BIG FISH EAT MEDIUM FISH and they EAT SMALLER FISH and they EAT very much SMALLER FISH and they eat EAT TINIER FISH but don't kid yourself, THE BIG FISH DO ALL THE EATING! The other guys get NOTHING!
          by cafr1 @ W. Burien

Big Fish Wins the Sweepstakes
Eats up the whole SEA!
No other small or medium fish
Gets a bite for free.

Greenspan's rates were BAIT for
All the banks to BITE.
Get those multiple HOOKUPS,

Collapse the entire FOOD CHAIN,
No pity in this FELLER!
Who is this cruel banker?
Last name is ROCKEFELLER!

Take a look at the money the big boys are rolling over. The "Bank Derivative report", JP Morgan Chase shows net assets of 1.4 Trillion dollars but they were rolling-over and controlling 90 Trillion dollars in derivatives.

The top 25 bank list totaled about 300 Trillion dollars of derivatives (the market maker) under their control. Better not be on the wrong side of the market contrary to where they want the market to swing based on their buying and selling effect. They will take your money every single time in their trading profits from the moves they "create" through the use of that money.

The big banks manipulate the market, destroy their competition the smaller banks, profit from that manipulation, and then take over that competition weakened by the same manipulation, AND THEN use their contacts to push the government to use Taxpayer revenue to bail-out the economy created by the effect of their own manipulation, as they take-over their competition at pennies on the dollar, and those big boys grow ever larger. Well, I guess they call that activity snack food for the kings..

WHO ARE THE BIG BOYS? The ones that sit behind the curtain, the Wizards of OZ? Who controls J.P. MORGAN? Rocks. 60 Wall street is ROCKS. But you can google them if you want. They're combined now with CHASE MANHATTAN. ROCKS AGAIN.

"Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason?
 For if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

----------------------If you have A PhD or IQ over 180, read these:
1. The Federal Reserve's - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
     2006 -
     2007 -

2. The US Treasury Auditor Generals Report on the top Bank derivative
holdings.  I note to scroll down 2/3rds through the
report to the "Table" section to see the dollar values (in millions so add
six zeros to the shown numbers) Example: JP Morgan
Chase - #1 - Net assets 1.4 trillion - derivative positions 90 trillion
     ** 2008 March -

3. The US Treasury Auditor Generals Report on top Bank mortgage holdings
and performance.
     ** 2008  June -