Or, How to Reach God without hardly trying.

The mega hit book Eat Pray Love shows that regular folks will buy a 20$ book on something exotic, mystiquey and spiritual. Maybe we dedicated newage gurus should brainstorm up a similar concept that would PRODUCE a book or video that could become the next Eat Pray morsel in the print feedline to Amazon book buyers/ readers.  HOW TO PUBLISH ON YOUR OWN.

This product could be a CD ROM, picture book pamphlet, mag article or outright book. A sold magazine Article or video could be promotional in a way too, submitted to a book publisher who might fund such a book: DESIGN YOUR OWN MORNING PRAYER SESSION" It would offer Choices from a smorgasbord of things most tyro seekers never thought of.

First, the efficacy of a dawn, cold shower to shock us awake. Then yogic exercise or just a few mystical root locks with forceful prana breath? Prayer. Mantra either in Sanksrit syllables or hey, they can design their own mantra. Which words would be powerful? Then there's OUT PICTURING or visualization. Cutting pictures out of magazines of your dream future. THOSE WORK bigtime. I can testify to that one. Hung a picture of an unusual cat, next day someone called me, 'Go rescue this trapped cat.' It was that very same, unusual breed.

And last, Staring at a big fake ruby or emerald on your altar to focus. One of Yogi Bhajan's devotees a yoga teacher, Yogi John, gave me that one.

SADHANA 101, a thousand ways to reach God. Your Reader (or if a video, your viewer,) will see how each technique is accomplished. The viewer picks what he likes and tries it out.

You could sell or promote such a classroom on UTUBE as a video, then show it to publishers so it becomes an audition tape. Or do it as a CD ROM. Throw the concept of a mini book out to your friends and family, give them this sample idea, and see what ELSE they can brainstorm.

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THE ACTIVIST should utilize the internet and become  a POSTER which is what ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ, Los Angeles Writer, Futurist and Astrologer does. She finds 'telling' articles, posts them and POSTS them at her website then sends the URL out to her TWITTER friends, her FACEBOOK readers and to her extensive EMAIL lists, --to people who she's noted are thinkers, do-ers and are likely to pass the information on.  The themes? HOLISTIC HEALING without doctors, but also for CATS AND DOGS TRUTHS the GOV WILL HIDE & NEVER TELL YOU,  The  FUTURE, WHAT'S COMIN' AT YA! FRUGAL LIFE STYLE TIPS,  and ALL the things you'll need to do to SURVIVE the COMING GREAT DEPRESSION,  Also cottage industries galore, like ARTISANRY FOR EXPORT, EARN EUROS... (and more.. see the dozen themes below)

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