HOW TO OUTSMART THE MONEY MAFIA!!! The Capitalist system has been built CROOKED to suit rich, corrupt, greedy men who program you insidiously with the education system and journalistic propaganda... to be little suck-it-up patriots cheering for genocidal oil wars. They feed you reality shows and coliseum gladiators to amuse and corrupt you and now you accept HOW IT that now, they can suck the marrow out of your bones. You are taxed til July 1st cuz you trusted the gov, the pols, legislators, banks, politicians, the IMF and the FED and all those governmental systems that they only built for themselves. Including genocidal endless war on the third world. They pose as democracy builders and as your rescuer but really they just hook you into being perpetually broke. MASSAH and the factory wants the slave's nose just barely out of water so they can hire you for peanuts and then do the same to your children. THE ANSWER: Be the WILY COYOTE who knows how to escape their clutches!

1.) LEARN GUERILLA CAPITALISM. It's a simple discipline based on independence, love of a hobby which you turn into a career, a life of simplicity and frugal modes of being. There are some 'just invented' NEW PATHS in MONEY MANAGEMENT that you need to know.

2.)  JUNK FOOD, ILLNESS AND DOCTORS go hand in hand.Master the art of Holism 101.  Read up at this website and the NEVER NEED A VET WEBSITE scanning the researches of the finest, Hollywood and New York holistic healers, dieticians. You won't have to have an HMO with huge co-pay or OBAMA CARE as you will GO-HOLISTIC & rejuvenate your family members, save a million bucks on doctors, surgery, hospitals, medicines, pharmaceutical dependence, mortuary bills, Life insurance and time off from work. You will sidestep HMO's, and you will dodge doctor inspired murder ( iagrogenic ) and you will save on food, too. GLUTTONY is the number one killer. The next biggest killers are on that list too, ignorance of food's properties, runaway snacking and distracted eating.

 3.) HOME SCHOOL ON TOP OF PUBLIC SCHOOL - Use the system for everything it gives you. The miserable PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM is good basic book l'arning but 3 pm when junior gets home, supplement their riff with the stuff kids only get in Posh Private Schools. Pay him to do that extra work. See to the important features of your children's education, yourself. This starts in the crib. While your children are infants, there are interesting things that you can do which will increase baby's IQ.  Teach the TEEN to avoid  brain-frying time wasters, and bad habits. . Research the books kids need, googling around finding the truth telling books. Try JOY HAKIM for history books, the set of ten volumes. Get all those used books online. If a child is exposed to the best writers, film makers, philosophers, thinkers,  homebuilders, landscapers, he will by age 18 have passions. He will leap into working at something he loves, not just be a wage slave. The people who love their unique work end up being multi-millionaires.

 4.) SHARE THE HOME NO MATTER WHAT. Why should Mom Dad and the four kids have this quasi "family divorce" when the kids near the end of their teens and everyone splits to the five winds and end up giving five landlords five rents? That is totally MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN. Be nice to each other and everyone sleep at home, except when you fool around at the sweetie's apartment getting that over before dinner. And don't rag on each other's privacy related to sex, sweethearts, or curfews with gossip and nagging. Romance is only any good from about age 16 to 30. Live and let live. Don't ask; don't tell. Supply contraception, you smart 'uncles' and aunts. Don't leave it to parents as the 'shy' factor comes into play. And when parents want a divorce, don't. Keep the fortune intact for the children, get your nookie in the afternoon at sweetheart's home or office. Cinq a Sept the wise French say.

 5.) SHARE the WEALTH.  Mom and Dad own a valuable home. They paid 100k and now it's worth three times that.  In their lifetime, the family should consider  using its increasing value and cash clout to buy the kids their first property. As soon as a child graduates, gets a job and has W-2s, a  credit rating, a bank account, buy him his first property, a foreclosure of a condo or if junior has three friends, grads, young and with first jobs, buy a four unit building.  Start a WEBSITE "OWN PROPERTY THE NEW AGE WAY." Collect parents with that downpayment for the COLLEGE GRAD's FIRST CONDO. And all his young, student life, keep telling him, "when you graduate, have your first year of earnings banked, we're co-signing on your first piece of income property and you can live in it, not here or rent it, as you see fit." You know, hope and motivation!

What keeps parents from doing this? Besides 'nobody ever told parents to do it.' No magazine suggests it. There's also fear of not having money at the end of life. There's distrust of the child making payments. This makes parents hog the house, throw the kids out which is like saying "I'm alright Jack, screw you." 

Lending a college grad with a job a down payment will launch him innto the only part of the economy you can trust. You can rely on the fact that a home will triple in value in a few years.  Helping the kids with loans, co-signing and such assures a MINIMUM of usurious and quite nasty REAL ESTATE LOANS.

A mother, when widowed, grows old and should leave the house to the children. No reverse mortgages. No spending sprees by Granny in Paris and spas. The kids inherit a $300,000 paid off home and can buy a second piece of property off it and later a 4-unit (the best investment,) for renting.

Two older children can buy fixer-upper houses off that one house. Then, wait a few yrs for prices to surge on the three homes and the other younger children can be given DOWN payments.

6.) Share the car- Why should one person drive a Lexus, and everyone else want posh, new, Hondas and Toyotas? Drive vintage 1994 Hondas, all of you. They're classy and smart. Two kids can share an older 1990  Honda as they most likely go to same school. Mom should analyze -- does her job really give her anything when she has no time to sew, cook, garden which would make life opulent and save money? Why this penchant for outside work when she's forced to insure a car and drive it? Quit the job, Mom. You really only need a couple of twenty year old Toyotas or Nissans. MAINTAIN THEM, they'll last 400,000 miles. All except a Ford. Everything on a FORD dies at l00k.Today's newspaper had an article about a dozen people in our area who kept their cars for 400,000 miles, so far. All said regular oil changes, plug cleaning was required. YES, PLUG cleaning. Clean the points, don't buy new. Learn to do a tune-up yourself.

How can we get this
damn article off the

7.) SHARE THE CHORES - Who needs to pay a dog groomer? Hairstylist? Gardener? Maid?  Put the cash you save in a piggy bank. After all, the dog trusts your daughter enough to have a vigorous flea bath at her hands. Who needs a gardener? MOWING is exercise, skip the costly Gyms. However, bottom line? Science tells us that Lawn is a costly waste. Takes more water than any garden. Turn the lawn upside down, divot by divot, rot it into compost for your vegie garden/ orchard, situated front and back of the house. The kids can do it with Mom guiding.

THE FRUGAL GARDENER will find seeds and cuttings up and down the street. Most expensive fix is going to be Plumbers. Shun them. The Library has all those do-it-yourself Life Magazine Plumbing books. Check one out. A thermostat on a water heater blows every few years flooding the house. Easy to replace. The Water Heater often springs a leak. Replacing that big container isn't rocket science.. Have your 13 year old son unplug it then replace it. Leash Train the dog to heel by yourself? "Heel' and 'sit' aren't brain surgery even for a pooch. Home needs a remodel? Rent a sander, finish your own floors and escape costly carpeting. Buy garage sale area carpets. STUDY FRUGAL LIVING. Ladies, get together on weekends and clean your own home. SHUN costly servants. Take the money you save and buy vintage cotton fabric at garage sales and make those  cute frocks. Get the real, wool sweaters at garage sales. Mothball them in Winter. Wrap in plastic with ROSEMARY branches the rest of the year.

8.) ENJOY THE REALLY GOOD LIFE. That nearby beach town is just as charming as Provence or Italy. Use Craigs list to find a rental there a season ahead of time. A beach cottage weekly rental is way cheaper than a hotel and you will have a  kitchen and a TV set for night time entertainment.  Two families can fit in it so you can really save money. All you need is to get some garage sale fishing rods and reels, and when you get there, catch your own dinners. Dig Clams at low tide. This stuff really out-delights the priciest pension on the Mediterrenean where a dinner for ONE is 50$ But someone programmed you to think vacation had to be FRANCE. WRONNNNNG!  Catch an halibut and bring Paris to your beach cottage with butter, mushrooms and herbs.

9) EDUCATE & CONVERT YOUR FRIENDS but do it GENTLY. I'll show you what I mean.

 I sent the above file out to my frugal reader's list (write me at astrology at to get on that list. You get articles the day they're written.) And guess what? I got an angry letter back from a 65 year old close friend of mine, a New England  widow who was TOO faint of heart to read this  MONEY MAFIA article. This close friend just saw the bold headline MONEY MAFIA and the graphic of the fat crook and she shot back an email. "You know how sensitive I am. If the message isn't in Zen format, my nervous system can't take 'it'. Note those negative words: crooked, mafia, capitalist, guerilla, illness. Please don't send this type message to me. PLEASE DON'T SEND ME NEGATIVE WORDS. THANK YOU."

I wrote her back: "you are a healthy citizen and can very easily listen to the reality which 99% of the people alive in your city suffer and go thru daily. If you ask me, though you didn't, THE CURE FOR being 'faint of heart,' is to tell God to make you aware of the reality so that you can fix it. IN THIS LIFETIME, stand up for the FIX. The solution. Don't lie down and be faint and avert your eyes and then go run a single dish  through the cycles in your dishwasher in your Massachusetts mansion!"

"THE ENTIRE POPULATION of the US of A suffers the kind of vicious exploitation by the money mafia. I don't mean MAFIA crooks in the drug industry (Only, tho I mean them too,) I mean government, cops, IRS, colleges, gov agencies, judiciary, lawyers, military. Anyway,  the gov/CIA is in the drug industry, has been since end of WWII, so they're major mafia and the pharmaceutical companies overselling us thru 'bought' doctors are another kind of mafia." Drugging our children! Medicating us into stupidity and death.

"I don't know about the medicating part personally as I stay away from doctors, (as per the FILE on HOLISM 101 ) but I do know about education, raising kids. I was on the bottom of society, a single mother with four babies, THE CHILDREN IN YOUR CITY cannot make a living except flipping burgers so they join the army. They can't go to college. It's 15k a yr to study there. They cannot park at a university for less than l0$ a day. They cannot park on street for getting ticketed if they don't put a buck in every hour. They cannot get a scholarship or subsidized education. Few qualify. They cannot get health care. Eyeglasses, dentistry. Clinton gutted welfare which would have given MED-I-Care to poor children. If they are lucky enough to buy a clunker car, insure it (thousand a year), they are hit with all kinds of licensing and penalties by the city for parking, minor traffic infractions and they don't cost hundreds they are costing thousands. These are people who are eating top ramen as they can't afford food. You are a healthy woman. YOU CAN take listening to what's going on. They cannot drive a car without $l000 a yr insurance. That is twice what they spend eating in a year."

She wrote me back. "What is top ramen?"

I had a last paragraph: "As for SENSITIVITY, Read Bertold Brecht's poem on SENSITIVE PEOPLE LIKE YOU He was Germany's greatest liberal, mystical, sensitive, poet/playwright.

To Those Born Later by Brecht

I . Truly, I live in dark times. Naive words are dangerous. To have an unwrinkled brow bespeaks insensitivity. One who laughs just hasn't received the dreadful news.

What are these time when a chat about trees is almost a crime because it
incorporates silence about so many evil deeds! Is the one who walks calmly along the road out of reach now for his friends who are in trouble?

It is true: I am just earning my living but believe me: that's just
accidental. Nothing of what I do entitles me to eat my fill. I was saved by
accident. (Once my luck runs out, I am lost.)

They tell me: you just eat and drink! Be glad of what you have! But how can I eat and drink if what I eat I take away from the those who hunger, and my glass of water is what's lacking for the one who is dying of thirst? And still I eat and drink.

I would like to be wise, too. The old books say what's wise: To keep away from the struggles of the world and to spend the short time without fear Also, to live without violence repay evil with good not to fulfill your
longings, but to forget --is what is said to be wise. All that I cannot do.
Truly, I live in dark times!

II To the cities I came at the time of chaos when there was hunger.
Among the people I came at the time of rebellion and I rebelled with them. Thus passed the time that was given to me on earth.

I ate my food between battles
I slept among murderers
I loved heedlessly
And I watched nature without patience
Thus passed my time
that was given to me on earth.

The roads lead to the morass of my times
Language betrayed me to the butcher.
I was able to do so little. But the rulers
would sit more safely without me, that I hoped.
Thus passed my time
that was given to me on earth.

Strength was limited. The goal
was far away
It was clearly visible, even though for me
virtually unreachable.
Thus passed my time
that was given to me on earth.

III. You who will emerge on the surface of the floodwater
in which we drowned
remember also
when you speak of our weaknesses
the dark times
whom you escaped.

Walking as we were, changing countries more often than our shoes,
through the wars of classes, desparate
where there was only injustice and no rebellion.

Yet we know:
Hatred of baseness too
contorts our features.
Anger about injustice too
makes the voice hoarse. Oh we
who wanted to prepare the ground for friendliness
were ourselves unable to be friendly.

But you, when the time comes when a human being is a helper to human beings commemorate us leniently.

It is the 'artistic license' of Brecht to allege that  HE was an insensitive, absorbed in Maya, when if you read of his life, he was not. He was an  anti-war saint but he didn't let Hitler kill him. THE VERY NIGHT that HITLER BURNED DOWN his own WHITE HOUSE, the REICHTAG, and alleged that the COMMUNISTS did it.....the next day Bertold Brecht left Germany as he was a known leftist. So he wasn't so mystical that he was suicidal. He lived all over Europe then came to L.A. where his other german pals were doing well in the film industry. I think he'd be the best central character in a play. Or film.

So I sent the poem off and I waited for an answer but as she's  on a diet, Riesling with her lamb chop and goes to bed at 8pm, I think she'd gone to sleep..

Now an aside about this pal. She's not a reader or literary but she's smart and she did things right. She SORT OF followed the prime ADVICE for a healthy family by giving huge bucks to her BOY CHILD from the first marriage (a poor husband) so though the boy was not part of her second marriage, he was taken care of.  He was given a real starter kit in life: an acre sized farm home property. A fixer upper but charming. She built his pool when he requested one, bought him a new truck. Tools for his carpentry career. With such a starter kit, he can now get an education, drive a truck, insured, marry and he doesn't even have to go in the army. Problem is, he has no education ever and cannot find a job & now sits in his posh home doing nothing but living off his Mom, so that one thing was missing. Nose to grindstone.

No matter really as she had married a second husband worth 800 million bucks. It was easy to nickle and dime  cash out of her lunch money to give son the posh life. but 99% of the citizens don't marry that well and they need to get smart.  If your son graduates college and gets his first job, PARENTS SHOULD at that time and that time only, help with a down payment on a condo and co-sign for lower rates, so that the child can enter into real estate. MOST parents are not that generous but real estate is known to GO WAY UP!

 IN PERILOUS recessionary times,  our children need a boost but we do it steering clear of the MONEY MAFIA as much as we can. We need to use the banks,low interest rates, the internet, the keyboard and the underground, pursue guerilla capitalism, educate and convert our children and friends to being SENSITIVE to grim realities without flinching and to working as hard as we ourselves work.

                 *      *      *       *      *       *      *      *       *       *       *
Our poster is ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ, Los Angeles Progressive Researcher,  Writer, Mother of 4 and career Astrologer. Catch up with her websites  TRUTHS GOV WILL HIDE & NEVER TELL YOU, also The  FUTURE, WHAT'S COMIN' AT YA! & HOW TO SURVIVE the COMING GREAT DEPRESSION, and Secrets of Nature, HOLISTIC, AFFORDABLE HEALING. Also HOW TO LIVE on A NICKLE, The FRUGAL PAGE. and 50 other themes that appeal like GETTING ON THE DOLE, HOW TO NEVER NEED A VET FOR YOUR PET .. HER MAIN PAGE WITH CLICKABLE PORTALS is THE ASTRAL WEBSITE! Anita is at ). Get a 35$ natal horoscope "my money/future life" reading now + copy horoscope as a Gif file graphic!