The famed, prestigious, liberal Nation Magazine was founded 150 years ago, during the civil war when Abraham Lincoln walked the earth. It has continued as a FOUNTAIN of liberal sentiments for all this time. In an increasingly fascist, profiteering, stealing world, it is a beacon. But suddenly they are in trouble. They were attacked by jealous bigger corporations by WASHINGTON, BUSH and the POST OFFICE. To the tune of a half million dollars a year. POSTAGE RATES GOING SKY HIGH for their little magazine.

Imagine that you give a fund raising party for them. Do you know how that distinguishes you among your social set? How people from every liberal corner of society will rush to your party and shake your hand?

There are actual ways you can help this great, noble magazine.. PARTY GIVING. Start your charity career
giving fundraisers and subscription selling parties in your living room, maybe selling subscriptions, nothing more, so everybody gets something. This would really knock your own prestige up a few notches 'mongst your pals. Sure could make a single girl look unique.

The Nation Magazine, a long-time content partner of AlterNet, a daily
newsletter that is free which I get in my email ...(you can, too).... is
getting slammed by a postal rate increase to the tune of half a million
dollars. Now that's not chump change. And surprise, surprise, the rates
were proposed by Time Warner; the big corporate magazines won't be
hit by big increases. Please take a moment and read the letter below
from David Corn, a writer whose work has appeared on AlterNet many
times. David gives you all the inside details on this travesty, as only
a good journalist can. AlterNet readers love many of the Nation articles
we post. So please, if you can, make a contribution today and support
our extended family.

Don Hazen
Executive Editor, AlterNet.org


Dear Friend,

I've never written a fundraising letter -- not counting the few notes I
sent my parents when I was in college. I'm a journalist. I write
articles and books -- about politics, national security, and the world
around us. And I'm damn lucky; I get paid to do so by The Nation. But
our legendary magazine has been hit by a fiscal crisis -- one caused by
the sort of institutional Washington corruption I often cover -- and
I've been asked by our publishing team to ask people like you, who care
about independent media, for help.

Teresa Stack, The Nation's president, explains the crisis this way:
Postal regulators have accepted a scheme designed in part by lobbyists
for the Time-Warner media conglomerate. In short, mailing costs for
mega-magazines like Time-Warner's own Time, People and Sports
Illustrated will go up less than other magazines or even decrease. But
smaller publications like The Nation will be hit by an enormous rate
increase of half a million dollars a year.

For The Nation, $500,000 a year is a lot of money. Believe me, I know.
I've been working at the magazine for over 20 years. The pay ain't
great. But there are few media outlets that allow their writers and
reporters the freedom to go beyond the headlines and take on the powers
that be -- to ask inconvenient questions and pursue uncomfortable

This whopping postal rate hike took effect last month. Not to be
melodramatic, but this rate increase is a threat to democratic
discourse. Why should magazines that can afford high-powered lobbyists
receive preferential treatment? This rise in mailing costs will make it
harder for the magazine to deliver the investigative reporting and
independent-minded journalism upon which you depend. (Take my word; I
see the editors and publishing people in our New York office freaking
out about this postal rate hike and discussing possible cutbacks.)

The magazine is fighting this corporate-driven, unfair and
anti-democratic increase as best it can. It has joined forces with
conservative publications in an attempt to beat back the rigged rate
structure. (Imagine The Nation and National Review, working together!)
But even if we "win" -- which, I'm told, is a long shot -- The Nation
will still face hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional postage.

So I'm turning to you. I've never asked alternative media readers like
you for anything -- except the time it takes to read what I write for
the magazine and its website. But The Nation needs help to cover this
shortfall, and it needs that help now. Simply put, I'm asking you to
send us money: whatever contribution you can, as soon as you can. Click

I'm not entirely comfortable writing to you as a fundraiser. Because
people like you have supported the magazine, I've been able to do the
work I enjoy for years. I appreciate that. Now I'm hoping you'll come
through in this time of need. Certainly, I'd rather be chasing kick-ass
stories than worrying about magazine budget cuts and writing pleading
letters. So please help us deal with this unfair rate hike, and I'll go
back to my day job.

David Corn, Washington Editor
The Nation

P.S. You can also help by writing letters to your local newspaper,
contacting your elected officials, and reaching out to family, friends,
and co-workers to educate them about this threat to independent media.