SATURATED WITH URANIUM

They use DEPLETED URANIUM RADIATION because they want the 3rd world poor GONE!

Leuren Moret is an American independent scientist and international expert on radiation and public health issues. This file deals with  DU WEAPONS (DEPLETED URANIUM,)

Leuren Moret has devoted her life to awakening the public to the destructive consequences of the depleted uranium munitions used by the U.S. military and has made relentless efforts to stop the United States from destroying the environment and the soldiers themselves, (Getting Cancer) and their children (now getting born with horrific defects)

Now, the IRAQUIS who had these bombs dumped on them now have an epidemic of birth defects.  If you have the stomach, google these words "IRAQ" + "BIRTH DEFECTS" on the IMAGES PAGE. I could not insert what I saw here.

Following is the text of a Press TV interview with Leuren Moret

Q: The U.S. is using DU weapons in violation of international treaties.
Why is the international community not forcing the U.S. to stop the use
and production of such weaponry?

A: I’ve asked that question many times myself. With the demonstrated
total and complete failure of international judicial remedies -- by the
International Criminal Court and the world court -- to enforce the 1925
Geneva poison gas protocol, the Geneva and Hague conventions,
international agreements and other treaties, and the failure of depleted
uranium weapons to meet the standards (in four out of four categories)
of legality under international law, it is clear that the international
judicial system is morally and procedurally bankrupt. In other words,
international laws and treaties are meaningless and/or selectively
enforced. Just like the U.S. nuclear weapons labs where I have worked,
they selectively enforce the rules only when they want to ‘get someone’,
in other words, they unfairly target and enforce laws that may be on the
books, but are ignored.

And that has been true throughout the nuclear project since the end of
WWII when atomic bombs, weapons of mass destruction, were dropped on
living civilian populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, the only
two Christian cities in Japan.

And that was a case of Christians dropping the first atomic bombs on

Those first atomic bombs were weapons of mass destruction and they were
illegal in every sense of the law.

They were dropped without the consent of the scientists who developed
them, without the consent of the political leadership (with the
exception of President Truman who was talked into it by one man -- Col.
Henry Stimson, Sec. of War and a Wall Street banker and member of Skull
and Bones), and with the strongest opposition coming from the U.S.
military leadership -- especially General Leslie Groves who was in
charge of developing atomic bombs as head of the Manhattan Project.

The decision to drop two atomic bombs was made by one man -- Colonel
Henry Stimson -- a Wall Street banker with ties to Churchill and the
city of London bankers. It’s always the international bankers who are
engineering these horrific wars and the development of ever more
horrific technologies of war.

However the hypocrisy of the U.S. government must also be addressed.
Depleted uranium munitions meet the definition of WMDs under U.S.
Federal Code in 2 out of 3 categories, and they violate U.S. military
law because the U.S. is a signatory to the Geneva and Hague conventions.
If the U.S. government is so worried about Iran being a nuclear threat,
then why did Henry Kissinger give Iran nuclear power plants, and
President Gerald Ford give Iran plutonium?

September 16, 2005, in the UN General Assembly, President Hugo Chavez of
Venezuela said:

“We could, on the basis of national realities, exchange knowledge,
integrate markets, interconnect, but at the same time we must understand
that there are problems that do not have a national solution:
radioactive clouds, world oil prices, diseases, warming of the planet or
the hole in the ozone layer. These are not domestic problems.”

And on September 17, 2005, in the UN General Assembly President
Ahmadinejad of Iran eloquently brought the depleted uranium issue to the

“Ironically, those who have actually used nuclear weapons, continue to
produce, stockpile and extensively test such weapons, have used depleted
uranium bombs and bullets against tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands
of Iraqis, Kuwaitis, and even their own soldiers and those of their
allies, afflicting them with incurable diseases, blatantly violate their
obligations under the NPT, have refrained from signing the CTBT and have
armed the Zionist occupation regime with WMDs, are not only refusing to
remedy their past deeds, but in clear breech of the NPT, are trying to
prevent other countries from acquiring the technology to produce
peaceful nuclear energy. All these problems emanate from the fact that
justice and spirituality are missing in the way powerful governments
conduct their affairs with other nations. “

A third courageous world leader has also recognized that depleted uranium global pollution is the most important issue today, for example Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, former prime minister of Malaysia. He held an international war crimes conference February 5-7, 2007, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, attended by 5000 people.

The issue of radioactive weapons and depleted uranium played an important role at this conference.

So we have three world leaders now who have spoken out about the horror and illegality of depleted uranium weaponry. But the NATO countries are silent and complicit in the poisoning of Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Lebanon with their illegal weapons. The approximately 5000 U.S. bunker buster bombs that Israel bombed Lebanon with, in the July 2006 attack. Dr. Chris Busby has reported evidence of not only depleted uranium in the bomb craters along the Lebanon/Israel border, but also traces of deuterium, high levels of uranium 235, and neutron activation products that quickly decayed within 3 weeks. The analyses were done at the British Government Radiation Laboratory at Harwell, so they must be correct.

Those anomalous radiation fingerprints suggest that 4th generation nuclear weapons were also included in the bunker buster dirty bombs. In other words, the U.S./Israel are now carrying out two nuclear wars from within the same bomb -- or shall we call it the new ‘super nuker.’ What hypocrisy for the U.S. to cry ‘terrorist’ about Iran, when U.S. bombs delivered by Israeli jets are nuking Lebanon, Israeli citizens, and everyone in the region. Well, it is well known in America that the victimizer always turns himself into the victim.

The truth is that the ‘nuclear states’ have, and are using, nuclear weapons for blackmailing weaker countries in order to depopulate them and steal their mineral resources. THROW THE TENANTS OUT and TAKE OVER THE REAL ESTATE AND GO CONDO. It’s just that simple.

Q: What is depleted uranium and how does it affect human beings? What are the consequences of DU contamination?

A: Depleted uranium is radioactive waste from the nuclear weapons and nuclear power programs. 99.5% of the uranium that is mined becomes depleted uranium after 0.5% uranium 235 is removed in the enrichment process. Iran is legally enriching uranium for their nuclear power program, and the IAEA has stated that this is a perfectly legal activity in a country with nuclear power plants. It is being used as an excuse by the U.S. and international community to threaten Iran.

In 1942, radioactive poison gas weapons were suggested for development under the Manhattan Project. In other words, the scientists did not know if they could successfully make atomic bombs, so they said “…Let’s make dirty bombs, dirty missiles, and dirty bullets out of the depleted uranium, since we have lots of that, and it will permanently contaminate the air, water, soil, food, and blood in a region where we use these munitions.” It was a great weapon to kill, maim and disease lots of people.

So in 1942 they knew everything about depleted uranium but did not use it until 1973, during the oil crisis, when the U.S. government gave it to Israel and supervised them using it in the Yom Kippur war. I have met so many women in Berkeley, California, who lived in Israel (occupied Palestine) then in Kibbutzes, and they have an epidemic of breast cancer in their families now. Well, that was just the beginning.

The U.S. has contaminated 39 states with depleted uranium since 1945 from testing, manufacture, sales, storage and disposal of these weapons. The U.S. is in a massive epidemic of radiation related illnesses, which is increasing every year -- the U.S. government nuked its own people with atomic bomb testing, nuclear power plants, and now depleted uranium.

Not only are the Middle East and Central Asia contaminated forever with radioactive depleted uranium, which has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, but it has contaminated and mixed throughout the global atmosphere, causing a global epidemic of diabetes and other radiation related illnesses.

Depleted uranium is a radioactive nano-particle doomsday machine, which is not only causing diabetes all over the world, but it is invisibly increasing death rates, and decreasing birth rates globally -- that is called depopulation. The Queen of Britain and the Rockefellers (U.S.) own most of the uranium, and the City of London bankers control world uranium supplies and prices. Nice partnership, isn’t it? Through her mother (maiden name Roche), Princess Diana was actually a Rothschild (City of London bankers). Many people believe that Prince Charles married Diana for her Stuart bloodline, which made her more royal than Charles. But when Prince William becomes king, England will have a Rothschild on the throne… that is the bloodline wanted from Princess Diana.

Well, if you think about the thousands of tons of depleted uranium the U.S./UK have admitted using since 1991, that would be the same as releasing the radiation from at least 400,000 Nagasaki bombs into the atmosphere since 1991, ten times more than during atmospheric testing. Well, look at the increase in diabetes in Japan since 1991, which represents the global effect of depleted uranium pollution. (source: Vital Statistics of Japan 2004, Vol. 1, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, pp.202-3)

Then there are the effects to consider on the unborn babies. Consider the large increase in low birth weight babies in the U.S. since 1991, caused by the global depleted uranium pollution. This is happening all over the world. Unlike infant mortality, these babies survive but they are at much greater risk for health problems during their lives: diabetes, learning disabilities, obesity, heart defects, and they are never really strong and healthy. The babies may look normal on the outside, but the DNA is damaged both in the nucleus and in the mitochondria of the cell, as well as other damage we still don’t understand. Over future generations, the genetic damage will be expressed in unpredictable ways, and gradually the genome will degrade and decline in vigor. (source: U.S. government data, Centers for Disease Control {CDC})

The consequence of depleted uranium global pollution is damage to the genome of the entire planet which is being degraded and destroyed slowly over time -- for all living things. This is a demonic plan by the City of London and Wall Street banking establishments, and the new world order, the ‘globalists’ who want to depopulate the world by 2-4 billion people. They don’t call London the world capital of terrorism for no reason.

Depopulation, through a continuous global covert nuclear war, has been waged against citizens, paid for by citizens through taxation, privatized, and secretly implemented by the global ruling elite. From 62 years of depleted uranium wars alone, global public health has been devastated by large increases in death rates and chronic disease, and decreasing birth rates, both evident in the vital statistics of many countries since 1945. This is a global trend.

This is what Henry Kissinger said about it in 1974 in the National Security Council:

Dr. Henry Kissinger proposed in his memorandum to the NSC that ‘depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the third world.’ He cited reasons of national security, and because the U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries… wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to the economic interests of the U.S. (“Implications of worldwide population growth for U.S. security & overseas interests”, National Security Memo 200, April 24, 1974)

According to an NSC spokesman at the time, the United States shared the view of former World Bank President Robert McNamara that the ‘population crisis’ is a greater threat to U.S. national security interests than ‘nuclear annihilation’. In 1975, Henry Kissinger established a policy-planning group in the U.S. State Department’s office of population affairs.

By 1979 depopulation was the top priority of U.S. national security policy, as outlined in the national security paper Global 2000 written by Rockefeller contractors Henry Kissinger, Z. Brzezinski, Gen. Alexander Haig, and Ed Muskie for President Carter.

So it is very clear that depleted uranium weaponry is being used for the purpose of depopulation in the Middle East, Central Asia, Lebanon, Yugoslavia… and these areas of course are rich in mineral resources that the Zionist Anglo-American economic empire wants to control.

The tiger economies (China, Japan, {South} Korea and India) are another serious economic threat -- so another nuclear war is being carried out against them with nuclear power plants forced on them by the U.S./UK war crimes racketeering syndicate (who own the uranium and the nuclear power industry). The Zionist Anglo-American banking establishment is an international permanent war economy, a war crimes racketeering syndicate, the most vicious and ruthless in the history of the world: once again, they are the greedy bankers of Wall Street and the City of London, and let’s include the British throne which will soon crown a Rothschild as king.

Q: What parts of the world have been poisoned by DU? Are there more regions at risk of contamination?

A: All of the world has been poisoned by the DU -- most of it since 1991. The health statistics from around the world clearly show the global impact. But even the oceans are being killed by the radiation, the baby fish die just like our babies. Or they are born weak and may not survive to become adult fish. This also happened during atmospheric testing. Between 1957 and 1963 the fishing catch in the North Atlantic declined by 50%, but recovered within a few years as soon as atmospheric testing ended, because of the partial test ban treaty which Russia, the UK and U.S. signed. However, the Pacific fishing catch declined 65% by 1970 and never recovered because some nuclear states continued testing. It is happening all over again since 1991 with the introduction of DU weaponry by the U.S. and the UK. In Japan, I learned that the fishing catch has declined 10% just in the past few years.

The DU is globally mixed in 1 year -- it is found in the ice record in Antarctica, Hawaii, the Alps, the Himalayas, and even in the Andes of South America. There is nowhere to hide or any way to escape.

Q: The U.S. soldiers who were sent to the Persian Gulf War were also poisoned by U.S. DU weapons. There are many reports of their devastating situation. Isn’t the U.S. government concerned about the lives of its own military personnel?

A: Here is a news story tonight on the Internet. It is the despair and anger expressed by a member of Congress from the San Francisco area where I live. Listen to his words on the floor of Congress speaking to Bush: “You have no money for health care for children… or for more war… You just like to blow things up.”

Here is a lawyer friend of mine, from the international law firm of Morrison and Foerster, who has filed a class action lawsuit against the Veterans Administration for Health Care for our very sick veterans… the medical disability rate is over 55% since 1991, when they started using depleted uranium weapons.

Our children are being turned into uranium meat as soon as they are sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. What about the poor people who live in those regions and have for thousands of years.

The leadership in the U.S., the Congress, the White House, and the Pentagon have been taken over by a shadow government -- that shadow from Wall Street and the City of London. The U.S. is bankrupt and is being carved up like a turkey by the globalists. Europe is too… the EU is just another region being dragged into slavery… like the U.S.-Canada-Mexico, which is now undergoing unification. I cannot believe this global nightmare being rolled out.

Our soldiers are just being sent to Iraq and Afghanistan and given a death sentence as soon as they arrive. Our national guard, to protect our states from being overtaken by our own military, is being destroyed to make this global takeover easier. Black youth in the ghettoes are refusing to join the military. They are saying, “It’s more dangerous in Iraq now than in the ghetto… We are staying home.”

Major Doug Rokke told me that gang members and juvenile delinquents coming back from their army service in Iraq are taking military trucks from bases here like at Fort Lewis, and going out into towns around the military bases and robbing banks. Then they go back into the ghettoes and kill the police… That’s what they learned in Iraq.

As Henry Kissinger famously said after Vietnam:

“Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

I think in reality the U.S. government has killed far more Americans, their own citizens, than they have killed in other countries. The CIA has cannibalized the U.S. just like it has eaten through the economies and killed the people of many other countries. The CIA is bringing the drugs from Afghanistan and South America into our communities. It’s a great way to fund elections and to make huge profits.

Over $850 billion a year in drug money in the U.S. is the CIA cash-flow through the U.S. economy. The U.S. economy would collapse without it.

Q: Are these soldiers receiving proper health care from the current U.S. administration?

A: Of course not. They are receiving a plane ride back to the U.S. and then they are dumped into their communities by the Pentagon and given no help, no medical care, nothing. I have them calling me up every day, they find my name on the Internet, and they are begging me to help them… they want to commit suicide, their wives are sick… this is a nightmare not only over in the Middle East and Central Asia, but here as well.

Our country is bankrupt -- morally, spiritually, and financially.

Q: Could you explain when and how your opposition to nuclear weapons began?

A: Well, I worked in two nuclear weapons labs, as a geoscientist cleaning up the mess at the labs. I did not know what nuclear weapons were until I went to Japan in 2000, invited to the Atomic and Hydrogen Bomb Conference as a plenary speaker. I was horrified when I saw the effects of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If Americans had seen the aftermath in 1945 of those horrific bombs, there never would have been a nuclear weapons program in the U.S. It was hidden from the public and still is. It is a brotherhood of death, the ultimate rejection of life… it is a huge lie.

When I stood in the peace museums of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I realized that I had to spend the rest of my life working on the terrible issue of nuclear pollution.

I am a mother, I am a scientist, I am a woman and a giver of life; I cannot stand to see another mother and father with a sick child, a sick baby, a sick grandparent… the youngest and the oldest are the ones who suffer from radiation the most.

So here is what I am doing, a global campaign, a U.S. campaign to get DU bills for our soldiers in the state legislatures -- Congress is nonfunctional.

In Hawaii they call me the ‘enfant terrible’ of depleted uranium.

Well, if I am a naughty child for doing that, I am a very very very much more naughty scientist… and I am having lots of fun with my radiation wrecking ball… informing the public about what they should know about radiation and its impact on public health and the environment. Seriously, there really is no other choice.

Q: What are the human costs of depleted uranium?

A: We are facing a global mass extinction of 2-4 billion people, and a war against the genetic future of all species.

If the Bush Administration and the U.S. Navy are really stupid enough to bomb Iran with their (nuclear) friend Israel, well then they deserve what they get if they knock over that beehive. Iran is not Iraq… Iraq was a ‘cakewalk’ compared to what a mess they will have with Iran.

I want the people of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and the people of the world to know that I love and respect them. Americans are not bad people, I am not a bad person because I am American, it is our government that has hijacked and stolen our country and our soul from us.

But this nightmare they are creating is not over yet, and like Iraq, it will not turn out the way they think it is going to… Bush is not the only sociopath in power who likes to blow things up. Other countries may retaliate.

And there are many ways to punish the Zionist Anglo-American economic empire. Its future is fading. You never create wealth by destroying things. (

What the Malthusians Say
Published in The American Almanac, 1994

The shocking adoption of an official (if secret) policy by the United States, of defining its own national security in terms of the reduction of population of other, poorer nations, represents the predominant influence, but not yet the core worldview, of the neo-Malthusians. Their policies are represented to governments in terms of economic or strategic coercion, the exercise of raw power of empires or superpowers to stop the development of other, competitor nations. But their core objective is sheer racial and class hatred, a desire to eliminate as many brown, black, yellow, or poor human beings as possible. Malthus himself, as a paid writer for the British East India Company, was an out-and-out petty thief, who plagiarized the bulk of his work from eighteenth century Venetian Giammaria Ortes. Using Ortes’s assertion that the Earth has a finite “carrying capacity,” Malthus wrote in order to abolish the poor laws in the British Isles, causing the death of poor children, and in order to justify a massive increase of looting of India, which led to the famines, drug wars, and population collapse of the nineteenth century on the Indian subcontinent.

Thomas Malthus

“We are bound in justice and honour formally to disdain the Right of the poor to support. “To this end, I should propose a regulation to be made, declaring that no child born from any marriage taking place after the expiration of a year from the date of the law, and no illegitimate child born two years from the same date, should ever be entitled to parish assistance…. “The infant is, comparatively speaking, of little value to society, as others will immediately supply its place.” –Thomas Malthus, An Essay on the Principle of Population

“All children who are born, beyond what would be required to keep up the population to a desired level, must necessarily perish, unless room be made for them by the death of grown persons…. Therefore … we should facilitate, instead of foolishly and vainly endeavoring to impede, the operations of nature in producing this mortality; and if we dread the too frequent visitation of the horrid form of famine, we should sedulously encourage the other forms of destruction, which we compel nature to use. “Instead of recommending cleanliness to the poor, we should encourage contrary habits. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague. In the country, we should build our villages near stagnant pools, and particularly encourage settlement in all marshy and unwholesome situations. But above all we should reprobate specific remedies for ravaging diseases; and restrain those benevolent, but much mistaken men, who have thought they are doing a service to mankind by protecting schemes for the total extirpation of particular disorders.” –Malthus, ibid.

Bertrand Russell

“The white population of the world will soon cease to increase. The Asiatic races will be longer, and the negroes still longer, before their birth rate falls sufficiently to make their numbers stable without help of war and pestilence. Until that happens, the benefits aimed at by socialism can only be partially realized, and the less prolific races will have to defend themselves by methods which are disgusting even if they are necessary.” –Bertrand Russell

“I have already spoken of the population problem, but a few words must be added about its political aspect. …. It will be impossible to feel that the world is in a satisfactory state until there is a certain degree of equality, and a certain acquiescence everywhere in the power of the World Government, and this will not be possible until the poorer nations of the world have become … more or less stationary in population. The conclusion to which we are driven by the facts that we have been considering is that, while great wars cannot be avoided until there is a World Government, a World Government cannot be stable until every important country has nearly stationary population.” –Bertrand Russell

Prince Philip, … of Great Britain

“You cannot keep a bigger flock of sheep than you are capable of feeding. In other words conservation may involve culling in order to keep a balance between the relative numbers in each species within any particular habitat. I realize this is a very touchy subject, but the fact remains that mankind is part of the living world…. Every new acre brought into cultivation means another acre denied to wild species.” –Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, consort of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain

“In the event I am reborn, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” –Prince Philip, quoted in Deutsche Presse Agentur, August 1988 Poster's note. Phil, you came as a deadly virus in this lifetime.

Paul Ehrlich

“A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people…. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.” –Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb

Michael Soverstein, president, Environmental Economics

“If necessary, nations of the Third World must be forced to remain poor if their development threatens resources on which all life depends.” –Michael Soverstein, president, Environmental Economics

Dr. Arne Schiotz, World Wildlife Fund Director of Conservation

“Malthus has been vindicated, reality is finally catching up with Malthus. The Third World is overpopulated, it’s an economic mess, and there’s no way they could get out of it with this fast-growing population. Our philosophy is: back to the village.” –Dr. Arne Schiotz, World Wildlife Fund Director of Conservation, 1984

Thomas Lovejoy, World Wildlife Fund

“The biggest problems are the damn national sectors of these developing countries. These countries think that they have the right to develop their resources as they see fit. They want to become powers.” –Thomas Lovejoy, vice president, World Wildlife Fund U.S.A., 1984

Sir Peter Scott, World Wildlife Fund

“If we look at things causally, the bigger problem in the world is population. We must set a ceiling to human numbers. All development aid should be made dependent on the existence of strong family planning programs.” –Sir Peter Scott, chairman, World Wildlife Fund U.K., 1984

Fritz Leutwiler, Bank for International Settlements

“It means the reduction of real income in countries where the majority of the population is already living at the minimum existence level or even under it. That is difficult, but one cannot spare the highly indebted countries this difficult path. It is unavoidable.” –Fritz Leutwiler, chairman, Bank for International Settlements, 1982

“Fritz speaks with his guts. If he had his way, he would kill them all, in the Third World, except a few raw materials producers, of course.” –One of Leutwiler’s fellow Geneva bankers

William Paddock, US State Department

“If you do anything to increase food production through more agricultural technology, all you are doing is increasing future suffering, because there will be more people, population will expand to absorb that food, and the results will be a greater disaster…. Mexico simply can’t handle 60 million people … think how prosperous Mexico would be today if it had the population of 1933, 18 million.” –William Paddock, U.S. State Department agronomist and co-author, Famine 1975! America’s Decision, Who Will Survive?, in remarks in 1980

Julian Blackwelder, The Environmental Fund

“[In Bangladesh] if you go and feed people whose problem is that their numbers are forever getting greater, all you can possibly do is incubate catastrophe; you keep enlarging the number of people that you know absolutely have to perish in a very unfortunate way sometime in the future, and reasonably soon…. I think any humanitarian would like to see the population of Mexico reduced in a humane way. Otherwise it will be reduced in an inhumane way.” –Julian Blackwelder, director, The Environmental Fund, 1980

Thomas Ferguson, State Department Office of Population Affairs

“There is a single theme behind all our work–we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it…. “Our program in El Salvador didn’t work. The infrastructure was not there to support it. There were just too goddamned many people…. To really reduce population, quickly, you have to pull all the males into the fighting and you have to kill significant numbers of fertile age females…. “The quickest way to reduce population is through famine, like in Africa, or through disease like the Black Death….” –Thomas Ferguson, State Department Office of Population Affairs, Latin American Desk, February 1981 interview

Michael Novak

“…Every newborn child lowers the average per capita income.” –Michael Novak, The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism

The Club of Rome

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap of mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.” –Club of Rome, The First Global Revolution, 1991

William Paddock, State Department

“The Mexican population must be reduced by half. Seal the border and watch them scream.” And, asked how this population reduction would be accomplished, the speaker replied: “By the usual means: famine, war, and pestilence.” –William Paddock, State Department consultant, 1975 interview

Robert McNamara, World Bank

“Overpopulation and rapid demographic growth of Mexico is already today one of the major threats to the national security of the United States.” Unless the U.S.-Mexico border is sealed, “we will be up to our necks in Mexicans for whom we cannot find jobs.” –Robert McNamara, then-World Bank president, March 19, 1982

“…There are only two possible ways in which a world of 10 billion people can be averted. Either the current birth rates must come down more quickly. Or the current death rates must go up. “There is no other way. “There are, of course, many ways in which the death rates can go up. In a thermonuclear age, war can accomplish it very quickly and decisively. Famine and disease are nature’s ancient checks on population growth, and neither one has disappeared from the scene…. “To put it simply: Excessive population growth is the greatest single obstacle to the economic and social advancement of most of the societies in the developing world.” –Robert McNamara, Oct. 2, 1979

Ryan on October 31st, 2007
yea I think that’s the most dangerous aspect of the global warming craze… that “we are the problem” and if we get rid of the people, that the problem will go away too.

Thing is, we could never know if that would work to solve climate change unless we actually did it, and if it didn’t work, and we killed off the masses or just sterilized people, and we didn’t get the payout that we expected, it would be too late to bring back those we had killed.

Like Dr. King said, “We must have means that go hand-in-hand with our desired ends.”

The means of “curing” the planet of humans is much too inhumane, and does not go hand in hand with the concept of saving humanity by saving the planet.

See how dangerous that path of thought can be folks? Countless people are becoming concerned about the environment, which is actually a very good thing. We DO need to save the planet from humans. That is to say, that humans are doing a great deal of damage that we need not do. We need to conserve and protect nature and the species in it.

But the real reason we need to save the planet is FOR HUMANITY! We need a place to live! We need a place where we can sustain future generations!

But there are the elites who try to use those good intentions and flip them around using slick propaganda, and try to convince us that we need to get rid of humanity to save the world.

We do need to protect the Earth, but we need to do it for US, and our future generations. Killing us does not protect us, and killing us means there can be no future generations!

It’s all very illogical at the core.

Richard Gadsden on October 31st, 2007
It seems like the people for global socialism are sociopaths.
They conveniently eliminate the human element for the sake of “progress”.

It’s very dangerous to expand the size and control of government.
Self reliance will be the average American’s best friend in the future.

Junius on October 31st, 2007

Billy Duran on November 3rd, 2007
The fix to overpopulation is simple and it involves no catastrophe at all. Just give others a means and method of economic achievement and their populations will reduce. When people earn more they are more empowered to continue on a path of greater achievement and there by see the sustainment of a large family as an impediment to achieving their goals. Vice versa; the poorer the individuals, the more reliant they become on sustaining a large family with aspirations that one of the siblings will be able to arise from the strife and hopefully achieve prosperity so that they may be able to continue to sustain the family. The economic problem creates an increase in the population. Less time to work and more time to breed, it is a simple shift in energy.

The true problem lies in segregation of the masses. The desire to cut others off from the path of wealth and power is masqueraded by the illicit deceit of race and class. Social structure and race separation only breeds enmity and ignorance which is the underbelly of the problem and completely relies on biased scientific evidence that is in itself distorted; thereby completely canceling out scientific rationale. A self propagating problem is inherent in the notion a race should seek superiority. Races are species that are constrained to develop within their environment.

Environment is ever-changing and in time will develop new species that will shift towards adaptation and progression of the breed. If one resolves to constrain the adaptation process it will only become limited and cause others to shift their migratory patterns towards more fertile and prosperous places. The over-class that promotes racial superiority will become centralized and surrounded and be seen as the object of fear and hate. In the end the actions of self preservation will cause the greater masses of the externalized groups to arise and seek a shift in the power structure.

Megalomaniacal racially centrist plans are ultimately self-destructive in nature. If one does not have sufficient quantity of human beings to maintain a massive quantity of aggregated wealth and an industry in place with personnel that will remain congruently autonomous to the governing body one cannot completely hold together such a system. Even with a system in place it will see an eventual destruction within a limited time for the truest desires in all humans is freedom. The nature of ultimate subservience is not embedded within the human psyche and the shift towards racial thinking only promotes the devolution of mankind as a whole. The anatomy of world domination can only lead to an ultimate demise of life. In the end no one wins.

jamie bejune on January 27th, 2008
Why aren’t incentives given for 1 child couples , and end these ludicrous pograms. The population could be halved in 1 century while building a better way. Also the release of free and clean energy has been delayed now for decades due to the greed of the global energy and banking system. The system itself has been incrementally rigged and stacked in favor of the mega wealthy through central banking an slanted trade agreements.
a much better system is available through real cooperation and the end of the colonial age system based on greed and megalomania. I am not talking about communism . i am talking about governments serving people , not private parties. The release of the newest technology in human friendly form is vital for this concept to succeed. A better way does exist.(

Gene Tweak Makes for Mighty Mice
Scientists Genetically Engineer Mice That Outrun and Outlive Ordinary Mice

Miranda Hitti / WebMD | November 1, 2007

Scientists at Case Western Reserve University have genetically engineered mice that outrun, outlive, and out-eat ordinary mice while staying lean, light, and fertile well into old age.

Chalk it up to a change in a single gene.

That genetic tweak boosted levels of an enzyme called PEPCK-C in the mice's skeletal muscles, knocking mice's muscle metabolism into orbit.

"They are metabolically similar to Lance Armstrong biking up the Pyrenees," researcher Richard Hanson, PhD, says in a news release.

The mighty mice were seven times more active than normal mice. They showed unusually high levels of activity in their cages from the time they were 2 weeks old.

Running on special treadmills designed for mice, the genetically engineered mice left ordinary mice in the dust.

One treadmill test began at a leisurely pace. The researchers raised the treadmill's incline and speed every two minutes until the mice were exhausted and couldn't run for 10 seconds.

The genetically engineered mice ran for 32 minutes, while the ordinary mice pooped out at 19 minutes.

The genetically engineered mice ate 60% more than the ordinary mice, but they were lean and light, weighing half of what normal mice weigh with 90% less body fat.

The researchers also report that the genetically engineered mice lived longer than other mice and maintained their superior running ability.

For instance, mice that were up to 2.5 years old outran mice that were less than half their age, the study shows.

In addition, a 30-month-old genetically engineered female mouse had baby mice during the study, well past the typical mouse-bearing ages.

A major unanswered question, Hanson's team notes, is what brain changes accompany the genetically engineered mice's hyped-up activity.

Their findings appear in tomorrow's early online edition of The Journal of Biological Chemistry.(

US scientists engineer 'mighty mice'

AFP | November 1, 2007

US researchers have engineered a line of "mighty mice" whose human equivalent would have similar abilities to the bicycling champion Lance Armstrong, according to research published Thursday.
The breed of mice can run six kilometers (four miles) at a speed of 20 meters (yards) per minute for up to six hours without stopping, according to Richard Hanson, a biochemistry professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

"They are metabolically similar to Lance Armstrong biking up the Pyrenees; they utilize mainly fatty acids for energy and produce very little lactic acid," said Hanson, the senior author of the article which was published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

The genetically engineered mice can eat 60 percent more than wild mice in a control group but remain slim and fit. The "mighty mice" live longer, and some females were able to reproduce much later in life than other mice.

The researchers said some "have had offspring at 2.5 years of age, an amazing feat considering most mice do not reproduce after they are one year old."

Hanson said the strength of the mice was made possible by the fact that they produce very little lactic acid, which forms during intense exercise.

Scientists bred 500 of the mice, which also showed more aggression than other mice, over the past five years as part of a project aimed at unlocking the metabolic and physiological function of PEPCK-C in muscles and tissues.

The key to their unusual traits is the over-expression of the gene that influence production of the enzyme PEPCK-C (phosphoenolypyruvate carboxykinases), said Hanson.

The transgenic mice are descended from six "founder lines" that "contain a chimeric gene in which a copy of the cDNA for PEPCK-C was linked to the skeletal actin gene promoter," the research said.

The resulting mice showed different levels of PEPCK-C in their muscles, but one particularly active group had levels of PEPCK-C activity of nine units per gram of skeletal muscle, compared to just 0.08 units per gram in the muscles of control mice.

"From a very early age, the PEPCK-Cmus mice ran continuously in their cages," said Parvin Hakimi, a researcher in the Hanson lab.

The "mighty mice" primarily relied on "fatty acids as a source of energy during exercise, while the control animals rapidly switched from fatty acid metabolism to using muscle glycogen (carbohydrates) as a fuel; this dramatically raised the blood lactate levels," the research said.

The PEPCK-C enzyme was first discovered at the medical school of Case Western Reserve University in 1955, the study authors said.(
Genetic Advances To Pioneer Super-Human Elite?
Life extension researchers create 500 bio-mice with extraordinary capabilities but stress that to apply the science to humans would be "completely wrong"

Steve Watson & Paul Watson / | November 2, 2007

New scientific research into life enhancing genetic modification is paving the way for a near future where humans are able to live far beyond today's average life expectancy, but in the hands of the wrong crowd this could spell disaster.

Scientists have genetically engineered 500 "super mice" that can run further and faster, live longer and reproduce for longer with the view to one day applying the same science to enhance the performance of human athletes.

The London Independent reports:

The mouse can run up to six kilometres (3.7 miles) at a speed of 20 metres per minute for five hours or more without stopping. Scientists said that this was equivalent of a man cycling at speed up an Alpine mountain without a break. Although it eats up to 60 per cent more food than an ordinary mouse, the modified mouse does not put on weight. It also lives longer and enjoys an active sex life well into old age – being capable of breeding at three times the normal maximum age.

The Scientists at Case Western Reserve University at Cleveland in Ohio, emphasized that the research has not been undertaken with a view to apply the science to enhance the human race but did admit that the findings could be used to develop drugs that would enhance the abilities of whoever had the means of acquiring them.

The mice were bred by altering a single metabolism gene, a gene which is incidentally shared with humans. One side effect which was unexplainable to the scientists was that the mice became very aggressive.
Professor Richard Hanson commented:

"We humans have exactly the same gene. But this is not something that you'd do to a human. It's completely wrong. We do not think that this mouse model is an appropriate model for human gene therapy. It is currently not possible to introduce genes into the skeletal muscles of humans and it would not be ethical to even try."

Many within the scientific community have suggested that the development of successful life-extension technologies will be a reality within 30 years, but the application of such stunning advances will be tightly restricted by a ruling elite, and eventually may be used as a justification to completely wipe out humanity, according to some leading researchers.

A recent article carried by the Methuselah Foundation, an organization that advocates the development of life extension and nanomachinery technology, concludes that life-extension technology and "(greatly) augmenting our biology with nanomachinery" will have arrived by the 2030's, but that "The new bio- and nanotechnologies of the 2040s will be massive overkill for the "simple" task of repairing the damage of aging."

The report concludes that the greatest obstacle in the field is not the development but the application of such technology, suggesting that living for hundreds of years is inevitable only for the wealthy elite.

View more High quality trailers at

Pressure groups pushing for more widespread funding of life-extension technology research seem to be constantly frustrated by the fact that major global scientific institutions seek to contain progress within very selective parameters and are very reticent to encourage more open access to the field.

Those who advocate the necessity to mainstream life-extension technology research are keen to tackle the red herring of overpopulation, which is often cited as a reason to restrict the availability of such advances.

As the Fight Aging organization is keen to stress, the specter of overpopulation is a con game used by the elite to keep their subservient and enslaved population in poverty.

The fact is that population growth naturally declines and reverses with increasing wealth, industrialization and the creation of a strong middle class.

So it turns out that if 5% of the United States were converted into urban area with a population density of 6,000/km2, and 45% were converted into suburban area with a population density of 2,000/km2, with the remaining 50% left for rural area, parks, and farms, there would be enough room for 3 billion in the urban areas, and 9 billion in the suburban areas, for a total population of 12 billion. This is in the US alone. This scheme could be extended to the other countries and continents for a total population of around 100 billion. Everything between the Arctic and Antarctic circles are potential targets for colonization. This is about 130,000,000 km2 of land area (the circumpolar regions have about 20,000,000 km2 of land).

The planet would be perfectly able to sustain many more billions than currently occupy the earth if third world nations were allowed to industrialize and raise their living standards, but the elite, keen to protect a policy that exploits the third world and plunders their resources, are loathe to accept this and thus have to resort to scaremongering about the population bomb in order to maintain the status quo.

But there's another reason why the architects of the eugenics movement and the global warming bandwagon need to promulgate the hoax of the population bomb - to restrict access to life extension technologies, and pave the way for the "overkill" that their use will be directed towards during the second stage of their development.

To watch other trailer clips in high quality and learn more about End Game, visit

Once a monopoly on the development of these new technologies is guaranteed, the stage will be set for the elite to render humanity all but obsolete and begin their long desired final solution - the elimination of the vast majority if not all of the human population.

As Sun Microsystems founder Bill Joy outlines in his essay, Why The Future Doesn't Need Us, once every aspect of human society is automated and operated solely by machines and robots - a foregone conclusion according to most futurists - and control of the machines is concentrated within a tiny elite, the rest of us will be superfluous and subject to elimination.

Since those without access to the life-extension technologies will be considered luddites and nothing more than a burden on the utopian technocracy that the elite have crafted, our fate is sealed.

The only other plausible scenario is that a small number of humans who are permitted to survive will be biologically or psychologically engineered by the same automated system the elite have created, meaning our roles will hold little more significance than domesticated animals.

Last week we also reported on an evolutionary theorist from the London School of Economics who caused controversy by suggesting that the human race will reach its physical peak by the year 3000 and will then split into two different species, one perfect elite race and one regressed race of small ugly goblin like creatures.

Oliver Curry forwarded his theory, the Bravo Evolution Report, based on sexual selection and an increasing move to use technology to enhance physical attributes and life expectancy.

Curry suggests that much like in HG Wells' novel The Time Machine, in 100,000 years a genetically perfected ruling elite will dominate the planet and be served by a dumbed down animalistic version of humanity.

These are not the ravings of paranoid conspiracy theorists scared to face the future, they form the modern-day cutting edge of futurist debate in the scientific fields of nanotechnology and trans-humanism.

Last year, in a feature entitled The new incredibles: Enhanced humans, the New scientist reported on the very real move toward a super-human technocracy:

the prospect of human enhancement is being taken increasingly seriously. The World Economic Forum discussed it at its most recent meeting in January. The US National Science Foundation and the UK's Office of Science and Technology are investigating the issues it raises. Even President Bush has been briefed about it in exhaustive detail.

“We're not talking about some distant sci-fi future. This is happening now” GOOGLE WORDS GENETIC SUPER HUMAN. JONES REPORT had it but file WENT WHOOOSHHHH! Disappeared.

Nazi-style experiments on US children:
Pesticides Intentionally Sprayed in Low Income Homes for Experimentation
GOOGLE these search terms


Bush administration supported a Program to deliberately subject infants and small children to known toxins.Of course they manipulate poor people into subjecting themselves to poison for money. The Bush administration sinks to even greater lows.

Of course, as ENDGAME shows, these types of studies have gone on for some time-- google "Guinea Pig Children" to learn about foster children and low income black children being subjected to this sick eugenics program.

One of the key points of this program is to "routinely spray pesticides inside the home." Then, a field officer will "visit every 3-6 months for 2 years to conduct tests before and after pesticides [exposure], collecting food and urine




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