PASSION 101. The FIRST ingredient for success in business is that you have to have a real PASSION for what you're doing. It has to be fun, the way BILL GATES used to crawl out of bed at three a.m. to walk to the university and play with computers. The SECOND part of success is letting that passion create AMBITION,   So you have to know what fires YOUR AMBITION up. It's different for us. Some love mountain men, trappers, Explorers, the books of Thor Heyerdahl. Well don't think that's NOT a career. You're first a writer with a website on CAMPING OUT. Then you have the PROFILE to be a scout troup leader, create a nearby kids' camp with puhlenty of city/ state/ federal cash grants. Kids hike, explore the mountains from your camp. Just Rent a half acre from a farmer for kids to tent on every spring, summer autumn. Do a national TENTING CHARITY to get ghetto kids into the hills, just from a passion for explorers. And suddenly you're the BILL GATES OF CAMPING!

See any passion gives GREAT IDEAS, Inspiration, motivation AMBITION and yes, BIG MONEY BUSINESSES! Have passions, interests, hobbies and you can do anything, innovate, explore new highways, lead a group, teach, create a business that will flourish, even in this GOBI desert of the current RECESSION.

These are admittedly hard times and it helps to be IN OUR HEARTS all the way...(as that's where passion lies.) A new CAREER is always very personal, based on your personal LOVES..for art, cooking, homelife, psychology, healing, nature, landscaping and/or different, artistic skills... or it can be anything as subtle as loving fresh air, in which case HEPA FILTERS could be your passion and next career!) See, the thing is, many of these are LUCRATIVE, especially in a RECESSION. "AIR REPAIR" on the side of your truck? HEPA FILTERS? Sounds like all the money you'll ever need. One week at trade school and you can start.

So what you wanna do is, you want to brainstorm up a list of YOUR OWN PASSIONS. Bring it to our NEW AGE LIVING ROOM GROUP. The one you start so everybody can work on discovering their passions. And what careers could come out of them. We would LOVE to start a local, Spiritual "PASSION FOR some new, wild CAREER" group, using a local church basement at hours they don't have their services, with speakers, lecturers on NEW AGE SPIRITUAL STUDIES, and we want to make it FREE TO ALL. A networking potluck party, weekend nites! Then, Sunday Morn soulular lecturers, authors, teachers who come visit with the aim of waking us up, helping us to evolve, learn to be healthy, holistic, a great frugal cook,  doubling our physical energy, motivating us to be more abstinant on our healthfood diet vows and until we set up a group of about fifty,

THE GUERILLA CAPITALISM INDEX PAGE has a hundred professions for you. Comb its pages. It is not a blog, meaning not like a 2 mile long piece of slow loading toilet paper. No sir! It is a CLICKING MAZE, the best design for the internet. You can always get back to where you were. (always a fixed INDEX PAGE with many file choices.) All QUICK CLICK. NO SLOW LOADING. We provide you with l00 seminars, free. No registering. Hippity Hop thru them til you find one that stops you dead. THE PETITE CAFE which you fund/ed and can now do after a "MOVEABLE FEAST" SANDWICH girl walks OFFICE BLDGS for a year? Cash is there as you didn't do licenses, taxes, fees, health department, you just did excellent, pure organic sandwiches for a year.

You garden? What's more thrilling than a landscaping biz? WHO NEEDS a degree? Who needs a FORD 150 truck right off. You and a HOME DEPOT latino (indefatigable.) dry stack concrete. That's like ownin a charity as the senor is sending 100$ a day back to BumFucko Argentina and you're running an international charity! Think of the Good Karma! And you earn your 150$ no UNCLE SAM spending it on killing Afghani kids. SO DOUBLE DOWN GOOD KARMA. I guarantee you inside of a year you can afford a Ford 150 (albeit five yr old) to haul around shovels, mowers, blowers and tillers and trees.

Read the teachings of a Guerrilla Capitalist (ANITA SANDS) and those of her teacher, the MASTER JULES on all these subjects. Adapt your thinking to concepts like ALIGNMENT to the TAO, FORWARDING the ACTION, all at Jules' webpage which Anita and another student made for him after his passing. There, one can study when you wish to, online, at your schedule's convenience, no registering or signing in ever required. The website is at and The Master Jules' co-teacher ANITA SANDS has put all her astrology, chart reading and palmistry reading secrets up on the  website as single mothers can do this both for a living and for fun. Of course, we can all learn to do our own soothsaying, Fortunetelling, whatever you want to call it. It was HER GUERILLA CAPITALISM career choice.  It takes an hour to get the foundation for astrology in your mind, then go online, make your own scope. Takes an hour for palmistry to get into your memory and for you to begin reading family members' hands. Anita Sands (GOOGLE HER name) top psychic astrologer in America. Courtney Love thanks her in her album cover, AMERICA'S SWEETHEART, Yogi Bhajan used her for 35 years, Carlos Castaneda came and sat in her kitchen when he consulted her yet Anita has placed all her reading secrets online free. No registering and no boring SIGN-IN! Just study at your own pace. Do the charts, the horoscopes -- free on click on the FREEBIE choice at top fill in birth data, get a print out of your horoscope.
And take the other free seminars on GUERILLA CAPITALISM SKILLS, CAREERS.