DENTAL AID FOR THE HOMELESS, POOR, OR OLD IS AVAILABLE so you won't have to continue to see MOHAMMED the CAMEL DENTIST ANY MORE, though granted, he's GREAT!

Thanks, Mohammed, I really owe you. I for one
am SO GLAD you came to America! And I won't
breathe a word about this little garage set-up you have
here. Not a WORD!

A FRIEND WHO KNOWS THE SYSTEM TOLD ME THIS:  To get dental work paid for, you must have either YOUR WELFARE ACCOUNT SET UP with local DPSS (and you can do this with one visit, SEE: GETTING WELFARE,)  or if you get SOCIAL SECURITY, call the Social Security administration and file for MEDI-CARE or as you live in CALIFORNIA, MED-I-CAL  by asking for  SUPPLEMENTAL SOCIAL SECURITY (SSI)

You can only qualify for dental work if you make very little money i.e. your social security and disability income has to be very small. You cannot work and have an income or SHOW INCOME...  or you will not qualify. I have social security disability and SSI - so I automatically  have Medicare and MEDICAL under which is DENTI-CAL Which covers $1,800 dollars worth of dental work per year, plus cleaning twice or once a year. The dentist is wrong, I have had root canals - crowns on the front and fillings on the back or stainless steel crowns covered with resin on the back (have not had these yet). Had bad dentists and kept getting turned down (dental work denied), so I appealed and told Denti-CAL that I had to have Cardiac bypass surgery just because they kept denying necessary dental work! (Fact is, pus draining out of bad teeth can kill the heart! Where do you think it drains to? It gets right in the valves! And they know this!) After telling them That, I started getting approvals  and to be fair, I changed dentists and this one is very good and has good help. Here is the link to their site: I had the bypass surgery and it was a total success. I hope my case makes the System rethink their ignoring seniors' dental needs as what is the saying? A stitch in time saves nine?

You call Social Security and can apply by telephone, (800) 772-1213 - but they will not give you SSI if you are paying $1,000 a month rent with your income, it proves you have income - it is a Catch 22 - you try to work and it gets harder and harder - so you qualify with assets but NOT with your rent. You need to find a city or county where Section 8 is still open and sign up for that, i.e. low cost housing, but that too can take years. Or, you and a few roomies can rent a big house. THAT worked for me. You use Craigs List to meet potential roomers and you screen their emails first, then THEM. *full time job, etc. I charged 400$ rent per bedroom private bath. LOW price got them LINED UP!