THE Free ACTORS CO-OPERATIVE an IDEA whose time has come.

acting class, how to start our own. SAVE $,
                      do the work!MANY of us are charming, good looking, even comedic. We dazzle our relatives, drive pals to screaming with laughter. We write stories that our teachers tell us are professional level. The thing is we live FAR FROM HOLLYWOOD or BROADWAY and we therefore feel that SHOW Biz just doesn't APPLY TO US. Anyway,  FILM SCHOOLS cost 15k a year so even if we wanted to learn to act, WRITE  produce, submit SCREENPLAYS to Hollywood, do stand up comedy, get a sit com, how  could we?  There are many ACTING CLASSES in most cities but they cost 300$ a month.  Even if you love and adore movies, theatre, plays, comedy, television sit coms or  the drama, who can spare that kind of cash? So what about A FREE FILM & ACTING CLASS done by a CHURCH BASEMENT GROUP, LIVING ROOM group,  the ACTORS' CO-OPERATIVE.  The usual way folks get into show biz is hit the classes, get relaxed on stage, get 4 black and white photos of oneself & have them made into a composite, get those to the casting agents, the people who film TV commercials. Get signed, Get interviews Get jobs. That's how I did it. My re-runs are still on Bonanza, Maverick, Lawman. Amazon sells the film I did.  What if we did our own FILM SCHOOL had a great photographer with a dark room, could get us our head shots for NTN. What if our COMEDY WORKSHOP gave shows once a month You know, the big stars of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE evolved from tiny comedy workshops. Many not in NYC. CHICAGO had more comedy groups than pizza restaurants. Today they're all famed sitcom stars or screenwriters. Well hey, let's start our own ACTORS' DIRECTORS' WRITERS' CO-OP with a COMEDY workshop for STAND-UP comedy routines and no paying for film school or costly drama classes.

And let's have all the local VIDEO DP's we find by putting ads on CRAIGS LIST on
the talent page,  and at the film school at the local UNIVERSITY cuz DPS can give
us audition film. And let's do stand-up practice so funny people can become Comics
at local clubs  And then tour America and get hot and get SIT COMS and then bring

But most of all a CO-OP would be FUN networking, new chums, sandwiches,
coffee and cake or weekend potlucks and FUN. And going to flicks as a group!

The concept is, we're bright enough to do the work alone with each other
doing critique. A genuine CO-OPERATIVE. No need to pay someone 40$ a nite!
PER PERSON. Why should some coach make 800 bucks? Doesn't COMPUTE!
YOU AND I Know how to critique a 'scene' or discuss 'how the actor carried
out his choices' in an IMPROV. AND NOT fault him his choices, only his execution.
WE KNOW THE RULES! Well, somebody does, and first class they can teach
the rules to us. STANISLAVSKY books are on every library shelf.

We're a few actors/ writers & we're planning on collecting craigs list
responses and ALSO writing folks we meet on the street where we talked show
biz, always hoping to find enuf folks within a few miles of each start a living room actors' co-op, (classroom). Our website's
URL is HOLLYWOOD BOUND... it is  an archive of LESSONS on screenwriting/
 acting/ doing documentaries & producing,i.e. hustling scripts. The idea is, you want
to develop in all ways, as a WRITER/ DIRECTOR/ and actor , comedy stand-up 
or film producer, submitting scripts to Hollywood .. ALL OF THAT is possible.

STARTING takes a CRAIGS LIST AD to round up a dozen quorum and a Venue!
So put that idea in your pipe and smoke it. Sure, it's a work in progress but SO ARE WE.
Meanwhile keep an eye peeled for a venue equidistant from city edges.
CENTRALLY located. This will be totally free.

OH, one more thing. When we have a crew we can make ISSUE Documentaries
and sell them to cable probably make a bundle.

*     *      *        *      *     *       *
Anita Sands Hernandez in BONANZA tv
ANITA SANDS acted in TV and film, Wrote screenplays for Menahem Golan,
and  Hugo Stiglitz, created and ran the L.A. Free Screenwriters' Co-op and
now does the FREE SCHOOL OF LIFE. A thousand classrooms on every
fun career out there, not just SHOW BIZ, on FRUGAL LIVING, on FOODSCAPING

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