The truth about State Income Tax!

WHO KNEW? The various states are in this nasty habit of TAXING PEOPLE just like WASHINGTON DC does! These states can grab up to a tenth of what you earn a year! Suze Orman was on Oprah a few years back (*I TOOK NOTES!) saying that Calif state income taxes are the highest in the USA. She pointed out that most states don't have ANY taxes. She told a seriously in-debt couple on TV to MOVE. "It's like giving oneself a 10% pay raise."

How California State income tax rates are structured

The tax table below will show in detail the California state income tax
rates by income tax bracket(s). There are 6 income tax brackets for California
If your income range is between $0 and $6,146, your tax rate on every
dollar of income earned is 1%.

If your income range is between $6,147 and $14,570, your tax rate on every
dollar of income earned is 2%.

If your income range is between $14,571 and $22,996, your tax rate on every
dollar of income earned is 4%.

If your income range is between $22,997 and $31,924, your tax rate on every
dollar of income earned is 6%.

If your income range is between $31,925 and $40,345, your tax rate on every
dollar of income earned is 8%.

If your income range is $40,346 and over, your tax rate on every dollar of
income earned is 9.3%. This is in addition to what WHITE HOUSE TAKES!

So the question is.......WHICH states have no personal income tax? GOOGLE YOUR STATE and the words 'state income tax' in quotes (as it's a phrase.)

At time of this writing, seven states have no state income tax: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. I hear that Austin, Texas is
a great place to live. Check county for drought conditions though. Washington state  will be the new Hawaii what with Global Warming so don't be afraid to go so close to the northern border.

Two others, New Hampshire and Tennessee, tax only dividend and interest
income. I wonder if the online tax filing service  used to file taxes takes that into
account. An OREGON galpal told me: "We have about a 7% state income
tax but no sales tax.  Washington State has a 8.8% or so sales tax but no state income tax.  Alaska has no state or sales tax! " Is Juneau trying to whisper something seductive in your ear?  YEAHH! "COME LIVE HERE!"  In truth, they probably could be induced to pay YOU to live there! I know three Alaskans online so if you want to chat up a refrigerated person during the brief thaw when they can actually touch their icy keyboard, ask me for their name and addie.

But you see, Alaska is like living in your FRIDGE half the year. Doubt you can grow corn, squash or melons there as they take 180 days of straight heat. Now, Tennessee is green, fertile, you can grow anything. And there are no tornados there. If you had an internet-based business you could live far up in the Appalachian foothills and  grow apples*. But the place is full of DELIVERANCE type hicks living in the 18th century. If you had a banjo and were willing to play at bingo games at church  you might fit in.

Anyway, there's a fine, classic book you can buy used which discusses the
various states for agricultural and other features. " How to Find Your Ideal Country Home: Ruralize Your Dreams (ISBN: 0964147807) Gene GeRue. Buy it used for 2$ at ABE BOOKS. It's the size of a coffee table  It's an ART & HISTORY book, thick. Has every state. Illustrated. There's a secret way to order books cheaply, go around ABE straight to the vendor. My secret method is depicted on that URL.

To see how other states compare, check out the Federation of Tax Administrators' listing of individual income tax rates ... here's  a recent year.
and see:

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Anita Sands is also me. (writer of this 1,001 classrooms of LIFE 101.)

REMEMBER for FEDERAL INCOME TAX, you have to SHOW NO INCOME. That means NOT have income on the books. It means NOT HAVING MONEY going into your bank account. It can go THROUGH your bank account but just not sit IN IT. To see what I m ean, read the 100 free lessons on GUERILLA CAPITALISM collected, researched by ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ! (ME)

The trick is to see to it that you earn less than 9k a year on paper. $ 8,750 is new minimum you can earn without being req'd to report income, at your young age. It's two K more if you are over 63. A  mailed W-2 would be issued by an employer at $1,000 so if you collect a few W-2's that wouuld not add up to a taxable amount. Be under that amt. you're fine. After that amt, you have to work underground.

BLACK MARKET? CASH ONLY? TRADE AND BARTER? Owning a cash biz like a cafe? A taco cart? A wholewheat home made loaf subscription delivery biz?
How about Trout, Bass, Fresh Fish subscription delivery?