EUCALYPTUS, like a bad friend. Gets old, gets cranky and hurts you. sweet eucalyptus can be your worst enemy

I am Eucalyptus.I have many uses.  My aromatic juice can be rubbed on your chest. The steam from my leaves can clear your sinus and open your breathing passages.
But, I am NOT your friendly garden dweller or neighbor. While I can provide shade and on some of my many variations I can give your heart shaped leaves, of one purpose you must be warned. I am such an excellent source of fire wood that the Ethiopian Emperor Selassie ordered that I be on his property. Because my branches are very brittle and fall at will. Fire wood lying on the ground for the taking. It is my characteristic to fall.

Tim who wrote this will testify "My own Eucalyptus grew in my front yard for many years. One huge branch did fall toward the street. On the fence and adjoining public side walk. The tree spoke to me .."see what I will do ?" Out of nowhere. Just an urge that comes from the bottom reaches of my mind.

I listened. As the tree grew to such a height that it had its eye on the front half of my house,  had the tree the lamentations of neighbors who said they were being deprived of it's shade. Its beauty.

EVER LISTEN TO A EUCALYPTUS ? It is not a tree suitable for public cohabitation. As they grow to 100 feet, make certain it is planted l00 feet from YOUR house, or anybody else's.