Yesterday, in honor of St. Paddie's day, we discussed THE HISTORY OF THE POTATO and a recipe for LATKES, http://www.luckinlove.com/potato.htm  Now, this is a total coincidence but today a gal  who lives in Cour'Helene Idaho writes: Hi Anita, Gads I feel so stuck! Why is it so damn hard to leave Idaho?

Maybe I have potatoes on the brain but I instantly see a correlation and email back: " Because it's the potato capital of the planet. You asked to become a total carb when you moved there. It's a well known phenomena having to do with the dark, moist spirit of that state, a rquirement of the potato. You wonder why "couch potato" refers to an immobilized person who has lost his will? Who is yinned out, who lies passively watching flickering images often eating chips for hours on end, unable to move? All this because the potato is known to be the most yin vegetable that exists, along with the EGGPLANT? Those two. MACROBIOTICS warn us about the nightshade family! Farmers knew if cows ate them, they died psychotic!

Need more proof? Think about it. Any country that uses a tater as a primary food is quickly immobilized, colonized  and then on some extinction list.

When the spud left the hands of the INCAS, (who were made extinct-o by the arrival of Spanish conquistadors,) the TUBER travelled to prosperous ENGLAND at the height of her wealth as a trading nation, also to
SPAIN, where it quickly became a primary food. The Spanish then went into two psychotic centuries killing millions of their own people with the horrific inquisition and that continued until NAPOLEON invaded spain in 1802...and stopped it.

Meanwhile the potato had arrived in IRELAND. THE BRITs thought the SPUD to be the perfect non nutrition starchy slave food for their serfs, as Small amts of land could create tons of a food that banished scurvey (slight amts vit c) and with milk or butter (it had no aminos on its own,( provided a 'complete' nutriion. At least the workers didn't die on them. The starving landless peasants ate nothing else and grew weaker and more yin, accepting British Rule, boot and chains.

THE POTATO caused a yin condition and yet it was protection during times of  yang invasion. HOW SO? An amazing feature of the potato is that no soldier, no pirate, no plunderer would steal your spuds. They'd take
your pigs, chickens, wheat, wine, but invaders couldnt see stuff growing underground and wouldn't get on their knees and dig in the mud with their hands so while every other kind of food was stolen by pirates, invaders or colonist soldiers nobody would steal the Irish peon's potato planting. SO a GREAT FOOD FOR PEOPLE BEING ABUSED WHO ARE ABUSED BECAUSE THEY EAT THIS GREAT FOOD.

This YIN food makes you powerless. Stuporous, happy and forgetful. Proof: The Irish became the slaves of the ENGLISH, and that invasion of EIRE occurred during CROMWELL's time, right after the arrival of the potato so instead of honest trade and piracy the English began colonizing Eire and enslaving the micks. A less honoest way of making a living.

The only thing an irishman could think to do when invaded by English or the other pirates ---when all these strangers were milling around with guns was loony but it worked. They turned the highway signs to point
in the wrong way.

There are many other countries where the potato became over used, it being poor people food. It was serf food in RUSSIA. The serfs were enslaved by the landowners for generations.One rich family had 800 slaves.

So that brings the tale around to America. It is a well known fact that americans eat 30 pounds of french fries per person in a single. year. Imagine a big bag of sugar times six. but that's only weight wise. French fries are light so the bulk would be ten times that in size to get 30 lbs. Imagine filing the inside of a VW bug with french fries to the top of the interior roof, fitting in also the four people who'd be eating those French fries. That's AMERICA FOR YOU.

To prove the theorem? Who has colonized America? THE worst guys on the planet and the most subtle, the IMF and the FED! Every president since Woodrow Wilson, has been robot-controlled by the IMF AND FED. They were exploited, turned into total hand puppets, colonized -- by the banksters. Wilson was persuaded to sign the FEDERAL RESERVE into being! He apologized just before his death. The only exception was JFK who fought them, and even proposed a bill to eliminate the FED. Him they shot.  He was Irish, ate potatoes and was easy to dispatch. What president in his right mind goes to DALLAS with a TEXAN as VP? His eyes were extremely yin by the way, What Macrobiotics call SANPAKU, Three-whites. Meaning white showing under the IRIS. Iris high in the eye facing up. CHIPS and SPUDS did it to him. BEING IRISH did it to him. Booze can do it too and an unbalanced no sleep lifestyle. Shooting all his hang in twelve directions.

That's the scientific explanation for these weak politicos. Now, for the scientific explanation of how we arrived at this WOODROW WILSON date as the YINNING OF AMERICA. It's because the French Fry arrived at this shore end of WORLD WAR I  demanded by the doughboys got back from France. They'd eaten them there, hinky dinky parlez vou and they wanted spuds made that way back here. And it became the food rage! Add yin tomato catsup, add yin coca cola the other food rage. WE GOT THE DEPRESSION, an utterly powerless people.

So in closing, if you live in the hometown of the potato, i.e. IDAHO, it's real hard to move. escape or even turn over in bed. Tell you what. Just turn the highway signs around backwards. see what happens.

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RESEARCH PROVING the INVASION AND COLONIZATION OF AMERICA by the potato coinciding with WOODROW WILSON and THE ROBOT PUPPET PRESIDENT SYNDROME afflicting every single president afterwards except JFK --even unto BARACK OBAMA is in the video below--- Oh yes! It turns out OBAMA has more Wall Street banksters in his admin than any other president. Very suspicious. The "watchers" say that he is definitely a robot puppet. If you don't think so, watch the video below. It convinced me! http://www.heyokamagazine.com/heyoka_magazine.obamadeception.htm
(My PC too old to see videos and flash. Is this heyoka page still up?  I know publisher was ill.  HEYOKA is an online magazine out of the West Village, New York, very Hip but I happen to know they got that information from author of "ESCAPING THE MATRIX" RICHARD K MOORE who lives, again, a coincidence, in IRELAND !)