SELL APPLES on STREET CORNERS? by anita sands hernandez

One day, way in the future, we'll all hear our children or grandchildren ask, "how did you survive the Greatest Depression Ever? And Granny, If there were no corporations, banks or jobs, how on EARTH did you pay the rent? Well, unless you lived out in the boonies in a hand-hewn cabin, you probably will have to tell them of this amazing gig you had where you made soap, homemade bread, leather sandals, purses from your goat's hides which you tanned, or how you sold fruit that you picked in your area on street corners...or how the children chipped in and mowed lawns, or how your cousin with the old Truck laid drip emitter pipe for families who didn't like the huge water bills utility companies were mailing out during the great Drought.  There are always hundreds of needed basic services --even in big city ---and you know a few things to do and you survived. You kept a roof over your family's head. Or will you?

SURVIVALISTS suggest that we'll each need a bag of a thousand silver quarters just for food and rent during the coming JOBLESS decade. Dollar bills will be in short supply. A 'given' of a world depression is that the banks will close with our money locked away in them and the Banksters' FDIC CODE says that they have a GIRTHY 20 years to pay us back for those lost sums..

Dollars will indeed be scarse so you want to find a "barter niche" . A dozen of my  juice oranges (*three years on the tree so exquisitely sweet,) for your dollar bill.. Start small, tamales out of a street wagon.  Do street corners long enough you give out your business card, start a GARAGE BUSINESS

A sweeter business might be to export some needed product to a country with a stronger coin. The Euro is strong, Dollar us weak, so we might all do well to create EXPORTING  ARTISANRY or handicrafts. Work with your relatives, chums in  CHUMCLUSTER BUSINESSES...to sell  hand knitted snow hats, real wool nylon and angora is a soft mix. Everyone needs wool scarves and hats in winter.

Another product  very needed by everybody, very expensive, where you could undercut the market with your hand made version? BAR SOAP comes to mind. As I have an endless fountain of chicken fat, (I cook for 10 cats,) skimming the broth pot to lose the fat, jarring it up and fridging -- I get 5 quarts a month of prime, pale yellow fat, I could make soap bars. Wrap them in newspaper, neat as can be, hand print SOAP  on each wrapped bar, and go hit the Super Market Parking lots with crates of them and sell outta the back of my hatchback. And thusly earn a bag of quarters a day for my food, rent, heat, phone and internet service. Wait a minute, what with INTERNET, I can do a SOAP WEBSITE and Sell them online, never leave the warmth of my home. (SEE SELLING STUFF ONLINE)

I gotta find a second way to make a living, (my first is online astrology/ palmistry/ tarot,) because I have a feeling that when it comes to RECESSION, we ain't seen nothin' yet! My landlady raised rent 20% in one swack and income is down by half.

By the way, I didn't go into the fortunetelling biz for NOTHING. I have a futuristic Cassandra Gift. I've been writing about the coming recession since the late 90's. I predicted the hour and day of the NASDAQ IMPLOSION, the 'TECH WRECK" in April 2000 and warned all my chums to get out of the stock market before April 1st. And also by the way, I do natal scopes for 15$ and teach YOU how to do them! At ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ'  ASTRO INDEX.

WHAT ELSE CAN ONE DO or SELL? What SERVICES FOLKS NEED can one provide? Myself, also a quite adequate cartoonist and painter, I'd sell some comedic or satiric drawings though that wouldn't sell as well as paintings, prints for the wall, REALLY  fine art! Check out  a GREAT PIECE OF ART that you can sell on street corners when the RECESSION DEEPENS!  THE ZERO DOLLAR BILL!

        It would be conversation stimulating Wall Art. Wall Street ART, that is!

HEADLINE: "It's NYC Artist Laura Gilbert's print 'The Zero Dollar'Protesting the breakdown of the American economy. Gilbert distributed 10,000 of the fake greenbacks in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2008 to call attention to the economic crisis gripping the nation."

This is a kind of performance art really, especially as she gave them away! She easily could have sold them for a buck or two each!

So while we're at it, take your printer, right now, save the IMAGE of the dollar bills, print out a few zero bucks as WALL ART or as a keepsake for the kiddies to trade for sodas at school. Got some forest green ink in your printer?  Well, so does the FED. Expect the dollar to devalue and mega inflation to come which tends to happen when PRINTING MORE BUCKS is the Fed's way of handling the REAL MONEY SUPPLY drying up.

 DO YOU THINK maybe all the big zeros on last year's vintage, HIGHER VALUE green money is in Swiss bank accts of Hanky Panky Paulson, Bernanke &Alan SPINGREEN? I mean all the juice had to roll to one end of the gameboard, no? Granted it's just symbols of wealth and not real wealth....

Any one of us could go out on the street and sell any food we grow. I grow California juice oranges. I leave them on the tree for that extra, third year so they are super ripe and sweet. ALL COMMERCIAL CITRUs is 2nd year and can take paint off your car. I could probably hit Ventura Blvd and get a quarter each.

I sketch and cartoon very well so if I had a color printer, I could do some kind of art
But with GICLEE PRINTERS  available, you could easily become a one man print shop


YUROZ gets many thousands per print. Go into the MALL art store and see if any are there alongside KINKAIDE and JIM WARREN, top sellers in the GICLEE marketplace

If I sold framed prints for even as low as 50$ each with inspiring upbeat NORMAN ROCKWELL kinds of images, I could easily make the rent with a few days on a streetcorner maybe even buy the family a farm (one gas tank from the city) to wait out this Depression. You know what real wealth is? Two acres of sunshine and bottom land planted to orchards, lentils, grains, fruit, nuts, vegies, with a system for gathering neighbors' green waste to create excellent compost.    SEE: "HOW TO BUY A FARM with TEN FAMILIES, ALL OF YOU SPENDING VERY LITTLE." You could enjoy waiting out the Greatest Depression with 9 other families tilling your fields, one of you coming to the city with a load of walnuts or mushrooms to sell and returning with salt, coffee, whole grains bought at the local Feed store. One has the time on the farm to hand mill the grain or better, do BIBLE BREAD, soak the grain overnight, rinse, grind with a VITA MIX grinder and make acid-free bread. Carry a few dozen steaming hot, fresh baked loaves to the POSH COUNTRY MARKET IN TOWN three mornings a week, each retailing at 5$...One could have a good life. Have a feast like this ROCKWELL painting every SUNDAY at your little isolated farm.



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