Why we are poor, jobless, uneducated, depressed? BECAUSE we LET the BUSH GANG (pere et fils) KILL 2 MILLION INNOCENT ARAB FAMILIES! And now OBAMA continues the policy. There is a nimbus of sorrow around our planet.

ALL OVER AMERICA, there were brave anti war protestors in the streets outside federal buildings, protesting on the very date of the 4th ANNIVERSARY OF THIS horrid, genocidal WAR. We killed a million with a ten year long EMBARGO and another MILLION since with a war that had no logic or reason. Why didn't we the people, instead, make like St. Patrick and drive the Snakes out of the White House, HUH? Wouldn't have taken even the amount of our boys who died in Iraq....3550 of us with picket placards? Easy. What can they do, jail us?

YES. American citizens protested St.Paddie's Day 2007 and protestors got arrested in every city! But hey, that's a stripe you will wear forever. WE HAVE to fight the darkness on this planet and in our own hearts and not ignore pickets. They cannot arrest us all if we all show up! That should be on the placard you carry!




Bodyguard of Lies: Mobilizing the Militant Right
by Chris Floyd
19 March 2007

Winter Patriot (a website) as an important post up at his place, with
eyewitness accounts of the treatment doled out to anti-war protestors in
Washington on Saturday by bellicose"counter-protestors," who were
sometimes backed by the authorities on the scene in their attacks and
attempts to block legitimate, patriotic dissent.

Of course, it's not surprising that a group of pro-war marchers came out
in opposition to the anti-war rally. That's a good thing; it represents
freedom of speech, politics in action, etc. What is disturbing, however,
is that many of counter-demonstrators were spurred to action - and anger -
by patently false reports disseminated by the right-wing propaganda
network: ludicrous charges that the anti-war protestors planned to deface
the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. As one of WP's correspondents put it:

Somehow they felt a bunch of peace activists were going to damage the
national monument which bears the names of over 55,000 dead soldiers who
gave their lives in the illegal, immoral war for profit of 40 years
ago...To me, it was nothing less than astonishing to see that a number of people
have been so brainwashed to believe that we are anti-troop, don’t know the
value of freedom and are “anti-democracy”. What was more astonishing were
those that were completely ignorant of the Bill of Rights, that they
challenged and acted physically aggressive to the peace activists, minding
their own business, trying to get to the march.

The baseless call to "defend" the Memorial was almost certainly a
deliberate "psy-ops" action designed to foment rage and disrupt the
protest. No doubt its designers hoped that the anti-war protestors would
react with violence to the often extreme provocations they faced from the
stirred-up pro-war packs. They failed in this aim, but the response they
drew from the false and virulent propaganda could well serve as a template
for further, larger actions along the same lines.

Whether this plan emerged directly from the clotted bowels of the Bush
Administration itself or sprang from one of the many private right-wing
hate factories makes little difference; the official and non-official
wings of the extremist Right have long since merged. The Limbaughs,
Malkins, Savages, Coulters, Becks and other vicious little toadies peddling
eliminationist rhetoric and poisonous lies are merely the outsourced,
private contractors - the Blackwater mercenaries - of Bush's war on
American democracy. We will surely see an escalation - a "surge" - of this
manufactured outrage, growing ever more militant, toward physical action,
as the extremists in the White House face more and more threats to their
thuggish rule.

Bush gave a Press Conference prophesying the TALIBAN would come after US in the USA if we don't kill them all. Eradicate all of the terrorists. This war has only increased their number, in FOUR LONG YEARS of GENOCIDE OF CIVILIANS. So coming after TALIBAN doesn't work.

NANCY PELOSI's take on the matter. http://www.yubanet.com/artman/publish/article_53113.shtml