flag color indicates which country can drill oil from

The war to invade, plunder & OWN VIETNAM was A WAR BY the USA to OWN THEIR SOUTH CHINA SEA TREASURE of OIL.

A pirate WAR CAN DO NO BLESSING ON A PEOPLE not the victims (millions there,) but our 56,000 dead GI's and even in a karmic, emotional sense, our own PEOPLE. Was the heroic feat of our youth FIGHTING genocidal killers in the WHITE HOUSE in the 60's and 70's enough to karmically allow small stock investors to buy stock in the huge oil rush going on there now? Can we morally INVEST our IRA’s and 401K plans in RESOURCE-RICH THIRD WORLD (ASIAN) COUNTRIES including VIETNAM??* ANSWER: YES! Just as easily as we invest in DOW CHEMICALS. And with a lot more Moral High Ground.

Especially since most of the 109 corps there are WESTERN, at last report. And as you always objected to that war.

Can we trade with VIETNAM? YES since 1994.  And doing so and targeting poor artisans, would be helpful to balance the karma of what we did there. USA has been trying to get in there for a half century. THE USA/ ROCK FAMILY may have destabilized the area to get that oil at the time of the Vietnamese throwing the FRENCH OUT, IN IKE’s day. SEE HISTORY.

Most of OIL COMPANIES of THE WESTERN WORLD were investing heavily in Vietnam even immediately after the VietNam War*. The USA shot itself in the foot two ways, THE FIRST was making a war with VIETNAM to get their oil. (Anthony Sampson validates this little known fact in his book on the SEVEN SISTERS (seven major oil companies,). THEN, the USA stupidly did a TRADE EMBARGO against its former adversary. When it saw nobody joined it, and EUROPE was grabbing the oil, USA finally gave it up and joined in the feeding frenzy in 1994 when the US TRADE EMBARGO against our old enemy WAS LIFTED allowing our wildcats to get in there.

Today, THE DOLLAR, MARK and POUND are pouring into developing Vietnam even though it is a communist nation You can invest in MALAY, BRIT, Dutch, RUSKI, U.S, CHINESE or VIENAMESE companies doing the actual oil drilling.  Cuz they’re all there.

In case you feel resistance to TAKING high profits from an old enemy, like VIETNAM, forget it. They were the victims of our oligarchs, our military. 2.5 million were killed there, by us. Cambodia got it just as bad. That was the ELLSBERG PENTAGON PAPERS which the NEW YORK TIMES printed, which got NIXON thrown out.  An oil strike is imminent in the drillings offshore where once, only the Rockefellers who created that war knew oil existed. It’s coming any day now. First they’re going to give us BIG THIRSTY CARS, make them the VOGUE, and make us all HUNGER to have a HUMMER! Then they’re going to stretch the price of oil way up, and then when we’re all handing over the bucks, selling our kids to get gas, they’re going to pluck the ripe pear and sell THIS FRESH TORRENT of ASIAN OIL at top dollar. So invest in NAM! READ THE CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY MORAL ANALYSTS  CSR IN ASIA ORG OR COM Don’t know why it’s a com, that means money is made. Maybe they sell their moral opinions.

What about our good ole patriotic feelings that THE VIETCONG are the ENEMY. Weigh it against a dose of liberal leftist apologism. Hack up some Pro-third world Nationalism, lefty! How can VIETNAMESE OIL STOCK be “MORALLY Wrong ” to pursue? It would be EVIL ONLY if your dollars some how ended up benefiting the RIGHT WING ROCKEFELLERS who own a veritable pantheon of oil companies there today, the very men who started the Oil war there in the FIRST PLACE.

THE RIGHT WING, the GOP, the 14 FAMILIES, CIA and the SEVEN SISTERS (ALWAYS found in bed together,) are today drilling Vietnam’s rich off shore oil fields in an unholy Gangbang. Their fingers are closing around the throat of the OIL they lusted after since the late 60’s. FINALLY during the millennium, they buy their way in.

To do it, the Rock-fellers --like a big WOLF dressed in lamb’s clothing --- called themselves other corporate names: CALTEX. They rent CHASE MANHATTAN HANOI offices in the same building as CALTEX OIL, their LAMB SKIN “COVER”! Folks who patrol the CYBERSURF can figure out who’s under the SHEEP’s CLOTHING. THE original OIL BARONS of the planet.

I wonder if the Vietnamese realize that the Rocks are finally winning that war. HIDDEN (til now) FACTS about the nature of this first RESOURCE WAR in our own memories (cuz in TEDDY ROOSEVELT’s day there were others,) and in the BUSH years, there have been two or three more…and all these facts are now coming out. 

See for yourself: A LIST OF WHO’S DRILLING THERE by googling search terms. Yes you want to google THE IDENTITY OF THE DRILLERS


HISTORIAN and EXPOSE JOURNALIST, the super reputable ANTHONY SAMPSON, tells us that VIETNAM, that huge costly war the Republicans created in SOUTH EAST ASIA, (JFK inherited it from IKE,) was nothing but RESOURCE THEFT targeting oil fields!

That war killed 56,000 American G.I.s and left three times that amount crippled for life. It killed 3 million of South/North Vietnam’s people, both soldiers and horribly, civilians. Three times as many crippled. AND ---It left NAM with an epidemic of AGENT ORANGE LIVER CANCER and all because VIETNAM had the biggest oil field on the planet, just offshore, UNKNOWN TO THEM …In the ocean. Bigger than RUSSIA Texas, Alaska, GEORGIA or Saudi Arabia and Iraqi oil fields all put together.

ANTHONY SAMPSON writer of the SEVEN SISTERS put that little known fact into his book! He writes up the seven oil companies and becomes the only writer anywhere on planet Earth to catch that fact. OIL UNDER NAM! 

WE (USA/GOP) WERE IMPERIALIST OIL RAIDERS. Click on any Vietnam piece at AMSAM ORG .. THERE WERE TWO, SCAN them both. A driller told me: "In the 1950's a method of undersea oil exploration was perfected which used small explosions deep in the water and then recorded the sound echoes bouncing off the various layers of rock below. The surveyor could then determine the exact location of the arched salt domes which hold the accumulated oil beneath them. But if this method were used off the Vietnam coast on property Standard didn't own or have the rights to, the Vietnamese, the Chinese, the Japanese and probably even the French would quickly run to the United Nations and complain that America was stealing the oil, and that would shut down the operation.

"In 1964, after Vietnam was divided into North and South, and the contrived Gulf of Tonkin incident, (where US misinterpreted lightning on horizon as Viet cong shooting off big guns, which ADMIRAL ADMITTED in his bio later,) several U.S. aircraft carriers were stationed offshore of Vietnam and the 'war' was started. Every day, jet planes would take off from the carriers, bomb locations in North and South Vietnam, and then using normal  military procedure when returning would dump their unsafe or unused bombs in the ocean before landing back on the carriers. Safe ordnance drop zones were designated for this purpose away from the carriers.  "Even close-up observers would only notice many small explosions occurring  daily in the waters of the South China Sea and thought it was only part of the 'war.' The U.S. Navy carriers had begun Operation Linebacker One, and Standard Oil had begun its ten year oil survey of the seabed off of Vietnam. And the Vietnamese, Chinese and everybody else around, including the Americans, were  none the wiser. The oil survey hardly cost Standard Oil a nickel, the U.S. taxpayers paid for it."  Marshall Douglas Smith. (2001). Black Gold Hot Gold, Ch. 3 

So twenty years later and 57,000 Americans and half a million Vietnamese dead, Standard Oil had enough data and the war in Vietnam could end. Nelson Rockefeller's personal assistant, Henry Kissinger, represented the U.S. at the Vietnam/Paris Peace talks and won a Nobel Peace Prize in the bargain.   After the dust had settled from the war, Vietnam divided their offshore coastal area into numerous oil lots and allowed foreign companies to bid on the lots, with the proviso that Vietnam got a percentage of the action. Norway's Statoil, British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, Russia, Germany and Australia all won bids and began drilling within their areas. Strange it was that none of them struck oil. However, the lots which Standard Oil bid for and won proved to have vast oil reserves. Their extensive undersea seismic research appears to have paid off The Vietnamese must have read the book as within a decade of American soldiers leaving, they built their first UNDER OCEAN WELL, you want to google the terms ‘first under ocean well in Vietnam’

I did some more oil research today, hoping to be able to tell you buy Vietnamese oil drilling stocks on the emerging markets, cuz you couldn’t go wrong. See, I had the mistaken belief that, even while the OVERLORDS of WALL STREET rule the planet, there’s a way around them, like investing in the nationalist third word, to help the poor cancer-riddled victims of bullets and agent orange make some money, help the emerging corporations out abroad and also be a planetary activist -- a hope that we do goodniks could repair the damage and make some moola, have it both ways.  But you Google  VIETNAMESE OIL STOCKS and it turns out there ARE FEW REAL VIET COMPANIES, mostly WESTERN companies drilling there. SO the OLIGARCHS got what they wanted! God knows how but they did! 

Researchers have known for a long while that the war in Vietnam was a resource war. Anthony Sampson’s THE SEVEN SISTERS” let the info fly about 30 years ago. (That book is available at --used, for a dollar.) I had hoped that the huge oil fields offshore, in the ocean, were going to come into play soon, i.e. be drilled. And that hopefully the rich gushers would belong to Nam and not the Seven Sisters. BUT I do not have hope after I went and googled up the matter.  The SEVEN SISTERS are also after RUSSIA’s OIL, which is why US troops are in Afghanistan. SEE PIPELINE.

The COMPANIES THERE in NAM now who are DRILLING are CHEVRON/ TEXACO going in with the name CALTEX. British Shell is there and THE RUSKI oil companies have the other half. Very weird. Was some pact made between the two nations in the Gorby détente period? ‘We Westerners will give you ex Leninst Marxists half the planet’s goodies if you stop this infantile commie crap?’WELL YEAH! Check for yourself.  Russia entered NAM in 1981 to drill. HISTORY OF RUSSIA IN VIETNAM  can be googled. So imagine,The bodies weren’t even a decade cold! MORE ON RUSKI GOOGLE at the RUSKI JOURNAL COM

Chevron/ Texaco are there in Nam as CALTEX. There was a website called that had a lot on this. CALTEX info. But it dried up and blew away. SO MANY sites with info on oil here died! WHAZZUP with that?

SO what do you make of it? Are the barges leaving Nam, going out full of oil only leaving at night, when no native can see them, the way POLISH ASTRONAUTS go to the SUN? Are the wells so far offshore that the natives do not know? Was their barreled up booty taken without payment to the Vietnamese? WHO made the deal that the country’s oil should be taken away by the WEST? AND is NAM part of OPEC? Most nationalist oil owners join that insider club, did they?

You want to use very precise words to GOOGLE around on the plunder of VietNam  perhaps investigating how CONOCO struck oil in 99 in Vietnam, block 15-1 they call the wells! 5,600 barrels-per-day from one well. Another well is BLOCK 16-2 owned by BSC partners, in Rong Dong. (Try saying that word a few times, see if you get a belly laugh.)  Google these words.

So you see, any sleuth, any clue trekker out there should  GOOGLE around with this trail of clues, see what you make of the REASON FOR THAT WAR. To steal another nation’s oil. NOT TO diplomatically bargain for it or buy it. PIRATE RAPE AND PLUNDER.  For the ROCKFELLRS,  emerging nations getting to use their own resources is the wrong dong to pursue. Any third worlder keeping his stuff is gonna get kilt!. Balking sure bought the bucket for Allende in Chile who went up against Anaconda Copper, nationalizing their mines in Chile’s soil and throwing them out. Rent film “MISSING” or read “The execution of Charles Horman” over at abebooks for a buck. Costa Gavras made the film of that book. He also made Z’ rent that. They killed President Allende with a machine gun, but alleged it was suicide.

So our sad dirge is this. The PLANETARY OVERLORDS seem to have carved up VIETNAM, the country that WON THE DAMN WAR! This is as bizarre as JAPAN & GERMANY LOSING WWII and then we occupy them, give them the MARSHALL plan so they get back on their feet and instantly they become trade partners with us and overnight become PLANETARY OVERLORDS.

Does this mean that the cancerous TUMOR CALLED CAPITALISM is the only game in town and as soon as it invades a liver, destroys the liver, it is then able to metastasize capitalist tumor cells into the NOW dead liver and THE DEAD LIVER WAKES UP LIKE FRANKENSTEIN with CAPITALISM’s HAND INSIDE it, animated like a puppet? And this creature goes on like some zombie Godzilla-liver that walks like a liver, talks like a liver only is a death machine which votes the same as Frankenstein’s hand? Is CAPITALISM the RE-ANIMATOR?

“RESISTANCE IS FUTILE” SOME NAZI once said in a movie. IS THAT TRUE of the Anglo War machine, USA/UK?? Do these odd events seem to bear that out? The 14 families, Rocks, Rothschilds, Japanese, Germans & UK bankers and oil men all walk in locked step. But what about the darkies? Is any hope of an insurgent third world nationalism springing up to get a pizza slice of capitalism? Can darkies reap the profits of their own oil riches for their emerging third world economy? If not, did Gandhi live for nothing? Are the slick walls of the pyramid lathered with the blood of conquered nations and on its pinnacle sitting firmly, the 14 families dining on 14 desserts at the Ritz, Rolls and chauffeur parked outside?

You’re bright. YOU KNOW. You research well. You can read up on this matter, come to your own conclusions. Go-Google/ scoot around looking for anything on VIETNAM. 

When I wrote this article nearly ten years ago, it had a dozen live links to Gov/ Seven sister websites. Today I had to remove them as they didn’t click up. . Any thoughts? Invite ten of your best pals to read these oil investment articles, talk it over between you. As you meet more smart people give them these URLS, I'll email them the article or save it to cache, you do so. Then talk these matters over with them. See if you can get this conversational ball in play.

I hate to recommend to my astrology clients that they buy CALTEX ASIAN STOCK when it’s really TEXACO AND CHEVRON! But you can GOOGLE KEYWORDS of their name to  see that they are in VIETNAM drilling, and these are really BIG WESTERN COMPANIES CHEVRON AND TEXACO who TOOK this little ASIAN seeming company OVER, so they could sweetly move around Nam IN DRAG, and says they’ll make bank so BUY the stock.  Or buy Chinese mutual funds that are invested in the area’s oil corps. See BUY CHINESE MUTUAL FUNDS ARTICLE

I know that chevron/ TEXACO have been screwing with the American Driving Public lately, making us think GAS should be 4$ a gallon at times. And once they have us fully trained, --they will open this vein of petroleum they have up their sleeve at top dollar and get some beautiful bucks out of us. So is it ethical to invest in their exploitation of us? That’s like taking porno films of ourselves while we’re getting raped and then selling them on EBAY! Isn’t it So, for INFORMATION and to find PLURAL WEB PAGES on the matter of oil stock, Google ‘Vietnam,’ ‘oil drilling,’ corporations. And GOOGLE will carry you to much research. And google corporations below! Their names!

IDENTITY OF CORPORATE DRILLERS: as last seen in the VETS OIL PAGE but which have been removed now, with the page, however I saved a partial list below.

PTTEP Huan Vu Ltd.

Vung Tau Petro Joint Stock

BHP + PETRONAS (Malaysian)

Petrovietnam (National)

Vietsov Petro (RUSSIA)

CALTEX which is Chevon/ and TEXACO working together.

MOBIL is there



Oddly,  CRESTONE ENERGY CORP of DENVER/ COLORADO, PART OF ENRON, PART OF BUSH’s MAIN CONTRIBUTORS, HIGHEST CONTRIBUTORS TO HIM…well this CRESTONE is there and they have a special deal with RED CHINA to drill oil out of their waters, which has had VIETNAM out of its skull with irritation. DID BUSH have to sell YELLOWSTONE to the CHINESE to get such a deal for his ENRON PALS? VIETNAM is furious THEY SAY, that OIL is ours, it’s our continental shelf! Our foreign policy seems to give CHINA whatever she wants lately. CRESTONE had serious ties to ENRON, may have been a subsidiary…was headquarters in COLORADO only they were taken over by BENTON OIL AND GAS out of CALIFORNIA!! THEY ARE PLENTY INSIDER too as they are part of the WORLD ENERGY CONSORTIUM with all the heavy hitters. In the PETROLEUM WORLD, BENTON IS RIGHT IN WITH THEM! WHO ARE THESE MASKED MEN? Maybe folks you wanna invest in? OR LYNCH? GO to our STOCK PORTAL, run their names past YODA.AND IF YOU LOVE SKIMMING these articles, check out the EVOLVING CHINA, VIETNAM in a volatile WRESTLING MATCH FOR beaches 20,000 leagues under the sea, sand patches drooling rich, luscious OIL!

by Anita Sands Hernandez --who YOGI BHAJAN said was born to do stock analysis