You wouldn't build your home over a garbage pit would you? The worst and most toxic elements which affect 'the vibratory field' of YOU is unseen around you. Those subtle things. Most people don't consider off gassing chemicals in the home from cleaning products, insulation, off-gasing building materials, carpets, wood products, laundry cleaning products, dry cleaning fluids, & radon, but also heating elements in coffee makers, dryers with tungsten just to name a few.  Information on these is readily available in natural home magazines and texts books at your local Barnes & Noble can just sit, scan, take notes..w/o buying the book. They don't mind. I found this on the INTERNET:

"Avoid Cell phones as they give off an EMF, an electrical field. Avoid living near wireless towers, high tension wires...there are products to counter this...however, they're expensive.  I have most for my personal use.  I use a diod and other devise the size of a cigarette box when the cell is on...The writer said "I try not to use my cell except for emergencies."

Old fashioned computer monitors give off negative 'field'.  Upgrade to a flat screen. Avoid using an electric drip coffeemaker as it has filaments in the heating unit with TUNGSTEN a deadly poison. Electric Dryers use this same metal in heating elements, and it gets into home air. AVOID A MICROWAVE, it weirds up every molecule in your food. Eat weird you get weird.

Drinking water from the tap affects the body's 'field/aura'.  Plenty of info on that on articles/texts about water/and, on-line. Suzanne Summers recommends REVERSE OSMOSIS in her latest book. You have one on kitchen faucet and another on every shower as the toxins enter skin. A very ageless woman whom I know said:" I have a water filter system under the kitchen sink, and a Nikkon magnet on the main water line coming into my home."  Google those words, see what comes up.

Metals in the mouth/dental pollute us. Heavy metals in the body from just breathing polluted air, contaminants in our enviornment. Swimming pool chemicals...all deadly toxins.

Clothing that's not made from natural cotton, wool, silk....all chemicals in clothing, especially acrylic  fleece..challenge the 'field'.

Sleep in an open frame pyramid every other night if you can. Use infra red sauna if you can. Get an AIR PURIFIER with changeable filters. Use medical ozone/oxygen which is a small unit carried in a metal brief case. It's wonderful for killing bacteria on contact for dental, nasa, sinus, rectal, vaginal, yeast infections...all of which affect our 'field'. PRICEGRABBER.COM

EAT LIVE FOODS, A POWER Diet! FOOD as you know is vital for keeping our aura/field healthy, eating right for our blood type. Letting in more foods in more vital forms. Read CAROL ALT on this theme. Google name Dr. A'Damo he wrote the several books by the "EAT WELL FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE" title..

BE MINDFUL of your thinking, speech, affirmations as we are what we think, so stick with kind, mannerly, affirming positively. Divine thoughts. Prayer, meditation. Helping others, and thusly nursing a normal human heart into a more divine heart. Yours, theirs and OURS.

READING the great WRITINGS, listening to the great MINDS, the great spiritual books or websites is free online, at the library and on radio.  Online there are superb radio shows that are very spiritual, broadcast by KPFK-FM.