There should be a MENTAL RED ALERT in the head of anyone who lives with 600 miles of the supervolcano caldera that is under the entire park of YELLOWSTONE. SEE that BLACK LINE CIRCLE, 75 miles across? That is the world's biggest sleeping volcano, waking up after a half million year old snooze. This graphic was provided by the actual TEAM that is ON SITE watching and measuring the quakes and volcanic burps there. Their site:

That SKULLSHAPED circle in the middle of the PARK is it! A BLOW HOLE scar. A CRATER!  From one of the FOUR BIG PREHISTORIC EXPLOSIONS which you can see at this site, next to the other famous volcanoes of recorded history WHICH  THESE FOUR totally DWARF!!

With four blows like that in its past, the fact that it's still alive is scary. SEE the central 40 miles of that HOT HELL HOLE 75 miles wide still bubbling, as seen from above in an INFRAHEAT SATELLITE  PHOTO. That is a pimple and the magna is under it for a depth of 150 miles.

A scientist named Larry Park was recently on the ART BELL radio show and let it be known that we shouldn't ignore this one like people did with Mt. St. Helens.You know what Mt. St Helens looked like, right? Covered an entire state with ash and part of the next, see:

YELLOWSTONE goes it will be 1,000 times bigger and more devastating. All life will cease to exist around the area - I hate to say the 600 miles he gave, because if people are indoors and you have a strong roof, you can survive it - that is if you aren't like living next door to the volcano. If any of you are that close - please move. He said there probably won't be any more warning than we've already gotten. There have been 9 aftershocks since the 4.4 quake on 8-1-03. (UPDATE: There is a resonance in the rocks now that can cause softening of the rock itself, and with the heat under the area, if a fissure develops in the rock cap over the volcano caldera - which is very possible - it will let loose with no further earthquake warning. Here is the best page with the newest updates:  NEW UPDATES  and here is another good one,

YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO is GETTING READY TO BLOW ITS CORK I hate putting up pages that scare people - believe me I've gotten some feedback that is pretty nasty about that. But better safe than sorry. You can prepare for this. By the way, Larry said that if this blows - there will be no crops in the midwest of the US for over 2 years, and there will be nuclear winter all over the world. Just like in the 535 AD quake! We all need to prepare for VOLCANIC possibility, seeing as how TWO VOLCANOES went active, one in REUNION, one in the PHILIPPINES, recently

Then the quakes in China, Haiti. and UTAH is quaking, 90 a year.

Readiness means Water and food - And a lot more, see the list, click on that <  IF the power goes out in the whole western grid, you'd better have an electric generator also. Seeing what happened in the recent blackout should give you some idea of what can happen. Anything in your freezer will go bad real quick so generator, frozen meat, lots of canned goods, lots of grains with dry ice sealed alongside in the barrel so grains do not go bad. And mung beans, as they can be sprouted in total darkness and create a solar vitamin all on their own, and are proteinaceous.

The people who live on the RING OF FIRE have to be aware. This is a gigantic CRACK. The shard in the middle is moving upward. Fumaroles and volcanoes are found on all the points on the crack as this is a hole in the planet earth. Hawaii is in the middle of it and will start bobbing like a cork when the thing breaks, or dunking its inhabitants like sprinkles on a big donut being dunked and redunked in a cup of coffee.
RING OF FIRE threatenswest coast of America

After listening to earthquake expert Larry Park on  I was compelled to post more information on Yellowstone.  Discovery channel covered this story, same day. Great minds think alike. RIM OF ANCIENT CALDERA encircles entire park. 75 miles diameter, 30 miles radius. Circumference hundreds of miles. And MAGNA going 150 miles deep.



Biggest crack or earth quake fault is just off the California coast, deep in the water, but plenty are in the nearby desert.

AND now, scientists agree there should be an ATLANTIC OCEAN RED ALERT as the TSUNMAI fromCUMBRE LA PALMAwould inundate the entire EAST COAST. Cumbre is set to create a TSUNAMI over the EAST COAST, inundating all cities.