By making organic gardening illegal, by making all seeds illegal except transgenic, by selling off city water rights to foreign based corporations, OUR Government has already shown us that they intend to block our survival to get our cash, that money comes first and if we don't have the money, that they don't mind losing 100 million of us. When you have no food, and your water was turned off as you can't come up with $2,000 a month (Today I hear of families with higher bills!) they'll blame the inflation on Bernanke, Greenspan or Bush and most of you will buy into that explanation. You won't even know it was not the BANKERS that you saw, (i.e. those famous guys,) but the BANKERS you never saw, the no-name oligarchs who run THE FEDERAL RESERVE and who named it RESERVE as it is their very own poaching preserve. It's how they keep your beating hearts and brains in a glass jar and siphon off your thoughts just as quick as you think them.

The 13 families  don't really want their planet all that crowded. When they double park outside the Ritz to run in for 15 desserts, taking only a bite of each, they hate homeless guys with their carts there. So the deal is this: they intend for at least a billion of you to be subtracted from view. Take your little push carts and scramola. They don't think of the death of a few hundred million as anything too stressy.  They don't think locking l00 million in FEMA camps to rot is any biggie, either, cuz hey, you couldn't educate yourself or get a job. ADIOS STOOPID! Darwinian Cul de Sac. Who needs your DNA in the slave population?

The elite considers YOUR family's EATING AND DRINKING REQUIREMENTS in this manner: HOW MUCH can we charge you for the air you breathe, the house you live in and the food and drink that keeps you a working slave? They aren't thinking cut rate prices, the 'mean ass max'.  Make you hamsters scramble! And next, can we oligarchs separate you and your heirs from ALL YOUR MONEY and if you're not forthcoming in coughing it up, and if you claim joblessness, then the FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMP for you, boy.

Don't believe me? You want Proof? As we speak, the puppet pawns of the banksters (known as politicians), are selling off the WATER RIGHTS of our American cities to FOREIGN BUSINESS concerns, i.e. banksters with anonymous companies named H20 IS US, and "WE DRAIN YOUR POCKETS AS WE FILL YOUR CISTERNS" thieving corps run by CEOS who have no loyalty to your town, your country or the human race that you belong to and who will DOUBLE WATER costs at the pump, like they did with gasoline last few yrs, or heating fuels. They only stopped cuz they heard a real rumble from you on that one. They are mob sensitive and remember Moscow 1917 and Paris 1789 like it was yesterday.

But consider this. They are like mindless cancer cells that only know expansion. These bankster CEOS have already invaded every country they were able to worm their way into and bought water rights for cities. Read the H20 article, they're particularly interested in fine glacial water in places where people live 150 years if they drink it. There are countries in LATIN AMERICA where they easily bought the water rights and are leaving high and dry farmers landless! But also, they flouridate the water instantly, making the survivors stupid! All water in America is flouridated and if you drink it you're stupid. They killed forty bio weapon scientists who got onto this.

Now, you've heard rumors that they are MAKING vitamins illegal so that they keep you sick and can get your hospital money. Cuz they fund hospitals. They lend to them. So, they're  making organic food illegal, forcing all growers to use costly transgenic seeds, suing farmers who don't and last, making all home gardens illegal.  There is a video on the subject.

Just up ahead, you'll be forced to buy MUTATED seeds (possibly even dangerous) that MONSANTO developed & has the monopoly on. Forced to buy the spray poisons required by these seeds, and the fertilizers so food costs you l00 times what it costs today. Look on the bright side. NOBODY will be plump!

They are already starting to lock up the supply, they've started blocking your family's eating, drinking and they will also block your attempting to make a living by selling your oranges or worse, by TRADING them and they will block your trading the FISH your son catches at the river ... and which you and your mate and kids would love to trade for milk, cheese or local food products, grains, poultry, fruit, nuts. They look with horror at your supplying your larder this way as they want food profits and taxes from your sweat/ your job so they will block your BARTERING and trading with a fury you cannot imagine! With horrid, new, wily criminalization laws.

So here's the deal. RIGHT NOW, you and I have to buy good fertile FOOD-growing land of any size from 8,000 square feet which is the usual city lot, up to 2 acres of land outside the city in the suburbs or beyond the burbs in the fields. You do that so you won't be hanging in the wind when they devalue the buck. Your CASH on hand and your bank account won't be worth bupkis when they start cranking up the INFLATION, so convert your family's money into food producing land, now. POOL YOUR ASSETS. Go in with aunts, uncles, grandparents, but get it bought. Have space for goats, space for chickens. Growing vegetables, grains, fruit orchards. More than two acres if you think beef is necessary. It isn't of course. LEARN THE ART OF GOING WITHOUT.

Create an anonymous corporation. Very useful. Do you know what was the first corporation on the planet, guess when and Guess who? You'll never guess, very famous guy.  Got your guesses lined up> What kind of corporation was it. It was agrarian, also a TAX EXEMPT NON PROFIT (gov tax men couldn't touch it,) and it was created by... OK YOU GIVE UP? ANSWER: in 525 AD the first corporation was started by Saint BENEDICTUS who'd been in a cave for years beforehand, day and night meditating, high above a valley near Rome. His big idea was to start a monastic order. And these men just loved the place and out of it came the first corporation. GOOGLE IT. So my take is that meditation produces good business ideas. HE INVENTED the SOCIETIE ANONIME! The CORPORATION with its motto. "TAX ME, YOU TAX AIR,. SUE ME YOU SUE AIR!" Which is why we can't sue EXXON for the air we breathe which gives everyone Alzheimers. What you need is to get a Photograph of St Benedictus and post it on your PC, in a frame and work daily to start your own tax exempt non profit agrarian foundation. Hit the URL ABOVE three lines, to see in what mode.

You've got the anonymous corporation? Buy one off the shelf, pre-aged. Now, The second thing you want is to CONCENTRATE on enriching your neighborhood. Some people say wanna be rich, Go Global. Not I. Go LOCAL. Coming and going that has benefits. COMING:  The concept of buying locally involves BARTERING at times and the FED/ IRS/ GOV hate that like the Green Witch hates the water that Dorothy threw on her which melted her down to black chewing gum. Right now, tonight, make your first phone call. "How are those cactus fruit coming along. Do you think you'll have extra? I'll trade you for my oranges." Or 'those squirrels getting all the avocados? Yeah? Maybe you want my ladder and my kid to shinny up that tree so we can do a partial harvest and for every dozen you give me, I'll trade you one of myl hand made butcher block, oak cutting boards. Or one fresh caught trout and bass, for say a dozen avocados." There are hundreds of trades that will get your neighbors ready to enter the barter thing for every crop they get.. Make your trade list. I have a black walnut tree so I might be a popular girl around Christmas. You may have shoe rebuilding skills. You fix appliances. You don't have to trade your whole tree's orange crop! Your son mows lawns. Your wife sews dresses. EVERYBODY get their barter skills into play, now. That means make friends around you, set up a SUPPLY CHAIN for you and for them, LOCALLY. That has to be done fast and quietly for if the Gov realizes we've exited their MONEY SYSTEM, they'll be on you like white on rice.

NOW, the corporations also enriches GOING, by that I mean, you enrich your immediate neighborhood. We are now going to study the ways that local corporations enrich. Just today I saw a PBS documentary on what China is doing to survive their unexpected Recession. They lost their export biz overnight. Factories are running skeleon crews. Workers are running around jobless. So the "COMING" isn't happening. They had to really tighten up and adapt a GO LOCAL MODE. Entailed was:  1.) MICROLENDING. All small entrepreneurs with an idea that has LOCAL BUSINESS as its primary concept, can get funded. 2.) Smaller bidders for bigger jobs. Cities are feeling the pinch.  Those tarholes in the road? Why go to the costly CONTRACTOR? Jobless Factory workers now run around with hot tar wagons. Quake-destroyed buildings are being rebuilt not by professional contracting crews, but by civilian manned work teams. Cities in the USA might welcome smaller sidewalk/highway repair crews. Asphalt, roofing. Fixing infrastructure, patching sidewalks, bridges. 3.) INTERNALIZE all markets. China is seeking to re-allocate those cell phones, those sweaters and shoes, to their own provinces. These same principles are what we must do.

To enrich the economy in your area of town, when you aren't bartering,  buy food (or any good or service) produced, grown, or raised as close to your home as possible. That is reallocating and internalizing markets. In NORMAL times buying from DISTANT SOURCES is simply bad GREEN POLICY as with industrialization, our food is now grown and processed in fewer and fewer locations, meaning it has to travel further to reach the average consumer’s refrigerator. Although this method of production is considered efficient and economically profitable for large agribusiness corporations, it is harmful to the environment, consumers and rural communities.

Food Miles, Resources and the Environment also count but these are DIRE TIMES. It's not about GREEN. It's about famine. If you have to bike twenty miles to a chicken farm, you're exposing yourself to car accidents, one biker I know had 40 accidents over a few years time, many surgeries. You are exposing yourself to being tired, upping your calorie needs, ergo vit deficient, quasi starving, being sick and the damn chicken bleeds all over your cycling legs and spokes and gears and makes a stinky mess. THIS RECESSION does not have to be GRIEF.. MADNESS is contagious and very costly!

During this recession, take into account "Food miles" when you think of bartering. IF YOU HAVE a pal with 50 chickens in his garden, you're lucky. If you don't, follow that clucking sound to the one guy who has poultry and let him know that you have an orange tree, fix appliances, cut glass and replace windows. Make a little home made card. MY TRADABLES.

You bike a l0 lb bag of oranges to his house and he surrenders a chicken. I give you two lbs of walnuts, you give me a fish that your kids caught at the river, beach, lake or dam. Sound about right? If your chums don't like OJ, then make amazing marmalade and trade THAT for their poultry. Or the orange sponge cake. Looks imposing but flour is pennies, you grew the oranges. My market has sugar 5 lbs for 2$ flat on sale. a cake takes about a dime's worth! Now, if you make hand made leather SHOES, in about a year, believe me, folks will be ready for them! I have a dozen possums scratching inside my walls and ceilings as we speak. THEM I COULD BUTCHER! I am an old hand at going clamming in Malibu. You see a bag of those coming at you, I'll bet you'll make my kids a pair of leather shoes!

GET THE BARTER THING UP AND GOING. If you can't all identify your many TRADABLE SKILLS when the typhoon hits, you will not have your SUBSCRIPTION ROUTE up and going.

THINK in terms of the closest marmalade, the closest chicken as you don't want to waste gas on ONE ITEM that is 20 miles west of you. It's not easy being green. Right? Nobody told you this would be easy, so let's check the distance a food item travels from the farm to your home. And keep that number single digit. Let's also factor in the fact that you may not have three bucks for a chicken on sale at the barrio market. Let's remember that within months, a fresh chicken may go for 50bucks. They went for fifty thousand bucks when My Grandpa got stuck in Inflationary Germany in the 20s. and 30's.

You probably have never thought of food miles. Nobody has a mental Rosetta stone for this one. But right now, the food miles for items you buy in the grocery store tend to be 27 times higher than the food miles for goods bought from local sources. That Mango, that Papaya was FOOD MILE INSANITY. The orange I grow next door to you same vitamins, you can have 20 of them just give me a butchered chicken. (Having lived with PUCK PUCK for a year I don't want to ever have to butcher one.) She used to watch TV on my lap, cooing. We were friends.

In the U.S., the average grocery store's produce travels nearly 1,500 miles between the farm where it was grown and your refrigerator  About 40% of our fruit is produced overseas and, even though broccoli is likely grown within 20 miles of the average American’s house, the broccoli we buy at the supermarket travels an average 1,800 miles to get to us.   9% of our red meat comes from foreign countries, including locations as far away as Australia and New Zealand. That fish I buy was caught in Canada, processed in China, frozen and brought to Hollywood California so I can buy it at $1.50 a pound. I'd rather your son caught it at the Hansen Dam and sold it to me for a bag of my oranges.

So just back out of the international food economy and create your own, on your block and do it now as in a few months the BIG SUPPLY SYSTEM will have turned very toxic. It will become an instrument of torture, panic. Fright. If you are depending on basmati rice shipped from Delhi or Bombay (which already doubled in price in the last year,) and you can't trade oranges for that bag, if the market owner actually is so barbaric as to expect you to pay in money, have a job, then you must stop supporting that rice-obtaining gambit right now.  Either stock a few bags for the duration, (7 yrs) or switch to these neat, organic yellow corn tortillas made by LA DIANA. Week's worth for a family is 2$. Or grow yellow field corn and get a vita mix grinder! But get those seeds before they are outlawed which is about to occur.

THIS WHOLE RECESSION stunt was devised by the CENTRAL BANKERS (the owners of the FEDERAL RESERVE,Rothschilds, Lehmans, Leobs, Morgans, Rocks...)  to get their hands on the reins of the economy. NO MIDDLE MEN, no splitting profits. That means they want your water bill, your heating bill, your taxes, your food purchases to go DIRECTLY TO THEM and them alone.

It's not EASY BEING GREEN- BUYING LOCAL in the old days meant being green. Less gasoline spent using local produce, building community and supporting sustainability was the objective then. A tremendous amount of fossil fuel is used to transport foods such long distances. Combustion of these fuels releases carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and other pollutants into the atmosphere, contributing to global climate change, acid rain, smog and air pollution. Even the refrigeration required to keep your fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meats from spoiling burns up energy. Food processors also use a large amount of paper and plastic packaging to keep food fresh (or at least looking fresh) for a longer period of time. This packaging eventually becomes waste that is difficult, if not impossible, to reuse or recycle.

Aside from the environmental harm that can result from processing, packaging and transporting long-distance foods, the industrial farms on which these foods are often produced are major sources of air and water pollution. Small, local farms tend to be run by farmers who live on their land and work hard to preserve it. Buying local means you can talk directly to the farmer growing your food and find out what they do and how they do it. Do they grow their food organically? If they're not certified organic, ask them why. Many small farms, even if they haven't taken the certification step, still utilize sustainable or organic farming methods that help protect the air, soil and water.

Health and Nutrition

Buying food from local farms or your neighbor who planted all that collard!!  means getting food when it’s at its prime. Fresh food from pals or local farms is healthier than industrially-farmed products because the food doesn’t spend days in trucks and on store shelves losing nutrients.

Food transported short distances is fresher (and, therefore, safer) than food that travels long distances. Local food has less of an opportunity to wilt and rot whereas large-scale food manufacturers must go to extreme lengths to extend shelf-life since there is such a delay between harvest and consumption. Preservatives are commonly used to keep foods stable longer, and are potentially hazardous to human health. Industrially-produced foods are also difficult to grow without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones, all of which can be damaging to both the environment and human health.

Even though most Americans live about 60 miles from an apple orchard, the apples you typically buy at the grocery store travel 1,726 miles between the orchard and your house. That’s further than driving from Portland, Maine to Miami, Florida! Plus the sad thing is, you didn't make your own part of town PROSPEROUS.

Local foods from small farms usually undergo minimal processing, are produced in relatively small quantities, and are distributed within a few dozen miles of where they originate. Food produced on industrial farms, however, is distributed throughout the country and world, creating the potential for disease-carrying food from a single factory farm to spread rapidly throughout the entire country. The 2006 E coli outbreak is a good example of this, as contaminated spinach from a single region in California managed to sicken people in 26 states.

Products such as ground beef, which is pooled from hundreds of different animals, are of particular concern. The meat from a single diseased cow could end up contaminating hundreds of pounds of food distributed to thousands of people. Once such a product is on shelves, it is very difficult to determine where the contaminated meat came from. Preventing or controlling disease outbreaks in such a system is nearly impossible.

In addition, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the federal agency which inspects meat and poultry, does not have the authority to order a recall of dangerous or mislabled product once it has left a plant. The agency can only urge the company to issue a recall themselves. This often leads to delays in notifying the public, wasting valuable time and increasing the odds that unsafe products get eaten by consumers.

Family Farms and Community

According to the USDA, the U.S. has lost over five million farms since 1935. Family farms are going out of business at break-neck speed, causing rural communities to deteriorate. The U.S. loses two acres of farmland each minute as cities and suburbs spread into the surrounding communities.viii By supporting local farms near suburban areas and around cities, you help keep farmers on the land, and, at the same time, preserve open spaces and counteract urban sprawl.

What You Can Do

Join the growing movement of consumers around the world who are making a little extra effort to find food raised nearby.

· Check out /Google the worlds " Eat Seasonal"  to find when foods are in season in your area.

· Buy food directly from your local farmer at a farm stand or a farmers market. Or join a Community Supported Agriculture CSA  group online, dozens of them, and get a farm share.

· Encourage your local grocery store to stock food from local farmers. Slap a HAPPY DECAL on his window and splain that more folks will visit his shop cuz of it.

· Find local cooperatives, farmers markets and other sustainable outlets.

· Join the 1-mile to my pantry movement. If you can't bike to buy it, shun it.

· This means you have to teach little shops within a mile what to buy, that better, organic, golden yellow corn tortilla that the small chain has, now should be available there. Those organic eggs, etc. That Greek yogurt.
· Speaking of which, think of the 0-mile rule. You can make your own yogurt out of milk

Did You Know?

· The majority of the money spent on grocery-store food goes to suppliers, processors, middlemen and marketers. Only 3.5 cents of each dollar actually goes to the farmer. If you buy food from a farmers market or farm stand, you can be sure that most, if not all, of your money is going directly to the farmer.
 Hand in hand with buying local is eating seasonal. Find out what foods are in season in your area.

  · Communities reap more economic benefits from the presence of small farms than they do from large ones. Studies have shown that small farms re-invest more money into local economies by purchasing feed, seed and other materials from local businesses,x whereas large farms often order in bulk from distant companies. Large factory livestock farms also bring down local property values with the intense odors they emit.xi
· A typical carrot has to travel 1,838 miles to reach your dinner table.

· In the U.S., a wheat farmer can expect to receive about six cents of each dollar spent on a loaf of bread—approximately the cost of the wrapping. In Calif, Bible bread is 4$ a loaf. Obviously a second
 part of this movement is to make all the foods you can yourself, jam, pies, bread. THE FRUGAL FRIDGE MOVEMENT. Trade THAT home grown pumpkin as ten pies! For ten chickens.
· Farmers markets enable farmers to keep 80 to 90 cents of each dollar spent by the consumer.xiv
· About 1/3 of all U.S. farms are located within metropolitan areas, comprising 18% of the total U.S. farmland.

THE FIX:  Help build a strong local economy by purchasing with purpose!   Make Your Purchases Count
Do you want to rebuild our economy and strengthen our community? A mere 10% Shift will do just that.
 If the five million households in your area shifted 10% of their existing purchases from non-local businesses to Local Independents (locally owned and independent businesses), we would see thousands of new jobs created and billions of dollars of new economic activity in New England, all without the use of one tax dollar.

The 10% Shift is a coordinated call to action led by local-first organizations, just like Seacoast Local, all across New England, and it has the power to transform our economy, today, with just a few small changes from each of us.

As you are deciding where to spend your suddenly shrinking paycheck, consider the security local businesses add to our lives.

Each transaction you make with a local independent means:

    * Significantly More Money Is Reinvested Here. Locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses. Purchasing local helps grow other businesses as well as our local tax base.
    * More Jobs Are Created. Small businesses are the largest job creator in the country, and for every $1 million spent at locally owned, independent businesses, twice as many jobs are created than if that money had been spent at a big-box store.
    * Greater Investment In Our Community. Local businesses are owned by people who live here, are less likely to leave, and are more invested in the community's future.
    * Lots of Competition And Diversity, Leading To More Consumer Choices. A marketplace of thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term.
    * Entrepreneurs Thrive. The more strong and diverse our local economy, the more attractive it is to people who want to launch new businesses here, creating economic security for generations to come.

Follow the links below to see how this story is spreading throughout the state, and pledge to start shifting your spending today at

CREATE YOUR OWN WEBSITE, name it THE ZERO MILE RULE or HANDS AROUND THE WORLD Studies show that dollars spent locally tend to stay local; local businesses contribute more to local non-profits and participate more in community life; and local independents demand less of our energy resources and public infrastructure. A thriving local economy creates more opportunities for entrepreneurs and builds community economic strength for everyone. Your "Buy Local" campaign highlights the connection between shopping at locally owned, independent businesses and retaining our community's distinctive character. We have a large, strong, vital local, independent business network-- but we want it to be larger and stronger. Why? Each dollar you spend at a locally owned, independent business returns 25 cents more to our community than if that dollar had been spent elsewhere. When that money circulates here, it feeds a vital entrepreneurial spirit. When business owners live here, they are more invested in schools and community infrastructure. They volunteer time and money for non-profits, and they are invested in our overall community health.

"Locally owned" means the business is privately held and at least one of the principal owners lives in your community. This includes employee- and cooperatively owned businesses, as well as non-profits. The businesses must be registered in your state with no corporate headquarters elsewhere.

"Independent" means the owner or owners have full decision-making authority over the business, and the business pays all of its own marketing, rent and other business expenses without assistance from or payment to a corporate headquarters.

NEXT create a club/ meeting once a month, where members set up a network of shops that promise to buy locally. Butchers, Egg suppliers. Create a food decal or window decal that will draw clients to that store.

    * choose uniqueness over conformity
    * feel entitled. Don't believe that the GOV is the know it all. THEY CREATED THIS MESS.
    * keep more of your money in our community.
    * sustain and create more local jobs
    * support environmental responsibility and sustainable practices
    * barter so often that you and the entire family develop a regular, habitual, joyful interaction going
    * tell only friends. Otherwise keep this quiet. School teachers, cops, gov functionaries will report this trend. It only takes two or three arrests publicized in the media as black market, illegal bartering, non-reporting of income, to stop a movement that would feed people. BLAB and you can kill millions. TEACH it carefully and you can SAVE MILLIONS.