I once had a dream hour of body work. The Masseur beinga  six feet four Nordic beauty had nothing to do with it as my eyes were closed. I didn't have to peel. I trusted Raymond about girlie-boy stuff so that wasn't an issue. We were quasi chums. Being an astrologer, you meet a lot of great and very interesting new age people. Ray was known to be the best at rolfing as someone that TALL, big and strong can grab muscle bundles thru ARMOR. And it turns out I had a serious amount of body armor, after raising 4 kids alone, which took 35 yrs til the last left, and they were only l8 mos apart.

Raymond, --that was his name, ahh, it comes back to me now,  WHERE ARE YOU THESE DAYS? He'd actually studied with IDA ROLF, the EMPRESS OF this school of body work. That man would never lack for money. He was pure enough to do women and BIG and STRONG enough to do men. I swear, he could take a backpack through Europe and if he hit the ritzy healthfood stores, pick up a client a day and stay at a four star hotel, or the client's home!

Raymond could grab a whole body part in one hand,  foot to ham hock, dig into the gluetus max, touch bone, relocate the pelvis, get down to that seam where the hip bone connects to the thigh bone, open a new space between the joints, stretch the leg, isolate the exact muscle that needed stretching and straighten and twist so the rubber band going down the back of the leg would slowly PULL, extend.

And all that wasn't even rolfing! Which he could do even better. ROLFING is going in to your TENSE, hard places with a JACKHAMMER made of fingers. READ UP ON WHAT ROLFING IS. It's 25 pounds of pressure on a lump that you shouldn't have. Muscle/nerve lumps. And he melts them away like butter. See:

If you want it done, find a 6'4" boy and say '5$ and I'll teach you how to rolf." Just figure out who gets the 5$, you or him. (Only kidding)
And if you can LEARN to do any of this and have strong hands, you can make big sums of money per hour. Don't advertise MASSAGE. JUST "ROLFING, CRANIAL WORK, DEEP TISSUE" which GOV spies won't spot on Craigs list. There is however, a Rolfing school is in BOULDER COLORADO, is its name. So you can get a degree. There may be other schools.Or just call it deep tissue/ bone/ ligament aligning. No bruises, guaranteed. Vegan Buddhist practitioner.

Hey, one school is right here! You're looking at her. ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ. Come practice on me. San Fernando Valley, north of L.A. I'll teach you. Then you get ten kids who play football, and book them for after school with boomer seniors in your town. The kids will earn 25$ an hour, you keep 75$... Everyone will be happy!


FELDENKRAIS METHOD an ALTERNATIVE see what you can google on it.