THE SUNFLOWER that  CURES DIABETES. The start of an experimental trial! by Anita Sands
   July 2009

ABOUT FIVE MONTHS AGO I BEGAN WAKING WITH NUMB HANDS, FEET. I thought it was a lack of strong heart, as since childhood, doctors tell me 'get open heart surgery, get valve replacment. Then I'm watching Kenneth Branaugh play a Swedish detective and he keels over in diabetic sugar coma after a beer and I suddenly flashed, --that's what I have.

I suddenly knew that I need to quit all starches, sugars and maybe get medication but having no car --no money for bus, ACESS tho Federally supported charges 5$ a ride one way! So no way to get to clinics or doctors, no HMO, I realize I need a freebie, holistic alternative cure which as always comes in two parts:

A). PREVENTION by not taking any more honey in my yogurt or in my lemon juice.. and

B) gotta chow down on the supplements specific for the pancreas which are found in foods.

SO I start google searching and  read about DIABETES  HERBAL PROTOCOLS and JUNIPER BERRIES and also  read that I need insulinese which is in the tuber called "SUNCHOKES" or GIRASOLE or Jerusalem Artichokes, it is a simple weed of a sunflower with a tuber on the bottom, under ground. That's the part you eat. . So I write a pal who grows these sunchokes "got any tubers or seed for me?" I tore them out she said, they're such a weed!

I SAY DARN IT very loudly as at the local VALLEY PRODUCE store, the really cheap price one run by Iranians, they're 2$ a lb. But hey I'm getting blurred vision and now I"m getting gangrene I think. I broke a toe last nite, tripped over phone wire, yanked foot to keep from falling on my nose, foot goes sixty miles an hour and hits bookcase, broke my little toe, --it's totally BLACK,  red/  & purple there, and it's numb and no circulation, so it's not healing. My guru Yogi Bhajan had to have amputations as feet wounds never healed, all because of diabetic neuropathy so I am using the CHI lamp on my foot and am in a bad way. And hey I can' t stop HONEY... I do put it in my yogurt and my lemonade so I'm way way into sugar coma full time. This isn't my imagination, I eat a single slightly sweetened yogurt, my hands and feet go NUMB ---that's how bad it is. I also MUST put honey in lemon juice/ water to make a cooling drink and weatherman sez it's gonna be 104 outside this weekend.  So I know I'm in trouble. I can lose a toe or two, but my EYESIGHT? MY KIDNEYS? EEK! Nothing gets me going like an emergency so I google up the article below and now I know:  I have to get to the Iranian produce store and get me mah girasole!

The Sunchoke or Jerusalem Artichoke
Sunroot or Earth Apple has Prebiotics and is Good for the Pancreas

by Victoria Anisman-Reiner

Jerusalem Artichokes, GIRA-SOLE, (turns toward sun.) a word which became JERUSALEM among english speaking peoples, also known as Sunroots, or Sunchokes but by any name are a little-known, North American tuber that is said to be able to heal diabetes, and it may be one of the most overlooked health foods on earth. You slice them like radishes, throw over your salad. Delicious!

"From Acidophilus to Wolfberries, the health market today is saturated with
foods and supplements said to heal all forms of disease and yield good
health, vitality, and a long life. Yet despite the abundant health market,
there remain other, little-known foods that can go a long way toward
promoting health. One of these is the Jerusalem artichoke or sunchoke.

What is a Jerusalem Artichoke?

Despite the name, the Jerusalem artichoke is not an artichoke nor is it
native to Jerusalem. "Sunchokes" are tubers, the root of Helianthus
tuberosus - a small yellow sunflower common to North and Central America.

Also called an earth apple, sunchoke, sunroot, topinambour or topinambur,
the Jerusalem artichoke is actually a member of the same botanical family
(Asteraceae) as the everyday artichoke. It is used commercially as a source
of fructose and, in some parts of the world, to make liquor.

The sunchoke looks like a knobby, odd-shaped root similar to a ginger root.
It is usually steamed or baked, but can also be sliced or grated and served
raw in salads, chutneys or salsa. It has a sweet, nutty flavour and the
texture is firm and crisp. compares the Jerusalem artichoke to
"a cross between a rutabago, potato, sunflower seed and water chestnut."

What's more, the intriguing sunchoke stores starch as inulin a
carbohydrate that is safe for diabetics and may even heal diabetes and
they are rich in prebiotics, good for the intestinal tract.

What is a Prebiotic?

Prebiotics are a specific kind of "functional food" that supports the
growth of healthy intestinal bacteria.

Prebiotics are indigestible to the human digestive tract, so they reach the
intestine without being broken down. Dietary fiber is a prebiotic. So are
certain kinds of carbohydrates including the inulin found in Jerusalem
artichokes (Note: this is not a typo inulin is a complex carbohydrate and
is different from insulin).

Prebiotics may be paired with probiotics (live bacteria such as acidophilus
and lactic acid bacteria that live in the intestines and promote good
health) but they are not the same thing. Prebiotics such as the inulin in
sunchokes actually "feeds" the probiotic bacteria.

Prebiotics should be used in small amounts at first or they may cause gas,
especially for people used to a very processed diet.
Sunchokes, the Pancreas and Diabetes

Sunchokes are sometimes mentioned in cookbooks as a substitute for
diabetics to use instead of potatoes, because the Jerusalem artichoke
tubers store inulin instead of starch. (sounds good to me!)

Starch breaks down to glucose, affecting blood sugar much more than inulin,
which only breaks down to fructose in the colon. As a result, sunchokes
have a very low glycemic index and barely affect blood sugar levels.

Less mainstream sources tend to describe sunchokes as healing to diabetics
and those with any kind of pancreas problem. The website
promotes a "sunchoke diet" which is said to "cure diabetes."

While these kinds of claims have not been substantiated, research on the
unique nature of inulin suggests that the Jerusalem artichoke is worth
adding to a healthy diet. High in healthy prebiotics, low in its impact on
blood sugar, the sunchoke is a superfood of a tuber.

OK GANG, I'm going for the girasole cure. Back on ya later after say -- two weeks of girasole argula, romaine salads. (Ask me for seeds free), plus I'm gonna PLANT GIRASOL ROOTS in my garden, grow them for the rest of my life. Come on by in SEPTEMBER I'll give you some. OR, get a few roots at the supermarket where they're called sunchokes. Ask the produce manager. Plant THOSE.