GROWING OUR OWN BEEFSTEAKS, on A BUSH!! With the WAR induced recession and growing inflation trends headed our way and with a massive tidal wave of ECONOMIC BLOWBACK predicted, we gardeners have to think of what stick to the ribs AMINO foods we can afford to eat for protein. If we can't farm our own tilapia, in an 88$ filtered KMART swimming pool, (which might not be a bad idea, if your kids don't mind swimming with sharks...... and/or IF STEAK goes to l0$ a lb., I guarantee you, you will have to consider this question. It is going to come down to PAY RENT or EAT! So the question becomes, HOW TO GET THE MOST CLUCK FOR the BUCK, growing food-wise. PROTEIN, obviously. OK WHAT PROTEIN can we grow? Well, CHICKENS give eggs. If you can build your own hen house, grow grain for them, you could have scrambled eggs alongside your beans.

GROWING BEANS - You could grow enough to have occasional refried beans in tacos. To eat them daily you'd need two cups of dried beans. They expand to feed 8 people when soaked then cooked. Mexicans tell me you can't store beans for long.

AMARANTH?Lotsa grain, tasty like rice. Beans for refried beans on corn tortillas? That works, ADELLE DAVIS and FRANCES MOORE LAPPE swear that the two complientary proteins in corn/beans adds up to a full spectrum AMINO acid. Peas? A little carby to qualify but SOYBEANS? Yeah, THAT WORKS!

SOY INFO: I looked online and found two varieties available in America. SHIRONOMAI is one variety of soy bean and finding some of these precious seeds is necessary.  This may be the orig. japanese soybean before HENRY FORD started tinkering with soy hybridization, to get plastics out of the ground. (WHEN RUBBER was hard to find during WWII.)

The new hybrid soy commonly used in the US of A is the FORD VARIETY. We have to search for the old original varieties. talks about this SHIRONOMAI

HAKUCHO is another variety

if that is too long for your menu box, just go to and put in a SEARCH in the GREEN BOX, for HAKUCHO and SHIRONOMAI!

See them both plus the ORDER FORM.  This will give you both, SHIRONOMAI and HAKUCHO