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Q: I still don't know how to raise a garden nor make snares and traps; I don't know a lot about alternative medicine nor identifying herbs." Think I could buy ten acres and survive out in the wild?

A: Sure. Get one book and alert more people to it: The Country Living Encyclopedia used at or at click for description details . Prior to y2k I moved to the middle of nowhere, Floyd County Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains  and and I have found this book useful. I am growing a garden, built a greenhouse, am growing herbs, raising chickens, hunting and field dressing wild game, fishing, am off the grid on wind and solar power.

I recommend that you make some trips into rural areas and consider pooling money with others to buy some land as a vacation villa and then, as a group, at least build some simple structures on them. Straw bale construction is affordable, you just take some hay bales, stack em to form walls inside of some stakes to guide them straight and keep them from toppling, and you use diamond lathe that holds cement, and you stucco over the hay bales with cement, leaving openings for windows and doors which you frame in. Pictures on the web will show you the result looks like a Sta Fe adobe house, rough plastered, thick walls, very cozy and clean. Have a dirt floor, they look like waxed Cordoban leather when finished. Read: SECRET OF DIRT FLOORS.

You should pool your money with others, buy some land, and if you don't do this sort of building project right away, at least build some lean to sheds that people could live in while they build some better living quarters. Or maybe you can pool money and buy an old farmhouse on some land in the boonies. Where I live, you can buy land for $2,000. per acre and you can drive up here fairly quickly from the city, but you should be able to find some cheap land in the mountains of N.Georgia. You also might be able to find some affordable rental situations.

You need to do this because they're going to be using food as a weapon against us, and anyone who refuses to take the implanted microchip won't be able to buy it in a store, you're going to need to be able to grow food. They're moving fast now pushing the National ID card via JC Watts bill, and also pushing biometric identifiers onto drivers licenses, and via vaccinations they can get microchips into unsuspecting people because they can use nanotechnology to create chips that are so small you wouldn't even know they're in the vaccine vial unless you analyzed it with an electron microscope. People are increasingly numbed and made apathetic with each successive societal shock. These psyops such as Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC, now 911 are done in part to numb people so that they won't even try to fight back. They want to shock us into a robotic state and its working for them.
They will be forcing our society into a pychocivilized society under mind control, and they will be actively hunting down people like us. In the city, you are dead meat Jim. You better develop a contingency plan so you can get the hell away from the city.

Its going to get really ugly. I have been trying to get people to call their state legislature against
this CDC Model Emergency Powers legislation that threatens biometrics on drivers licenses, and I've been trying to get people to oppose JC Watts National ID Card bill, but most people just shrug and ignore me. We can't expect to reach more than the remnant, maybe 5% of all people will actually listen and prepare, and of those, maybe 1% might prepare the way I have been in the boondocks. Its great what you're doing and I applaud your efforts, but don't ignore the need to get some land in the boondocks that you can make a tactical retreat to and which can sustain you. You really do need to start learning what you need to know because even with that book you are going to have a steep learning curve and your life hangs in the balance, so for your own sake and the sake of your family please don't ignore what I'm saying. (signed, man on list)

Well, Paranoia acres is just as green as a mentally stable farm, I guess.