(FROM Dr. Jensen's, Dr. Heinerman & Dr. Jim Jenks' books )and information I found on my own, Anita Sands Hernandez found at email: astrology at earthlink.net

(If capsules are used, take with mug of hot herbal tea) or brew the herb (TOP TEAPOT or pan with lid) after dropping herbs in 155 degree spring water, never in boiling water, between a bath and a boil, but then you turn off fire, let steep 15 min.) Bark must be simmered 15 min.

ANTI-BIOTICS-Cleavers, echinaecea, golden seal, gentian, nettles, oats, wormwood. Myrrh. Garlic, chiles. All these kill bacteria. 
ALLERGIES - Super enzymes by Twin labs (bromalain is key there)

ASPERGER(Autistic spectrum) Pervasive development disorder, ATD. Brain foods. Vaccines cause it. Read Money Mag May 97.Virus during pregnancy. 

ACHES-homeopathic arnica pellets, 200cc, three under tongue as needed. Yarrow, if bad enough, skullcap. Make intotea, brewing at under boiling. Best bring almost to boil, turn off fire, throw in herbs, let steep 15 min. Red poppy bolus same, in tisane. All tisanes made with water brought to 155, between a bath and a boil, drop in herbs, cover, let steep. For bursitis, bromelain, pineapple extract. Also hard massage by pal with linamint or sesame/marjoram (below) on bursa. Take anti inflammatory, ibupofren (Motrin) while you spend a few days working that area, it's an anti-inflam and allows you to exercise with slow yoga to loosen spasms without feeling the tension and pain. Spasms in muscles, from disc problems, afflicting major muscles around spine, use cured sesame oil with an EO. Pour good, crude sesame oil into crock pot. Turn on low, overnight. next morning, cool. Put four oz in squeeje bottle, rest in fridge. Add 30 drops marjoram essential oil (EO) to the sesame oil. Stops those spasms flat.  ASPIRIN, which reduces aches, pains, but also lowers fevers, not a good idea if there are viruses/bacteria in you. Body uses the fever to KILL bugs. Honor its intent. Donít stand in its way. ICE BRAIN wi. Wet towels. Three 8-hr. shifts a day of towel placer-persons if itís an infant. Their job? To see if Fever gets near 105, at that point, ice the brain. 

ACNE- Organic, red Apple Cider vinegar

ADDICTION/ ALCOHOLISMMilk thistle,l-Glutamine, Spinach salads, when they crave drink Another trick, protein with raw fruit full of enzymes. PINEAPPLE is best as it is full of enzymes.  Fresh fruit blended with milk into a fruit shake. It ferments and gives 'em feeling they had booze. Any protein given with raw fruit will ferment, that's why we who eat protein do NOT mix it with fruit in same meal! Impedes protein digestion which is done with stomach acid. 

ADRENALS-licorice; siberian ginseng (eleuthro), jamaican sarsaparilla, Prickley Ash bark, safflower flowers, dandelion root, horseradish, hawthorne, freeze-dried adrenals, lysine will heal. If hypertension, must use de-glycyrrhizined licorice, TO STIMULATE: gotukola, damiana, saw palmetto, kelp. MASTER HORMONE PRECURSORS like wild yam, ginseng, borage, licorice, ginseng, DHEA. Glandular called 'Adrenal Support" by Natra-Bio (Ferndale WA).Clove tea w. dandelion root capsules 3, 3x a day.

AGING, and AGE SPOTSGermanium! Found in barley, garlic. S.O.D, VIT C B COMPLEX, B-6, VIT E.ROYAL JELLY, LECITHIN. CO-ENZYME Q 10, Tea: red clover, burdock, milk thistle, dandelion. SILICA will give longevity, Devil's claw takes care of joint pain, stiffness, instead of aspirin to thin blood, take willow bark "Pain Stop" capsule. Arnica,  stops pain 200 cc three pellets under tongue. as needed. Bitter herbs before every protein meal, like chicory, endive, dandelion in salad. And be sure to smell the protein cooking beforehand so there's an acid flux in tummy. For men, saw palmetto, bearberry, burdock, juniper berry, prickly ash, slippery elm formula. AGING EYE SIGHT: bilberry or BLUEBERRY same thing, UK itís bilberry, A,C. E, selenium. Malva Tea 

AGING OF BODY- Exercise. Weight training. DHEA, L-carnatine, PREGNENOLONE, PROGESTERONE.AGING OF BRAIN: Use some of those new Smart drugs, they have names like Brain Power, Think, found at healthfood store, niacin with meals. 

AIDS-Bitter Melon, Chapparal, Pau d'arco, wheatgrass juice, red clover. Lomatium St John's Hyssop, Lemon balm, Thuja, Echinacea. ANTI-VIRALS: lomatium dissectum, St john's wort, bupleurum, cinnamon. ELDERBERRY fruit.

ALCOHOLISM-To repair damage already there, GARY NULL says take glutathion. and N-acetyl cystine and Chlorophyll, and Thiamine, Grapeseed extract And Vit C. 

ALLERGIESSuper Enzymes by Twin labs, (bromalain is key ingredient) Eyebright, Goldenseal, Horseradish root, Nettle seed, Yarrow flower, ECHINCECA, RED CLOVER, BORAGE, LICORICE, MARSHMALLOW, SLIPPERY ELM, DANDELION, CHAMOMILE, yarrow. Alfalfa juice (easy to grow; seed avail. at all HFS) L- Glutamine. Fiber added to drinks with acidophilus, bifidus. msm or METHYL SULFONYL METHANE, a natural form of sulfur(also eat broccoli, brussel sprouts, onions, garlic, raw so sulfur is not destroyed.) 

ALZHEIMERS240 mg. Ginko Bilboa daily. Acetyle-L-Carnatine; METHYL COBALAMINE. (co enzyme B-12) ANEMIA- Nettles, beets, black strap molasses, parsley, coriander, teas of yellow dock, verbena hawthorn, raspberry.

AMYLATERAL SCLEROSIS /LOU GEHRIG'S DISEASE,)creatine, BANISH CANOLA as prevention. Raw Olive oil on everything. See movie "Lorenzo's Oil" or read the book. 

ANGINA PECTORIS- Cayenne, Hawthorn, double consumption of water. 

APLASTIC ANEMIA- (LEUCOPENIA ) DRUGS, ANTIBIOTICS, ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES, ANTI CONVULSANTS ARE THOUGHT TO CAUSE IT. HYPERSENSITIVITY TO CHEMICALS, ALLERGIES. Erythropoietan is medicine is injected to increase red blood cells. Testosterone has been used. If only red blood cells are affected, (RBC) immuno suppresants indicated. Prednisone and Cyclophosphamide and cyclosporin. Call NAT Information in Maryland 800 300-7469 FDA, Also Info: "N Assoc for Rare Diseases." 203-746-6518. 

ANTI FUNGAL- echinecea, garlic, pau dí arco, goldenseal, cinnamon

REGULAR ANEMIA: yummy Blackberry and APRICOT juice, black strap molasses, all forms of chlorophyll: spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, barley grass, wild blue green algae.

ARTHRITIS-Green Tea as a daily beverage. Alfalfa tablets, burdock, bogbean, black cohosh, tea of celery seed, meadowsweet, echinacea, devil's claw, yarrow; licorice, wild yam. Supplements of calcium, boron, magnesium, cod liver oil, other fish oils; eve primrose oil; kelp, selenium, nettles, hawthorn, prickly ash. Rub aloe, peppermint oil, comfrey, cayenne, onion, CELERY/ cabbage juice on with DMSO on clean skin or put into a poultice, wrap. Get rid of rigid mental attitudes. Aurevedic cure for joint pain, tumeric in hot milk. Boswillia (from India); bromellian (active enzyme in raw pineapple) eat it on empty stomach, pycnogenol; black cohosh, chapparal, garlic, sarsparilla, desert willow, poke root, meadowsweet, colloidal silver, glucosamine sulfate or acetyl glucosamine. Take Calcium citrate with magnesium, boron, cod liver oil. Apple Cider Vinegar with other forms calcium. Niacinamide. CHINESE HERBS: Dong Gui, Gou Ji, Siberian Ginseng, Bone Mender, Xo Xian, Eucommia bark, Fo Ti, Disacus Root Mulberry Stem, Dodder Seed, Job's tears. DRINK MORE WATER! DOUBLE THE AMT. And eat the cartilege off chicken or beef bones. Beef trachea extract. RED or black cherries eaten alone. DAILY. DMSO (vets' shin rub) with garlic on very clean, soaped then well rinsed skin only as the sulphur carries everything ON the skin deep into the body! 

ASTHMA- Hot foods, chile peppers, tabasco, (lungs water just like eys) onions, garlic, echinecea, licorice, borage, coltsfoot, hyssop, elecampane, thyme, skullcap, vervain, golden seal, elderflower, peppermint, chickweed, chamomile, ginger. Khella seed, skunk cabbage, grindelia, tumeric, thyme, muellin, radish juice. Anise seed, seneca, comfrey, mouse ear, ill bearing spurge, sundew, wild cherry. If it's an allergy, use ephedra. Motherwort to strengthen heart. Switch to raw goat's milk.

ATHEROSCLEROSIS- Wakame, (seaweed) Magnets on heart, crown of head. Malva tea.

ATTENTION DEFICIT- Drifty, (can't remember instructions) driven, (fidgity) daring, (reckless). Remove all sugar, food additives. Avoid allergins. May have high toxic metals, high copper levels, get tested for both. Add raw cilantro to salad if that's the case. AD Caused by LOW MINERAL intake. Take organic high min vegies 14 x more min than supermarket veg. Take S-adenosyl-l-methione a precursor to B-12, (take 2 tablets of 400 mg 8A.M., 1 PM and 6 p.m. If one can read in a focused manner, obsessive compulsive disorder is suspected, start on Prozac, very slowly, a drop a a day increasing slowly. 

AUTISM-Magnesium, B-6 in combo;Fried liver w. onions has complete B spectrum. Avoid triggering Food allergies/ have candida checked. DiMethyl Glycine from Food Science; (Vit B-15) Top Researcher: Bernard Rimland; Inst. Child Behav San Diego 619 281-7165. Catalogue: Vit Shop 800 2331216. Vit Trader 18003349310. 

BOILS-slippery elm brings it to a head. Muellin/lobelia fomentation too. 3 to 1. To get rid of microbes, echinacea, eucalypstus, garlic, myrrh, nasturtium, thyme, wild indigo, wormwood. In WWI they used garlic oil on spagnum moss dressings. To close it after it bursts, use calendula petals. 

BONE- to form, MUELLIN LEAVES applied to bone as a poultice. But whole. Condroitan sulfate, horsetail (organic silicon); eat ends of chicken bones. Mix bell pepper into your celery juice as it has silicon. 

BRAIN-Ginkgo, (leaf) glutamine, Cayenne, siberian ginseng, gotu kola, and amino acid arginine, choline (a Vitamin). Periwinkle, holy thistle, lilly of valley root, lobelia. No hard minerals in water; do Shoulder stands. For paralysis, Masterwort 1 oz in l pt water as tea, 3x per day. 

BLADDER:Cranberry, grapefruit peel, cinnamon, beanpod (not seed), fennel; make watermelon fruit/rind /goldenrod, beanpod/horsetail tea and take wi. HERB EXTRACTS OF: Cornsilk, horsetail, pipsissew, Juniper berry, goldenrod. 

BLOOD PRESSURE:Celery juice. Chelates the inorganic sodium plaque. STOP using sodium!

BRAIN/MEMORY-Gotu Kola, Gingko, Passionflower, Skullcap, Calamus, Rosemary. Pregnenolone. 

BREASTSCysts: No caffeine. Phytolaca compresses. Prevention Cancer: selenium. 200 mcg., Brown Kelp, rosemary, basil, parsley, cumin seeds. 

BRONCHIALS-comfrey, marshmallow, lobelia, chickweed, mullein, slippery elm, lobelia, bayberry, ginger, white pine bark, cloves. 

BURNS - Comfrey stem sap.

BURSITISSARSPARILLA, hyssop, bromelain or pineapple extract. Linamint and massage done while you're sedated with ibupofrin, or MOTRIN, an anti inflammatory pain killer. Arnica 200cc, under tongue, a homeopathic remedy, repeat as needed. Handles pain. 

CANCER-Red Clover, Chaparrel, Pau d'arco. Beet juice. Roasted Soy beans. Quit sugar and salt. Glutathione. Madagascar periwinkle (Vinca). To strengthen Liver, burdock, blue flag, essaic, (ask me for files on this one) yellow dock. To clean kidneys, cleavers, dandelion. Echineacea, Poke Root, cumin, basil, rosemary, parsley. APPLY TO TUMOR: guaiacum, mistletoe, red clover, sweet violet, hot castor oil packs. IMMUNE SYS: astragalus, ligusticum wallichii, shitake mushroom, schizandra chinensis. Anti-Tumor activity: Flaxseed, freshly ground. Washed apple skins, eaten with or w/o the apple. 

CANDIDABiocidin, Bipidius Fos, Acidophillis Call: Dr. Biamonte (212) 967-1762. 139 Fulton St. NY 5th Floor. Dilute teatree oil in water, cleansing douche, acidophilis implants. Raw Garlic to clean intestine.Astragalus Citricidal. Caprylic Acid! SOLGAR brand. NO ALUMINUM, MERCURY. (foil, deodorants, mercury fillings). Use a homeopathic triple remedy CUPRUM, Calc Sulf and Alumina, which draws it out of system. THEN the candida responds to treatment.Copper complex. 

CATARACTS-Give up salt, sugar. Use celery juice, lecithin daily. Sweat. Vit C plus bioflavenoids, magnets 2 inches from eyes. Glutathione. (Toxic liver). No lactose, (milk, dairy foods) no mercury from fillings. No rancid oils, fried foods or heated oil, all of which produce free radicals, which is suspected to cause cateracts. Glutathione and anti-oxidants must be taken.

CHOLESTEROL- Wakame (seaweed), Onions, garlic, skullcap, butcher's broom, hawthorn, horsetail, limeflower, dandelion root, cayenne. GINGER root (reduces clotting) eating beans, soy beans (takes 4 weeks). Rice Bran oil. Lime-ade. Garlic, ginger, lime on salad before meals. 

CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME-LYSINE no pork. Take Herbal Energy Boost, bladderwrack, beet powder, boron, chromium icolinate,fo-ti, ginger, ginkgo, sida cordifolia linn, hawthorn, kola nut, saw palmetto, white willow, zinc, 1-800-303-0187. 

CREAKY JOINTS, BONE DAMAGE-Slippery elm, alfalfa, oat straw, tumeric simmered in milk. Calcium wi boron, magnesium, codliver oil. DRINK MORE WATER! Calc.Flour, Calc.Phos.  Hydroxy apatite calcium.

CONJUNCTIVITIS- NEOSPORIN right in the eye. Works great.BORAGE, CLEAVERS, ECHINECEA, EYEBRIGHT, goldenseal, lemon balm, plantain, raspberry, valerian.

COLDS:Oregano seed tea at first symptom, Ginger tea, echinacea, goldenseal, osha, spilanthes, yerba santa, horseradish, elder, watercress, wild indigo. Red, Swollen eyes, take 'eyebright.'

COUGHS - MUELLIN leaves applied over lungs.

CYSTITUS(IF CONSTIPATED, yellow or red urine, hot body, heat ): goldenseal, cornsilk uva ursi, plantain, marshmallow, if bleeding sheepherd's purse, gentian. If coldness: add astragalus, cherry stems. Vit C or Cranberry juice. Mix l tsp baking soda, drink 2x a day five days. 

CANCER-ORANGE PEELS, pycogonels are expensive so use whole grapes in juice as a fast, (seed is full of antioxdants), watermelon seeds made in the juicer wi melon itself. Take Chlorella or wakasa during chemo, loquat seeds say chinese. Speaking of which see a chinese traditional healer or herbalist in china town.

CHOLESTEROL- BLUEBERRY, fish oils made of fish from cold waters.

COLON-cascara sacrada, buckthorn bark, licorice & dandelion root, cayenne, ginger, barberry root bark, couchgrass, red clover tops, lobelia, rhubarb, senna. Psyllim (unflavored metamucil) stirred into drinks.

COLDS /FLU - SINUS CURE. BOIL 3 cups or so of WATER, PUT very hot PAN IN SINK (for safety, you will see why) towel over head. LEAN OVER steam. STICK ONION SLIVER 2" long up your nose and tickle sinus. EXPLOSIVE SNEEZING and MUCUS FLOW RESULTS. If pan were on stove you'd knock it half way to tomorrow and burn yourself. ONION JUICES explode up in to the nose and kill germs up in the multiple sinuses, there are about a half dozen in there.  ONION causes expulsion of mucus. YOU FEEL WELL for a few hrs the virus may still be in chest or throat so keep going. REPEATING this every few hours when you get stuffy. CHEW a splinter of onion at same time, every time for lower down throat viruses or germs.  SEE "THE Healing Power of Onions: BELOW. Can Onions absorb Bacteria, Viruses and Flu? WE THINK YOU WILL BE HAPPILY SURPRISED.

COUGH- wild cherry bark, thyme leaf, licorice root, skunk cabbage, petasites, elecampane, yerba santa, grindelia, bloodroot, sundew, radish juice. 

COLICFENNEL, catnip, ginger, peppermint, lemon balm, chamomile. 

COLITIS- (Ulcerative) Chlorella or Wakasa. 

CONSTIPATION- eat apples; senna, rhubarb, homeopathic bryonia (wild hops). Can be result of hypothryoidism. 

CRAMPS- black haw bark, cramp bark, pasque flower tea. Also black cohosh, false unicorn, wild yam. Kal Phos, Mag Phos 

CRIB DEATHno synthetic blankets, no soy milk. Mattress covered with sealed material, so gases can't come out of it. No vaccination of any child, ever. Join a Christian Science Church if you have to so that the state can't force you! No infants sleeping in same bed with adults. 

CYSTIC FIBROSIS- glutathione, 200-500 mlgms. or Cystine, (NAC).

CYSTITIS-YARROW, CHAMOMILE, CELERY SEED. Barley broth, cranberry fruit or juice. The real stuff, sold only a healthfood stores. Take care of all Vaginitis which causes it. A Betadine or Goldenseal tea wipe after sex. SEE VAGINITIS under "V" at end here. No eating any dairy product, cheese, milk, ice cream. FINISHED. Type O blood diet requires it be eliminated. Major cause of this disease is dairy.  Overnight cure, a few small hot chiles in your chicken soup. First spoonful does burn, then creates mucus on throat so rest of bowl doesn't. Goes thru kidneys, urethra and instantly cures infection. If chile not hot enough, start from scratch with hotter chiles. (FREE SEEDS write me.)

DEMENTIA - GINKOhttp://www.mercola.com/2006/dec/9/more-evidence-ginkgo-biloba-works-just-as-well-as-dementia-drugs.htm
Dental pain:     Eat garlic, raw garlic, DAILY, the strongest antiviral    Have a glass of water ready to wash it down
fast as it is HOT! Chew it with the front teeth so as  to contain it to one area of the mouth & minimize fire truck

DEPRESSION -Double down on sleep. READ THIS ARTICLE St. John's Wort, valerian, Ginseng, wild oats, damiana, basil, vervain, dandelion. Fennel juice (anise) makes endorphins flow, banishes depress. Magnets on crown chakra while asleep. Lime blossom aroma. Kola, rosemary, lavender, skullcap, lady's slipper, valerian, orange blossom. 


DIAHARREA-Cantaloupe, blackberry, blueberry, pea, quince, raspberry, rhubarb juice. Herb Tea: American cranesbill, bayberry, meadowsweet, oak bark hourly. Try Citricidal in case of enterococcus. For babies, podohyllum cahmolla a homeopathic remedy. TUMERIC in foods, drinks! You can make citricidal from grapefruit seeds, so all year long, save them.

DIABETES-What Our Plants Are Good For" by Finnish herbalist Toivo Rautavaara sez "There are components in blueberry leaves that have an effect on diabetes; they can at least partly substitute insulin. The American, Allen, calls the blueberry "plant insulin". European studies (Wasicky) have shown that dogs that had been made diabetic by removing their pancreas could be kept alive as long as they were regularly given blueberry leaf tea. Eppinger, Mark, Wagner and Kauffmann among others have discovered in clinical studies the effect blueberry leaf decoction has on human diabetics: the sugar is reduced in the urine and tolerance for sugar increases. In their medical directions for diabetics, Lasker and Kroeber have used bean peels, blackberry leaves, nettle leaves in addition to blueberry leaves." Another salad green, Foenegreek, eaten cooked, Persian markets have it year round. It lowers blood glucose. That's why women nursing babies can't take it. Then there's HOMEOPATHIC insulin. Ask a homeopath. Devil's club root bark, Jambul seed, blueberry leaf, bean pod, dandelion root, leaf, flower. DIABETIC CATARACT (prevent) Bioflavenoids, quercitin. JUICE: Cabbage, chile peppers, stringbean, jerusalem artichoke, bitter melon. Niacinamide. If type two Diabetes is suspected where body doesn't recognize insulin, take cinnamon. For Type II Diab. sage, oregano double insulin activity; tumeric, cloves triple the activity, cinnamon is most potent. Normal doses given in foods fine. Hindu Doctors use GYMNEMA for Type 2 adult onset diabetes. 250-400 millegrams a day. Platycodi Radix (Root), Schizandrae Fructus (Fruit), Capsella Bursa (Stem), Glycyrrhizae Radix (Root), Astragalus Membranaceus Bunge (Root), Lycium Chinese (Fruit), Dioscorea Japonica Thunberg (Root) are in  ELEOTIN diabetes formula.

DIVERTICULITUS-Natural, soft fiber foods, metamucil, not bran; MORE FLUIDS

DOWNS SYNDROME -Nuveen supposedly makes it heal. Ask Julian Whittaker 4321 Birch Newport Bch CA for his free newsletter on this

DRY SINUSES, NASAL PASSAGES- Rub with sesame oil regularly in winter.

DYSENTERY- See Enteritis

EAR ACHE- Lymph rub around collar bone, neck. Moving downwards.

ECZEMA -Apple cider in bath tub, no showers, aveeno soap. Discontinue all cows milk products, goat ok. Bitters before meals. Proteins w. low carb vegies only, not w. starch/sugar/ dessert/ fats. Internal tea: burdock, figworth, fumatory, mountain rape, nettle, pansy, red clover and hyssop. Pour boiling water on top, let steep. EXTERNAL WASH for skin: tisane of chickweed, comfrey, golden seal, calendula petals, pansy, witch hazel. 2 tbsp herb to pt water. Burdock ointment on skin, sop w. almond oil all the time. 

EDEMA-Use kidney herbs, diuretics, salads of white radish. Nat Mur.


EPILEPSY- No carbs, go on the Dr. Atkins Diet. "Diet Revolution" This is a high meat, egg, milk protein diet.

ENTERITIS-(diaharrea) Turkish Rhubarb root; Cantaloupe, blackberry, blueberry, pea, quince, raspberry, rhubarb juice. Oatmeal, rice as food. Cayenne and garlic in food. Toast brown rice on thick skillet, grind to powder (clean out your coffee bean grinder to do it,) simmer in water, little salt, honey. Makes a great gruel. If you suspect viral causes, serve with small amt. fresh pressed garlic, to cats to babies. Mineral replacement is very important, so boil parsley with the water before you use it. There are min replacement liquids like gatorade. CELL SALTS minerals plus SOME SUGAR are required. Diaharrea washes away body's minerals. In 3rd world countries, very common, they give these min replace drinks. Mothers are taught to salt water lightly, sugar it lightly, boil for purity. 

ESTROGEN-Black cohosh, chaste tree berry, saw palmetto, sage leaf, licorice, alfalfa juice powder, pomegranates, VITEX, avocados, dong quai, DHEA, Pregnenolone, in diet eat tofu.

EYES-Rue tops, Fennel Seed, Eyebright, calendula, Goldenseal, Muellin, No need to buy Boric acid, a drop of  lemon juice in your EYE BATH CUP works FAB.
 EYESIGHT-Gotukola, bilberry, Vits A, C, E, selenium.

FATIGUE-Siberian or korean ginseng, licorice, oat seed, jamaican sarsaparilla, prickley ash, gotu-kola. B-12.

FEMALE PROBLEMS-Dong quai (chaste berry); Licorice root, (for estrogen) Fo-ti, Mexican Yam, Raspberry leaves, Queen of the Meadow, Black Cohosh, St John's Wort (depres), Damiana (flashes); Foenegreek (brings period). Eat avocados, olive oil, take Royal Jelly, vitamin E. (VITEX), Pulsatilla, Motherwort.If fungus is suspected, astragulus

FEVER-currant, elderberry, grapefruit, peach, pear, raspberry juice.NO ASPIRIN!

FIBROIDS-Chaste tree, (Vitex) Vegetarian diet, www.uterinefibroids.com

FLU-Lomatium, St. John's wort, Hyssop, Lemon balm, Thuja leaf, Echinacea. (see cold remedy). ELDERBERRY Zinc, NO ASPIRIN, it reduces fevers. 1918, everyone died of flu as theyíd just invented aspirin!

FAT-(to kill appetite) Fennel (finocchio) given in your salad, several times a day. Herbs: licorice root, uva ursi. Minerals: magnesium and chromium.

FERTILITY- Essential fatty acids, B Complex, Vit E, Octacosonal, Folic acid, Zinc.

TO CONCEIVEDong quai, black cohosh, royal jelly Vit E, loicorice rt, sarsaparilla, damiana, wild yam, fo-ti, burdock rt, yellow dock, scullcap, ginger, bladderwrack. red raspberry, rosemary, nettles, dandelion rt, angelica, peony rt, oatsraw, fennel, ma huang, ginger, hawthorn, rosehips, rehmannia, natural iodine, sea weeds like kombu, kelp, dulse, also alfalfa, spirulina, irish moss, watercress, borage seed. Take minerals in beet/green salad.

AFTER QUITTING THE PILL:black cohosh, chasteberry, licorice, motherwort tea 3x day.
FEVERBoneset, yarrow, echinaecea, cayenne, calendula, cleavers, golden seal, in tea every 2 hrs. Blue Verbain

FIBROIDSgoldenseal, ramp bark, squaw vine, red raspberries, dong quai, false unicorn, rose hips, sarsaparilla, peony, uva ursi, blessed thistle, rehmannia, ginger, lobelia.Treat LIPOMA or tumors same way:

FIBROMYALGIA-Malic Acid and Magnesium, chlorella, wakasa,(liquid extract of chlorella.)

FOOD POISONING- CHICKEN Meat can smell good and still carry this killer bug. It kills oldsters, babies and cats! The bug hits with an intense headache and bowel cramps, and fever. The headache is like a hammer blow to back of skull. Itís toxins, so do up to 5 grams a day of powdered Vit C. Get out a heating pad, plug it in over tummy and stay in bed with a remote clicker. I went thru it and never medicated at all, just to see what would happen. You will probably then experience 15 days of cramps, a non functioning bowel & not necessarily a conspicuous diaharrea, either.Just a few tsps of mucus emerging. But go organic in your cure. At first suspicion of a bad chicken being in your gut, take Tumeric capsules 3 at a time, 3x a day. Donít eat tumeric on your dinner; it stains the teeth! It is the spice that gives curry powder its color and background flavor if not its kick. Take Ginger, the real root, -- raw, grated into tea. HOT HERBAL TEAS of all sorts are always best for gut poisons. L-Cystine is an amino acid that will clean out the toxins. CHARCOAL capsules, small amt. Will detox a poison. To get it down a cat's throat without gagging it to death is the trick. DO YOU TUBE to learn how to feed sick cats.  If you have any fairly recent Penicillin. Any of the rethymicins take one three times a day. Drink ďAcid-adeĒ made with 2 tbsps of red, organic apple vinegar in glass of water, use instead of water all day. Add raw, crushed garlic to anything you eat. An avocado is a great vehicle, little raw onion grated in, (another bug killer,) lime juice over all. Tomato. Delicious way to bug the bugs in your gut out of business. As a life habit, Cover raw meat/fish with rosemary branches when in fridge. BEST not to keep raw meat ever. COOK it second you bring it home, and cook l00%MUSHROOM POISONING, MilkThistle and Liver cleansing herbs, Tumeric, Dandelion, root and leaf.

FUNGUS-Usnea, Spilantes, Oregano, Pau d'Arco, Teatree. Nails: coco oil. Astragulus

GALL INFLAMMATIONtea of marshmallow root, dandelion, fringtree bark, wahoo, mountain grape.

GALLSTONES-Fennel juice, marshmallow root, barberry, mountain grape, balmony, boldo, fringetree bark, golden seal. 3x day.

GASTRITIS- chamomile, licorice, marshmallow, comfrey, meadowsweet, golden seal, calendula, slippery elm.

GOUT:Devil's claw; yarrow; kidney stims like celery juice or seed, boneset, uva ursi, wild carrot, yarrow, burdock root. NO sardines, shell fish, kidney or organ meat, caffeine, alcohol. Cut down on meat.

GUMS- alfalfa. Keep several tooth brushes, dry in window between uses. Use cold water only when brushing teeth.

HASHIMOTO'S - NO mercury hence no clams, shellfish, swordfish, tuna. No melatonin, popular sleep aid.

HEADACHES-Jamaican dogwood, petasites rhizome, passionflower, meadowsweet, white willow bark, St John's Wort, feverfew, wood betony, rosemary, periwinkle, lavender flower, ginger. Ginger, willow bark. FeverFew for migraines. Hindus mix tumeric, black pepper wi milk make a paste, rub on entire forehead. BANISH ALL SALT from DIET. No nitrates which are in soy sauce, fish sauce, on frozen fish meat from China, in DELI..

HEALING-amino acids; digestive enzymes, HCI with proteins. Zinc, B-6, magnesium. Food combining correctly.

HEART-Cayenne, (give to anyone in pain) Hawthorn extract, L-Taurine, L-Arginine 6 gm daily, reverses ability to relax blood vessels, lost in old age; Magnesium, Garlic, Ginger, Lecithin, Evening primrose oil; black cohosh, Vitamin E. Cactus flower/stem, Motherwort. Bromelian, Trypsin for clot removal. Creatine, N-Acetyl Carnatine or L-Carnatine, Co-Enzyme Q 10 taken with fatty meal or Omega oils, borage oil, GLA/EPA. Rice Bran Oil. Kidney and black Beans in diet. For Congestive heart failure, creatine, Co-Enzyme Q 10

HEAVY METAL POISONING- 7 day brown rice, vegie juice cleanse, carrot juice, potassium broth, miso soup. Antioxidants from whole grape juice. Cilantro in all salads, vegie dishes.

HEART DISEASE-bile salts, Yeast, Bovine heart tissue, Vit E, Lecithin, Dwarf Elder, Bitter root, mistletoe, oil peppermint, cassia. CO-ENZYME Q 10 (GARY NULL sez, for CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE

HEART ATTACK PREVENTION:Before breakfast, liquid potassium, VIT E, 400-800 units; CO-ENZYME Q10, 300 mllgms. L-Carnatine 500-155000, Vit C, 2k to 4k on arising. Exercise. Don't skip meals. VULNERARIES: aloe,, arnica, bistort, black willow, burdock, chickweed, cleavers, comfrey, cranesbill, daisy, elder, elecampane, fenugreek, flaxseed, garlic, goldenseal, horsetail, hyssop, irish moss, calendula, marshmallow, mullein, plantain, poke root, shepherd's purse, slippery elm, st. john's wort, thyme, witch hazel, wood betony, yarrow.

HEMMORHOIDS-Bioflavenoids, butcher's broom. astringents: pilewort, witch hazel, periwinkle, tormentil. Pilewort ointment after BM. Take hepatics: barberry, dandelion root, golden seal, yellow dock in tea many times a day. Turnip greens and roots.

HERPES- Lysine, astragalus, siberian ginseng, calcium. No chocolate, Lomatium, St John's Hyssop, Lemon Balm extract cream topically 5x daily, Thuja, Echinacea. BHT, DMSO topically w. garlic. Avoid eating argenine rich foods. (nuts, peanuts, chocolate.) Apply anti-viral herbs topically: melissa, licorice root, aloevera goldenseal tincture, echinacea extract orally, lysine cream, also 500 mg. 3x daily, extracts of licorice, myrrh, l-lysine, aloe vera, eg glycerine, lecithin, grapefruit seed ext. agar-agar. The Quercitin in red onions very good.

HEPTATITIS- Liver Assoc. 800-223-0179 (auto immune)

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE-Olive leaf, Linden flower, Bean pod, no beans, Mistletoe, cayenne, niacin. Make certain there's no tumor on adrenals. Co Enzyme Q 10, Hawthorn daily 12 week protocol. Tea of chrysanthemum flowers, l00 mlg daikon radish juice daily. Alpha linoleic acid.

HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIESSudden colds. Aconite, under tongue. 30cc pellets. FERRUM FOS is for slow brew flu. Sore throat/flush take Belladonna. Wet cold, Alium sepa; Cold sores, dry lips, Natrum Muriatica. These work. My son had amoebas in Mexico, was 9 mos. Old. Early 1965 so I donít recall what med was. Holistic doc said Ďconventional meds can really hurt him, letís do the homeo thing. Three times a day I administered these little pellets and it fixed him!

HOT FLASHES- Bioflavenoids (500-3000 mg) w. magnesium, B6, E

HYPOGLYCEMIA- Devil's club root bark, Jambul seed, blueberry leaf, bean pod, dandelion root, leaf, flower. JUICE: Jerusalem artichoke, red/black raspberry, stringbean, tomato, zucchini. Stop eating carbs, high sugar fruits, refined starches. Instead, whole grain sprouted bread, and only l slice daily. GREEN JUICES. GAIA tincture. If type two diabetes is suspected where body doesn't recognize insulin, take CINNAMON in all compatible foods. 'Sanicle/ or healwell' an ancient herb, hard to find. 3 drops sassafras oil in ltbspn fruit juice 2 x daily, four weeks. Red beets as a food.

HYPO-THYROIDGet rid of flouride in water, toothpaste. Switch to baking soda for toothpaste. Get purified water.

HYSTOPLASMOSIS- Move away from ocean. Diflucan medicine.

IMMUNE SYS- Vit C/Bioflavenoids, Echinacea, Goldenseal, wild indigo, Boneset, prickley ash bark, Thuja leaf. St John's Lomatium, Hyssop, Lemon Balm. See "Thymus." Pregnolone and Progesterone.

IMPOTENCE-Jamaican sarsaparilla, American ginseng, saw palmetto, oat seed, damiana, cardamon.

INDIGESTION- Sage, dill, anise, fennel, added to food while it cooks. The menthol in peppermint relieves gass.

INFECTION OR PUS - Grapefruit. 

INFERTILITY- WOMEN: Pituitary insufficiency. Viburnum and Raw pituitary gland from animal. Scars: Sitz baths. 2 tubs, Hot 3 min, Cold 1 min. Scar tissue gets elim. Do 3 mos before attempt preg. Ovoducts open up in that time.

INSOMMNIA-valerian, rescue remedy, vervaine, marjoram, lavender, neroli, sweet orange, nutmeg, basil, bergamot, geranium (E/O's) basil, jamaican dogwood, DHEA, beer. METHYL COBALAMINE, (co enzyme B-12) in a product called dibencocide. Lettuce juice. passionflower, catnip, hops, valerian, skullcap, vervain, chamomile. And the amino acid ornithine, kava-kava. Vit C, magnesium ascorbate, aspirin, niacinamide.

IRRITABLE BOWEL- Tea of wild yam, chamomile, peppermint, agrimony, marshamallow, goldenseal 3x. Add hops 4-stress, slippery elm gruel. enteric coated pepperiment oil capsules. Diet of fiber rich foods, grains, beans, but not bran. Friendly flora like lacobacillus acidophilus. l cap of powder after a meal. A pinch of asafoetida in all your cooked vegetables' sauce. Very yummy and popular Indian food thing. DISCONTINUE milk. Bacteria in milk causes it.

JAUNDICE- Carrot juice, horseradish, castor oil fomentations. Wild Yam and Barberry tea 6 x a day. (1 to 2), tea of balmony, black root, dandelion, fringtree bark, golden seal.

JOINT PAIN- Devil's claw, 'cured' sesame oil with marjoram, arnica, 200cc, 3 pellets under tongue. See "ACHES "  Take MSM - organic sulfur - MSM is it's chemical name.  You can get it at Walmart, relatively inexpensive.  Start with a lower dose and increase if needed.  It's naturally occurring in the environment so you can't take too much, your body just uses what it needs, the rest just passes through your system.  It lubricates joints naturally. Peppy massage creams with a hard rub by a pal. Heat compresses. Chi lamp.

KIDNEY-If you get eye puff, you are having kidney issues which are very serious. Instantly back off on proteins, drink reg doses of  Tea made of Juniper berries, parsley herb, uva ursi leaves, dandelion root, corn silk, chamomile flowers. Lemon/water also good drink. INFECTION? Overnight cure, a few small hot chiles in your chicken soup. First spoonful does burn, then creates mucus on throat so rest of bowl doesn't. Goes thru kidneys, urethra and instantly cures infection. If chile not hot enough, start from scratch with hotter chiles. (FREE SEEDS write me.)

KIDNEY STONESmadder root, hydrangea root, gravel root, burdock seed, horseradish root, hydrangea, parsley piert, stone root and chamomile made into tea taken w. pinch sodium bicarbonate in 8 oz pear juice between meals. Eat rice bran daily, celery, asparagus, artichoke. AM lst thing, take watermelon tea. BORON, MAGNESIUM, CALCIUM. This come from raging osteoporosis, your calcium's melting off your BONES. Quit diuretics! (tea/cafe, acids like vinegar, pasteurized citrus, aspirins.) Quit SOY products.

LABOR-(these CAUSE LABOR, that means this list is what you avoid using during pregnancy as will provoke!) autumn crocus, angelica, barberry, buchu, buckthorn, cascara sagrada, coffee, comfrey, ma huang, golden seal, horseradish, juniper, loage, male fern, mandrake, misteltoe, mugwort, wormwood, pennyroyal, rhubarb, rue, senna, southernwood, tansy, thuja, ginger, wormwood.

LINIMENT-St John's Wort, Arnica, Melilot, Wormwood, Rue tops, Yarow flower, Cayenne pepper and arnica liniment, homeopathic.

LIVER-angelica, queen of the meadow, beets, burdock, fresh dandelion root, parsley, fresh horseradish, horsetail, liverwort, birch, lobelia, blessed thistle, (sylbium marianum) chamomile, gentian, golden rod, wild yam, barberry, Oregon grape, red clover, tumeric, artichoke leaf, beet leaf. Take in fennel seed tea or take w. tomato juice. Castor Oil fomentation pack on liver, hotwater bottle on top. Use senna, psyllium occasionally as laxatives. Milk thistle extract, ginseng. Bastyr U. says: go vegie, take fiber, 1 gm Vit c 3x a day, milk thistle, 70-210 mg broken into 3 doses daily. 2 qts pure water daily, Vit/min formula daily. D. Hoffman says liver tonic of dandelion, meadowsweet, fringtree bark, golden seal tea after meals. Bitters before meals. Also hepatics like balmony, barberry, black root, blue flag, boldo, dandelion, fringtree park, golden seal, vervain, wahoo, wild yam, yellow dock. Schizandra and Ginseng together. MSM is supposed to heal the liver. (Sulphur) 

LIVER FAILURE COMES FROM WILD MUSHROOM POISONING, MilkThistle and Liver cleansing herbs, Tumeric, Dandelion, root and leaf must be taken regularly from first minute you know that eating a wild mushroom made you vomit. Five hours after ingestion, you will know itís poison.VOMIT well, drink liver support teas immediately and raw juices.:

LOW THY- Tyrosine and iodine, (kelp or seaweed in veg soup). No Flouride, get baking soda for toothpaste, get purified water.

LOWER BACK PAIN-NO milk or white flour. No bacon/sausage. Meat taken with green salad, onions.

LUNGS-(EXCESS MUCUS) Eat chile peppers. lungs water just like eyes. quickfix: 20 drops tabasco in beverage. Chickweed, lobelia/muellin, radish juice. Shoulder stands. White onion juice. Cherry bark. Onions in slices. Expectorant.

LUPUS-Get rid of aspartame or nutrasweet type drinks, sweets!

LYMPH-PURPLE Echinacea, golden seal, yarrow, cayenne, myrrh, garlic, Red Clover, Licorice, Buckthorn, Stillingia, Oregon Grape root, Phytolacca, Prickley Ash, Wild Indigo. To move the lymph, DAILY exercise & massage. Adjunct therapy for cancer. SWELLING: Muellin/Lobelia fomentation.

LYMES DISEASE- phone Gary Null, ask him for show on this.

MASTITUS-Muellin Lobelia fomentation.

MENOPAUSE- Vitex, Pulsatilla, Motherwort, Black cohosh, Licorice, CHINEESE: Dang Gui, (called Dong Qui in the west). Magnesium for hot flashes, Phytohormone diet of tofu, Vit E and bioflavenoids for hot flashes. Lots of water. No caffeine.

MEMORYCholine with Ginko 500 mgm min. Aceytl-L-carnatine, GotuKola, L-Phenylelamine, choline.

MENOPAUSE-homeopathic remedies 'bone grow' nat carb, silican, calc flor and heckla.

MIGRAINE- food allergies. RELIEF: Bryonia alba (wild hops) Belladonna, natrum muriaticum, iris versicolor (blue flag), sanguinaria canadensis (blood root) feverfew, valerian, willow, ginkgo, DL-Phenylalanine, magnesium. Arnica 200 cc 3 pellets under tongue, homeopathic remedy for pain.

MILK PRODUCTIONaniseed, blessed thistle, caraway, fennel, fenugreek, goat's rue, vervain. Eat beans/oats for abundant milk. AND TO STOP MILK red sage, garden sage.

MINERALS- red raspberry lf, nettles, oatstraw, watercress, dandelion, borage seed, horsetail herb, alfalfa, yellow dock in a tea with calcium ascrobate, fennel, rosemary, acidophilus, dry Vit E, Vit B 6.


MOTION SICKNESSginger in tea 

MORNING SICKNESSginger in tea, peppermint or catnip tea, cukes. Vit B-6 from conception on. The problem is related to low blood sugar in the morning. One is not aware of it as it isn't manifesting as HUNGER. The cure is to put cheese/tortilla or cheese/cracker under pillow. A few hours before you rise, take a bite, rinse mouth after. 

MUCUS/SINUS-chamomile, peppermint, hyssop, ginger, cinnamon, golden seal, eyebright, ederflower, plantain, marshmallow, comfrey.Hot foods, hot peppers. Towel/steam, head inside, onion slivers up nose, tickle sinuses,inhale juice/fumes. You get copious sneezing, big cleansing. ONION expectorant, germicide.

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS- Get rid of Mercury fillings.

NAUSEA-(pregnancy/chemo) Ginger, Black horehound, Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger, rosemary, lavender in tea, meadowsweet, chamomile. The problem is related to low blood sugar in the morning. The cure is to put cheese/tortilla or cheese cracker under pillow. A slice of avocado wi. lemon by the bed. A few hours before you rise, take a bite, rinse mouth after. Vit B-6 from conception on. 

NERVES-(nervous) Herbs: Black cohosh, cayenne, misteletoe, lady's slipper root, skullcap, hops, wood betony, ginger, St. Johnswort, ginger root, passionflower, white peony, Valerian, Yucca, B-Complex taken 2 hrs before bedtime, either as tea or in capsules. Increase body energy. OIL SKIN, lie in sun for an hr. Do not wash oil off. Use almond oil, corn oil, jojoba mixtures. 

NEURALGIA(pain in nerves) Hyssop. Magnets on feet while asleep. Arnica 200 cc 3 pellets under tongue, homeopathic remedy for pain..

NEUROPATHY (PERIPHERAL) - B-12 defic. Folic Acid. Vit A, and those three are in liver, saute lightly in onions and oil, eat brown on outside but inside, bloody rare, very delicious if CALVEs liver not so totally tasty if beef! Enjoy a salad with it, as gland meat is acidic reaction. Prenenolone, (neuro-horomone) progesterone, get A.L.A test to make sure no Multiple Sclerosis. Most likely it's Adult onset Diabetes so check urine for sugar excretion, major cause of this. No sugar, grains,corn, wheat, rice to stop it dead before you go blind, lose kidney function. If a blow to a nerve, frequently goes numb, but grows back slowly.

OXYGEN LACK- dark circles? Vit E, CoEnzyme Q-10, Vit 15, green juices, salads.

OSTEOPOROSIS- Magnesium, boron, flouride, Vit K, B6, B12, Cal-Mag.

PAIN-Arnica 200 cc 3 pellets under tongue, homeopathic remedy for pain.

PANCREAS-digestive enzymes, (with pancreatin), sea greens, kelp for minerals, Cal-Mag, B complex, pantothenic acid, propolis, chromium, lecithin, C, acidophilus, coenzyme Q-10, Castor oil pack. Blueberries. Herbs: Milk thistle, Golden seal, juniper berries, uva ursi leaves, loquat or huckleberry or mullein leaves, comfrey root, yarrow flowers, garlic bulb, cayenne, dandelion root, marshmallow root, buchu leaves, bistort root, licorice root. 

PARASITES-Pumpkin seeds, culver's root, mandrake root, violet leaves, comfrey root, pomegranate bark, or seeds, male fern, cascara sagrada bark, witch hazel bark, chaparral, mullein leaves chinaberry tree also called bead tree or melia azed tree, senna, slippery elm bark, wormwood, (artemesia) black walnut bark, the green nuts of black walnut, (cut rinds off, throw rinds into two cups vodka, weigh down so all nut rinds are submerged, cover, leave in fridge for a few days). garlic, freshly powdered cloves, encapsulated. Unripe persimmon/ pomegranate juice, peach w. castor oil, ginger tea. Salted/peppered pineapple after meals. (On skin or in shoe lining) garlic, lemon, plantain, dandelion stem juice. Colloidal silver with acidophilis. Zinc. Apple Cider vinegar, 2 tbsp daily. Melia berries or seeds, diluted, as toxic

THREAD WORMSQuassia chip tea enema for rectal threadworms. And some as tea before meals. Hindus recommend Unpeeled garlic in rectum over night. (yeah, riiiight!) Artemesia which is wormwood, tansy, I believe it has several names. Absinthe was made from it. Lovely garden plant, avail. all garden catalogues. Take the GREEN stage "black Walnut" and slice meat of outer covering into vodka, Fill that jar. Let sit. Potency of the green covering goes into the alcohol. Deadly for worms. Forces you to drink, unfortunately. Maybe tisanes of the nuts. Fresh real coconut for breakfast. Pumpkin seeds for lunch. Melia seed-fruit, but diluted, as it's toxic. I have these by the pound! astrology@earthlink.net 

PARKINSON'S No heavy metals, no smoking (cadmium). Take antioxidants. Brain neurotransmitters like phosphatidal choline. L Dopa but no B6. DLPA (amino). Oral chelation program. HERBS: hawthorn, Ginko, black cohosh, skullcap. Vitex. MSM sulfur. No more canola oil. No more diet soft drinks. ALPHA GPC! NOTHING FROM A CAN! In case it's VIT B 12 lack, lightly fried liver onions 1x a week.

PERIODFalse unicorn, squaw vine cramp bark, blue cohosh, ginger. PMS: Butcher's broom extract. Free pamphlet on Natural hormones PO Box 6293 Malibu CA 90264 Dr. Pensati. Arnica 200 cc 3 pellets under tongue, homeopathic remedy for pain.

PSORAIASIScod liver oil, Sarsaparilla; Hyssop taken internally.

PROSTATESaw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seeds, Zinc, & glandulars. Pygeum an herb from Africa, essential fatty acids, uva-ursi, alanine, glutamic acid and lysine in equal amts & bee pollen. 1 tbsp applecider vinegar 3x a day in water.

PYORRHEA-Eat alkaline reaction foods only. Bible bread not kinds made with flour. Make sure Bowels move 4 x a day. Daily prickley ash MOUTHWASH. Edgar Cayce group makes a good one. Simmer lst group herbs 5 minutes, then add 2nd group, simmer another 5 minutes.Prickley Ash extract, IPSAB by Heritage (google that)Simmer root mixture first: ECHINACEA (purple cone flower) root, Licorice root, bloodroot rhizome, ginger rhizome, and GOLDENSEAL ROOT; simmer rootstock which is obtained from herb stores ) for l0 minutes. LAST Simmer leaves of usnea thalus, Myrrh, Plantain & plantago major only 5 minutes. Water should not be bubbling, just at the verge. Add Peppermint oil and Propolis (bee resin) when it is finished. Resin is bacteriacide, anti-fungal. Store in fridge. BRUSH TEETH WITH THIS LIQUID and leave on gums. After PROFESSIONAL teeth cleaning, while gums are sore, rub gums with a little oil from vitamin E capsule. Also use mouthwash. DIET to heal gums: vegies rich in niacin, folate, minerals, leafy greens, broccoli, asparagus, lima beans, romaine, kale. Also sweetbreads or liver 2x weekly for folate, Vit A, also eggs and raw peanuts. 

RADIATION POISONING- sezium a homeopathic remedy, l0 m; Magentum 5m, put crystals under knees. Alfalfa. Brown kelp http://www.ki4u.com/site says IODINE PILLS. 

SALMONELLA CHICKEN Meat can smell good and still carry this killer bug. It kills oldsters, babies and cats! The bug hits with an intense headache and bowel cramps, and fever. The headache is like a hammerblow to back of skull. Itís toxins, so do up to 5 grams a day of powdered Vit C. Get out a heating pad, plug it in over tummy and stay in bed with a remote clicker. I went thru it and never medicated at all, just to see what would happen. You will probably then experience 15 days of cramps, a non functioning bowel & not necessarily a conspicuous diaharrea, either.Just a few tsps of mucus emerging. But go organic in your cure. At first suspicion of a bad chicken being in your gut, take Tumeric capsules 3 at a time, 3x a day. Donít eat tumeric on your dinner; it stains the teeth! It is the spice that gives curry powder its color and background flavor if not its kick. Take Ginger, the real root, -- raw, grated into tea. HOT HERBAL TEAS of all sorts are always best for gut poisons. L-Cystine is an amino acid that will clean out the toxins. CHARCOAL capsules, small amt. Will detox a poison. If you have any fairly recent Penicillin. Any of the rethymicins take one three times a day. Drink ďAcid-adeĒ made with 2 tbsps of red, organic apple vinegar in glass of water, use instead of water all day. Add raw, crushed garlic to anything you eat. An avocado is a great vehicle, little raw onion grated in, (another bug killer,) lime juice over all. Tomato. Delicious way to bug the bugs in your gut out of business. As a life habit, Cover raw meat/fish with rosemary branches when in fridge. BEST not to keep raw meat ever. COOK it second you bring it home, and cook l00% well done! Poultry has salmonella but beef has flukes! Read HULDA CLARK on this subject.

SALVE- To kill bacteria, I rely on triple antibiotic NEOSPORIN. Even for catsí interior eyelids and my own if I catch their conjunctivitis. Alsocomfrey, St John's Wort, Calendula, Plantain, Chickweed, Muellin in olive oil/bee's wax, propolis.

SCABIES- Garlic, dilute with lemon juice. Apply topically.

SCARSlaser therapy;

SCHIZOPHRENIA- Evening Primrose, niacin, manganese, Vit B thru liver fried lightly with onions for B 12- AVOID ALGAE AND B12 pills.

SCLERADERMA- COENZYME Q-10, BEE POLLEN, VIT E 400-1000IU. propolis, Vit C/ pycnogenol, cayenne/garlic.

SENILITY-periwinkle, holy thistle, lilly of the valley, lobelia, in tea.

SHINGLES - Bioflavenoids "NUTRIFLAVENOID" megadose. See "virus."

SIDS- NO SYNTHETIC BLANKETS ON THE BABY, No face down on chemical exuding mattresses. Wrap mattress in a safe substance that allows no chemicals to exude from inside. NO SOY MILK.No vaccinations. Claim to be 7th Day Adventist to doctor about vaccines.

STRESS/FATIGUE-Milk thistle.

STROKE DAMAGE - Hypobaric oxygen (yoga); enzymes, chelation, speed, meth but only with exercise program.

STROKE PREVENTION- Bioflavenoids (cherries, berries, citrus and peppers and guavas). Pycnogenol, Rose hips, Garlic. Green or Black tea, Bilberry. Ginkgo. 40 mgs. 3x a day.

SWELLINGS- 3 part muellin, 1 part lobelia. Fomentation.

TEETHING- Licorice tea or licorice root to chew on. Arnica 200 cc 3 pellets under tongue, homeopathic remedy for pain.

TOBACCO ADDICTION- lobelia, licorice, oat seeds, sassafras root bark, calamus rhizome, skullcap together instead of smoking.


THYMUS-Zinc, Vit B, eat Sweetbreads, (all creates T Cells, IMMUNE)


THYROID-Black cohosh root, kelp, licorice, false unicorn, siberian ginseng, sarsaparilla, squaw vine, blessed thistle. Chromium, niacin, magnesium, B complex.

TMJ- valerian, skullcap, chiropractor manipulation.

TOOTH ACHE-Grapefruit, eat several a day at regular intervals. Give up all mucus foods, flour milk are the biggies.

TOXINS-(BANISH) QUERCITIN - VIT C, Gluthathione, licorice, crude citrus bioflavenoid extracts, hesperadin, rutin, technogenol (pine bark) alfalfa, NAC, organic selenium, antioxidants, betacarotene megadoses, 50,000 IU. Niacin.


TUMOR TENDENCYwholesome vegan diet, no salt, flesh, eggs, milk, dairy, cheese AND no beans, cooked grains, especially brown rice, cooked vegetables, or legume/pulse beans. No sugar at all. Feeds tumors.You will enjoy a pure, RAW food diet, along lines of Hippocrates Institute. Read the books of Dr. Ann Wigmore to understand how you will fix really tasty raw vegie burgers, (ask me for recipes) make rejuvelac milk, etc. These books are avail. at any GOOD healthfood store in America. Eat fruits, vegies, cooked, raw. Also grains, seeds, legumes. Clarified butter is fine on cooked vegies, olive oil/lemon garlic dressing on salads. Whole grain products, especially those made of sprouted grains, (breads) are fine. For brain tumors, use a crushed comfrey leaf and whole grape poultice placed at base of neck. It will draw the poisons out of the inside of skull. ALSO use the herb MASTERWORT made into tea. Ditto BINDWEED, which I give away. Throw 1 oz of the herb into a pot of 1 pint of simmering water, hold JUST BELOW a simmer for l0 minutes. Drink a cup 3 times a day. Make all three cups in the morning. ACTIVE ANTI-CANCER DIET: Grapes are the most beneficial food for cancer control as they contain cell salts which nourish the blood system. A diet of nothing but grapes may be eaten for three months. Take care to drink only distilled water, between meals, at least l cup per hour. When using the grape diet eat the seeds, skins and meat of the grape.

OTHER POWER FOODS that rid body of cancer: carrots, broccoli, watercress. loquat seeds Use them raw if you know you have active tumors. HERBS that banish cancer. Crush fresh violet leaves, use in a poultice with crushed, fresh raw cranberries. Red Clover, Chaparrel, Pau d'arco and bindweed, masterwort made into tea. HOW TO MAKE A POULTICE: Get a pckg of surgical gauze. Open up a rectangle long enough to go around your neck, and 3 times the width of area between collar and hairline. Put crushed wad of herbs/fruits in the center, fold gauze over it from both sides. Use surgical tape or a scarf to affix to back of neck. Wear it while you study, read or sleep. 

ULCERS-Bleeding duodenal require bioflavenoids, low acid diet. D-GLYS Licorice, no salt in diet, as salt makes stomach acid. Tea: comfrey, marshmallow, american cranesbill, echinacea, golden seal.

URINARY TRACT INFECTION-Bee Propolis, Hit VitA, Garlic liquid 8 oz day, Vitamin C/Bioflavenoid, Cranberry Juice but must be super sour real deal, not cocktail. Not on a supermarket juice shelf, but on healthfood area shelf. LAY OFF alcohol, Overnight cure, a few small hot chiles in your chicken soup. First spoonful does burn, then creates mucus on throat so rest of soup bowl doesn't. Goes thru kidneys, urethra and instantly cures infection. If chile not hot enough, start from scratch with hotter chiles.

UTERINE INFECTION/BLEEDINGChlorophyll infusions. Vinegar, garlic, teatree, lemon, comfrey in water as a douche and astragalus systemically. For bleeding of fibroids, Chaste tree, (Vitex) Vegetarian diet.

VAGINITIS - Many kinds, many sources, many rxs. Some "down there" maladies are caused by spores, some bacteria. That's the problem and why they call it NON SPECIFIC VAGINITIS. So try different things. The one that works will do it immediately. LEMONS always work. DILUTE 1 part lemon juice to 10 parts water. TO DOUCHE NOT DRINK!
Betadine douche might work, (from supermarket, easy to find) 1x daily.  Ordinary iodine, diluted in water. But better is detoxified iodine, Take yogurt in one meal a day, the kind with live cultures in it. ADD YOGURT to your douche with lemon juice, garlic. (Method: juice a lemon, crush a few cloves of garlic in it, let sit, then strain, mix wi. few drops teatree oil then spoon in yogurt and whisk. Wash the area, plain soap, Do a douche with water to cleanse internal area, then douche internally with the teatree, lemon yogurt & garlic. Top off with neosporin cortisone formula, applied wi. finger for itch. Take astragalus orally as it is a fungicide. Doc gives flagyl which doesn't work for all species of Non specific Vaginitis. Reader writes "When Flagyl won't work, not 2 weeks solid of it, twice a day, switch formulas. USE MMS, the dual bottles from KEAVY's CORNER.   Make a mild douche  1 part citric acid, 5 parts chlorite, 1/2 cup of water.  if you do all your MM and those two DOC RX weeks of costly flagyl, and it fails...when you have to go back to doctor, ask him in front, I do not want a third visit so if this doesn't work, what's the next RX? Give me Rx paper now. Best is  SKIP IT ALL AND JUST USE diluted LEMON, you'll be fine. RIPE LEMON. Not super acid UNRIPE. OH and the boy who gave it to you? He's cheating. So the BOY FAST is next. One male in 100 will take the cure.

VIRUS- Bioflavenoids "NUTRIFLAVENOID" megadose. Lomatium, St John's Wort, Hyssop, Lemon Balm, Vit C large doses with real citrus along for the ride. Thuja which is tea tree oil;  Echinacea. Astralagus, Licorice Root. Garlic. ELDERBERRY fruit. Google "Blood electrification. Plans for machine which costs 50$ to build in May June 96 issue Explore Mag. Washington DC. Find at New Age book stores.

VEINS- Collinsonia, Horse Chestnut, Butcher's Broom, Rosemary, Prickly Ash. Cure Varicosities: Butcher's broom.

SUPPLEMENTS or VITAMINS TO TAKE JUST FOR YOUTH: CHROMIUM, algae, L-Glutathione. Germanium (found in crushed, raw garlic and in barley. DHEA. Make BARLEY your grain of choice like the ancient Romans.

-Juniper, lomatium, St John's Hyssop, Lemon balm, Thuja, Echinacea both as tea and topically. Milk of dandelion stem, lemon, garlic, or common garden plantain weed, squeezed on skin fresh.

WEIGHT PROBLEMS- Chromium piccoliniate, 1200 mlgrms magnesium & Bitter melon reverse insulin resistance, kelp, cherry bark, dong quai for hormones, curcuma longa , barberry, tumeric to improve fat metabolism, your vegies in CURRY every night is A GOOD TUMERIC SOURCE. CURRY SAUCE. Collect recipes, make your own. Licorice root, blood purifier. l-Carnitine (fat converter); niacin; Garcinia Cambogia (has hydroxycitric acid) dulls appetite. Poria cocous, Fu Ling and Peony root cleanse; choline/inositol b-6 Methionine stimulate liver. Taurine is prod. by body if Meth. Vit B6 and Cystein are present. So take B Complex several times a day. Grapefruit juice between meals or with proteins in small amts. 

WOUND HEALING-Vitamin E, calendula petals, mashed, add some neosporin original formula as a carrier. Closes any wound. Great for pets. 


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