JOB OPENING! POST AVAILABLE: “GOD” and If you need to ask what job - - - - do not respond; you couldn’t even DO the job.  THE REST OF YOU? ANSWER FAST, WE just FIRED the old one! GOD-JOB DUTIES: RUN UNIVERSE in ORDERLY MANNER. HAVE COMPASSION FOR MANKIND. SALARY. NONE. PERKS. MANY. OMNIPOTENCE, CREATIVITY, GIRLS go nuts over you! 


Hey, YOU up there? IS GOD UP THERE? OR are you just the BIG DUHHHHHH! After your TSUNAMI a few years back, I seriously DOUBT that A.)YOU’RE GOD. Or B.) you even exist and c.) YOU ARE QUALIFIED. I think you got the job thru NEPOTISM not qualifications!


After 911 and the TSUNAMI and a few quakes in Armenia, Pakistan , I look around and realize you are asleep and that you need someone to replace you with an assiduous eye, who can STOP A QUAKE before it can happen. I realize that I AM a potential replacement for you. SLOPPY, disorganized, but the spirit’s there …it occurred to me a long time ago that I should write CAL-TECH an email saying “Hey Seismo people, The entire pacific rim has those little ocean floor tsunami warning buoys, don’t they? What about over near Krakatoa? My Kid lives in HAWAII and he is affected and Krakatoa is the planet’s most dangerous Caldera..” But I never wrote it.


Mebbe I’m just a GOD in training, not as prescient as an avocado just yet but a helluva lot better GOD than YOU who let the tectonic plates slip. You’re showing signs of dementia praecox!


It’s a sunny Sunday in L.A. and I have rec’d the usual EMAIL hippie letters related to 911, the coming Tsunamis & quakes, (they consult me as I’m a stargazer,) seeking any future events that tell us that we must do prayer for the pain on the planet, that as a breathing, living entity, we must use our own godhood, god powers to give a little surcease to the pain of the grieving surviving family members....yada yada. Then a lotta letters about how we must dispel OUR OWN suffering, and somehow come to terms with the fact that this event was the will of God. (!!!MY POINT PRECISELY.)


Who knows, maybe he intended to nail some real bad people like in those nations in civil war in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia who got doused and who maybe were about to break into real ugly, Rwanda style genocide and God moved just in time hitting lands where Muslims ran the country and were massacreing Buddhists, and in countries where they were not in the majority and were just killer, rebel separatists.


There sure were a lot of cranky muslims everywhere around the INDIAN OCEAN RING OF FIRE (as opposed to the Pacific quake circle) so mebbe the will of ALLAH was NO NO AND MORE NO. Like that David Spade ad. NOSKI, What part of NO don’t you understand. NO-O-RAMA! NO WAY! A thousand ways to say No. Know that ad? I can see GOD at a similar switchboard. Smiling wickedly with “NO” signs all around him.

MYSELF I am having huge trouble believing there IS a God if he (---small ‘H’ and small “G’from here on out…) could create such grief and loss for so many. 


THE HINDUS say God is like a PC and He has each one of our INCARNATION cards stored on his hard drive AND BOY IS his hard drive HARD! (Groucho wink) and god knows who’s been naughty or nice, who deserves to.....say, have his entire flock of babies washed away. and who doesn’t. He knows which drunk sleeping it off on the beach there deserved to dream with the fishes and which Drunk didn’t and gets to back to Sweden.

MYSELF? I am more random-causal Darwinian. I think those folks airy-fairy enuf to feel a big rumble in the ground and go to the beach or feel the rumble, go to the beach and then see the entire ocean move backwards an STAY on that beach or those airy fairy enough to even want to live by the friggin’ beach in the SUMATRA area KNOWING that KRAKATOA is out there belching hell in that Indian ocean and in a Darwinian sense, just eliminated themselves from the food chain. Or volunteered to be part of the shark’s food chain. I guess what they did was eliminate themselves from the genetic pool!


In the last few months, I sent out multiple web-articles on Krakatoa blowing up, How in 535 A.D. this JAVA FIRE HOLE punched the planet’s lights out for an entire 4 years killing all the crops and most of the people alive on earth, triggering BUBONIC plague, too where there’d never been much of it before. Then CRANKY “KRAK IT TO YA” did it again in l883, punched the lights out for four days and took 36,000 souls with it. 

I sent out articles recently to my entire mailing list on how YELLOWSTONE was really an ancient caldera, the entire thing, 75 miles across, and how the entire soil is boiling and smoking again, how it’s going to go any moment. TWO calderas or SUPER VOLCANOES on our planet, alive and kicking right now. Not little weenies like Mt. St Helens. CALDERAS are big! (Google the word!)


Now, subconsciously, I knew knew knew that there was no TSUNAMI bell anywhere south of Frisco. Or West of Sumatra. My sweetheart was out in the PACIFIC during the 1964 MALIBU Tsunami on an early jet-ski and he got broken into pieces, multiple bones broken in the water!!! 


How could I read the KRAKTOA 535 A.D. article and not call CAL TECH or email them and say, hey if Krakatoa goes again, who warns my kid Miguel who lives on North Shore of Oahu? A God of course wouldn’t think only of her kid, she’s ask Cal Tech” Who the #(*%(# warns Thailand? And if I’d heard the response ‘nobody’ as no bells exist there, we don’t even have Thailand’s FONE NUMBER….., as my nose is big, I’d have started a Gershrei Campaign.  (Ask Babs Streisand what that word means.)


SO the bottom line is, I wasn’t a GOD this year and second, there is no GOD except you and me. This braided rope, this twisted skein of many threads called humanity, is GOD. Or as near to it as we’ll ever get. When one monkey learns to drop a coconut to break it and a hundred simians ON OTHER ISLANDS Get the same lightbulb, …..the Darwinian response psychic, not monkey showing MONKEY—it was some kind of MONKEY “GOD RADIO” .. well – makes me want to practice MONKEY RADIO guys and the INTERNET is as close to getting it turned on as we’ll ever find! Unless we do Kundalini yoga, open our third eye, load our bloodstream with raw veggie salads and throbbing minerals of life and sunshine and then like one of those old telegraph machines you hand crank,--- crank our real, internal THIRD EYE INTERNET into existence!!!


So that leaves us with …why did GOD take 115,000 INDONESIANS in the ACEH area and pull them out?


WHAT did He know? That the whole place was about to GO BLOOEY in GENOCIDE? This is a strife torn area cuz huge oil fields are there and the Indonesian GENERALS who run the place wants the wealth for themselves. They’ve been duking it out over the oil for 20 yrs, lotta deaths. MEDIA not even allowed in. Last time one of Indonesia’s PROVINCES got itchy radical, the gov killed a million people…East Timor, also big oil fields. So consciousness of PEOPLE in a place may affect THE PLACE! I hear that if you wish evil on a glass of water, the molecules go bezerk. And if you pray over it, the water molecules line up in beautiful swirls. The tectonic plates were made of molecules.


SOMETHING in that place didn’t line up right.


SO there is a God. And it’s down to this. EITHER YOU are HE or HE IS HE, but you have a lot to say about how your MOLECULES line up!