Many of us believe that we'll enjoy a sublime AFTERLIFE with no problems, even as we recognize that life on earth today is a misery for half of the planet's citizens. Earth right now is like a Cinderella planet, very beautiful but on her knees scrubbing in the dirt, enslaved, weeping because she was not invited to The Ball. No loving Prince will come to rescue her because Prince Charming wants nothing but service from the peons and doesn't want to hear them whining. A change of ethos in our oligarchs is not going to happen or it would have come sometimes in the last 5,000 years. That's one view. The other is that our leadership really has evolved quite a bit if you read up on history and it happened because of teachers like you. We who TUTOR are in reality the very fairy godmother with a Magic Wand who can change history, evolve the action..To know your powers, trust in your powers, step in to the fray and wield your spell with belief that change can be effected is all you need.

Even as we all clean the ashes of the recent Meltdown from our faces, I'm sure we all  hope that a basically fine country can learn from the mess, heal and evolve. Ameica and England and a few other countries all came down with a plague at the same time, a unique, capitalist malady -- a kind of  Swine Flu -- as PIGS caused it and carried it. Pigs at the trough but basically some of us believe that this on tilt world and sick economy can be saved by a few fixes and transformed --- maybe in our time  --- into an earthly paradise. If you like me believe that, then you are on the right tack. FDR once kinda sorta saved a SICK COUNTRY. He made it swallow a bitter dose of SOCIALISM! In a Capitalist country a little dose of the absolute OPPOSITE works. Just like a little dose of Capitalism worked for Mao Tse Tung and Russia, really saved those two. Opposites CURE, a known fact. Sweet eaters need the bitter at times. This whole MELTDOWN thing may be the very bitterness we need to cure our past high calorie excesses. Well not yours and mine, but SOMEBODY'S.

The fixing of a fat, sick hog of a country is no different from saving the soul of a teen aged burglar. True, he was a very bad boy but we know that with a little loving, a therapy group, maybe a year in the Boy Scouts or something, that kid will walk the line once more! The parental psychiatrist with the gift for transference and a lot of fun chums to distract and amuse the kid can grab that little bugger from the GANG, give him a NEW GANG & make him turn down a good path with them.

What kind of person volunteers to turn a hellish country into heaven? The same kind of person who undertakes to  remake a teen aged delinquent into a great adult. That figure is a loving parent,  therapist, teacher, someone like you and me. But we need to really believe Earth CAN be a paradise. You know, there are quite good and religious people who believe heaven is the only sweet place. They say the afterlife is like a vacation in Fiji,  it lasts forever and there's no hotel bill and they basically get themselves off the hook. They don't expect anything good can ever happen down here on Earth so they don't work for it. That person says "LEAVE IT TO GOD who will give us all  a peaceful heaven after this beastly earth life is over so let's just lie here like slugs eating mud." The 'believer'  in an afterlife ignores the need to roll up his sleeves & make EARTH into heaven, make our earthly LIFE run better, more peaceful, more justice for all. And ignore religions that tell us to wait for Heaven to give us our due.

Karl Marx called all religion a shuck, all purveyors of hit charlatans selling the King's medicine to keep the serfs  in line. But in the right doseage, in the right teacher's hands, religion can be magic. Marx argued that under its spell, a lot of  people become slugs drugged on the hope that in heaven they'll get the bliss they can't get here. So they do nothing assuring that Earth stays a mess.

Tra la la. I didn't make Earth better when I was
down there, but pigs are flying NOW! I'm sending
those suffering humans my best WISHES!

We see the dark deeds going ON down here. Our Government has hidden agencies which secretly install puppets and monkeys on thrones across the world. They always settle for toxic thugs who starve, repress and genocide the people, like Africa or Haiti, Latin America. Then, our gov has its Special Ops, its Mercenaries and its spies to run this secret power marketplace so the table tilts into the Good Old Boy's network and pockets. Our government secretly panders to bankers who in turn run fraudulent, profiteering games on everyone. Our gov allows this Third Reich of Hogs in at the inner circle trough. Since the days of Alexander Hamilton, they sold the citizens off to the world banks which were allowed full access. To continue this pig motif: the IMF and FED RESERVE, Bilbergers and such --- all of them offshore richguys, have been allowed to receive all our tax money. Our gov serves their wars of expansion and sends our own boys, (serf brats to THEM) off on genocidal killing sprees to suit the needs of CEOS who want more land, more oil stolen.. Our government breaks its word to citizen tax payers to which it really should owe diligent service. Our Gov lets us be fired, underpaid or made jobless, , foreclosed upon, made homeless. Our gov knowingly lets its 'protectors' put useless,  toxic foods out in the marketplace, telling you they were OK when they weren't. When these items cause Cancer and you have no health plan the Gov lets you be stranded. Thank you, people in power. You have been a Third Reich of pigs.

But you dear reader can fix all of it. Believe in a just and mighty God. If you believe that God is quite content to see you and your family evicted, homeless, bathing in gas station bathrooms, suffering, ill dying, burying each other, then you can just walk away right now. If you believe God would prefer seeing you convert yourself and your whole family into noisy activists like Ben Franklin Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine so that you could be part of some meaningful, EVOLUTIONARY HOE DOWN of a BARBECUE with you up in the foaming top of that  TIDAL WAVE, creating GOOD kinds of CHANGE--- then READ ON. There are only seven things to do, and they're fun and easy.

I. Bite the bullet.  RESOLVE TO MAKE polite REVOLUTION that is aligned with your personal abilities and vision. We don't all have to use guns and pickets and slap posters on phone poles at midnight. Different strokes for different folks. An Artist/ poster-maker in the East Village has a different chore than a working parent in the ghetto and those two have gifts different from the farmer being hemmed in, fined, cited by Agri businesses until he loses his land.   DISCOVER your own abilities, vision, specialties and what's interesting on your resume that you can use when you tell your story.  LIST your unique TALENTS for a certain DEPARTMENT in the EVOLUTIONARY REVOLUTION. Cook for groups? Create potlucks. Great Rap? Be the speaker. You know a pastor? Are you Connected at the University, line up the speakers. Know any media or radio folk or can you get press releases to them, work in the Ministry of Information. Once you know what you can do, PROMISE YOURSELF AND GOD to do it, to link with others with complementary gifts and as a team, VOW to meet regularly, and keep those promises/ VOWs you all made, together. And make it play not work.

II. BEFRIEND AND JOIN. ACTIVISM is a GROUP THING but which GROUP do you have around you? The lady next door is a Jehovah's witness or Baptist. Her son works quite happily at Walmart. Will they listen to reason? Your coworkers at the office just want to flirt at the watercooler and shop at the Gap. Not a whole lot to work with, but hey, it's a starter kit. You can go anywhere from where you are today. But do base your work on what was done before you and team up with others conversant with that work. Study the PHILOSOPHIES of the great ones. Find the flaws, know which predictions were accurate, confirming that guy was a Prophet. Hegel couldn't have been the father of modern progressive thought without being able to refute Kant. Lenin couldn't have spread ideas if MARX hadn't written them down. Marx couldn't have survived to write without ENGELS. (We all need our Engels!) And those two couldn't have done it without about 1 million RUSSIAN SERFS who 'got it.'. But on each others' shoulders, they launched a really huge progressive change against not only a thousand year tradition of  perverse Capitalism based on SERF SLAVERY from one end of the EMPIRE to the other , in all EUROPE as well as across Russia but they did it in the face of the Czar and a huge amount of Soldiers. And that was in a country without a cent of manners. They'd kill you soon as look at you.. How much safer  and easier will this be for you in our polite, democratic world? So, Line up your best CHUMS, the university brainoids first. Read for free online, then seek your serfs, your Joe Six Packs. Teach them that progressives today are not communists to be feared, scorned or hated as there's a Liberterian tilt to the uneducated. And teach those who fear being 'caught' being progressive that govs today don't shoot activists. They do something worse. They put them off their game, pacifying them with lies.  So everyone has to be immunized against the Fascistic Third Reich and its ministry of propaganda and LIES, its fake promises and assurances. Idle Hopes assure you'll be a slave forever. Keep on keepin' on without getting put off the scent, narcotized, put to sleep or bought off! Take the short course in ACTIVISM.

III BONE UP. KNOWING THE TRUTH about what's going on HURTS --BUT it's A GOOD KINDA HURT. It also makes for great cocktail party conversation! Makes you look good so BONE UP at the BEST SITES online. STUDY at THE TRUTH INDEX.

IV.  THE HIP BONE'S CONNECTED TO THE LEG BONE. SEEING THE PROBLEM and what MADE THE PROBLEM is REQUIRED. That's only scientific. Ya gotta stay scientific. In our case today it's a  BIG OLE MELTDOWN and in the wreckage we can see the fingerprints of the specific greedy pig villains who were just shouldering in at the trough when they cracked the trough and flooded the barnyard and ruined it for all of us. More important is knowing the game they were playing as then, you can make new laws, catch and jail lawbreakers both retro and future. Know that other pigs will come to try the same tricks, so you need to know specifics and make specific laws. And DUMP THE PIG LAWS

In Orwell's "ANIMAL FARM" the pigs
were the outlandish, cruel, predatory masters.

V. MAP OUT THE FIX. KNOWING the CURE, or WHERE you're headed, the stuff to demand Gov do first. That is the FIX and the FIX INDEX PAGE  is the last step. Know specific fixes of all kinds. Remember, enough fixes applied to a sick thing will get it up and functioning!

VI. Get into a dharmic professionas a teacher in a big city with clientele among billionaires, politicians, legislators, bankers, all those in power. Be servicing, instructive, relaxed as then you are receptive. True receptivity is the space between ticks on the clock, the eternal now, where love lives. It is the gear of the saint. Being here and now rather than being a professional, all full of youself, rushing around with "TIME IS MONEY" thinking, banking those hundred dollar bills. That is the zeitgeist of the pigs and it will put out the spark in you. Be monastic, Rein in the money thrill, the appetites. You don't have to fall into Voluntary poverty but refrain from being only about money  because then you're no different from how the Third Reich of the Pig has been. Forward the action down here on the planet by teaching evolution and being a model of it. Find unique and engaging modalities as a teacher to make your well-fixed, powerful students adore and trust you, hand over their hearts and maybe more importantly in the long run, the hearts of their children so that you can turn entire families into aware, loving humans. Part of it is transference, Freud called it. That's when you become the beloved parent to them. Being receptive and being loving and loved allows you to crack the carapace around the hard heart and help their heart open. Try to mirror them in a non-offensive way so that they grow. If you just pander to them, they really can become enfants terribles. If you can't handle the case, find another teacher whom you know is better at it. Be open to meeting, locating, determining who is the best in the various healing professions. Trust that even the rich and powerful share the human ethos and ability to adore and serve those they love. You see how they are for friends, family, children and their cat and dog pets. Or their horses. They will willingly make any sacrifice for their beloved sweetie pie. Help them see the beloved sweetie pie in all humanity. Help them extend that feeling to include their voters, constituents, maids, butlers, workers, even faraway third world starving villagers. The victims of the northern hemisphere's politically motivated, inhumane wars. So work upwards.

And work downwards. Find the kids in juvenile hall, the prisioners, the criminals. If we stop thieves & murderers at both ends, we do the planet a service. Help the disenfranchised to be at peace so that they can put their shoulder to the job and themselves forward the action. Be certain that if we new age gurus bond with any student as his yoga teacher, holistic healer,  mentor or school teacher, he will achieve new degrees of excellence, feeling, affinity. We will create an alternative reality, a hundredth monkey, planet-wide phenomenon of increased bliss and ease coming in fast spurts, evolutionary leaps.

VII. VALUE YOUR CAREER for it is more than a bread supply ---It IS YOUR CHURCH, YOUR MEDITATION and your hour at your ALTAR. Your hour with those clients becomes your very conversation with GOD. He overhears all you say or do. Maybe God even says the sentence for you or whispers words into your ear. Or allows you to view a miracle. Every moment of a teacher's day is an awesome, living, growing edge to a petal on a flower on a vine that you have nursed and which  is unfurling across the planet growing fruit and seeds that will nourish a new Human. Imagine that this New race will create an even more finely featured, earthly Paradise where your grandchildren and theirs will find happiness. You are that process. You are if you know it, if you ARE it, if you choose it, if you dream it, personify it. And don't fall asleep and forget that this path is the only one you want and from it, all other paths will come.