ON HIS DEATH BED, ex WW II NAZI ROCKET SCIENTIST WERNER VON BRAUN told his assistant, Carol Rossen, that a secret wing of the US MILITARY would one day claim that aliens were invading the USA to cover the mayhem that they themselves would do... and that as she watched the bodies pile up, she should not believe that the armies were of alien origin. The real identity of the invaders  would be the planet's RULING class, a  handful of OLIGARCH families REALLY, the men who run the Bilderbergers and IMF, sometimes called the 13 FAMILIES or "the Illuminati", --and that they would bomb American cities until there were no people left. Just real estate left clean and empty. Certain cities were fancied in particular and there, the people would be vaporized by neutron bombs, (well he didn't say that word as that kinda bomb wasn't here then...I'm saying it now as it's in a secret file/ manuscript that a friend of mine just ran across...)

WVon Braun said that the planet bosses would be able to do this with impunity simply by alleging that 'UFOS' had done it! That is in agreement with Radio Star DAVE EMORY's SPITFIRE website  show #167 where he sez same thing:


also at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJUWxC1rmh4

You can google "von braun" in quotes + invasion + alien + government and you'll see dozens of sites with this information Or you can google that Dave Emory radio show, listen to it online! There are three shows--  so go to his index page also.


Be aware that the concept of ALIENS may be a far reach for our GOV when nowadays IRANIANS could so easily be blamed for any neutron bombs cleaning out cities which the Oligarchs crave for themselves. WVB warned that 'THEY' the Illuminati or his bosses, the guys who ran the pentagon when he was under their thumb...want us plebians gone. They want the cities cleared of people but they want the real estate in good shape. So nowadays that translates to NEUTRON bombs being used. You know: 'Polite bombs'. The meat goes but the cement stays. Of course for this bizarre scenario to work or 'play', there would have to be a lot of UFO sightings, first or a lot of problems with MOSQUES/ Muslims so that gitback would seem to be logical. Same as 911. They do us one, we do them a war back. A side perk of wars in Arabia is we get to keep their oil. Though if oligarchs blow people out of all cities, who's driving? So maybe the Alien land grab is thriftier and the Nazi rocket scientist was right. Sightings continue to spike.

Now of course, the other possibility is that Von Braun was off his rocker. I look at that face and see ONE very YIN EYE, and that is a portent of weakness, unhealth, a tendency to have tragedy, even insanity . (Read William Dufty's "You are all Sanpaku"  the definitive book on that subject of bodies out of balance and how it's seen through the eye.) The Asian Scienceof healing called MACROBIOTICS said the pupil that floated with 'white' visible underneath was a sick mind and sick body

Von Braun's yin eye would seem to be his LEFT eye, ruling the unconscious part of the brain. except that his wedding ring is on what appears to be his right arm, so we can assume that the negative was flipped. Maybe his RIGHT EYE was yin. The rational mind ...well it makes little difference. A YIN EYE IS NUTS and its owner is  headed toward tragedy. Google terms like YIN EYES, SANPAKU, BILL DUFTY, or WILLIAM DUFTY, or MACROBIOTICS. Especially 'images' of people said to be yin, JFK, ANNA KASHFI, (Brando's doomed wife,) Bobby Kennedy and John Diefenbaker the ex-premier of Canada who had a tragic life.
NOW, where and how I came by this theory ---not the SANPAKU DOOMED by eye white theory, no, the one telling us that OUR VERY  GOV is going to PRETEND that SOMEONE ELSE is doing the attack is based partly or verified partly by the fact that there is an actual,  super high spike of UFO SIGHTINGS lately which would allow GOV to say ALIENS were attacking us when it really wasn't ALIENS. When it really was  a lot of robotoid  CLONED SOLDIERS, Man Meat grown over 6 feet tall. No joke, that cloning idea started with Adolph HITLER who had his scientists breeding big ferocious 'things' that could fight! And according to my source, the paranoid Venice Beach hippie, they're being made in CHINA. Another reason not to buy stuff from there ever again!

So back to the main theme, ALIEN INVASION I first heard about this from a Vegetarian, sensitive, very  conversational pal Jeff H. who lives in his RV, with four vegan  dogs in bed with him, is eternally parked in VENICE California on the beach dodging cops and black helicopters and 'we will take all RV's parked here' notices from city.

You aren't getting MY RV. PIGS. I am the KING OF GOOD KARMA, A Hermetic
Messenger! When the Chinese clones arrive, I'm going to the DESERT!

Being naturally edgy, Jeff tends to believe most theories that entail the government doing terrible things to people.  He ran into a man who had actually known and MET Mark Metcalf and thusly got his hands on Metcalf's book. The book describes the entire END OF HUMANITY SCENARIO, the one Von Braun subscribed to. There will be, according to Metcalf,  a Blitzkrieg takeover of  North AMERICA  with overwhelming martial force starting in Los Angeles, spreadig to Portland Oregon, Vancouver BC and then LAS VEGAS, a weird segue, no? but it seems the cloned soldiers need hotel rooms and no city anywhere has more of those. These cloned 'SUPER' soldiers are a kind of life form. (It takes 4 yrs to make one, but they made 100 million so that's why VEGAS, a town that could bunk them all if they were ten to a room. The soldiers carry chupacabra type biting gargoyles which also makes it look like an alien invasion and wear helmets so you can't see they are humanoids) It will happen on  JAN 12TH 2011, the book said. (a date that has passed.). Something to do with the Santa Ana winds able to blow the radiation in the right direction. If they decide to blame it on aliens you may  note sightings of UFOS way up just before that. Expect a SPIKE in sightings  to make the point 'hey guys, it wasn't us --it was martians..They will hide super soldiers in vegas hotels also.. Vegas was placed next to AREA 51 to house workers and cover it.  The famed NOVEL "1984" had the dystopia pegged right. George Orwell's brother was an Illuminati higher-up Mark Metcalf says. Top book on the 'system' that ever was written in all history -- and on and on he goes..

I know this man (outside his RV in pic above, 3 decades friendship.) He's a triple Sagittarius,, impassioned, (it's a fire sign) a man always on top of latest INTERNET ALARM BELL with ANYBODY victimized or SUFFERING, even animals. Back twenty years he had me typing CHICKEN RELIEF papers. Every issue that he ever brought to me to type was a legit grievance,  big  animal rights including NO MANDATED CANCER-producing rabies shots, how they should be outlawed! He was witness to TWO DOGS getting cancer right where the rabies shot needle went in. I saw that he was always right. He was a meditator with Maharishi -- the original Beatles guru -- then with the Hare Krisna. My teacher the Master Jules called him "God intoxicated" but we all knew that a lot of grass went into the condition. He's the scion of a Washingtonian blue blood banking family, an old time Secretary of Treasury, and he was once PLAYGIRL Boy of the month, very Adonis like, and has 150 children. (Bigtime sperm donor and is in fact they made a documentary on him called Donor 150 and all the Hour news shows filmed him meeting with his children, hilarious as he looks like Down and Out in Beverly Hills meeting posh suburban kids, some Hollywood Royalty.

So anyway, my distinguished super hip chum goes on "-- there will be a total blackout of truth. Chinese manufactured cloned troops are in on this and these humanoids will be orchestrated by the Illuminati, Rothschilds, remnants of the Nazis all pretending that these 'soldiers are either  space aliens or rogue terrorists from Iraq or Yemen. If you see a lot of mosques destroyed by Red Necks in the days just before Jan 12th, it's just so the oligarchs can hang the invasion on Muslim gitback. Then the bombs and the killer radioactive cloud. You see, Mark Metcalf's father was at the factory during a Rockedyne, deliberate Simi Valley meltdown complete with radioactive cloud worst in US history, beyond 3 MILE island... and it was done to study how the 1959 Santa Ana winds would affect people downwind of all that radioactivity. They lied at the time -- you want to find Mark Metcalf on Rense.com ..: " NOW THERE IS A LAWSUIT on behalf of all the neighbors who got cancer.  So if you  hear of mosques being attacked in the USA on the 11th, you better get in your car and drive east as fast as you can as it's the start of a false flag operation. When every city in America looks like a Will Smith movie with hovering starships, our own billionaires are about to pull this stunt and blow our bodies to smithereens, leaving them just our fine real estate. There is already a SPIKE in UFO sightings. (Graphic below has stats) This is because the AREAS 51's of this country are taking their own retro-engineered crap outta the barn and flying it overhead all at once. These may be 'the signs'  that an enormous false flag covert operation is about to go down and when you see a few more of those signs, you want to get out of the city to your pied a terre rustica in the country with water source, orchard, vegie garden as bombs are going to hit the city. So if this is all so, stop your spending right now, buy an acre in the countryside one gas tank from the city and get that acre planted now. Vacation there on week-ends building your peasant villa, watering the orchard. Click on above PIED A TERRE RUSTICA file to see how easy that would be.

Imagine a great sci fi political flick of that story. Imagine this everyman, this schlub played by Jeff Daniels who is a night janitor in the WTC, who sees it all, sees all his confreres killed on 911, who runs, and tries to whistleblow in an era when there are no Julian Assanges, 2001-2012. ..and then stumbles on the ALIEN INVASION plot and  creates an exodus from all the cities. Only believers would leave. The doubting Thomases would of course stay behind and be blown to smithereens. Afterwards, the Illuminati would pretend that Iranians had nuked us (and survivors would gladly go into an international war to exterminate all the people in all the Arab countries)-- but the op would in fact be a totally home grown genocide.

Ordinary people can get mad enough to genocide another group. It would be just like clearing the Pawnee or Sioux out with a 'massacre'... America has been in ten straight years of war costing us ONE TRILLION TWO HUNDRED BILLION dollars after their first, famous charade, the September 11th 2001 WTC bombing. Researchers know that was allowed to happen, just as PEARL HARBOR was allowed to happen as it got America into the war. There are so many clues. The Mossad had HEARD Arab net traffic noise and knew full well those 19 Saudis were gonna do it, told the Bush Nazis 'let them do it, it allows you to smash Muslims off the face of the planet'. Bush's PETROLEUM drillers agreed saying ' let it happen it gives us an excuse to invade ALL OIL RICH MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRIES AT ONCE. ' So Bush got his personal pals out of the WTC building and he and his team fled to FLORIDA! All that information is widely known.  Search these two websites, looking only for older articles http://www.911truth.org/  and at http://www.ae911truth.org/  site created by  ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS who know you can't knock a skyscraper down with a single plane! The CONSPIRATORS for this FALSE FLAG OPERATION had to have placed explosives at every single supporting column on every floor and timed the implosion. They wired the building with high clearance bomb tech military men who (like the Polish Astronauts) came at night and placed remote detonated plastique in crawl spaces, then did a standard implosion floor by floor from a remote control radio.

WTC was in fact the first WERNER VON BRAUN 'ALIEN HIT' PREDICTION only double the fun: KILL THE BUILDING (because it was decayed, full of asbestos and rather useless.) AND kill the people. But it underscores how little the BIG GUYS care about human lives.

My RV-DWELLING hippie mystic pal who actually paged through Metcalf's mysterious book goes on: "according to the book, Jan 12th just after dawn they will drop 2 neutron bombs on us.1000 ft up They will also hit Portland Oregon and Vancouver so canada? Get ready. The SUPER RICH are going to take over the WEST COAST of the North AMERICAN CONTINENT which is what they are craving right now. This came from the work of writer/ researcher Mark Metcalf, who was born to be the witness, the schlub en situ, as  his father worked at Rockedyne where they had a phony nuclear cloud meltdown to test the wind's ability to carry radiation. This was not an  accident. It was a prepatory test for genocide. Metcalf alleges that the Rothschild/ Nazi/ Rock-feller consortium of evil is alive and well in the US and as the crowds in the West are noxious lately, nothing is beneath them when it comes to clearing the real estate of hoi polloi. A fake alien invasion? After the PHOENIX LIGHTS? And more abundant sightings lately? Works for them!

                                            *       *         *         *        *
THE DAY after I wrote this up and posted it I found this headline:

Wikileaks To Release UFO Bombshell
December 13th, 2010

If this headline is true an unprecedented release of UFO related information is about to happen. Thanks to the eternal vigilance of Wikileaks a large announcement in regards to alien visitations to earth, a intergalactic war that we have been waging since 2004, and much more.

According to the online publication 'European Union Times', A new report
circulating in the Kremlin today prepared for President Medvedev by
Russian Space Forces (VKS) 45th Division of Space Control says that an
upcoming WikiLeaks release of secret US cables details that the
Americans have been 'engaged' since 2004 in a 'war' against UFO's based
on or near the Continent of Antarctica, particularly the Southern Ocean.

This report goes on to state that after WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
warned last week that he would begin releasing secret US cables relating
to these Southern Ocean UFO's, and the Americans 'war' against them, he
was immediately arrested by British Police on trumped up charges issued
by the Swedish government which in our December 8th report, Global
Rebellion Erupts After 'Unprotected Sex Meets Disrobed Governments', we
noted were engineered against him as a 'classic' CIA 'Honey Trap'.

The report is alleged to include information on several high profile UFO
cases. It purports to have information on the June 10, 2004, UFO flap
that ran from Southern Ocean to Guadalajara, Mexico and the July 11th
solar eclipse event in which millions of Mexicans witnessed the strange
crafts. US media refused to air the videos mainstream. More cases are
covered but information is sketchy on the details.

This could be what all of UFO fan-dom has been waiting for. Proof that we
are being visited by intelligences not of this Earth. Or it will be a
big waste of time. If we are at war with the E.T's it has been a real
quiet one. They could have at least vaporized Ottawa and Washington D.C.
to make things interesting.

Keep an open mind this could be the big alien disclosure moment. Your
grandchildren may ask where you were when you heard the news that we are
not alone in the Universe


Remember, these would seem most probably to be American-engineered duplications of anti-gravity ships that Hitler had perfected in WWII when VON BRAUN worked for him, maybe retro-engineered from a real alien visit. Who knows, but aliens aren't really attacking us! REMEMBER THAT when US GOV sez THEY ARE!. BOGUS! ORSON WELLES TIME!

NOTE: The day after I wrote and published all the above on my website, I found this NEW YORK TIMES SCIENCE PAGE and mirrored on Ron Paul's website "NEW ADVICE ON THE UNTHINKABLE, HOW TO SURVIVE A NUCLEAR BOMB"
U.S. Rethinks Strategy for the Unthinkable

Suppose the unthinkable happened, and terrorists struck New York or another big city with an atom bomb. What should people there do? The government has a surprising new message: Do not flee. Get inside any stable building and don’t come out till officials say it’s safe. (ridiculous as Neutron bombs disappear your body and vaporize it no matter what room it's shut in.)

The advice is based on recent scientific analyses showing that a nuclear attack is much more survivable if you immediately shield yourself from the lethal radiation that follows a blast, a simple tactic seen as saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Even staying in a car, the studies show, would reduce casualties by more than 50 percent; hunkering down in a basement would be better by far.

But a problem for the Obama administration is how to spread the word without seeming alarmist about a subject that few politicians care to consider, let alone discuss. So officials are proceeding gingerly in a campaign to educate the public.

“We have to get past the mental block that says it’s too terrible to think about,” W. Craig Fugate, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said in an interview. “We have to be ready to deal with it” and help people learn how to “best protect themselves.”

Officials say they are moving aggressively to conduct drills, prepare communication guides and raise awareness among emergency planners of how to educate the public.

Over the years, Washington has sought to prevent nuclear terrorism and limit its harm, mainly by governmental means. It has spent tens of billions of dollars on everything from intelligence and securing nuclear materials to equipping local authorities with radiation detectors.

The new wave is citizen preparedness. For people who survive the initial blast, the main advice is to fight the impulse to run and instead seek shelter from lethal radioactivity. Even a few hours of protection, officials say, can greatly increase survival rates.

Administration officials argue that the cold war created an unrealistic sense of fatalism about a terrorist nuclear attack. “It’s more survivable than most people think,” said an official deeply involved in the planning, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “The key is avoiding nuclear fallout.”

The administration is making that argument with state and local authorities and has started to do so with the general public as well. Its Citizen Corps Web site says a nuclear detonation is “potentially survivable for thousands, especially with adequate shelter and education.” A color illustration shows which kinds of buildings and rooms offer the best protection from radiation.

In June, the administration released to emergency officials around the nation an unclassified planning guide 130 pages long on how to respond to a nuclear attack. It stressed citizen education, before any attack.

Without that knowledge, the guide added, “people will be more likely to follow the natural instinct to run from danger, potentially exposing themselves to fatal doses of radiation.”

Specialists outside of Washington are divided on the initiative. One group says the administration is overreacting to an atomic threat that is all but nonexistent.

Peter Bergen, a fellow at the New America Foundation and New York University’s Center on Law and Security, recently argued that the odds of any terrorist group obtaining a nuclear weapon are “near zero for the foreseeable future.”

But another school says that the potential consequences are so high that the administration is, if anything, being too timid.

“There’s no penetration of the message coming out of the federal government,” said Irwin Redlener, a doctor and director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University. “It’s deeply frustrating that we seem unable to bridge the gap between the new insights and using them to inform public policy.”

White House officials say they are aware of the issue’s political delicacy but are nonetheless moving ahead briskly.

The administration has sought “to enhance national resilience — to withstand disruption, adapt to change and rapidly recover,” said Brian Kamoie, senior director for preparedness policy at the National Security Council. He added, “We’re working hard to involve individuals in the effort so they become part of the team in terms of emergency management.”

A nuclear blast produces a blinding flash, burning heat and crushing wind. The fireball and mushroom cloud carry radioactive particles upward, and the wind sends them near and far.

The government initially knew little about radioactive fallout. But in the 1950s, as the cold war intensified, scientists monitoring test explosions learned that the tiny particles throbbed with fission products — fragments of split atoms, many highly radioactive and potentially lethal.

But after a burst of interest in fallout shelters, the public and even the government grew increasingly skeptical about civil defense as nuclear arsenals grew to hold thousands of warheads.

In late 2001, a month after the Sept. 11 attacks, the director of central intelligence told President George W. Bush of a secret warning that Al Qaeda had hidden an atom bomb in New York City. The report turned out to be false. But atomic jitters soared.

“History will judge harshly those who saw this coming danger but failed to act,” Mr. Bush said in late 2002.

In dozens of programs, his administration focused on prevention but also dealt with disaster response and the acquisition of items like radiation detectors.

“Public education is key,” Daniel J. Kaniewski, a security expert at George Washington University, said in an interview. “But it’s easier for communities to buy equipment — and look for tech solutions — because there’s Homeland Security money and no shortage of contractors to supply the silver bullet.”

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005 revealed the poor state of disaster planning, public and private officials began to question national preparedness for atomic strikes. Some noted conflicting federal advice on whether survivors should seek shelter or try to evacuate.

In 2007, Congress appropriated $5.5 million for studies on atomic disaster planning, noting that “cities have little guidance available to them.”

The Department of Homeland Security financed a multiagency modeling effort led by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. The scientists looked at Washington, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other big cities, using computers to simulate details of the urban landscape and terrorist bombs.

The results were revealing. For instance, the scientists found that a bomb’s flash would blind many drivers, causing accidents and complicating evacuation.

The big surprise was how taking shelter for as little as several hours made a huge difference in survival rates.

“This has been a game changer,” Brooke Buddemeier, a Livermore health physicist, told a Los Angeles conference. He showed a slide labeled “How Many Lives Can Sheltering Save?”

If people in Los Angeles a mile or more from ground zero of an attack took no shelter, Mr. Buddemeier said, there would be 285,000 casualties from fallout in that region.

Taking shelter in a place with minimal protection, like a car, would cut that figure to 125,000 deaths or injuries, he said. A shallow basement would further reduce it to 45,000 casualties. And the core of a big office building or an underground garage would provide the best shelter of all.

“We’d have no significant exposures,” Mr. Buddemeier told the conference, and thus virtually no casualties from fallout.

On Jan. 16, 2009 — four days before Mr. Bush left office — the White House issued a 92-page handbook lauding “pre-event preparedness.” But it was silent on the delicate issue of how to inform the public.

Soon after Mr. Obama arrived at the White House, he embarked a global campaign to fight atomic terrorism and sped up domestic planning for disaster response. A senior official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the new administration began a revision of the Bush administration’s handbook to address the issue of public communication.

“We started working on it immediately,” the official said. “It was recognized as a key part of our response.”

The agenda hit a speed bump. Las Vegas was to star in the nation’s first live exercise meant to simulate a terrorist attack with an atom bomb, the test involving about 10,000 emergency responders. But casinos and businesses protested, as did Senator Harry Reid of Nevada. He told the federal authorities that it would scare away tourists.

Late last year, the administration backed down.

“Politics overtook preparedness,” said Mr. Kaniewski of George Washington University.

When the administration came out with its revised planning guide in June, it noted that “no significant federal response” after an attack would be likely for one to three days.

The document said that planners had an obligation to help the public “make effective decisions” and that messages for predisaster campaigns might be tailored for schools, businesses and even water bills.

“The most lives,” the handbook said, “will be saved in the first 60 minutes through sheltering in place.”

They have all kinds of secret programs going. SEE THIS:

8.5 Trillion dollars misplaced by DOD, no one held responsible, and people are whining 
about the welfare to the bottom. Please!

*        *          *         *         *        *        *        *

Well, you know what happened next. HAAARP engineered Japan quake, radiation encircling the globe, Govs everywhere lying about rads. So...maybe? They couldn't get a heartbeat on those Chinese clones and they decided to do us in with a 50's technology? ATOM BOMBS? What do you think? Write this author, Anita Sands Hernandez, astrology at earthlink. net

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