For the BROWSER:  the Firefox browser is fine as ONE of your browsers and it is free.

 GOOGLE CHROME FOR MY MONEY BEST BROWSER OF ALL I put my email IN there, the GMAIL addie only.

EMAIL PROGRAM:  Thunderbird is made by the same folk as Firefox. works well and is free. . I put my astrology at earthlink email addie in THIS browser.

HTM PAGE COMPOSER: Lots of free HTML composers out there now.  One that's been around for a while is Coffeecup. I downloaded it and couldn't figure out how to work it. Not intuitive. and I MEAN I REALLY TRIED as I can't live a day without composing in HTM text and posting on my 5 websites. SO OK,  MY MASTER TEKKIE PAL PHILIP IN OHIO says "MORE INTUITIVE meaning easier, ergo  MOAH BETTER is SEA MONKEY." Click on   I DID and tekkie Philip said "always when you go in to your software in the morning PICK either of these two buttons, don't let the rest dazzle you. Two buttons you chose to get in. And I was GOOD TO GO. So ask me and Ill get you up and going, either the SURF WEB AND INHALE FILES from online or ENTER YOUR OWN HARD DRIVE AND WORK ON FILES, the two main buttons. I guess you could call them the IN AND /OR OUT buttons.

VERSION I HAVE was FREE --is usable but is not the latest version. SEAMONKEY Composer vers 2.40 was the second latest incarnation of the NETSCAPE Composer program found in the old Netscape Navigator./browser/ email client/ had all functions better than anybody.  NETSCAPE Won't work on 64 bit.  SEAMONKEY does. 2918 new release is out I believe.

MICROSOFT OFFICE "WORD" Just not intuitive enuf for me. Anyway, my armenian tekkie stole disc when he helped me install my new pc, along with a thumb drive. He tried to install a keyboard watcher to hack me from afar so I was lucky.

Here are some tutorials:

Getting Started with SeaMonkey® Composer

SeaMonkey Composer Intro.

This is webpage file WRITING SOFTWARE: A GOOD HTM COMPOSER. SEAMONKEY has 2 entry paths, let me tell you the two ways to enter, for files WITHIN or for browsing OUT and wee minor disturbances I can run out to you about after you use it a bit. Quirks. *tendency to sometimes erase path to graphics you put in article. Minor unless you load articles with their graphics missing as you didn't check IMAGE PROPERTIES enough times.

I hear that LibreOffice is like Microsoft Office, only free.
So is OpenOffice (Which my pal who sent me this list currently uses).
A good standalone word processor is Abiword.  Also free.  NEVER TRIED these three.
When Armenian tekkie made expensive house visit and stole me blind I thought I'd HAVE to but PHIL my netchum tekkie cued me about SEAMONKEY DOWNLOAD FREE.

ZTREE:  FILE MANAGER PAR EXCELLANCE> ztree can be downloaded from here: KIM HENKEL took PEACH TREE back in the 80's after the inventor abandoned it and made it THE MOST FABULOUS THING ON THE INTERNET. A FILE MANAGER. More intuitive than Microsoft's file manager,the name of which I cannot even recall.
WINDOWS DESKTOP:  You can replace the Windows tiles desktop easily with Classic Shell, which lets you choose from various desktops instead - XP, Vista, WIndows 7.  Also free. I found WIN 10 terrific. Even though it downloaded itself to my HD one day when I stepped away from my PC loaded withwin 7.

Seamonkey Tutorial

FTP SOFTWARE - CORE is free, easy to download. FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOLS easy to understand. call me if problems

ANTI VIRUS SOFTWARE.  AFTER your first, FREE YEAR WITH AVAST (ANTI VIRUS), you may not be able to do another free download.
THEY MAY FICHE you somehow.

But NTW (not to worry) you have WINDOWS' DEFENDER loaded into your PC. Activate it:

   First: Uninstall Avast LIKE THIS:
                         OR THIS:      
 THEN, by default, Windows 10 SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY turn on Windows Defender Antivirus (the built in Windows antivirus)



Anita: Windows 10 comes with an anti-virus called Windows Defender.
Avast probably turned it off and disabled it. You'll need to get rid
of Avast before re-enabling Windows Defender, or it will most likely
turn it off again.

Here's a how-to:

How to Turn On or Off Windows Defender in Windows 10

Forget Option One, scroll down past that to Option Two.

Hope this helps. Phil who is my netchum Tekkie.

ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ has remained a total NET NEWBIE for all of her l9 years on the internet. Yes, she  has 10,000 articles on the internet on HOW TO LIVE ON A DIME WITH A COTTAGE INDUSTRY YOU RUN AS GUERILLA CAPITALISM and YES, she knows how to FTP and URL- CHECK always eradicating DEAD LINKS in her  published pieces, and yes she can write in HTML (with her NETSCAPE COMPOSER software) and yes she can CRIB GRAPHICS ONLINE so quickly she is called the queen of RIGHT CLICK .. but she says anyone could learn those minor skills in twenty minutes. Come to her house and she'll show you! And THOSE ARE ALL HER SKILLS! Except she gardens for free and makes good chile rellenos.