HOW DO YOU FIND THE REAL THINKERS? SOLDIERS? The men not afraid to lay down their lives to shoot out the windows of one of King George's Tax gatherers'?  How to find those ANGRY OLD MEN who will best serve the R)EVOLUTION with money, senior wits and believability when they lecture the young' uns at fundraisers? Screen THAT CLINT EASTWOOD MOVIE, GRAN TORINO so you see how to identify them in a crowd at the super market, at the golf course. (You pause and listen keenly til you hear them rattling.) So to do that, you gotta go to places where seniors hang and find a group of  "CRANKY OLD MEN" who were in WWII or KOREA. Find late middle-aged geezers who are perhaps powerful, hobbyist sportsmen, fishermen, hunters. That means you got to go into the tackle and gear shop and sniff around. Find cricket players, golf, week-end baseball players. Every neighborhood has 'em. A Hidden treasure! NOBODY can make the planet listen, care, obey and make MATTER itself align with Human Will like these guys. Where do you find them? The single ones are at Breakfast cafes at early hours. They sit on porches, approached there, you have a little summertime conversation over pamphlets and beers. Approach them through their wives' parties. Church lets you at the wives. You amble over to where they sit, grizzly, drinking a highball and scorning all they hear or see. You ask their opinion on Obama, Senior Stimulus law. Talk to them, get them to join the VIRGINIA CONGRESS  (an alt gov) a place where they can hang once a month, have a great meal and hey, go without their wives. Later, when they're loyal participants, you use their wives' social abilities to do a series of fundraising CHARITABLE parties or senior social FUNCTIONS which target their friends as guests, but aim cash at the unemployed, homeless and starving to create ENTERPRISE, also the goal of the R(EVOLUTION) of our current government, the best politicians that money can buy.

Slowly you sell them on a more muscular level of First World to Third World activity which only gets off the ground with their leadership. Could be import/ export which  is also a private, CASH CREATING, definitely-for-profit, mini-Peace Corps. Could be coming to VIRGINIA CONGRESS type meetings.

Here's how you sell them "Wish we could use your wife to do a FUND RAISER, BOB! You're a real TEAM leader. You like action, muscle, play, competition, EXCELLENCE, fresh air, movement, speed, pure male power, guys striding in their senior greatness, making the world a thrilling place. Nowadays, you do it on a hockey field. HOW LONG CAN YOUR KNEES take the hockey field? KNEES are made for crawling through the mud to shoot out the windows of an IRS man's house. Knees are made for praying, too, praying for strength, wits, ability, chutzpah, business ideas. Guerilla Capitalism is also perfection when it funds the VIRGINIA CONGRESS, a new government, created by the people for the people as the one we elected in 1776 has fallen down and become tempted by Corporate need and greed.  Knees are made for praying to know God's will and carry it out. Not the steaming male HULK plowing across a field chasing a ball. That's the BOZO YOU. I am talking to THE JESUS YOU, the who does God's bidding. That's a team player. Join us in the R(EVOLUTION), BOB.

Come to our meetings, Ed. The gals really want you, there!
I know I DO. Huh? Will you come? Next Wednesday nite? COME.

Say to the guy, "There is such insanity on this planet now. How can a great man like you ignore the fact 26,000 babies a day die suffering starvation and just run around on your boat, play ball, endless ball on weekends? How can you go on playing golf saying "I'm alright Jack, screw you. I got mine, who need to worry about the 26k babies dying daily?"

This CHARITY concept related to feeding starving in our own cities, not just villages in AFRICA and also enterprise, creating workshops for artisans, so villagers here and over there create artisanry the charity sells in First world, is close to the GIVING that you already do with your wife and kids. And it's somewhat like the PLAYING FIELD you enjoy so much. It has in it all those elements, just no hockey stick. Just helping africa evolve from a fear ridden place where all the men plunder for amusement, indulging themselves as they feel SORRY for themselves so they take their feelgood as they can, regardless of Law, the lives of babies and girls. There are soldiers of darkness, these killer men, deathsquad cops. SEND in an army of
teachers, an inspiring TEAM to win over the ignorance, fear, indulgence of these black men who rape and kill. Seems to me that's a game well played. We have many lifetimes, You win some serious stripes putting
that action into your life. You've done the ball and bat long enuf you're a born leader. Translate that into leading the right team doing the right teaching.  inspiring, basically what you do already with your own children, now do it to the world's children." That's what you tell the middle age man. A new war, a new horizon. A new hobby. Which beats golf!

Now, if I can be the one to go pitch Clint Eastwood! YEAH!