tv watching by family should be like a college
                  course in ACTIVISM


GET WITH THE PROGRAM. LITERALLY. AMERICA is on the verge of A TRUE DEPRESSION. In every sense of the word. The lemmings are headed straight for the cliff's edge. The signs are everywhere. A WACKJOB in the WHITE HOUSE, a BIGGER, WIDER, BOUNCIER trembling of the stock market, (down 10% in OCTObER 2018 in 3 quick lurches,) soaring interest rates, tidal wave of joblessness and foreclosure, 9 billion a month for a Nazi war of control and invasion across Arab world but above all the depression is visible in the eyes of the people.

THE TRAGIC SUICIDAL ONES among us are  part of some divine plan. You know, the people reeling under the convergence of disasters, tsunamis, homelessness, joblessness. They were fired, they are sick with no HMO, orphaned when the Factory moved to El Salvador. They move among us like the WALKING ZOMBIES in that H.G. Wells movie "THINGS TO COME." (* live link) People who take the high cost of GASOLINE personally, who feel that their lives are ruined by 200$ to fill up the tank of an SUV. That group. Part of you says they were fated to be that way. Fergetaboutit, part of you is compassionate.

But bottom line, their sorrow is keeping us all somewhat sorrowful, so where you can, help them to see that they're buying into negatives and to stop it. The government programs us to believe in negatives: more serial killers, more crime, and now PEAK OIL and running out of oil. In truth there's plenty of OIL here. THEY want us to believe the PEAK OIL thing to stay in a panic so we stay behind their RESOURCE wars! RECENTLY an Alaskan preacher was invited to be part of the OIL INDUSTRY, sit at meetings in their board rooms and he wrote about that. PEAK OIL IS A MYTH.

Comfort your friends. Tell them the simple life is a good thing. There's an after life and not everything down here should be about Wall Street Billions. About WINNING the way the OLIGARCHS do.  The truth is, they need us more than wee need them. Don't let your friends, family, children buy into the MYTH that there isn't enough wealth down here. Everybody on the planet has abundance. Don't let friends go down the ideational path of lunacy buying into  joblessness, depression which makes them want to leap off Suicide cliff believing that life is hard and it's always been that way.

Darkness was created so that man had to MAKE an effort for there to be light. Tell your sorrowing brothers that. Remember that old, Christian saying "he's not heavy, he's my brother?" Partake in the fight, be an activist, show spunk? Be certain in the knowledge that the forces of darkness allow, enable, encourage and MOTIVATE the wise ones (you,) to grapple with them, to step in and do something.

FIGHT their habit of MAKING YOU BUY INTO war, rivalry, aliens invading and insufficiency, debt and sorrow by dodging race wars. Avoiding debt. Driving a 4 cylinder 25 year old car that doesn't use gas! These are sly, subtle, strong ways.

Fight the GREEDY LEADERS that tell us to buy SUVS and encourage us in debt, preventing us from having a worry free life. Fight the apathy that enables the FORCES of DARKNESS to abuse us. THEY createa an economy so seeminglyy rotten that many of our sons and daughters were deluded into going off to phony resource wars to get a college scholarship. A MAN CAN MAKE MILLIONS WITHOUT a college education.

The truth is those student loans/ that college education, even a PHD in FINANCE will earn you, according to 2006 statistic, $45,000 a year. YOU WILL END UP OWING ten times that amount in student loan debt.. THE SALARY is chicken feed. Plus you have to work in a scary corporate hierarchy. You'd pay NOT TO HAVE to endure that. We should fight all that world.

How else might we spend our time? Well, how about boning up on what's WRONG down here and finding a DHARMIC PROFESSION that can fix it. Little babies/ young people dying of cancer? Become a holistic healer. acting heroically to resolve it. No license, no college training, just a dose of good ole 'fashioned 'book l'arning.'  LIVING the truth, teaching it. Holistic medicine.

How else do we really approach God and worship him except by solving the problems of sorrow, disease, ignorance on earth. And we do that by studying the TRUTH which is the closest thing to GOD we have down here. You want to study what MANKIND has discovered to be "SO."  And sharing the knowledge that it's only crazy down here because we're enslaved. Habituated. Ignorant.

Get depressive people to secrete a little adrenalin of anger hormones as we were DUPED. There is no problem here except our being fed a line of lies. Bacon and eggs are NOT good for CANCER. FORMULA is not good for babies. Vaccines are not good. There is enough gasoline.

Get your sadsack pals into a healing dose of righteous anger by informing them of the health and plenty that they can enjoy now, around them. Get them up to speed on the fact that the Dark Forces' workers, policitians, greedy CEOS.. God's enemies ---are out making mischief,telling us that the LATINOS are coming to take our son's jobs. The Irish didn't.The Jews didn't. We did ok. Malthusian theory was always a lie! Maritime College professor named TOMMY MALTHUS made it up (as mischief) more than 400 years ago to scare people into SAILING over the edge of the known world to find new land. It was good for business.

We could prevent world panic from propaganda mischief. Make people see the truth, then get them to join you in rattling the bars of the cage! Scare the oligarchs.

If a friend gets fired from his job because the BOSS moved the factory to the third world tell himto be happy that TRICKLE DOWN finally happened in HONDURAS. If a pal loses his home, his wife, his kids and there's no AFDC so his kids deal drugs and go to prison. OUCHEY. That's a hard one.

Better idea. If that pal wants to kill himself because it's so damn bad down here let him at least self immolate in style. He might STUDY ALTERNATIVE MONEY MODES, he might do some GUERILLA CAPITALISM or he might become a political activist, a Martin Luther King and follow the dictum that "people who have nothing to live for ---- find CAUSES to die for." ISSUES, CAUSES.... GOOD ONES!  Like why is there such a huge prison population for non violent crimes. So the kid sold a little dope. His food was so unnutrified, he thought METH was food.  Do you see the way panic, ignorance, sorrow, divorce, bad diet and addiction all fit into the OLIGARCH PLAN? Oligarchs have to worry about employing their soldiers of darkness and the new private prison scheme is a great way!

Teach you pal that instead of boohooing, he might work on making life better down here, opening an Organic Sandwich Shop, with CELERY JUICE machine going full time. Or maybe making movies, Yes, doing a MICHAEL MOORE ---That's the guy who took his video set up with him when he picketed GM in FLINT MICHIGAN because General Motors broke camp and moved to HONDURAS! That MOORE fellow was hilarious and made  astring of great flicks and made money to boot, Cannes Film festival, Oscars! Sure, it seems dangerous to picket GENERAL MOTORS but isn't the prize worth it? And it's not expensive!  It's about 100$ to make a video documentary these days!  Creativity is the antidote to depression. However, DEPRESSION is not exactly the matrix for being creative. So this has to be attempted in small steps, each more triumphant than the one before it. i.e. first you bake muffins, then you paint a picture, then you create vegetable garden outside, and onwards and upwards. Until you and a pal can maybe get a CRAIGS LIST USED set up or a thrift store SONY video outfit. Or to get a juicer and grow celery or even go become a mercenary to take down some genocidal king like Idi Amin or the next Fernando Marcos if he wants to commit suicide. Die  in style. Shoot a video of it. Or stand up to a Bulldozer in the Gaza Strip as one activist did before she was mowed down. Or picket the White House for that matter. I'll bet Cindy Sheehan wanted to die when she lost her son in Iraq, instead she picketed #%(&@* CRAWFORD TEXAS!

If you're suicidal and lost everything anyway.... such valorous work, studies, activity, filmmaking, etc would be a good cherry on the cake to at least go out shouting.

I'm exaggerating to make a point. Political activism isn't just for PH.D's. It's a last recourse for the depressed and listless. Every parent owes it to the future generation to find that HERO that's hiding in his own clothes. To study the REAL DEAL TRUTH on the internet and let kids study it with them, even if it's only going to RENSE.COM or renting a few real deal flicks like GANDHI and MISSISSIPPI BURNING, and SALVADOR and MISSING, Born on the Fourth of July, Wall Street And explaining the perversion of transnational mergers and takeovers to the kid.That film is a primer. You and your kids could even WRITE such a film, it's not hard.

Today with the DVD and internet, Activism is easy. Studying SCREENWRITING is easy. LEARNING TO SUBMIT WHAT YOU WRITE is easy.  We have internet ADDRESS lists, we shoot files and DVD's to our pals, files and DVD's that tell the truth. We share those films and websites with our own children, too.

Dad might pull up a chair and bring the kids close to the monitor and assign them to READ what's at http://www.ratical.org/corporations/ -- lofty pieces discussing THE PLANETARY OVERLORDS who hold the slave population in a death grip.

The futility of the rat race is probably why most of us are depressed. the illusion of unnatural INFLATION washing over us in waves over our noses. Each wave bigger. No lifeboat of a college education, no lifeboat of a home, orchard, garden, no lifestock, chickens and bunnies, no fishing boat, no gas money to get to the lake or beach anyway, just a low salary,  threat of joblessness, (what with factories in flight to third world,) ergo insolvency, bankruptcy a few inches away. Well, it's all an illusion the OLIGARCHS want you to buy into so you'll keep hating one another, fighting each other, scouring the border to prevent beggars coming in...

This RATICAL website depicts the true face of SATAN, how this DARK force has propagandized our brains, enslaved the workers, under paid them. Then taken all the shaking, shivering angels and citizens and enshrouding them in the trappings of racial hatred, genocidal war and petroleum darkness that Our Father did not Intend when he gave this entire planet a LYMPH SYSTEM THICK WITH OIL. All we need is better AIR CLEANERS on the tail pipe of our CARS!

Read up at RATICAL WEBSITE,  especially THE URL two paragraphs up, it's ON ENDING CORPORATE RULE OF THE PLANET, i.e. Satan's phony hold. WHEN YOU DRIVE a 4 cylinder 25 year old Jap Car, and make your own coffee and stay off the LATTE MOKA SPUMOS, and cook your own 'on sale' meat, with your home grown vegies, you will never worry again.

We know that what the corps/ CEOS do is darkness. The lie that you need an SUV and a 5 star cafe, and a trip to Europe. and their OTHER LIES, the Harvard taught ENRON maneuvers. Just a few days ago, the FANNIE MAE was caught juggling books so the CEO's could get hefty overpay. THeir lies are getting exposed more and more as whistleblowers show up.

Corporations have to work in darkness. THey will not survive the truth. So be truth tellers. Last fifty years they've had their heyday. They decided  which politicians, legislators made it. They funded their chosen few.  They created the government's agenda, deciding for the rest of us.

But now we know that THEY are the foxes who cannot be trusted with the care of the henhouse. They are about addicting us to consumerism and squeezing the worker's labor for profit, and screwing us all to the wall of USURY, DEBT.  They are not into enriching us. THEY WANT TO squeeze us like oranges.

And there is no trickle down. None. That's a Reagan era myth. A rising tide does NOT lift all boats. Keynesian money theory says: "let CORPORATIONS guide the country and its politics." And that's what the ELITIST Republican and Democrat conventional politicos want you to believe. (Not liberterians, which I believe you to be,) follow your kind, link. Don't lock anybody out, even if they're just learning ENGLISH ALLOW them into the LIBERTERIAN RAINBOW COALITION CLUB..

The really HIGH UP POLITICIANS, the POLICY MAKER guys behind THREE GENERATIONS OF BUSHES paid their way, Prescott the Grampa, George father and son. They are CEO's, Standard Oil, British Petroleum. The OIL companies. These TYCOONS sit on the boards of ninety corps each. And make billions. They want those 700 million dollar a year salaries, (stolen from stockholders,) and the little guys who invested their life savings in the company stock have no power to deny that salary (which is about ten thousand times bigger than any human needs)..deny it to that blue blood who's on the board, (at least not deny it at this time in history) or keep the corporation from hiding profits in subsidiaries as ENRON was caught doing, draining the corporation of blood.

These blue blood thieves want the huge perks which drain the corp, make it necessary to COLLUDE with other corps, set prices, so we pay 25k for average car, 300k for starter homes. BANKS are in on it. There is a table of elites a boardroom, a yacht where they meet and decide it all. Journalists caught a huge meeting of tycoons and royals in Europe at the Bilderberger hotel, so these royals got that name. THE BILDERBERGERS RUN THE PLANET. THAT IS a conspiracy last I heard. That is price fixing. That is law fixing. That is constitution evading.

Karl Marx was an economist. He foresaw their collusion and wrote up the theory that the tycoons would unite their will and tune their machines to finely intermesh, all machines exploiting the worker, from the lowest laborer on the banana plantation earning subsistence 20c a day, barely enuf to buy ONE BOX of Corn Flakes in that country to the best paid union worker.

The name for an elite that functions as a group is CONSPIRACY . THEY BREATHE TOGETHER. Con-SPIRE. Breathe together. So the nasty conspiracy THEORY 'C' word that liberterian Republicans and Liberterian Democrats use is the real deal.  Yet when we allege collusion exists, we are labelled crazy....paranoid, untrusting. Were Karl Marx, Lenin and Trotsky UNTRUSTING? They predicted exactly what these corps would do, let alone to their own devices, and boy were they right....the Marxist vision of Corporate monopolies, union busting, Strangulation of  the worker and moving factories to banana republics is what you see now, really going on, really true. And it will make life impossible for your kids and grandkids and great grand kids and great great unless these kiddies either serve the machine in abject esclavitude or rise up and fight it.

They will either be cogs or heroes. They will most likely become  soldiers in foreign resource wars, factory workers, (good luck in an increasingly shipped out, shopped out work force in maquilladora cities, abroad and all unions busted, all work mechanized by robots, so good luck there,) http://www.co-intelligence.org/CIarticles.html also a good place to read.

Today, bought journalists working at bought newspapers and mags receive cash from corporations and corps run this planet. They own all politicos. We have the best politicians money can buy. READING papers and magazines just doesn't work for you and your family to learn how Corps control politicos and govs, here and abroad.

http://www.ratical.org/corporations/ is a start in learning what to do. Cut off the tail end on the URL corporations/ and you will surf to plain ratical org. see that page, and find its secret paths as that site made all paths to information real real hard for spiders to enter and files to be found. ONLY A HUMAN can find his way in.

http://www.co-intelligence.org/CIarticles.html has articles for your kids for this beautiful upcoming weekend of study. Disciplines. WISDOM. CHANGE. We read along with our families, we share this list with our friends, this URL. We share it with our friend's children. We do not need to RAISE MONEY to create freedom. Please. get a grip. We need only for every eye to be unshuttered and the INTERNET is the cosmic Tree of Wisdom we always waited for. it has grown and bloomed just as the corporations threaten to run things over a lemming cliff.

You can hear the waterfall up ahead. We know we can't steer our boats further into these tricky waters.  A good research site like this is  the very last twig, leaf and bloom on the TREE OF EVOLUTION.

Taking that ripe fruit of knowledge and eating of it can STOP that final disaster. Activists suggest that we could put ads in papers telling the truth and this would be the Archimedes fulcrum, the lever that an lift the entire world and change it. While the ARCHIMEDES FULCRUM effect is real, and it does take a very few strong arms to lift the planet, it is the waking up that is done by INTERNET STUDY, not ads in papers. Enough internet study and our voices will be outside the Rothschilds/ Rockfeller/ White House/ window in million man marches/ demonstrations that get carried by every newspaper on the planet.

A 90 thousand dollar protest ad in a paper is like a droplet on a hot stove. Gone in a second. THE IMAGE of a million man march is never forgotten. The entire ENRON debacle and Wall Street meltdown from the APRIL 2000 NASDAQ crash didn't create one demonstration! I guess all us activists were watching AMERICNA IDOL or REALITY TV.

For one Sunday, turn tube off, watch the monitor instead, with your kids. Discuss the strangulation of a planet. The actual 'snuff death' of humanity done for fun and profit, done by uncompassionate, blind, profit-seeking corps wreaked on the worker. Here in LA Calif, last year, 70,000 super market  workers struck for health coverage. Markets thumbed their noses, were doing just fine with scab kids running cash registers and workers were out for a year.

ALL unions everywhere are being busted like that. RENT HOFFA, RENT SALLY FIELDS in NORMA RAE and MICHAEL MOORE's first film, ROGER AND ME (hilarious,) & discuss UNIONS with the kiddies. Just the basic liberterian rap to prepare them with ways to survive other than depending on the corporative /political infrastructure. Teach them to understand cottage industries and in a pinch, learn to barter for basics, shoes, food, etc. BY DOING IT YOURSELF. You grow Apples? Joe has BUNNIES? Make a trade.

Another way to educate kids is fun movie watching. If you're hip you'll know which flicks to pick. Lately I have been brooding about the need for activists or hip people to spread the knowledge, educate, to create a society of Gandhis and Martin Luther Kings ready to DEMONSTRATE at any unfair laws. Like the new laws post 2001 abrogating most civil liberties at will of Gov And I suggest to my activst pals, calling into radio talk shows. With a real zinger. But What about educating our own children? Parents selecting the films and watching these videos/ dvds with the kids might be a super important part of any family Cultural or political Enquiry. Now, mother of four here, I know Kids have this rebellion thing. They don't want to sit with parents to watch anything heavy. They don't seem to want to accept parents as think gurus. They instinctively fend off 'thought police.'

But if one could create the family flick watching tradition with a flippergibbit pop movie the first night, gook it up with popcorn, sodas, make it a regular, accepted family tradition, one could start to show kids films of substance, that are relevant. Socially relevant films might reach into the darkest works of art about the POWER STRUCTURE. There's a definite POST KAFKA design motif to a film I was just watching "NACHT UND FOG", the Woody Allen movie about pre-Nazi Germany very allied to any of Kafka's many coded metaphoric novels, w. descriptions of repressive pre-fascist European life, and the idiocy of SHEEP getting stirred to murder or genocide..... and to see where else one could go for a double header, maybe rent 1984 with Burton and John Hurt on Saturday nite, Then maybe Sunday nite, a jocular side enquiry into facism via the dry comedy BRAZIL which is post Kafkaesque 1984 combined with Monty Python. Then follow that next weekend with the MATRIX TRIOLOGY. FILMS WITH A MESSAGE.  Great  movie watching. POLITICAL TITLES! But the point is to sharpen:
a.) our kids' sense of art lineages, Kafka, Orwell, Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, the Matrix.
b.) our sensitivity to coded references as a necessary part of art.
c.) their ability to see that as millions have viewed the film, we all know the truth now. THE EMPEROR has no clothes. Genocide is just sheep lemming nutsiness.

Why do repressive governments make us have to resort to subliminal messages? WHY CODE these things? Is it necessary to create allegories with these jolting metaphors...in order to have it be art? Well the Great Dictator with Charlie Chaplin is kind of daringly upfront about HITLER before he was even a declared enemy of the USA. That film might be a great palate cleanser for a weekday night. How long is that movie? Two hours? Well, It's actually a main course. But no more overt film than that in this lineage.

FAMILY MOVIE watching as part of parents teaching kids about reality could/should be attempted. Ya think most parents actually do not WANT their kids to have leftist sensibilities? That it's like a florid tendency toward being gay or being an artist which breaks out in society and while we love to see its florid spots on another, we don't want it on our own kids? Then we are allowing them to be trusting sheep led to slaughter. "Eating candies in Hell" said the Chilean poet  Pablo Neruda. Ignorant. Trusting that a college degree will get them a job. Today's paper had an article on that, said it would get you the job alright with a big corporation but that College degree in FINANCE could translate to only $45,000 a year. Which is poverty wages these days. READ THE TOMATO PARABLE,a story where one tomato turns out to be better than the big MICROSOFT JOB. The point is-- a student loan to get that degree would take decades to pay off. SO most of our youth are flipping burgers at minimum wage or if they're lucky, creating a cottage industry selling tomatoes.

Your kids may never get to a college level economics class, so don't hesitate to give them that education through rented videos & DVD's: WALLSTREET with CHARLIE SHEEN, an Oliver stone film. JFK, Oliver Stone, Excellent. A smart parent can candy coat the educational side of these films. The post film discussion over ice cream may even approach what that child would have received in College.

What ELSE are we doing Saturday and Sunday that we're too busy to educate our kids with selected flick flippin? Start to identify what your own attractions are, your own rut is....so that  you can eliminate it and instead, spend time CALLING TALK SHOWS ON THE RADIO and busting the fascists on their chops, thusly letting other listeners know that Ordinary Folks LIKE them are on to the oligarch AGENDA. TELEPHONE ACTIVISM is very powerful. Once your children watch you do an activist's phonecall OR PICKET they will join you in getting rid of WEEKEND TIME WASTERS, l0$ movies, MALL shopping, DATING, EATING OUT, all the dumb time wasters and join you in reality, getting busy with this new path. A path toward a better planet.


SOYLENT GREEN. Charlton Heston
MATRIX - Keanu Reeves
A Boy and his Dog - w. Don Johnson.
Wall Street - w. Charlie Sheen -- dir by Oliver Stone
Strange Days - Ralph Finnes
Total Recall - Arnold Schwarzeneggar
On the Beach - Ava Gardener
Clockwork Orange -
Minority Report - Tom Cruise
Running Man - Arnold again
(please, send your fave titles to astrology@earthlink.net )

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