Sorreeee Gus, you're just too old, sick and poor
and I'm too broke to take care of you!

Imagine a conference table of White House Wall Street insiders. It's 1994 and no matter how they juggle the figures of  the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION the numbers are showing signs of collapse. Workers have been living too long.  Where a few decades ago, 15 workers paid in so one could collect, now three pay in so one can collect and in 2011, it'll be one worker paying in so that one can collect. Those kinds of numbers are what killed Bernie Madoff. In fact there was a cartoon in the NY TIMES where the cops are grilling Bernie and he confesses that he got the idea from teh Social Security Ponzi Scheme.

Like Bernie, the SSA experts could foresee the weight of those baby boomers turning 65 all at once, in January 2011,  practically due to mature on the same damn day and they began to hear the waterfall up ahead.. They added it up taking April 1945  as a starting point, the day the war ended. Then they added 9 months so you come to January 1946, then add 65 years and you get January 2011. That's when it all will go over the edge as this deluge of war babies come out of the oven read to get the pensions they paid into all these years. WHY all at once? Because, in the wake of a horrifying brush with death in war, the soldier-brain welcomes resonsibility and family life. In the history of the world, so many young men wanting to discard bachelorhood at once is unheard of.
So if it's a given that 2011 signals this huge CRACK ripping down the side of the government Pinata of give aways and they know that all the cookies will be rolling on the ground with this mess of seniors clutching at them, be certain that the WASHINGTON INSIDERS decided to steal the contents of the pinata first. To give it to all their chums. They knew about the coming rupture ahead of time.  They were already anticipating to the DAY AND HOUR that the PINATA crack would happen and WASHINGTON KNEW they needed an "out"  FAST! Try a world DEPRESSION. So what if...let's be hypothetical here, they designed the 2008 crash with the help of the BRAINOIDS at the FED, to enable them to ditch humanity. "Oh so sorreeee but we so broke! Move in with your kiddies. You did parent some kiddies, didn't you?"

I know this kind of thinking. We've all had sweethearts who behaved so outrageously that we threw them out. And they did that to get rid of us because we were nutty. They manipulated the blame game. It wa the ole DUMP! Have you EVER HAD A sweetheart who did a 180 cum ditch  making it look like it was YOUR FAULT? They knew how to drive you so nuts you popped and then they could walk away and say sorry kid, you're just too nuts. Well I knew a few like that and both my Parents did it to me too, Dad moved in with his redhead, Mom left and married some smiley guy who hated my hippie guts and I was left renting out rooms in my family home so if anyone is predisposed to squint into the future and see who's bailing, it's ME.

I can smell this baby coming. That means every senior relative on Social security barely making food and rent will be foreclosed, homeless living in a box if he/she can't move in with YOU.

The signs were there! The first pathetic attempt at a ditch was W asking us to let  him turn Social Security Administration into a STOCK market hedge fund that we'd INVEST our life savings in. Supposedly we'd make a huge profit and it would really juice up the economy and stock market. That plan was fed him by Wall Street. Again, it was a 180 cum ditch strategy. They could have said 'oh so sorreee, market plummeted, you no got your life savings now. No pension, No nuttin. So sorree. No ticket no laundry."

A big frosty PTOOOEY from the public settled that W plot! NO thank you, Chimpanzee president who gave us Enron and Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction. We finally figured out what the 'W' stands for WAR, which made his war toy manufacturer chums rich. No sir. NOTHING happens in Washington by accident. It is all planned. Some think tank foresaw the SSA crash, they are the chess masters, there are think tanks to foresee and strategize. The big Dump is coming So folks? Start picking up mattresses you see in alleys cuz Granny and Grampa are gonna need your PC office to rest their old bones and maybe die in and it's the least you can do, especially as here in modern city life, we have no convenient ice floes that old Eskimos can walk out onto making polar bears happy.