OBAMA's administration perhaps could be perusaded to salary any jobless, caring person who'll do it, a living wage for CERTAIN basic CARETAKING JOBS. They'd get a stipend  to do ASSSISTANCE to THE DISENFRANCHISED MEMBERS OF SOCIETY, the old, infirm, unemployed. This caretaking would require a car, PC, phone message machine and a few hours work a week. The watches would be paid by extant city or state agencies and private businesses as well as by several other cash sources we describe below.

1.) SENIOR WATCH. The WATCHER in this case will check in on a certain number of seniors all living within a mile of his or her home. That means seeing to the senior's kitchen, cupboards, larder, pantry needs and helping with food-shopping trips, some cooking, some meal planning, some feeding, seeing to heat and bill paying. Maybe the watcher gets licensed, trained in an online Q&A sign up. Or a meeting with a state agency that is the payer. . Watcher must talk to senior's neighbors to check on features of their daily life. Watcher must phone senior on days when she/he doesn't go in, But hey, the watcher will receive a LIVING WAGE, a hefty salary for this. Say 100$ per senior on his 'beat.' With jobs nigh impossible to get it'll be the CALIFORNIA CONSERVATION CORPS analgous to FDR's  Depression era fix. You do it as a tax free non profit and get a SALARY FOR YOURSELF just for a phone machine, enlisting volunteers, you can give parties to raise money for the volunteer workers, so they get salaries too.  There are some very simple things that SENIORS NEED. If the watcher could earn 100$ a week per senior and they already had a Social Security Pension, that would add up to a living wage and many younger seniors would become watchers, so 65 would be checking on 85. Human years..

2.) RENTA GRANNY, for TROUBLED CHILD MENTORING . Author Carlos Castaneda gave me this idea. He said most American kids are spoiled brats, totally asleep, indulging in junk food, celebrity worship and fantasy romance. He said all that they needed to wake up was a scary granpa figure (shades of Don Juan,) to show up one day, take the stuporous kid to the Children's Cancer ward, then the MORGUE. Swear to God. Well, I see what he's saying. It would be great if kids could be dragged to those places but failing that, we need a simple smart senior figure who is bright who is invasive, who talks turkey to the children of any family that puts out a call for HELP. The senior takes them out to lunch and has a serious conversation, starts to become the strict, no BS, wise beloved GURU figure that Castaneda imagined. To "SCARE THEM STRAIGHT." This could be an actual business for some savvy person with a phone message machine. Posters around the neighborhood on phone poles. "TROUBLED TEENS? RENT A GRANNY" and phone number. Another poster: "Senior? Could you be a rent a granny? Call:etc. "

2.) CASH JOBS FOR TEENS. Children are endlessly energetic, creative. Why can't a poor, jobless, Mom and Dad who are out looking for work have kids help out? There are dozens of ways they're needed around the neighborhood, sweeping stores, washing down neighborhood businesses after school, mowing lawns, watering gardens on weekends.  All that's required is a WATCHER to SCOUT DOWN businesses or citizens who could use a little help and then run it like a business. The child does his part time job, five days after school, two days on weekends, and he earns points! When he has l00 points, his parent is handed l00$ cash that the child has earned for his own family so this inspires sweat dignity in children who'd have been spoiled bums had this recession not come along. All  the WATCHER needs in this case is a  car to scout down the jobs and a phone message machine. The Watcher would sign up families and businesses within two city blocks, check out the job perameters first with the EMPLOYER. Obviously, no registered pedophiles get past the WATCHER who needs a PC to do research.  KIDS do jobs that adults usually scorn. They'd sweep up sawdust in butcher shops, lug cartons in markets, brush down counters with soap, do trash dumping duties week days after school. Weekends, they mow lawns, sweep hair at barbers' shops, disinfect, wash, mop. For private homes, they'd do Saturday Sunday jobs while homeowner is present, mow lawns, create and dig garden beds, plant blackberries in the GROUND, not have a blackberry STUCK IN THEIR EAR!  All WATCHERS get paid,  cut themself a check for the jobscouting, job assigning, and for costs of a phone machine.

3.) CUISINE CALL - Poor families who are registered with WELFARE and who already get AFDC, FOOD STAMPS still need help. As we all can imagine, food stamp budgets don't nearly cover two weeks of food. So these families get a savory meal prepared weekly by a local housewife (who's living nearby) who delivers a warm cassarole meal hot to the table.  The housewife who cooks this gets a monthly salary and budget for doing the work, covering time, gas, food costs. Implied is that the COOK is then able to find out what level of shopping bargain acument, and nutritional understanding the mother has. Where there is little or none, government pamphlets in the language of family, are given out. The watcher can even conduct ad hoc training

4.) DOCTOR DRIVING- Poor families have no car, no way to afford buses to get to dentist or doctor. Sometimes the bus would cost an entire day of food. So the upshot is poor families suffer in silence. IF the watcher could just deliver them to the doctor, perhaps they could get a bus home.

5.) BUS PASSES FOR THE POOR- Definitely needed. Poor people often have to go to AFDC mandated job training across town. They are unable to pay for car or DMV taxes, registration, car insurance.