PRAISE of the COTTAGE INDUSTRY
In Praise of the Cottage Industry

Today, reading the LOS ANGELES TIMES, my eye caught this ARTICLE ON HOW GUERILLA CAPITALISTS WHO don't work for big corporations EXIST IN GREATER NUMBER THAN WE REALIZE, THESE DAYS. THESE EX belly-crawling hirelings doing ALIENATED LABOR which bored them silly are NOW putting their services out for little FUN, artistic cash jobs. They now  CHARGE BY THE PIECE for some kind of farmed out work -- cleaning, painting, brick laying patio creating masons, DRIP IRRIGATION pipettes now useful in this time of drought or they are landscapers, garden creators. Or they build  GARDEN FOUNTAINS. THE ARTICLE had a fascist tone, alleging that such creative entrepreneurs are A.) going to get bilked by their employers and B.) die of ulcers. They call the wicked lifestyle that promotes ulcers "UBERIZING." Now waita minute here. Didn't humanity do this kind of service work since CAVEMAN DAYS? Thru MEDIEVAL times. IN and out of DARK AGES and ages of ENLIGHTENMENT? Dickens showed children picking up horse waffles in the street and carrying them to public gardens for a shilling. GREAT MONEY in that day. He pitied them. I see that child bringing home the equivalent of fifty or a hundred bucks to his mother who's caring for 7 siblings and SAY HOORAH for that BOY! The original JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER started that way breeding turkeys. Dad left the MOM and JD took over. HIS PRIDE carried him far! So now I know the LA TIMES is a fascist rag with a propaganda slant against GUERILLA CAPITALISM. They want everyone a pawn of STEPFATHER BANK!

I run a guerilla biz. Yep. And now I read, that I... a cottage industry ASTROLOGER for 50 years now, (raising four children on my own,)  am officially on my way to my death IF-- (AS I DO) you edit for clients, or type, or do astrology readings on the phone or spin thread like Betsy Ross up there at left side of page or if you teach yoga or type scripts or theses for writers/ students or if I clean houses... or are a private cook or chore whore ---this widely syndicated article maintains you have an "uneasy lifestyle."  And it'll KILL YOU.

YEAH, if you're a pedantic, tight - ass, nit-picking, cross-your-t's carefully kind of person.  But not if you have a drop of HIPPIE SURVIVAL GENES IN YOU! My paternal grandparents really developed the ROLL WITH THE BLOWS DNA as they went thru two world wars. In Germany when things got snarly, they moved to PARIS, Hitler came in and France got genocidal, they ran to PROVENCE, and taught piano,  the art of composition and arranging music, she taught opera, catering, cooking, selling magnificent Vienna torte (made without chocolate --Scarse in France then) made with just CAROB BEANS.....doing so until Hitler left France. Then My dad got them to USA. And in San Luis Obispo Calif my other maternal granny opened a boarding house. THEY WERE UBERFIED! They were SURVIVORS. UBERFY DOES NOT MEAN CRUCIFY!

My gal pal EDYTH bakes PIES to sell at the toney BEV HILLS LOCAL FARMERS' MARKET and gets 50$ a PECAN PIE! Not too shabby. She cooks meals for dozens of rich people, freezes them and delivers a stack each week to their mansions. SHE SURVIVES. THIS JUST IN: She met so many millionaires, they wanted home delivery for weekends, NOW she shops Wednesday, Cooks Thursday and Delivers to posh homes FRIDAYS. And she doesn't have to build the tent and tables out at park on weekends!

If you love people, talk to folks you run into, give them your business card and love doing the service you do...... YOU WILL SURF into a lot of PEOPLE AND WORK quite happily FOR THEM. They will buy your jam and carob Vienna torte at 50$ a pie And in these modern days where you net surf into their lives, clients are like manna falling from the skies. And you do not report yourself to the IRS and I'm betting no one else does, either.

You can follow that route unless you read in the LA TIMES that the  NAUGHTY "U" word is UBER-izing yourself. As in PUTTING YOURSELF DOWN cuz you couldn't get a cozy, secure job with BIG BIZ, you know 4 paychecks and a pension. HAM ON THE BONE. Like you're going to have this TOFU lifestyle if you don't have BILL GATES in your life.

I found many articles about this supposed WORK INSECURITY syndrome that we, the un-employed are having -- http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/29/technology/personaltech/uber-a-rising-business-model.html

It's weird that none of these articles will come out and say that A HUGE LASTING  RECESSION and lack of JOBS is forcing ex employees of big systems to WALK THE UBER PLANK. They get all lilly-livered when it comes to saying the WHITE HOUSE DID THIS TO US. Nor do they say that if you don't want to work at FAST FOODs you are going to have to burgle houses or GIGOLO yourself or stand with a pile of apples & beg, like in the GIANT DEPRESSION.



I've done 10,000 pieces (THE CONFESSIONS OF A BOTTOM FEEDER)  20 years of writing, all of it online. 7,000 articles (PORTAL TO LIFE 101 is here.) My own sites  only hold 10% . People who picked it up and put it on their sites have 90%..  I never made a dime. What am I DOING WRONG?  SO there's NO UBER IN WRITING!

But you my dear, I said to my pal the career-programmer (retired,) senior who lives in the SIERRA. YOU have talents people want. Website design,PC fixing, Building. PC USING TEACHING. He can't afford food for the racoons, bears, skunks, deer, many cats that come nightly to his cottage in the woods.

uberfy yourself in a cottage industry
I sent the above to this chum the computer genius, vertebrae-missing cripple in constant pain without pills (NO CAR to get to doctor) who also (side story here,) aspires to grow a few opium poppies in the forest nearby but is terrified ( he lives a mile from any other rented cottage and far from roads where someone might spy a red flower)

I told him to read POPPY 4 BEGINNERS and scatter the red flowers with other blue and white flowers, you know, a PATRIOTIC tapestry in the sunnier GLENS. Even a light tisane of the freshly picked bolux will buffer the huge spinal pain he has. One tea a day, but warning: prepare for constipation with raisin bran daily.

THEN I advised he turn his genius into a COTTAGE BIZ. Boldly "PUT your ads on wall at COUNTRY STORE, BARBER SHOP, MARKET, POSTERS AROUND TOWN, offering YOUR TEACHING and PC repair at CRAIGS LIST and get clients. They will pay you a fortune and also give you a ride to town for doctor/ shopping."

HE ANSWERED: ME UBERFY MYSELF? All businesses at home or wherever, all corps in our state MUST BE registered!!
I answer: WHO SAYS? GOD? I didn't see that in the Ten Commandments. DOES GOD SAY you have to pay UNCLE SADO SAM's IRS AND MILITARY  for a hugely costly LICENSE, be fiched and filched and taxed at every turn by a fascist state? PAY huge taxes to your FED and CITY GOVS for giving your talents to others?  Feeding your face from it? And as you have master talents, teaching kids stuff they'd have to pay a trade school l0k a year to learn? SO you're feeding people and yourself instead of THE STATE giving them WELFARE CHECKS or SSI or FOOD STAMPS? I mean, you're a veteran of the wars and you cannot get to a doctor and get pills. You gave at the office yet you're up a mountain with no car? Crippled? Jobless? No food stamps as SSI recipients cannot get them! NO COLA on SSI either lately. (A pittance,--OK)

YOUR COMPUTER HANDINESS (ex master programmer) could make you beaucoup cash, get you rides to the village for kibble (He feeds, bears, skunks, racooons, ferals, his own cats, deer. NIGHTIME at his house is like a circus act) He can barely feed himself much less the animals who need him.  What part of GUERILLA CAPITALISM do you not get? THERE ARE JOBLESS people with WONDERFUL TALENTS like you have,--- a master of building PCS--- using them. Folks like YOU CAN UBERFY themselves in a NY MINUTE!

THERE IS A BLACK MARKET. I AM IN IT. YOU SHOULD BE IN IT with your talents and many dependent mouths to feed. Many UBER-IZED people are not paying taxes. They farm themselves out over the internet, do jobs for people. OR they do them in their village.

THEY get paid by the hour, by the job and thusly make up what the NO-COLA policy of Social security and welfare DO NOT and will not ever give you . A nation that spends 9 trillion on recent wars to pirate third world oil resources to enrich a few Texas oilmen who donate to campaigns?

JEEZ, are you dense. Or HOLIER THAN THOU on the issue of starvation of your circus animals babies and yourself? Crippled with no working car? I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.ARE YOU A VICTIM? IS THIS HONOR SELF APPOINTED?

I HAVE BEEN A GUERILLA NON TAX DECLARING WORKER since 1969 when I FIRST came back to my city of birth after a bad marrige in MEXICO with 4 fatherless children in tow and no alimony or child support. ME AND GOD went straight into this guerilla stuff.  I stayed home and raised 4 kids though TWO VERY FAMOUS MEN offered me a job in their BEVERLY HILLS CORPORATIONS. (Roy Gerber and Bernie Cornfeld) Can't leave the children I said and I did penny ante astrology WORK for people. 15$ horoscopes. God SENT ME CLIENTS. You think I was gonna cut in the state that killed as many humans as ADOLPH HITLER ? I'm gonna PAY THEIR PENTAGON FEES so they can continue to kill more women and children and non-soldier males? YEAH RIGHT!  

16 bloody invasions on innocent people 6 million dead. TIED WITH HITLER on the genocide score.

anita sands hernandez
GUERILLA CAPITALIST mother of 4, astrologer
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