DEAR BEAUTY! YOU are luckier than most. You are very beautiful. You aim to use those looks to act, dance, sing or model, right? WELL, LIFT YOUR RIFLE SIGHTS a tad!! DESIRE MORE than just to be photographed for the brief years when you are so beautiful that people stare wherever you go. I can only compare YOUR LOOKS to the wealth that the ROCKEFELLERs have. THEY ARE SO RICH that people go OHHHH!. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL that we all go OH, my GAWD! WILL YA LOOK AT THAT!!BOTH you and the Rocks enjoy an acme condition. But in your case, it does not last! So you have to move fast!  THE ROCKFELLERS wish they were pretty as you are.  IN FACT, TRUTH BE KNOWN they want to marry you, have children with you the second you appear, (if you don't embarass yourself with a trivial, banal intellect, careless manners (etiquette) or tarty outfits!).

YOU -- (if you are smart,) would wish to be as wealthy as the ROCKEFELLERS cuz IF YOU WERE, with your kind heart, you'd do OPRAH style works of philanthropy for the planet. Today, the head of the United Nations said that 17,000  babies die daily of starvation. It used to be 30,000 so things are better. Still it's one baby every 5 seconds, every hour, every day. IMAGINE YOU, creating a design network, to wholesale to boutiques for starving villages. These textiles, those beads, that copper work, those statues. Such work would be fun and easy. Keep you busy thru your forties, fifties. Usually dead time for a woman, but for you as IMPORT INC., a delight! And one that feeds thousands of mothers in bleak, starving villages.

NEITHER marrying well --nor philanthropy type enterprise WILL HAPPEN however, UNLESS you TAKE STEPS here on this YOUTHFUL BEAUTY part of your life! The only way the Rocks get beautiful is to marry you and have children with you -- LEGAL MARRIAGE, not mistressing or dating. Not those silly trips by air to be with him for a weekend! WASTE OF TIME! So that concept is what our WEBSITE TEACHES and it does it totally FREE and our site is super acessible, any time you want to read and or study, it's all ONLINE at >>

THE LUCK IN LOVE WEBSITE!   It has all the secrets of how to marry a billionaire. SURF to that URL,  STUDY those chapters. CONVERSATION 101 makes you bright, teaches you how to increase intellect ONLINE, studying subjects that make you HIGH IQ. CONVERSATION 202 ain't bad either. ETIQUETTE articles polish your manners. Our teacher here made some ONLINE BIBLIOGRAPHIES or great title lists, then you shoot over to USED BOOKS ONLINE, a dollar each.... All these activities create an ALTERNATE PATH for you, toward MARRIAGE, and a very HIGH PLACED MARRIAGE at that. Learn how to order used books for pennies, my tricks.

Which gets us to MY Point, which is that WRITING MODELING SCOUTS and sending your photos off to strangers, and doing free sittings for photogs and all that DOING BUSINESS AS USUAL not going to make you into HEIDI BIG MODEL or CINDY MAJOR MONEY SUPER MODEL! The truth is, one  in a million gorgeous gals makes it... WHY? BECAUSE ONE MILLION GIRLS ARE TRYING FOR IT and there are only a thousand jobs! BUT IF YOU ARE REALLLY BEAUTIFUL, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS like that INDIAN ACTRESS, (below) cut down the show biz efforts to a DABBLE and start running a small charity as you will meet all the major wealthy guys in your town immediately. What is more you get respect. Even if you look like the girl below, you get no respect if you're an actress or model. None. They just use you and toss you away.

I give local latch key kids scholarships for daycare, a little
Tsunami orphan thing too. Both are legit charities, Secretary of State gave
me paperwork. Come to our fund raiser. I'll personally sit next to you at
dinner. Sure you can cut us a check right now but do come to the party!

WHAT you should be doing is fund raising at fun parties for your personal charities. That's how Heather met Paul Mc Cartney. Before that she was just a porn actress/call girl. Doing a charity cleans you up absolutely. So shun show biz. Dump modeling.  Use charities, posh parties and blue blood socializing for going after the ONE THOUSAND BILLIONAIRES that exist on Planet Earth today, a few in every big city.....and believe me, of the smart beauties partying in big cities maybe one or two are smart enough to have THOSE GUYS in mind, and even fewer know the art & technology of finding and winning one! So you will be the first, highly educated by THAT WEBSITE, highly equipped. And you will have tons of 'sisters' as right now we have 300 members in all states, many foreign countries, so you will have sister-roomies anywhere, everywhere you want to go at a moment's notice!

Let us analyze the path you are on right now. WHAT your focusing on MODELING is going to do FERSHURE is is going to get you a pile of 8x10's to keep in your double wide trailer and TORTURE YOURSELF WITH later!!!!!! YOU CANNOT HAVE A LIFE targeting those pieces of paper! TRUST me, you DO NOT WANT THOSE PIECES OF PAPER in the house fifty years from now! So wise up. Get smart. DO The BILLIONAIRE MATE-HUNT NOW.

I KNOW that you can get more than just a few printed pcs. of paper! WITH YOUR BEAUTY, wits, charm and elegance, you can surf the HEIGHTS, achieve something meaningful NOW and for when the fifty year TESTING POINT finale is approached! IT TAKES going into that JUNGLE called city life.....with the attitude that you are the ONLY WINNER in that restaurant, country club, on that yachting club pier in those cute cutoffs, with that adorable fishing pole and tackle and bait pail by your foot. YACHTS are going to screech to a stop when they see you!

KNOW how great and FABULOUS you are! You are the only elegant, true, cool Patrician beauty at that private club where the super rich lunch. THe others are stuffed into girdles. Their flesh is soft from free-radicals. You eat so much raw foods your flesh is firm, young. You do not age. You work out. You oil up with real almond oil and avoid costly creams made of glycerine! JUNK!

At that private club, you're the only one cutting your dinner with fork down, French style. Because you got trained. I know that YOU HAVE NO IDEA now what a private club is. It is 'the club,' like in Brit films. Super rich have a 'CLUB' in town where they live, dine as they mostly live at their out of city mansion, 50 miles from the skyscrapers. They come in the door week nights and everybody knows their name. It is not a night club. It is a club club. Only a  member can get you in the door. So you want to learn about these haunts of the super  rich. YOU WILL at the above website!

YOU ARE an angel of exceptional power and strength. And you are going to ATTRACT or find a very rich man & marry him AND THEN go on to be MOTHER TERESA to the starving colonized, exploited, dying populations of the planet. Today they have no wells, generators, irrigation. THE IMF has given UTILITIES to the super rich from other countries so that they are just starving. USE that power of BEING MRS OLIGARCH, and USE that gentle heart, compassion and those associations, HIS friends, also, your charm and beauty, and oh yes, did I forget to mention...all that MONEY!

THOSE charismatic acts of the future are something the ROCKEFELLERS SHOULD HAVE DONE but didn't, as they weren't CHICKS! They weren't noble, they weren't kind, compassionate. YOUR BEAUTY was given you as YOU ARE ALL THOSE THINGS! YOUR LOOKS have put you at the forefront in any collection of people. NOW, that can be your downfall! MANY men will tempt you, love you, woo you. AND if you're too quick on the trigger, lose your ration in a flood of excitement, you'll go for the POWER OF FLATTERY, cuz real loser guys can have the POWER OF SEDUCTION! YOU HAVE to say NO a thousand times to get one valuable, perfect YES. You have to be ready to habitually say NO to all offers. And to understand that the MORE NO's you say, the faster you move forward!

SECOND, you have to go where the ELITE MEET! You have to figure out where that is. FOUR STAR RESTAURANTS, yacht clubs, country clubs and corporations of stature. You have to be wily enough to figure out how to penetrate those last bastions of BIG MONEY. (HOW TO MEET THE BIG GUY ARTICLE HERE*)

In L.A. the BEVERLY HILLS ADULT HIGH school has great classes. MILLIONAIRES, but not BILLIONAIRES. DRUG REHAB has MILLIONAIRES. BILLIONAIRES are at tennis courts and at the major country clubs. They golf. They are in yachts in the Marina, moored inside the YACHT CLUB
HEY, some guy got into the HERMITAGE MUSEUM and escaped with a CEZANNE, I think you can get into one of those YACHT clubs! (one of our chapters tells you how easy it is.)  This is done out of heart, compassion for the poor, not out of greed. Johnny Carson married a gal (his last wife) who walked his beach daily in a bikini. WANTING TO MEET HIM. She isn't in philanthropy but you have heart and will be!

So how do we strive toward keeping our faith and these lofty goals? By helping people who are down on their luck thru charitable efforts. Fund raising parties are fun and fill that requirement. Meeting and helping the SUFFERING ONES wakes you up. I used to work for author, mystic Carlos Castaneda. He said that all children were asleep and would only wake up if parents arranged for a scary old man like a Don Juan figure, a grandpa type, to take them to the pediatric Cancer Ward and the Morgue. Scare them straight.

CHARITY and working for homeless, for the starving in the third world or in your local skid row area can do the same. There once was a famous Argentinian first lady, EVITA, (Madonna played her in a movie,) for whom that  interest in the disenfranchised came easy. She had suffered so much degradation, scorn and poverty in childhood that the second she got into power she built orphanages and made the high society dames who despised her (for catching the super marriageable President Juan Peron,) contribute! Or else! Evita would have wished she'd had the SISTER POWER that the LUCK IN LOVE group offers. (ALL HUNDRED AND FIFTY SEMINARS ARE FREE ONLINE. YOU CAN TAKE THEM THIS MINUTE, FREE, NO REGISTERING EVEN! NO PASSWORD, NOTHING! A GIFT!) And then hook up with other members in every country.

You get a group of 300 YOUNG and very beautiful women in every city of the world as co-students. FREE. That kind of Sisterhood helps as it gives roomates anywhere you want to go, also shared stories, a gal pal or fairy godmother / auntie figure who helps you into studying,  reading, sharing book titles,  motivating you, LIGHTING THE PILOT light in the SPIRIT along with some FIRE IN THE BELLY and KEEPING IT LIT!

You need the LUCK IN LOVE training and it's free and it's offered you by an ex film and tv star who married one Mexican multi-millionaire, had four babies, one day put the kids in the car and drove the Hell out, came back to America, then dated another millionaire for thirty years. She made mistakes but she wrote them up and researched all her errors to understand why she'd made them.

So now its' time to study, READ THE ONLINE CLASS! LEARN! DO NOT LET your PILOT light go out or some wily coyote will seduce you away from the TRUE PATH.

STUDY your way out of any lassitude, laziness, perpetual zone out, that sleep, that stupor. Ditch those FALSE HOPES, WHATEVER they are. Take the MASTER JULES headtrip STUDY and STUDY YOUR WAY AWAKE.

TARGET a few BILLION to do good for Planet Earth - FORBES LIST OF BILLIONAIRES

 Anita Sands Hernandez,, the founder of SUCCESS IN LOVE at LUCK * IN * LOVE * DOT *COM!