With a coming Depression, DRAMATIC CHANGE  is REQUIRED

1.) MORE FOOD BEARING BEDS! When you grow and eat vegetables, remember that you are harvesting sunlight. Seek out all sunny spots in your garden, remove hedges, bushes, trees or cut them waaay back so that the sun hits the ground.  The GROVE GARDEN CONCEPT   allows you to keep some trees that are useless being decorative nothing more. But many will have to go. If you keep a non-food-producing tree, make it smaller and grow food around it!  The SOUTH SIDE of your property is usually shady as all trees on the SOUTHERN WALL cast SHADE! Objects in the northern hemisphere cast shadows! CUT back those trees in height, without letting neighbors see in or people on sidewalks peer over. Prune hedges in width too and if vines cover the hedges, remove all tendrils trailing on the ground. You'll see, you have many new, sunny beds.

AMEND those beds, i.e. compost them. Use bagged leaves folks leave on street, trashcans from up and down street, wheel them to your front yard pile, dump. Use kitchen garbage, even orange peels. Particularly good: Pine needles. They are acidic. A treasure. Go down piney streets during needle fall, with a flat shovel and bags. Leaf clippings, grass freshly mown, bags of manure and  peat. Wet it down often. A few months later, it's ready, dig it into the new bed. Plant that bed with food bearing vines (berries, kiwis, grapes) or with plants. The supermarket Dumpster has bushels of blackberries and raspberries in summer as they 'go bad' fast. Ask produce man to give you all his bad berries and reserve a time for you to come in for them.  Plant these rotten berries, as is, or smush them in water for a few minutes, with your fingers then, sieve out the fruit's flesh, plant the granular seed. You will have berry bushes ready to set out in a year. I use a pingpong table on south side of house to grow seedlings. Water daily  for a year, then set out in garden when they're bigger. Watch for snails, slugs. I have possums so don't have to worry. They eat them all! And if you don't have a veg/fruit garden going, you'll have to, too!

PLANT the curb strips and driveway bed from curb to garage. Amend them, plant them with food bearing vegies, fruits, berries, fruit trees, nut trees. If push comes to shove you'll gate the front. Cyclone fencing to cross entire front of house, chest height is about l00$. Easy to do yourself. Grow vines on it, string beans, berries.

2.) SELL the CONDO! You can't grow anything on a condo balcony. Sell the condo when you've hit the two year ownership mark (for tax exemption purposes) and reinvest cash in a RUNDOWN, FIXER UPPER huge property house 1/4 acre minimum, with the proceeds. A farm one gas tank away from the city is also a good idea, if you can afford it. If you work in the city, calculate future commuting costs, gas prices vs. value of a sure food supply. Some very low priced homes come with 8,000 square feet of yard, or even more exist in the city. An acre is even better, though such homes go for a million. Go for lot size where possible.

If you haven't lived the mandated, full 2 years in the condo you want to sell,  you can still mortgage it, take out about 50k, use that cash to buy a HOME in your child's name, or a close, trusted relative, and start FOODSCAPING /amending soil, planting orchard, over THERE at the new property. At the two year point, you can sell the condo and move into the home in your child's name. (But that kid must drive with insurance)

3). 23 SKIDDOO FIDO! Keep useful yard dogs  but all others those pillow pets, you give away to GOOD HOMES or sell at a very low price, though that offends the sensibilities. They are sadly, meat eaters. In times of scarcity, the best guard dog-barker is needed in your yard for fruit poachers, and to catch varmints that eat fruit and vegies.

4.) START SAVING JARS, those 5 gallon plastic paint CONTAINERS with LIDS are superb for seed, grain, bean, rice. You can throw bulk in 'em or a dozen bags of grain, then line with plastic bag, put in your grain with a piece of dry ice and  lock the top. Bakeries give away 1 gallon plastic cans, they fill their dumpsters with them. A bayleaf in each bag for safety's sake or dry ice. Pick those BIG CONTAINERS up when they appear by the curbside in neighbors' trash. Or when you attend garage sales, buy the old paint, if container is good. Not one gallon metal, the l0 gallon plastic ones Remove paint remains with a scrubber. Of course, save paints all together, mixing colors, the blue hues together, the beige hues together. There are paint recyclers these days that do that, mix and re-sell, believe it or not, and they sell the NEW HUES.

5.) BUY PLANTS AND TOOLS USED! HIT THE Garage sales as they will produce cheap rakes, shovels, spades, pitchforks, wide tine forks, trowels, plastic pots, flats and sometimes soil amendments and hoses. When houses in your area go up for sale owners will allow you (for a small price,) to dig up, move young fruit trees which can be dug out in Jan/Feb. So always ask, 'any young fruit trees you'd sell?' when you see a home for sale. Again, when fruit trees are dormant, in January, February. There are SEED EXCHANGEs online where folks generously trade through the mail!

6.) DUMP the GYM. Save the 40$ a month fee and put it into stored rice, beans, nuts. A home freezer with your own fishing hauls, clam hauls. Or why not put it into a tilapia farm in a homemade lake.   Learn about this tasty fish. Instead, work out on your  farm. Yes! Become a gentleman farmer on your very own farm. Learn easy fast cheap gardeningtricks. You can google dozens of interesting articles "farm tilapia" + instructions

7). A BACK UP POSITION. Many believe cities will be rife with strife, pillaging, so put your money where your food is, buy land outside the city, one gas tank away. The head of family member who owns the current home can surely be convinced that it would be smart to have a tiny vacation cottage as times get tougher. Send him all these files. When you buy that land, the group, chumcluster or family will vacation there weekends, allowing the group to install sewer lines, copper pipe hook up off the water supply, create a septic tank, plant an orchard, amend soil for vegie gardens and  build a simple cottage.