient digestion is created by food combining and gives less waste being deposited on bones. Maintain a body weight as close to normal as possible to avoid strain of weight-bearing joints. Include more dietary fibre. Avoid beef and beef by-products and high purine foods. Sardines, Gland meats. Fish and chicken are better.

FOODS TO AVOID: The entire deadly nightshade family (genus solanaceae), includes:tomatoes, peppers, potato, eggplant, tobacco. PEANUTS and peanut butter. THOUGH this wonderful sandwich filler does have BORON.  

MENTAL ATTITUDE: Loosen up. Let go of rigid attitudes. How you allow yourself to react to the world around you has everything to do with how you feel. Try to soothe yourself with gentle music and quiet times of reflection. Try not to judge others harshly.

TREATMENT PLAN: (from the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, by Michael Murphy N.D. and Joseph Pizzorno N.D. , Prima Publishing, Rocklin , CA)

Diet: All simple, processed and concentrated carbohydrates must be avoided, complex-carbohydrate, high-fibre foods should be stressed and fats kept to a minimum.

Supplements:Niacinamide, 500 mg/ 4 times a day (under strict medical supervision)Methionine, 250 mg/ 4 times a day, BORON 3 mgs, vitamin E, 600 iu/day, vitamin A, 10,000iu/day, vitamin C, 1-3g/day, VitaminB6, 50mg/day (always take B-complex at the same time to prevent deficiency), Pantothenic acid, 12.5mg/day, zinc,45 mg/day. Sore joints?
 Take MSM - organic sulfur - MSM is it's chemical name.  You can get it at Walmart, relatively inexpensive.  Start with a lower dose and increase if needed.  It's naturally occuring in the environment so you can't take too much, your body just uses what it needs, the rest just passes through your system.  It lubricates joints naturally.


KEEP YOUR KITCHEN CLEAN! Sterilize the kitchen things we use every day and rarely know how to take proper care of. They include dish cloths, dish towels, sponges, scrubbers, scrapers, cutting boards, etc. These articles MUST be kept clean and dry or fierce bacterial growth will ensue. Cutting boards and washing-up cloths must be sterilized with bleach and rinsed thoroughly, especially after meat has been prepared. It is possible that much of this illness is caused by ignorance of proper methods of hygiene. Oh, and remember to relax! Let go of needing to prove you’re right. Saturn = Control = bones.

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