IF U.S> ARMY DOES THIS SCANDALOUS THEFT of a HUGE PARK SPACE IN THE MIDDLE OF LOS ANGELES, IT WILL DO IT ANYWHERE.   COMING TO YOUR CITY, SOON --- CONCENTRATION CAMPS intended FOR CIVILIAN REMOVAL! The U.S. Military DESTROYED OUR BIGGEST PARK, TURNED IT INTO AN ARMY BASE/ PRISON, a park tucked in the EXACT MEETING POINT of our TWO MAIN FREEWAYS.  They went to a lot of trouble to destroy woods, lake, meadows alleging 'we found needles here.' NOT PINE NEEDLES. HEROIN NEEDLES. NAHHHhhhh! The only possible reason to demolish our best wetland/ park would be to create CITIZEN COLLECTION SITES, to gather up progressive activists or jobless rioters, Opinionated picketing LIBERALS -- you know, OCCUPY-ers --- although paved spaces this big could also be used to house soldiers as THIS ONE is at the NEXUS point of 2 famous freeways. 101 and 405. So the Military could create CHOKE POINT CHARLIES there to block CITIZEN exit from the city. WAY STATIONS imply a planned collection of people, scheduled to go elsewhere, later. But read GARCETTI's NUTTY LETTER to his campaign supporters (I am close to his best bud, an ex councilman, so I accidentally got on Mayor's list,) an email asking US to HELP the ARMY destroy Los Angeles, put army bases from one end to the other, asking us to ENCOURAGE them. Garcetti called it renovating the L.A. RIVER WILD SPACES. They built the first one and people went ballistic so now the army is feeling delicate! So look at the first email of two, (BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE).. earlier I got (Sept 27) 2nd one in MID OCTOBER. Came to my email box and you decide!

First base they built Dec/Jan is
where two main freeways INSIDE
Los Angeles vector! Easy prisoner transport!
Audubon and Sierra Club went ballistic.

Here are another two views or 'takes' on why the FEDERAL GOV might want RELOCATION CAMPS right inside the city. 1.) ADIOS WELFARE! No more Social Security, no disability. They built this story that Washington is broke so they could launch the end of the welfare state.. Soon as you are complaining and homeless and starving, they'll kindly pick you up in a truck and take you to the BIG BASES 5,000 of them across America which have been readied as jails. But the Army needs the IN-CITY holding tanks near the freeways, to grab, process and then SHIP you.

 2.) Hey, preppers, you were right! After they bomb and official claim that the Syrians did it, when you want to get out of L.A. quick? Avoid this intersection of the 101 and the 405 our two main freeways. It's all SOLDIERS! The lake and park are gone. 80 acres vaporized!

Garcetti's email shows our New Mayor is in on the plot!  (Well, he's ex Navy) View his LETTER TO US BELOW where he asks us to ENCOURAGE THE ARMY TO COME TO OUR FAIR CITY AND BUILD THEIR BASES as public hue and cry stopped their CEMENTING the wild life lake/ park they bulldozed Dec/Jan  ( SEPULVEDA BASIN ) though 20 army HUMMERS are 9 mos. later STILL parked in the flattened wetlands and the DRAINED LAKE destroying this wildlife park 

I feel that it Could be that the MAYOR is IGNORANT of what HOMELAND SECURITY & the ARMY and WHITE HOUSE all intend --even though right now the new base is a field of khaki HUMMERS, Army ensignias, on pause after they flattened this gorgeous 40 acre PARKLAND DEC 2012 thru JAN 2013 and drained its lake. ( < CLICK THERE! )

WHAT FOR????? Why we gonna need ARMY here?

How many cities are they doing this to? 'Rape', I call it!
Concentration camps for easy harvesting of progressive rioters?
Or a sign they're pulling welfare, social security, disability
and half of america will be homeless overnight?

This sucks. They're turning LA into Poland in '43
I have 15 relatives who died THERE.
(Me, too, Sean)

TODAY Sept 27, the MAYOR EMAILED "Dear X (A friend of the Mayor, who does not want name revealed.)  You told me that our first photo to welcome travelers to LAX should include the  L.A. River, so that's just what we did. Now, I need your help to assure that the L.A. River restoration is worthy of us and our city.

 Please tell the Army Corps of engineers to go big on the river.

                    horrified at LA's MAYOR GARCETTI letting ARMY DETROY
                    A HUGE PARK to make a HOLDING TANK FOR PROGRESSIVE
  The ARMY? Mayor, you're letting the ARMY IN HERE? WHOSE

Yes and well --it sounded like a great idea to me!
Little sweet parks throughout the slums? Gor-juss!

Garcetti goes on with guile, or maybe naively: "The river gave this city life. It sustained the first settlers and allowed our city to grow by irrigating crops from the San Fernando Valley through the Los Angeles Basin. For decades, the river has been entombed in concrete. Recent pilot projects have shown just how transformative restoring the river would be, creating miles of open space for nature and recreation.

NOTE: January 2013, THE ARMY flattened 40 acres, tore out the gardens, drained the most beautiful pure water duck filled lake/ waterland in the city. Wild life lost its best habitat! The PARK that was there is GONE! MAYOR-OBLIVIOUS glibly goes on:  "The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is considering four plans to rehabilitate the river -- only one of which does the job right. Tell the Army Corps of engineers to choose the right plan. Sign the petition. That plan -- known as Alternative 20 -- uniquely rejoins the river with the  communities and environment to which it gave birth. Water is the biggest issue in our future and Alternative 20 is the only option that integrates the river into our  city's green space and provides vital support to endangered species and struggling ecosystems." THAT IS WHAT THE DUPED EFFETE MAYOR WROTE ME TODAY! That I should invite the Army back to do l00 miles of parks along the river, i.e. 1 million soldiers in our city..."What's more, Alternative 20 will provide four times the number of jobs as the other options and help redress some of the environmental and social injustices that           have resulted from the paving of the river.

            We aren't paving. We're fixing a place to lock in all the citizens we capture. It's a holding tank.
         You don't pave a TANK. You pave a concentration camp maybe...or a 'collection' depot....And
         we want to build four dozen more across the city. If Garcetti's letter works!

            Garcetti continues: "Join me in calling on the Army Corps to implement Alternative 20. Sign the petition.
            Thank you for all you do." This is the plan that ARMY HAD TO GRAB THE RIVER! READ IT!

            P.S. It's critical that you sign the petition now during the official public comment period. Sign here.

            Eric Garcetti
                                    Mayor (and prime dumbell)

            Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
            200 N Spring St, 300, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States

        Yeah, Mayor, we need more of this! So soldiers don't
        have to stack the prisoners like logs.


I already know this question and the answer is 'yes the feds are building and have built these collection points. They have put highway markers on the back of roadsigns so that foriegn troops and others can use these to be directed to detention camps. I have had people that research for me on this subject for several years and this is 100% fact! I have been sending out info for years warning people of this. Our economy is going to collapse and when it does people are going to riot when there is no food or money. I have told you many times to get out of the cities before this happens or you will not be able to. If the feds have you on their Red or Blue list you are dead. Roundups of Red and Blue lists will take place between 3 and 5 am as that is when most people are sleeping. If you remember reading about the Palmer Raids in the 1920's this is the way they rounded up all the people then. The military has been using our
foreign wars to perfect their urban house-to-house warfare tactics and they are very good at it now. I sent out pictures years ago of the "death trains" that were being built right here in Portland at Gunderson's. The people that really run this country and our traitor political parties on both sides have taken the playbook from the Nazi's in how to round up and kill millions of people very effectively. The only thing stopping them is the 2nd Amendment and the guns in people's hands. That is why you are seeing all the staged shooings around the country. They are trying to get the guns out of our hands. When they do, all hell is going to break loose. I am not kidding with you about the above info it is going to happen and very soon! " signed X, a very popular blogger


"Didn't they just close a bunch of military bases a some years ago and reduce/ destroy many cities' army base-dependent income and annihilated a bunch of jobs in the process?"

YES but those bases were far from city and of no use to batallions of soldiers that might be  collecting rioters or activists out of cities at gunpoint in trucks.Wanting to bash, stash, cache and crash on back to the scene for MORE activists fast.


Anything associated with the government is not good for the people. Remember the Army Corps of Engineer's involvement in Katrina. (Rumor is, they set the city up for devastation so real estate investors could buy up all the prime land CHEAPLY as houses were a wreck and most probably uninsured.. They are a bureaucratic behemoth that got away with the flooding of New Orleans. They do what they are told to do of course.
The Army Corps NEVER does something because the public requests it; their commissioned responsibility and mandate is to the DOD and, indirectly, through the National Guard, the Governor. Only the Pentagon and the Governor can request something to be done, and even THEN, it usually first entails a 'study' by the engineers as to environmental impact and any other matters impacting on decisions (e.g., tactical needs for possible martial law.)

In this case, we must presume, since we know conspiracy theories are never proven true but perhaps ten times a year (lately) that that the appropriate study for Balboa determined the park was an environmentally unsound property rendered 'safe' by virtue of 10 bulldozers flattening the vast gardens, filling in the lake, killing the fish and 20 Hummers now on barren muddy soil where once flora, fowl, and fauna so poorly (we presume) communed with the rest of Mother Nature.
H.Michael Sweeney


READ WHY THE progressive LEFT IS SUSPICIOUS! http://www.masterjules.net/sepulvedabasin.htm and what KNOWLEDGEABLE CITIZENS THINK ABOUT THIS ARMY MANEUVER http://www.masterjules.net/marktoy.htm




First tell OUR MAYOR'S WEBSITE what you think -- he asked you to!


HIT THAT WEBSITE AND TELL MAYOR Garcetti what you think AFTER YOU forward this to your EMAIL LISTS IN EVERY CITY OF AMERICA ASKING IF ARMY IS RIPPING us some NEW ONES NEAR HIGHWAYS & FREEWAYS FOR THESE "BASES." Also be sure to write every journalist listed on masthead of your local newspaper.

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